The RoP (religion of peace aka islam) at it again

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A pakistani co-worker of mine once told me that Pakistan mean “pure”. I wondered about that and found this description:

The originator of the word PAKISTAN, Chowdhry Rehmat Ali wrote of his concepts, ” ‘Pakistan’ is both a Persian and an Urdu word. It is composed of letters taken from the names of all our homelands- ‘Indian’ and ‘Asian’, that is Punjab, Afghania (North- West Frontier Province), Kashmir, Iran, Sindh (including Kachch and Kathiawar), Tukharistan, Afghanistan and BaluchistaN. It means the land of the Paks – the spiritually pure and clean. It symbolizes the religious beliefs and the ethnical stocks of our people; and it stands for all the territorial constituents of our original Fatherland. It has no other origin and no other meaning; and it does not admit of any other interpretation.”

So if Pakistan is supposed to be “pure” islam, the way mohammed wanted it to be, why are Honor Killings so prevalent. If islam is the religion of peace, why is it so violent. Read on…

MULTAN, Pakistan – Nazir Ahmed appears calm and unrepentant as he recounts how he slit the throats of his three young daughters and their 25-year old stepsister to salvage his family’s “honor” — a crime that shocked Pakistan.
The 40-year old laborer, speaking to The Associated Press in police detention as he was being shifted to prison, confessed to just one regret — that he didn’t murder the stepsister’s alleged lover too.
Hundreds of girls and women are murdered by male relatives each year in this conservative Islamic nation, and rights groups said Wednesday such “honor killings” will only stop when authorities get serious about punishing perpetrators.
The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that in more than half of such cases that make it to court, most end with cash settlements paid by relatives to the victims’ families, although under a law passed last year, the minimum penalty is 10 years, the maximum death by hanging.
Ahmed’s killing spree — witnessed by his wife Rehmat Bibi as she cradled their 3 month-old baby son — happened Friday night at their home in the cotton-growing village of Gago Mandi in eastern Punjab province.
It is the latest of more than 260 such honor killings documented by the rights commission, mostly from media reports, during the first 11 months of 2005.
Bibi recounted how she was woken by a shriek as Ahmed put his hand to the mouth of his stepdaughter Muqadas and cut her throat with a machete. Bibi looked helplessly on from the corner of the room as he then killed the three girls — Bano, 8, Sumaira, 7, and Humaira, 4 — pausing between the slayings to brandish the bloodstained knife at his wife, warning her not to intervene or raise alarm.
“I was shivering with fear. I did not know how to save my daughters,” Bibi, sobbing, told AP by phone from the village. “I begged my husband to spare my daughters but he said, ‘If you make a noise, I will kill you.'”
“The whole night the bodies of my daughters lay in front of me,” she said.

The next morning, Ahmed was arrested.
Speaking to AP in the back of police pickup truck late Tuesday as he was shifted to a prison in the city of Multan, Ahmed showed no contrition. Appearing disheveled but composed, he said he killed Muqadas because she had committed adultery, and his daughters because he didn’t want them to do the same when they grew up.
He said he bought a butcher’s knife and a machete after midday prayers on Friday and hid them in the house where he carried out the killings.
“I thought the younger girls would do what their eldest sister had done, so they should be eliminated,” he said, his hands cuffed, his face unshaven. “We are poor people and we have nothing else to protect but our honor.”
Despite Ahmed’s contention that Muqadas had committed adultery — a claim made by her husband — the rights commission reported that according to local people, Muqadas had fled her husband because he had abused her and forced her to work in a brick-making factory.
Police have said they do not know the identity or whereabouts of Muqadas’ alleged lover.
Muqadas was Bibi’s daughter by her first marriage to Ahmed’s brother, who died 14 years ago. Ahmed married his brother’s widow, as is customary under Islamic tradition.
“Women are treated as property and those committing crimes against them do not get punished,” said the rights commission’s director, Kamla Hyat. “The steps taken by our government have made no real difference.”
Activists accuse President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, a self-styled moderate Muslim, of reluctance to reform outdated Islamized laws that make it difficult to secure convictions in rape, acid attacks and other cases of violence against women. They say police are often reluctant to prosecute, regarding such crimes as family disputes.
Statistics on honor killings are confused and imprecise, but figures from the rights commission’s Web site and its officials show a marked reduction in cases this year: 267 in the first 11 months of 2005, compared with 579 during all of 2004. The Ministry of Women’s Development said it had no reliable figures.
Ijaz Elahi, the ministry’s joint secretary, said the violence was decreasing and that increasing numbers of victims were reporting incidents to police or the media. Laws, including one passed last year to beef up penalties for honor killings, had been toughened, she said.
Police in Multan said they would complete their investigation into Ahmed’s case in the next two weeks and that he faces the death sentence if he is convicted for the killings and terrorizing his neighborhood.
Ahmed, who did not resist arrest, was unrepentant.
“I told the police that I am an honorable father and I slaughtered my dishonored daughter and the three other girls,” he said. “I wish that I get a chance to eliminate the boy she ran away with and set his home on fire.”

(All emphasis mine. -ed.)
And there you have it from the RoP (religion of peace) from the LoP (land of the pure).

Judge Upholds Ban on Christian Prayers in Indiana Legislature

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Looks like this one is going to have to go up the ladder to get overturned.

WASHINGTON – A federal judge in Indianapolis says he won’t reconsider his decision barring the Indiana House of Representatives from opening its sessions with specifically Christian prayers.
Republican House Speaker
Brian Bosma had asked U.S.District Judge David Hamilton to reconsider the Nov. 30 ruling, saying it was too vague to enforce.
The state attorney general’s office also has asked the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago to review the decision.
Hamilton ruled that invocations could not mention
Jesus Christ or use Christian terms such as savior because they amount to state endorsement of a religion.
Yesterday, Hamilton said if the speaker or others try to evade the injunction, the court will take “appropriate measures” to enforce it.

Open Doors Reports Escalation of Church Persecution in 2005

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Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

(AgapePress) – Dr. Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors USA says there was a noticeable increase in persecution of Christians throughout the world in 2005. That international ministry has released a review of persecution against believers worldwide across the last year.
The Open Doors review found that there was an increase in persecution of Christians in such countries as North Korea, Indonesia, and Eritrea. Dr. Moeller says many believers in the U.S. and other free nations are largely unaware of the oppression and hostility faced by fellow believers in many parts of the world. He feels some of the countries most hostile to the Christian faith are simply not “on the radar screens” of many in the church.
For instance, the ministry leader notes, “Eritrea doesn’t make the news very often because it’s not either an ally or an enemy of the United States; but it is a country where millions of people are subjected to a Marxist-influenced government that is drumming up fear in a war with Ethiopia.” For Christians in Eritrea, he explains, the difficulty with the government is “primarily that it refuses to acknowledge any religious expression apart from four permitted religions and denominations.”
Also, in Eritrea 26 pastors and 1,700 evangelical church members are currently imprisoned, and some have been tortured by government military forces, Moeller points out. Meanwhile, in other nations on Open Doors’ watch list, the violence and systematic harassment and maltreatment of Christians either carried out or tolerated by government authorities is similarly egregious.
In North Korea, an estimated 400,000 Christians face daily persecution, including torture in prison camps. That is one reason why that country topped Open Doors’ world watch list of countries where persecution is most severe in 2005. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, more Christians were killed and churches burned, and three Christian women were arrested for running a program for children.

Read the rest here.

Shteinitz: Egypt is Preparing for Possible War with Israel

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More gearing up for war..

MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud) says that Egypt’s arms buildup over the past few years has focused on the possibility of future war with Israel.
In a radio interview broadcast on Arutz 7’s Hebrew internet site Tuesday night, Shteinitz, a former professor of political science at Haifa University who chairs the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said that Egypt has already become a major supporter of terrorism against Israel.Shteinitz said that Egypt has been allowing terrorist groups operating out of the Gaza district to smuggle missiles into Gaza. Those groups intend to use the missiles against Israeli targets.In his estimation, 90% of the explosives used by the terrorist groups are brought in from Egypt.Shteinitz explains that it is a mistake for Israel to view Syria as its principle enemy, while neglecting the Egyptian threat, primarily because Israel maintains diplomatic relations with Egypt.The committee chairman said that weapons smuggled from Egypt has become so important to the Hamas, “if you would ask them what they would be willing to give up, assistance from Egypt or Syria, they would prefer to give up Syrian, but not Egyptian aid.”The Egyptians, Shteinitz asserts, have kept to the peace agreements signed in 1978 as far as not engaging Israel in outright conflict. But on other levels, such as economic relations or stopping anti-Israel incitement, Egyptian compliance has been lacking.

Dear President Bush…

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Dear President Bush,
Would you please quit pressuring Mr. Sharon and the Israelis to give up more Holy Land?

Firefighters Battle Grass Fires in Oklahoma and Texas
California Flooding Leaves One Dead
Hurricane Rita
Hurricane Katrina

Fox News: NBC’s ‘Book of Daniel’ Sparks Fire-and-Brimstone Reaction

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It’s building steam, Folks. Keep after it. Let NBC know just how opposed you are to this.

NEW YORK — Conservative Christians are gearing up for a holy war of sorts over NBC’s forthcoming show “The Book of Daniel,” airing the first week of 2006.
American Family Association (AFA), a leading group in the Christian right movement, has called for a boycott of the series about a self-medicating Episcopalian priest whose son is gay, whose daughter deals pot and whose wife is a midday martini-lover.
The program “is an example of that network’s anti-Christian bigotry,” said the AFA in a press release widely distributed on Wednesday.

The group claims that the network has received more than 400,000 e-mails complaining about the show. (empahsis mine. -ed.)

NBC executives could not immediately be reached to confirm that statistic or respond to the AFA’s threat of a boycott and characterization of “The Book of Daniel.”
A day earlier, “Book of Daniel” star
Aidan Quinn — who plays the Rev. Daniel Webster — called the series “a pretty down-the-middle, wholesome show.”
“I honestly don’t think it’s going to be nearly as controversial as some people may now be afraid of,” Quinn told The Associated Press. “It just has the courage to deal with some of the real issues that go in on people’s lives.”

Webster is shown having visions of and conversations with Jesus Christ in the flesh and has such a bizarro extended family that his priesthood and parish are in jeopardy of forging a relationship with the mafia.
“I’m an
Episcopalian priest who struggles with a little self-medication problem, and I have a 23-year-old son who’s gay, and a 16-year-old daughter who’s caught dealing pot, and another son who’s jumping on every high school girl he sees, and a wife who’s very loving but also likes her martinis,” Quinn told the AP.
“I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, ‘Hey, that sounds like my family.'”
The AFA begs to differ, blasting NBC and the show.
“The decision by NBC to air the series reflects the anti-Christian bias which exists at the highest levels of the network,” AFA chairman Donald Wildmon said in the press release. “Christian-bashing is in style at NBC.”
“The Book of Daniel” premieres Jan. 6 at 9 p.m. EST with two back-to-back episodes, before moving to its regular 10 p.m. slot the following week.

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