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Muslim: I attacked ‘out of love for Allah’

Friday, March 17th, 2006

More wonderful PR for the RoP (religon of peace, aka islam).
Muslim: “Remember that the reason I’m killing you slimy infidels, is because of allah’s love.”
(He really means that allah loves violence, death, bloodshed and destruction…hummm…who in the Bible is also described like that? Hint: Satan! -ed.)

The North Carolina Muslim who drove an SUV into a group of people at the University of North Carolina has written a letter to a local TV station saying Allah approves of such attacks.
“Allah gives permission in the Quran for the followers of Allah to attack those who have raged war against them, with the expectation of eternal paradise in case of martyrdom and/or living one’s life in obedience of all of Allah’s commandments found throughout the Quran’s 114 chapters,” wrote Mohammed Taheri-azar in a two-page letter sent to a television reporter and anchor at WTVD-TV, an ABC affiliate in Durham.
“The U.S. government is responsible for the deaths of and the torture of countless followers of Allah, my brothers and sisters. My attack on Americans at UNC-CH on March 3rd was in retaliation for similar attacks orchestrated by the U.S. government on my fellow followers of Allah in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic territories. I did not act out of hatred for Americans, but out of love for Allah instead.”
Taheri-azar, 22, was charged with nine counts of attempted murder and nine counts of assault after driving a rented Jeep Cherokee through a crowd of people in the Pit area on the Campus Hill campus March 3. Six of the victims were hospitalized.
After the attack, the UNC graduate called 911 and surrendered to police saying he wanted to “punish the government of the United States for their actions around the world.” He said he had intended to kill the people he struck.
An Iranian native, Taheri-azar says he looks forward to defending himself in court to educate the public about “the will of Allah.” He is being held in a maximum-security prison.
According to an AP report, Taheri-azar wrote in the letter that he started reading the Quran in June 2003 and has read it 15 times since.
A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations told the Associated Press Taheri-azar’s claims of religious support for his actions are an old and repudiated claim.
“Islamic scholars have clearly and repeatedly stated that attacks on innocent civilians of any kind are prohibited by Islam and should be repudiated,” spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said yesterday.
(Well then, I guess there is no excuse for your continued silence in regards to the palinstinians killing innocent Israeli civilians then. -ed.)
“There are people who have strange views about any number of faiths and they shouldn’t be taken as representative of those faiths. The people who kill abortion doctors claim they are doing it in the name of Christianity and we all know it is a distortion of Christian beliefs.”
After the incident, officials were reticent to call the attack terrorism.
“The only thing that makes this not look like a terrorist act is that he did a lousy job of it,” Solomon Bradman, chief executive officer of the Miami-based Security Solutions International, told The News & Observer of Raleigh, N.C.
UNC Chancellor James Moeser commented after the attack: “He was a good student. He also was very much a loner.”

Homosexual men boost increase in syphilis rate

Friday, March 17th, 2006

And yet another fact about homosexuality that will be hidden from our country’s youth by the main stream media and liberal school systems. They will say “use a condom, it works to reduce STD’s (sexually transmitted disease).” Well, apparently it doesn’t work.
The one thing that really works…Abstinence until marriage.

The syphilis rate among U.S. men soared 81 percent between 2000 and 2004, primarily as a result of increases in reported cases among homosexual males, federal health officials reported yesterday.
While the rate among men nearly doubled during that time — from 2.6 per 100,000 to 4.7 — the syphilis rate among women fell from 1.7 to 0.8 per 100,000 from 2000 to 2003. It remained stable in 2004, marking the end of a 13-year decline.
“The vast majority of the increase is attributable to a resurgence of syphilis among men who have sex with men … syphilis rates continue to increase among [this group],” said Dr. J.F. Beltrami and other authors of a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention.
They also pointed out that sexually active bisexual men “likely contribute to syphilis among women.”
Of the nearly 8,000 cases reported in 2004, “approximately 84 percent occurred among men,” they wrote, and the CDC estimates that nearly 65 percent of those cases resulted from men having sex with other men.
The authors also said reported increases in incidence of syphilis among homosexual behavior have been characterized “by high rates of HIV co-infection, high-risk sexual behavior and use of drugs such as methamphetamines.”
“Syphilis increases have occurred among [homosexual and bisexual men] who have met sex partners in Internet chat rooms,” the researchers said. They stressed the need for more study of how the Internet affects the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and how it might be used as an STD prevention tool.
A separate analysis in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report found that use of methamphetamines is also an HIV risk factor among heterosexual men. Using data from a large population-based study of heterosexuals aged 18 to 35 living in five northern California counties, researchers found that those who had recently used meth were more likely to “practice high-risk sex” than nonusers.
High-risk sex included having casual or anonymous sex partners, multiple sex partners and partners who used injectable drugs. While 15.5 percent of meth users said they had received drugs or money in exchange for sex, only 3.5 percent of nonusers said they had ever done so.
In the syphilis study, CDC investigators said that from 2001 to 2004, disease rates were higher among blacks and Hispanics than among whites. In 2003, the rate among blacks was 5.1 times higher than whites and was 5.6 times higher in 2004.
“But substantial increases occurred only among black men,” not black women, the authors wrote.
By region, the South saw the highest increase in syphilis rates between 2003 and 2004: 16 percent. That marked the first time since 1991 that syphilis rates increased in that region of the country.
“In each region, [primary and secondary] syphilis rates among black men and women exceeded those of whites and Hispanics,” they concluded.
The national rate of primary and secondary syphilis climbed 8 percent — from 2.5 per 100,000 population to 2.7 — between 2003 and 2004, marking the fourth consecutive annual rise in this sexually transmitted disease, which health officers are focused on eliminating.

Islamic Group Wants Probe of Alleged US-Israeli Collaboration

Friday, March 17th, 2006

‘nought said (see the cartoon above)

( – A Washington-based Islamic advocacy group is calling for an independent investigation into allegations that the United States colluded with Israel in its attack on a Palestinian prison in the West Bank on Tuesday.
Israeli troops stormed the prison in Jericho just minutes after U.S. and British monitors left the facility — because of deteriorating security, they said. Both the U.S. and Britain have denied coordinating the departure of the prison monitors with Israel, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said questions about that must be put to rest.
“The fact that the assault came just minutes after the withdrawal of American monitors creates the impression that there was coordination with the Israeli military,” said Nihad Awad, CAIR’s executive director. (The fact that the pali government won’t stop terrorist from killing innocent Israeli civilians gives the impression that all palis are slimy, no good, terrorist. -ed.)
Awad said an independent investigation is necessary to confirm the facts of the case — otherwise, the incident will only “reinforce the perception in the region that our nation’s foreign policy serves Israeli, not American, interests.”
Israel is America’s strongest ally in the Middle East. The Bush administration is pushing for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas admitted this week that he was told beforehand that U.S. and British monitors would be leaving the prison — but he was quoted as saying he was unaware of the exact timing of their departure.
Abbas and other Palestinians strongly condemned the Israeli raid.
Israel said it stormed the prison to prevent the anticipated release of six terrorists, most of them linked to the assassination of Israel’s tourism minister several years ago.
During the 10-hour assault, three Palestinians were killed.
Many Palestinians prisoners and security personnel forced out of the jail were photographed in their underwear, humiliating them and apparently discrediting them in the eyes of their fellow Palestinians.
In a press release calling for an independent investigation, CAIR indirectly criticized America’s foreign policy by referring to a new study Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. The study, titled “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” says the United States has enabled Israeli expansion in the occupied territories — “making it complicit in the crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians.” (As opposed to the constant crimes the pali government allows against the innocent Israeli civilians? -ed.)

Canadian Student Newspaper in Hot Water Over Controversial Cartoon of Christ

Friday, March 17th, 2006

Christian rioters burned down the University of Saskatchewan’s newspaper office and several other buildings after the newspaper published a blasphemous cartoon of Jesus. Hundreds of Canadian muslims have been killed as an indirect result of the cartoon, with random violence against anyone even remotely perceived to be associated with the newspaper or university…
Oh wait…I made all that up. It didn’t really happen. Here’s what did happen:

(AgapePress) – Canadian Christians are calling on the University of Saskatchewan to shut down its student newspaper after it published a pornographic cartoon blaspheming Jesus. One week after running an editorial explaining why it would not publish derogatory cartoons of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, The Sheaf published an editorial cartoon depicting Jesus fornicating with a pig. The Saskatoon Christian Centre has called on the president of the university to close The Sheaf until all of its editorial staff are fired. Randy Donauer, a spokesman for the Christian Centre, says The Sheaf controversy cannot be compared to the news story involving Muhammad cartoons and the ensuing Muslim violence. “This is not a news story at all,” says Donauer. “This was not pertaining to a current event in Saskatoon, Canada, or the world. This was not pertaining to a religious event, or political event, or any event on campus.” In fact, he says, “this was just an editorial cartoon that really serves no other purpose but to take a jab at the Christian community in our city and to do it in the most perverse, vulgar manner possible.” Donauer says tax dollars should be used to fund a newspaper that is so offensive. But a spokeswoman for the university claims The Sheaf is an “independent” publication and is not publicly funded. Donauer contests that statement. He says even though the school may not receive tax dollars in the form of a “straight check” from the government, “there is an agreement where they give a certain percentage of that over to The Sheaf for its operation.” In reality, says Donauer, the whole university is publicly subsidized. “It’s a government-owned institution, government-owned buildings, government-run everything.” According to the newspaper’s website, the managing editor resigned after publication of the cartoon. The board of directors, however, states that acceptance of Will Robbins’ letter of resignation had nothing to do with the controversial caricature. The cartoon, notes the board, “was not consistent” with The Sheaf’s objectives” — but “acceptance of [Robbins’] resignation was based primarily on his failure to carry out his duties diligently.”

Pro-Family Groups Laud FCC’s Crackdown on Broadcast Indecency

Friday, March 17th, 2006

So maybe it’s not “anything goes” for the entertainment industry. The FCC is still willing to stick to some of it’s guidelines for indecency and fine those who won’t obey them. I also got a letter from the AFA (American Family Association) this morning, stating that almost 166,000 viewers filed complaints with the FCC over inappropriate content in ABC’s series “Without a Trace”.
Please contiue to take the time to voice your concerns, with the authorities, when something comes across your TV or radio that you find offensive.

(AgapePress) – The Federal Communications Commission wants CBS and some of its stations to pay millions in a crackdown on what the federal agency is calling indecent programming. The FCC is proposing a $3.6 million fine against the network and dozens of its affiliates, and family advocates are cheering the Commission on.
The FCC levied the multi-million-dollar penalty yesterday, citing indecent material that aired on CBS between February 2002 and March of last year, including in particular one episode of the CBS show Without a Trace that featured graphic depictions of teenagers participating in a sexual orgy.
Meanwhile, the Commission upheld a previous $550,000 fine against 20 CBS stations for the infamous Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. Also, the federal regulators released decisions addressing more than 300,000 citizen complaints regarding indecent, profane or obscene TV broadcasts.
Several pro-family organizations are applauding the moves by the government officials showing that they are willing to hold broadcasters accountable for indecent content and other inappropriate programming. One such group, the Parents Television Council (PTC), commended the FCC’s decision to uphold the substantial fine against CBS for the Super Bowl incident and to find that broadcast as well as many others “actionably indecent” and in violation of federal standards.
“Such material does not belong on broadcast television when millions of children are in the viewing audience,” PTC executive director Tim Winter noted in a statement yesterday. “The broadcast airwaves are public property and belong to the American people,” he observed, “and as such the broadcast industry must abide by community standards of decency” in accordance with well-settled laws affirmed by the Supreme Court.
“Those who violate the public trust are breaking the law and must be punished accordingly,” Winter said. He went on to call for the suspension of those CBS employees involved in the re-airing of the Without a Trace episode, which had already generated widespread public outcry the first time it was broadcast.

AFA: Pro-Family Protest is Making a Difference
Other groups have commended the FCC for its responsiveness to the public’s complaints, as embodied in Chairman Kevin J. Martin’s statement of his belief that “the Commission has a legal responsibility to respond to [those complaints] and resolve them in a consistent and effective manner.”
Martin said the recent decisions, individually and collectively, “demonstrate the Commission’s continued commitment to enforcing the law prohibiting the airing of obscene, indecent, and profane material.” Representatives of the American Family Association (AFA) are viewing the Commission’s actions and statement as a long overdue vindication of pro-family citizens’ persistent protest of broadcast indecency.
AFA’s Kathryn Hooks describes the FCC decisions as “a direct result” of pro-family viewers who took action by lodging complaints with the Commission. “We applaud these concerned citizens and want to encourage them to continue to file complaints when they see broadcast indecency occurring,” she says, “because those actions are making a difference.”
AFA special projects director Randy Sharp calls the FCC fines against indecency standards violators “a good first step in reminding them of their duty to the viewing public.” CBS and other networks “have an obligation to produce programs that do not violate broadcast laws,” he asserts.
Many of the complaints that prompted the recent FCC decisions came from supporters of the AFA-sponsored action websites and Sharp says those sites will continue to monitor network television and equip parents to file formal complaints with the federal agency against their local stations upon encountering offensive content on the public airwaves.
Meanwhile, the AFA spokesman says his organization will continue to anticipate FCC action on complaints that are still pending. However, he adds that the pro-family group agrees with FCC Commissioner Michael Copps in thinking that license revocation is the most effective means of stemming the tide of increasing sex and profanity on television.

CWA Cheers FCC’s Charge, Boos Capitol Hill’s Standstill
But while Sharp sees the fines against CBS and other recent commission decisions as “a good first step,” Lanier Swann, director of government relations for Concerned Women for America, is calling the recent FCC actions “a huge leap in the right direction.”
Swann says the Commission, by issuing these fines, has sent a loud message to TV executives that broadcast indecency will not be tolerated under the FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s watch. “Consumers should take note that complaints will no longer fall on deaf ears,” she says.
“The FCC has proven that it is willing to take a stand for families and refuse to allow broadcasters to go unpunished for violating decency standards,” the CWA spokeswoman continues. “The television moguls behind this offensive programming are finally being held responsible and receiving a punishment that fits the crime.”
But while the news of the commissioners’ recent decisions is definite progress, Swann says the amount of each fine shows why Congress still needs to pass strong indecency legislation. “Current fine levels are simply too low,” she contends.
That is why CWA is urging Senate leadership to pass HR 310, the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, which Swann says the Senate has ignored for over a year. The pro-family group’s government relations director insists there is no reason to delay final passage of this legislation, which she asserts will “remind Hollywood that indecent entertainment will cost them, and it will cost them dearly.”