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Monsters of the Arab street

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Good article by Steve Muscatello over at Townhall. Take a moment to read it all.

An irrational fear of evangelical Christians deprives secular America of a true understanding of the dangers posed by radical Islam. But those who fret over an imagined American “theocracy” run by Christian zealots should take note that it’s not Bobby from Birmingham or Wally from Wichita that’s burning down embassies, raiding buildings, threatening executions and otherwise behaving like animals on the streets of (to name a few) Damascus, Gaza City, Jakarta and Baghdad.
First, the timing is perfect. The latest issue of Rolling Stone depicts rapper Kanye West as a Christ-like figure in a crown of thorns with the title: “The Passion of Kanye West.” The cover shot is a disgusting affront to Christians, and certainly as blasphemous as the cartoons were to Muslims.
As a result, no one was surprised when Christians firebombed Rolling Stone headquarters in New York.
Oh wait, didn’t happen.
Okay, well no one was surprised when Christians threatened to firebomb the building.
Nope, didn’t happen either.
Rarely does history provide such a perfect point of comparison, and the contrasting responses could hardly be more telling: When faced with a nearly identical situation, one faith resorted to violence, threats and rage like unruly savages; the other was civil, responding (if at all) with letters to the editor, calls for a boycott and many public denunciations.

Read the rest here.

Re-Post: “The Devil’s Middle East Playground” from Rapture Alert

Monday, February 6th, 2006

The Devil’s Middle East Playground
by Michael G. Mickey

Is the Middle East the devil’s playground or what? The closer the world gets to the return of Jesus Christ, the more obvious it’s becoming that the final showdown between good and evil is shaping up there – and swiftly at that!
As the Bush administration continues to get hammered by the liberal media for entering an “unjust war” in Iraq due to the fact there were no weapons of mass destruction found there, sources continue to indicate that Saddam did, in fact, have a weapons of mass destruction program – one he moved to Syria prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom beginning.
CNS News is reporting in text, as well as video, that a former Iraqi General is saying “Saddam Hussein transported weapons of mass destruction out of the country to Syria aboard several refitted commercial jets, under the pretense of conducting a humanitarian mission for flood victims.” Could it be?
Former Iraqi General Georges Sada, presently serving as Iraq’s national security advisor, indicates in the story that two commercial jets, a 747 and 727, were converted to cargo jets in order to carry raw materials and equipment related to WMD projects to Damascus after an irrigation dam collapsed in Zeyzoun, Syria in June of 2002, under the pretense of transporting “humanitarian aid” to the area as stated earlier.
Sada indicates the passenger seats, galleys, toilets and storage compartments were removed and new flooring installed in the aircraft. Once this was accomplished, Sada’s story goes, two sorties a day were flown between Baghdad and Damascus until a total of 56 were completed. That’s a lot of “humanitarian aid” for a regime not known for its kindness.
If Sada’s story is true, it would lend a great deal of credibility to a World Tribune article dated 12-20-05 which indicates Syria has signed a pledge to hide Iranian nuclear weapons and materials should Tehran come under United Nations sanctions. Why would Assad’s Syria not do for Iran’s Ahmadinejad what he did for Iraq’s Hussein, if Sada’s story is true? After all, they all have a common foe and goal – the elimination of the nation of Israel.
Assuming for a moment that Damascus is housing Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program, along with providing safe harbor to many of the world’s top terrorist organizations, what would be the end result if it were discovered that Damascus had a newly-created Iranian nuclear weapon hidden on its soil? One can only wonder, but the prophet Isaiah’s warning concerning Damascus, recorded in Isaiah 17:1, continues to run through my mind as these issues take center stage: “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”
Jordan’s King Abdullah and ecumenism
The Washington Times is reporting that “King Abdullah II of Jordan quoted from the Bible and the Koran in a brief speech to a lunchtime crowd of 2,000 mostly evangelical Christians” on 2-2-06 “invoking “our Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage” and urging moderates of the three great religions to unite.”
Among Abdullah’s comments made were the following, which are noteworthy given the fact Bible prophecy indicates a day will come when the world will unite under one system of religion whose “god” will be the prophesied Antichrist to come, as seen in Revelation 13:4, 8, 12,14 and 15:
“At this point in history, our service to God, our countries and our peoples demands that we confront extremism in its myriad forms. To overcome this common foe, we must explore the values that unite us, rather than exaggerating the misunderstandings that divide us.”
Covering all his bases, Abdullah used six verses from the New Testament, eight from the Koran, two from the Old Testament and remarks from Martin Luther King to make what amounted to a plea for the three religions to start singing off the same page of sheet music.
How did the evangelical community respond to this? Reverend Richard Cizik, vice president for governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, said, according to the article: “The king’s message of finding common ground resonated. I think it’s important we evangelicals get the message out that we support this man. The king’s courage was acknowledged by all in the room.”
Evangelical Christians should signal their support of Abdullah who seeks a uniting of Islam, Judaism and Christianity? Evangelical Christians invoking a Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage?
Is the stage being set for prophetic fulfillment to occur or what?
What about Israel’s weapons of mass destruction? is reporting that the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, has delayed voting on a resolution to send Iran to the UN Security Council over its atomic program because some countries, led by Egypt from what I’m reading, want the measure to declare the Middle East a nuclear weapons-free zone. Former UN weapons inspector David Albright is quoted in the article as saying, “This is code for dealing with Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal.” Anyone shocked by that?
As Iran, a dangerous regime which recently called for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth, continues blatantly defying the international community concerning its nuclear weapons program, one mention of a measure that could potentially pressure Israel to disarm itself of its nuclear weapons stockpile stops the international community dead in their tracks. Reason? Although Israel is surrounded on every side by enemies bent on destroying the Jewish nation with the only thing holding them back being Israel’s nuclear deterrent, the international community is convinced the root cause of terrorism is being fueled by the Islamic nations of the Middle East’s deep hatred of Israel, of course! Appease the Muslim world and end terrorism or so the logic goes.
How will it all play out from this point forward?
What will take place, at least in the short-term future, is anyone’s guess.
Some have written me stating that they think the United Nations will pass a resolution calling for a WMD-free Middle East, giving the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38 & 39 a reason to attack Israel for not disarming, the United States having set precedent for such an action to take place in Iraq. Personally, I don’t think this is scripturally possible, at least currently, as we find Israel will be dwelling in a perceived state of safety it isn’t even close to experiencing presently when this event takes place, as seen in Ezekiel 38:11.
Regardless, the days and months ahead are going to be dramatic to be sure, demonstrating to us that the Word of God is perfectly accurate in telling us what is going to take place leading to the visible, physical, bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth.
Stay tuned to, where I’ll be trying, as best I can, to point out the signs indicative of Christ’s soon-coming return to a lost and dying world – sounding the alert that Jesus Christ is coming soon to as many as I possibly can this side of the Rapture of the Church!Keep looking up!
Within literally minutes of me completing the above commentary, I found Haaretz had started reporting the United States caved in to Europe, Russia, and China, agreeing to add a clause to the resolution on taking Iran before the Security Council which will cause the resolution to read that reporting Iran to the Security Council is necessary in “recognition that a solution to the Iranian issue would contribute to global nonproliferation efforts and to realizing the objective of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, including their means of delivery.”
The following is found in the Haaretz article as well, noteworthy to those of us watching for prophetic fulfillment to occur:
“Israel’s traditional stand has been that it does not oppose a nuclear-free Middle East, but that such a move should only follow peace agreements with the Arab states.”
If the Antichrist is out there – and I wholly believe he is – the stage may be being dramatically set for his advent through this latest development, should the international community begin applying massive pressure on Israel to disarm, as well as on the Middle East enemies of Israel to make peace with them that nuclear disarmament take place.
By the minute, the picture becomes clearer, doesn’t it? What’s next?

Jerusalem Post Opinion: “The Prophet’s honor”

Monday, February 6th, 2006

The cartoon was disgracefully insensitive. It depicted a barbed wire Star of David in which innocent Palestinian men, women and children were trapped. By the time it appeared in the Seattle Times in July 2003, hundreds of Israeli civilians had been mercilessly slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists in what they call the “second intifada.” But compared to what is typically found in the Arab press, cartoonist Tony Auth’s effrontery was fairly bland.
Arab political “humor” knows no bounds. A cartoon in Qatar’s Al-Watan depicted Prime Minister Ariel Sharon drinking from a goblet of Palestinian children’s blood. Another, in the Egyptian Al-Ahram al-Arabi showed him jackbooted, bloody-handed and crushing peace.

Jews dragged into cartoon controversy
Afghanistan: Two dead in riots over prophet cartoons
Turkish FM: Hostility against Muslims replacing anti-Semitism
Palestinians protest Danish cartoons

Arab cartoonists routinely demonize Jews as global conspirators, corrupters of society and blood-suckers. Just this Saturday, Britain’s Muslim Weekly published a caricature of a hooked-nose Jew – Ehud Olmert.
And it’s not just cartoons. During Ramadan 2002, an Egyptian satellite television channel broadcasted the multi-episode Horseman Without a Horse series based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion canard.
How did Israel and world Jewry respond? The Israeli embassy in Cairo filed a protest. A US student group held an orderly demonstration outside an Egyptian consulate, and Jewish leaders sent a strongly-worded letter to the Mubarak government.
Contrast this with the frenzied Muslim reaction to 12 cartoons, including one depicting the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban which appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten five months ago and was recently widely disseminated. It was intended, paradoxically, to satirize Muslim intolerance.
The cartoon “blasphemy” has generated bomb threats, armed takeovers and widespread desecration of the Danish flag. A Western cultural center was vandalized; Catholic aid workers were threatened. European observers at the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Sinai wisely stayed away from their posts.
Several Muslim states have recalled their ambassadors. There is talk of a Muslim trade boycott of Danish (and European) products. Mass protests are being held throughout the world. In London, marchers carried placards reading: “Massacre those who insult Islam” and “Freedom go to hell.” Protesters denounced the BBC for airing the cartoons during news broadcasts.
Things continue to deteriorate. In Damascus on Saturday rioters set fire to the building that houses the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish embassies. In Beirut yesterday the Danish embassy was set ablaze.

Read the rest here.

Global protests over cartoons spread; 4 killed in Afghanistan

Monday, February 6th, 2006

All you have to do is give an islamist a hint of a reason to get violent, destroy things and kill people, and off he goes.

Protests, some violent, swirled through the Muslim world Monday while politicians sought diplomatic solutions to the growing and increasingly violent crisis surrounding published caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.
Lebanon apologized to Denmark after thousands of rampaging Muslim demonstrators set fire to the building housing the Danish mission in Beirut.
The European Union issued stern reminders to 18 Arab and other Muslim countries worldwide that they are obliged under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to protect foreign embassies, and Austria – which now holds the EU Council presidency, reported calling in a top representative of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to express concerns for the safety of diplomatic missions.
The prime ministers of Spain and Turkey issued a Christian-Muslim appeal for calm, saying “we shall all be the losers if we fail to immediately defuse this situation.”
But Turkey’s foreign minister said media freedoms cannot be limitless and that hostility against Muslims was replacing anti-Semitism in the West.
About 200 demonstrators in Teheran threw stones at the Austrian Embassy, breaking some windows and starting small fires. The demonstration lasted two hours, with protesters also throwing firecrackers that started the fires. Police quickly extinguished the blazes and stopped some protesters from throwing stones.
In southern Iraq, several thousand Iraqis rallied to demand diplomatic and economic ties be severed with countries in which the caricatures were published. The protest in Kut, 160 kilometers (100 miles) southeast of Baghdad, witnessed the burning of Danish, German and Israeli flags and an effigy of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Protesters called for the death of anyone who insults Muhammad and demanded withdrawal of 530-member Danish military contingent operating under British control.
Danish Capt. Philip Ulrichsen, of the Qurnah-based contingent, said Danish troops were shot at and targeted by stone-throwing youths on Sunday. A roadside bomb planted in the area was also defused. No soldiers were wounded in any of the incidents.
Several thousand students massed peacefully in Cairo on the campus of al-Azhar University, the oldest and most important seat of Sunni Muslim learning in the world, to protest the drawings.
Police and soldiers in central Afghanistan clashed with protesters. One person died and four wounded.
The main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir came to a standstill as shops, businesses and schools shut down for a day to protest the caricatures. Dozens of Muslim protesters torched Danish flags, burned tires, shouted slogans and hurled rocks at passing cars in several parts of Srinagar.
In the Indian capital of New Delhi, riot police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of students from Jamia University, who chanted slogans and burned a Danish flag.
Muslim leaders in Australia demanded a newspaper there apologize after it published one of the cartoons.
Palestinian police in Gaza City used batons to beat back stone-throwing protesters who gathered outside the European Commission building. About 200 protesters waved green flags symbolizing the Islamic Hamas movement and the yellow flags of the secular Fatah Party.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for an end to violence and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the country would try to use its contacts with Arab countries to cool the violence.
“We cannot allow this argument to become a battle between cultures,” Steinmeier said.

Read the rest here.

Parable of the Seed

Monday, February 6th, 2006

And He was saying, “The kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil; and he goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts and grows–how, he himself does not know.
The soil produces crops by itself; first the blade, then the head, then the mature grain in the head.
But when the crop permits, he immediately puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.”

Mark 4:26-29 (New American Standard Bible)

Bethlehem Christians fear for future under Hamas

Monday, February 6th, 2006

And fear for the lives and wellbeing of Christians in the Holy Land increases…

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AFP) – The shrinking Christian population of Bethlehem is struggling to conceal its fears for the future after the victory for Islamists of Hamas in the Palestinian general election.
The blue skies of a perfect Sunday morning in the birthplace of Jesus Christ failed to lift the gloom among the congregation attending mass at the Church of the Nativity in the centre of the West Bank little town which now has many representatives from the radical Islamist group in parliament as Christians.
Franciscan father Amjad Sabbara was putting on a brave face as he greeted the congregation at the doors of the church which was the scene of an infamous 38-day Israeli army siege in April 2002.
“It’s the result of the democratic process. There is nothing to worry about. We’re waiting to see their projects,” he told AFP.
“We have relations with Hamas: They tell us that they are going to respect all the religions.
“In Bethlehem, we are a good number, half of the population. We have a special status: the Christ is born here. I’m sure they are going to respect that.”
Shortly after their election, some newly-elected Hamas deputies evoked the idea of introducing some aspect of Sharia law, including a general edict for women to wear a veil and for a separation of boys and girls at school.
Although the movement’s leadership rapidly distanced themselves from the idea, some Christians — who now account for only around three percent of the Palestinian population — still fear that is the ultimate goal of the Islamists.
One woman, who gave her name as Rula, was less worried about being forced to wear a veil but was nevertheless depressed about the prospects for the future.
“They will oblige maybe the Muslim women, but not us,” she said.
“What worries me more is that they are far away from what the Israeli people think. Fatah (the former ruling party) was closer.”
“I don’t think they can reach a peace agreement with Israel. And life for us is going to be more difficult. But we get used to it.”
The leaders of the 12 different Christian churches represented in the holy land issued a joint statement last Wednesday, saying they were ready to cooperate with a Palestinian government headed by Hamas.
“We pray for all those who will govern in this difficult period, and we extend our cooperation to them for the public good and the national Palestinian aspirations together with the cause of justice and peace,” the church leaders said in a statement.
Since their election victory, Hamas’ leaders have been bending over backwards to asssure Christians that they have no reason to be fearful.
But the likes of Walid Andonia, wearing a cross as as he sunned himself near the church with a bunch of friends, was far from convinced.
“Sure, now Hamas says nice things, but five years from now, I don’t know. They’re not saying everything they want to do,” said the stone mason.
“A lot of Bethlehem Christians are leaving and going abroad. They are selling their houses and their land to Muslim and leaving.
“I would go in a minute if I could. We’re like in a cage, here. We hate our life, even if we love our country.
“Those who say they are not afraid of Hamas are lying to you. Give visas to America or Europe, and you’ll see how fast Bethlehem Christians are going to leave.”
“I tell you, my Muslim friends are as worried as I am. They drink more alcohol than us. They don’t want their women to wear the veil… But they will have to.”
In the Gaza Strip, Hamas’s traditional stronghold, shops have long stopped selling alcohol while the
United Nations social club, the last outlet to serve wine and spirits, was trashed on New Year’s Eve.
That kind of influence has yet to be felt in Bethlehem where a range of whiskies were on sale at the Jacaman supermarket.
“For the time being, they didn’t say a word about alcohol. Believe me, they have bigger things to worry about. They are in big politics, now, which should keep them busy for a while,” said the store owner George Jacaman.

Hamas Talks Politics While Terror Continues in Israel

Monday, February 6th, 2006

And what would one expect from a bunch of slimy, pali terrorist?

Jerusalem ( – Hamas leaders who won a majority vote in Palestinian parliamentary elections two weeks ago gathered in Cairo on Monday to speak with Egyptian leaders about forming the next Palestinian Authority government.
As those leaders met, Israeli forces shelled the northern Gaza Strip in response to Kassam rockets fired from the area.
Egypt, considered a strong U.S. ally in the Middle East, played a key role last year in meetings with Hamas that lead to a “period of calm.” According to the Egyptian-brokered agreement, Hamas and some (but not all) terrorist organizations agreed to refrain from carrying out attacks against Israel until after Palestinian elections. It did not entirely stop the violence, however.
Hamas, which is openly committed to the destruction of Israel, has come under strong international pressure to renounce terrorism, recognize the Jewish State, and abide by agreements already signed between Israel and the PLO and Palestinian Authority. But until now it has refused to do any of those things.

Senior Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk said a Hamas-led P.A. would abide by agreements with Israel, but only until those that are not advantageous to the Palestinians could be changed legally. He also said Israel should abide by the agreements it has made.
If agreements “contradict logic and rights, there are legal measures to be taken…There are no eternal agreements,” Abu Marzouk was quoted as saying.
On Sunday, Abu Marzouk, said the PLO’s recognition of Israel had been “a mistake” that “must be corrected.” He did not say how that correction would be made. But he did say that until Israel answers questions about its borders – which settlements are permanent and whether millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants would be allowed to return to Israel — it would be impossible “to propose” recognition.

Read the rest here.

Also, the Jersusalem Post is reporting:

Diskin: Israel in midst of terror wave

Twelve would-be suicide bombers have been arrested recently on their way into Israel to carry out attacks, head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) Yuval Diskin revealed at the Sunday cabinet meeting.
“We are in the midst of a wave of terror. The security situation is growing graver,” Diskin warned.
Addressing the cabinet Sunday, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz also cautioned that attempts to carry out terror attacks were on the rise lately.
Hamas operative nabbed for planning abductions
A Hamas terrorist from Gaza who infiltrated into the Negev and planned to kidnap Israeli civilians or soldiers was arrested by security forces on December 27.
Security officials said the arrest of Raid Tsofi, 22, of Rafah proved that at the same time Hamas announced it was upholding the truce or tahdiya, it continued planning and launching attacks against Israeli citizens. The officials recalled the abduction and subsequent murder of Sasson Nuriel in September last year, carried out by Hamas terrorists.
Details released by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) on Sunday revealed that Tsofi was instructed by Hamas operatives in Gaza to kidnap soldiers or civilians and hold them as a bargaining chip to secure the release of Palestinian security prisoners incarcerated in Israel. Prior to leaving Rafah, he underwent military training exercises to prepare him for the mission. On the night of his arrest, Shin Bet operatives and a special Border Police unit who detained him discovered a number of items that he was to use in the planned attack.
Tsofi entered Egypt via the Rafah border crossing and from there continued to Sinai. Officials refused to reveal the exact location of where he succeeded in infiltrating into Israel before he was caught, or how long he was in Israel.
Meanwhile the lifting of a gag order by the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court on Sunday revealed that Nawaf Hatib Sha’aban, 31, of Ghajar in the north, is suspected of maintaining contacts with Hizbullah operatives in southern Lebanon and supplying them with maps detailing the location of IDF bases. According to police, Sha’aban was convicted in the past for drug deals.
Ghajar, a divided village with half inside Israel and the other half in Lebanon, provides easy access to Hizbullah operatives deployed in the area. According to details released for publication, Sha’aban met with Hizbullah operatives in the northern half of the village.
On December 26, Arwa Hassan Ali, 22, a resident of western Galilee, was arrested by security forces in Ghajar. He was caught attempting to sneak into Israel from Lebanon, where he had been held captive by Hizbullah for eight months. Details released by the Shin Bet revealed that Ali, a car thief, had escaped from Israel while on a furlough from prison, and is suspected of revealing details of IDF bases, power stations, and the location of telephone grids and municipal buildings to Hizbullah operatives.

More from the Religion of Tolerance (or RoT)

Monday, February 6th, 2006

(Courtesy of Filibuster Cartoons)

Still Believe islam is a Religion of Peace?

Monday, February 6th, 2006

For those of you who still believe islam is a religion of peace, I want you to read this post.

From the Telegraph:

Flame of Islamic fury spreads to BeirutBy Ramsay Short in Beirut and Matt Barnwell (Filed: 06/02/2006)

Thousands of Muslim demonstrators in Beirut clashed with police yesterday, storming the Danish consulate and setting it ablaze in protest over the cartoons that mocked the Prophet Mohammed.
A day after the Syrian demonstrators set fire to the Norwegian and Danish embassies in Damascus, the violence spread to Lebanon.
A Muslim protester expresses his anger in front of the blazing Danish consulate in Beirut
In the early hours, a large group of mainly Sunni Islamic extremists broke through military blockades in the Christian Beirut suburb of Achrafieh, defying tear gas and water cannon to reach the Danish consulate, which had been evacuated two days ago. Security officials said at least 30 people, some protesters and some policemen, were injured in the clashes.
As furious demonstrations were
staged across the Muslim world, from Lahore to Gaza, a Roman Catholic priest was shot dead in a church courtyard in north-east Turkey. There were fears that the murder could be the first death connected to the cartoon protests.

Read the rest here.

From the Financial Times:

Nordic states fear attacks will spread
By our international staff
Published: February 5 2006 20:36 Last updated: February 6 2006 09:35

Lebanon apologised to Denmark on Monday after demonstrators burned down the Danish consulate in Beirut in protest at the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed but Nordic countries fear that attacks on their foreign missions could spread beyond the Middle East.
As tension mounted in the Muslim world, protests erupted in Afghanistan on Monday where one person died. Meanwhile Muslims in Indonesia staged more peaceful demonstrations outside the Danish embassy in Jakarta, calling on Denmark to apologise.
The Pakistan Medical Association called for a boycott of prescription medicines from firms based in some European countries where the cartoons were published. The association said it would boycott drugs from Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and France.
The incident in Beirut followed attacks on Saturday in Damascus, Syria’s capital, on the embassies of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. All the Nordic countries condemned the attacks and demanded security guarantees for their diplomatic staff in the Middle East.
Per Stig Møller, the Danish foreign minister, said: “It is totally unacceptable that governments do not secure embassies in their territory.” But he has also urged Danish businesses to keep a low profile and not speak out in the media.
Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s prime minister, said: “What happened in Syria is completely unacceptable. We are going to ask Syria for compensation and we will take the matter up at the United Nations.”

Read the rest here.

From the Times:

Danish cartoonists fear for their lives
From Anthony Browne in Brussels

TWELVE Danish cartoonists whose pictures sparked such outcry have gone into hiding under round-the-clock protection, fearing for their lives.
The cartoonists, many of whom had reservations about the pictures, have been shocked by how the affair has escalated into a global “clash of civilisations”. They have since tried, unsuccessfully, to stop them being reprinted.
A spokesman for the cartoonists said: “They are in hiding around Denmark. Some of them are really, really scared. They don’t want to see the pictures reprinted all over the world. We couldn’t stop it. We tried, but we couldn’t.”
Mogens Blicher Bjerregaard, president of the Danish Union of Journalists, told The Times: “They are keeping a very low profile. They are very concerned about their safety. They feel a big responsibility on their shoulders. It’s blown up so big. It is tough for them.”
The cartoonists’ names were originally printed in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten. Flemming Rose, the paper’s cultural editor, invited 25 newspaper cartoonists to draw a picture of Muhammad “how they saw him”, after a children’s author complained that cartoonists would only dare illustrate a book he was writing on the life of Muhammad if they could be anonymous. Twelve cartoonists responded, had their pictures printed in September, and were paid 800 Danish krone (£73) each.
In an interview with a Swedish newspaper this week, some of the cartoonists expressed their doubts about the entire episode. “It felt a little like a lose-lose situation. If I said no, I was a coward who contributes to self-censorship. If I said yes, I became an irresponsible hate monger against Islam,” one of the cartoonists said.
Another said: “I was actually angry when I first received the letter [from Jyllands-Posten]. I thought it was a really bad idea. At first I didn’t want to participate, but then I talked it over with some friends from the Middle East, and they thought I should do it.”
The cartoonists come from a variety of different political backgrounds, which is reflected in their work. While some of the pictures satirise Muhammad, others attack populist right-wing politicians and even Jyllands-Posten itself, which is rightwing.
Having failed to stop the cartoons being reprinted across Europe, the cartoonists have now decided to use all the money raised from the sales of the pictures to set up a foundation which will award an annual international prize for press freedom.

From The Counterterrorism Blog:

February 04, 2006
More lies from Danish Imams (Updated 2/5)
Last Friday the
CT Blog revealed how a delegation of Danish Muslims, led by Copenhagen imam Abu Laban, toured the Middle East in December and showed fabricated cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a very offensive fashion, even though the pictures had never appeared on Jyllands Posten.
The controversy has now exploded in Denmark. Friday night Danish public television, DR, ran two interesting stories about Abu Laban, the man who organized the delegation’s trip to the Middle East. While the first profiled him, showing his extensive links to the Egyptian group Gamaa Islamiya, the second showed his double-talk. Abu Laban, in fact, was first shown speaking on Danish television condemning the boycott of Danish goods (in English), then shown interviewed on al Jazeera, cheerfully commenting on the effectiveness of the boycott (in Arabic). To see the stories go to
DR’s website, click on “Se TV AVISEN” on the right and select the news broadcast from Friday, Feb. 3, at 9 PM (the stories start on the 23rd minute).
Moreover, Andy Cochran has just made available to me the English translation of the Arabic letter that the Danish Muslim delegation presented during their tour of the Middle East. To see the document, irrefutable proof of the delegation’s intent to create animosity, click here:
Download danish_letter.pdf
UPDATE 2/5: The original files in Arabic and Danish, first published in the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet,
can be found here.
Posted by Lorenzo Vidino at 09:11 PM

From Fox News:

Lebanon Says Sorry for Danish Mission Fire
Monday, February 06, 2006
Violence Spreads Over Muhammad Caricatures
Leaders Appeal for Calm in Muslim Cartoon Protests
Thousands Protest ‘Offensive’ Cartoons in Gaza
Militants Surround EU Offices in Gaza Over ‘Offensive’ Cartoons
Islam Forbids Visual Portrayals of Muhammad
French, German Newspapers Run Muhammad Cartoons

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Lebanon apologized Monday to Denmark after rampaging Muslim demonstrators set fire to its diplomatic mission in Beirut, while violent protests escalated throughout the Muslim world against the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in Western newspapers.
In Afghanistan, hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police and soldiers during a protest in the central city of Mihtarlam, killing one person and wounding seven. Police fired on the crowd after a protester shot at them and others threw stones and knives, said Dad Mohammed Rasa, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.
Police used batons and rifle butts to break up a crowd of 200 protesters in front of the presidential palace in
Kabul, the Afghan capital. At least three people were injured and seven arrested. Some protesters also threw stones at a guard house outside the main American base in the city, but no injuries were reported.
Elsewhere, violent protests broke out in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Hundreds of demonstrators hurled rocks at the Danish and American consulates in Surabaya, while protesters burned Danish flags in other cities.
The main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir came to a standstill as shops, businesses and schools shut down for a day to protest the drawings. Dozens of protesters torched Danish flags, burned tires and shouted slogans across Srinagar. Police used tear gas and water cannons to break up protesters in New Delhi.

Read the rest here.


More Politics Than Religion in Cartoon Controversy, Observers Say
Eva CahenCorrespondent

Paris, France ( – The controversy over the publication of newspaper cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed raged through the weekend, as some observers here said the issue had become a political one.
Demonstrators in Beirut set fire to the Danish consulate on Sunday and earlier on Saturday, Muslims torched the Danish and Norwegian diplomatic missions in Damascus. Twelve caricatures were published by a Danish newspaper last September and, after Muslim reaction escalated into a Mideast boycott against Danish products, other newspapers republished them, citing the need to defend freedom of expression.
They have now appeared in newspapers and on television programs across Europe and as far afield as New Zealand.

In the view of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a French-based press freedom watchdog, the dispute has shifted from one over liberty of expression versus respect for religion, into a political row.
“One must not be naive,” said Annabelle Arki, head of RSF’s European desk. “This is a crisis that is essentially political, where you have Arab and Muslim heads of state who have jumped onto the [opportunity] to reinforce their power in their countries.”
“We are being manipulated in what we can say or not say in relation to this problem.”Arki said that freedom of expression implied such contradictions as possibly offending individuals who hold certain beliefs. But when such instances arise, there are legal means to resolve them.
In this case, “there is a real confrontation of ideas between a very liberal conception of freedom of expression and certain groups of individuals.
“These groups refuse this conception of freedom of expression in order to advance their religious convictions ahead of fundamental human rights that apply to all individuals.”

Read the rest here.

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media of the world is working overtime to keep people from seeing the signs and mottos of the islamist as they “protest” (read this as kill, maim and destroy) this slight against their so called “prophet”. You can see some of their peaceful words here.

If this is not enough proof for you, remember the Riots over the supposed Koran ‘desecration’ which later proved to be false? And how do they take out their “peaceful protest” in all of these instances? By torching churches and killing Christian priest. As this goes on, the islamist continue to do, to the Jews and Israel, what they are blaming the Danes (and the rest of the non-islamic word) of doing to them. See examples here and here.

Wake up people. There truly is no great danger to the civilized world than islam. Are you going to sit back and wait for them to bomb the supermarket, mall or theater nearest you?

Steelers Win Super Bowl XL 21-10

Monday, February 6th, 2006

My deepest sympathies to my co-bloggers, Ben and Jen, from the Scriptorium, on the loss their home team suffered at the hands of the Steelers. They did a great job anyway.
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Monday, February 6th, 2006

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