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Church forced to close by mob

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Continue to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ around the world as they continue to be persecuted for contending for the Lord. I’m so glad that islam continues to show it’s real colors in regards to it’s so-called non-violence and so-called tolerance of other religions. What would take me dozens of post to drive home to readers, islam is doing for me in one article. Keep up the good work, islam.

Hundreds of radical Muslims who converged on a church filled with Christian worshippers in West Java on March 26, causing distress to many with their hostile demonstration, were convinced to disband only after police were called and the pastor of nine years agreed to close the church and cease all its Christian activities, reports the Voice of the Martyrs, a leading monitor of Christian persecution.
According to the report, a mob numbering around 200 came to the Church of Pentecost in Gunung Putri, Indonesia, during the Sunday morning service to protest the property being “misused” as a church building. The five-hour demonstration became so hostile, some of the women among the 190 congregants began crying hysterically.
Pastor Daniel Fekky was told by representatives of the Muslim mob, in a meeting arranged by police, the church would have to be closed based on a pending revision of the 1969 Joint Ministerial Decree (SKB) which dealt with church buildings and government approval. The pastor was able to get the mob to leave only by agreeing to shut the doors to his church.
The revision, announced by the Religious Affairs Minister and the Home Minister, will need the signature of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono before coming into effect.
The revised regulations set three conditions before a church building can be built or a congregation legally established:
1. Proof of at least 90 existing members with official ID cards
2. Signatures from 60 neighbors of different faiths approving of the establishment of the new Christian congregation
3. Approval from local authorities
Indonesian Christians say the new law will make it more difficult to open new churches, especially in rural, predominantly Muslim areas. They also point to already-established churches which have tried for years to get government approval, without success.
Article 29(b) of the Indonesian constitution guarantees Indonesian citizens the freedom to choose their own religion and to worship according to the dictates of that religion.
Pastor Daniel has led his church’s services for nine years, but the residents of Gunung Putri and the local government did not protest his ministry until a year ago.
“If this church is closed down, where can my congregants and their children worship the Lord?” said the pastor

Family Advocate Fears Pro-Homosexual Education Bill Will Pass California Senate

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

What better place for the homosexuals to force their aggenda down everyones throats then in liberal California? If this passes, I hope that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetos it.

(AgapePress) – A California pro-family activist says a bill in the state Senate requiring public schools to teach homosexual, bisexual, and transgender history is an assault on the minds and bodies of school children.
A bill sponsored by lesbian Senator Sheila Kuehl, SB 1437, places new mandates on California public schools to approve a curriculum that promotes and celebrates the lives of transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual “role models.” The legislation has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, despite pro-family opposition.
Randy Thomasson with the Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) testified against SB 1437 at a recent hearing. He is calling on California citizens to ask Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto the controversial measure.
Thomasson believes the pro-homosexual bill is aimed at encouraging children not just to tolerate but to emulate homosexual behavior. “This is really teaching children this is how [they] can be, too,” he says.
“Under the proposed curriculum changes homosexuals, transsexuals, and bisexuals will be depicted as ‘heroic,'” the pro-family activist contends, “and this is all part of their agenda — to be role models for children, so more children will enter these sexual lifestyles, perhaps even get a sex change.”
According to Thomasson, the California Department of Education will undoubtedly use SB 1437 to erase all traditional distinctions or gender standards. He says the bill is designed to penetrate the academic purpose of schools with sexual, social engineering targeting children as young as kindergarten by requiring every aspect of the public education system in California to accept, embrace, teach, and promote homosexuality and other harmful sexual lifestyles.
The CCF spokesman fears the bill is likely to pass the Senate. For that reason, he is urging Californians to contact their governor and ask him to pledge to veto SB 1437, as his response to the measure is not something conservative and pro-family citizens dare take for granted.
“We need to understand that Democrat politicians all across California and more so across the country are in favor of all of the transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual agenda,” Thomasson asserts. “We also need to understand that liberal Republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger are going to go back and forth on whether to sign or veto.”
SB 1437 is “frightening for parents who want trustworthy schools,” the pro-family advocate adds. He hopes those parents and other Californians will join him in calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to veto a bill that requires schools to teach students favorably regarding deviant and unhealthy sexual lifestyles.
Thomasson believes Christians in particular should be speaking out against SB 1437. He says the church is a problem when it is uninvolved and a solution when it is involved in fighting such proposals.

Bill to restrict grass-roots activism?

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

This is no joke. Get your congressperson on the phone, email or letter and let them know that you will not tolerate being ignored. This country was founded on grass roots efforts. Now congress wants to make it against the law for us to talk to each other, as groups, in order to spread the word about “bad” legislation? I thought we needed to get back to basics, listen to the average person more, not give special interest more of a voice then they already have!

A bill that some activist organizations say would inhibit the right of ordinary Americans to petition their representatives in Congress is making its way through the legislative process in Washington, D.C.
The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006, S.2349, passed the Senate 90-8, and a House version of the bill could come up for a vote in two weeks, Douglas Johnson, legislative director of National Right to Life, told LifeSiteNews.
The bill “would regulate for the first time grass-roots activism,” Johnson told the newssite. The legislation defines “grass-roots lobbying” as “the voluntary efforts of members of the general public to communicate their own views on an issue to federal officials or to encourage other members of the general public to do the same.”
Said Johnson: “The bill does not start off by regulating all constituent contacts with members of Congress. But it does adopt that premise that that is a type of lobbying.”
The activist believes the bill could limit organizations like his from urging supporters to contact members of Congress.
The stated goal behind the legislation is to more strictly regulate professional lobbyists on Capitol Hill, Johnson explains.
“This is really an agenda that certain groups like Common Cause use to restrict grass-roots democracy so certain privileged elites will have more influence on public policy,” Johnson told LifeSiteNews, saying he believes Democrats are trying to insert language that restricts grass-roots activism.

Iran 1 step from atomic bomb

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

We need to keep watching this situation in Iran. I’ve said for some time now that with a madman in control of a country that routinely denies the holocaust, publicly says it wants to “wipe Israel off the map” and has missiles capable of reaching both Israel and Eastern Europe, it’s only a matter of time before things get out of control in the Middle East. There is also a lot of prophetic indicators that could be fulfilled from a conflict of the nature of what is shaping up over there.

Confounding the predictions of many Western analysts, Iran’s announcement yesterday that it successfully enriched uranium was the third major development this year on the way to producing an atomic bomb, leaving only one more step.
That next development – metalizing the enriched uranium to fit it into a warhead – could come as soon as four months from now, says author Jerry Corsi, who has watched the predictions in his book “Atomic Iran” unfold since it was published one year ago.
“They have only one more problem to solve,” Corsi said. “The world has got to stop thinking about these Iranians as backward, just because Ahmadinejad has a radical religious agenda. They have all the technical knowledge and all the money they need to solve these problems.”
In February, National Intelligence Director John Negroponte told Congress that Iran was as much as a decade away from producing a nuclear weapon.
But Corsi, noting it took just four months to produce enriched uranium, argues Tehran is only trying to solve technical problems to make an atomic bomb, not come up with breakthroughs. With the help of China, Russia and their own scientists, who have received world-class training, they could easily have a bomb by the end of the year, he said.
Yesterday, in a nationally televised speech, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that with the production of enriched uranium, “I formally declare that Iran has joined the club of nuclear countries.”
The audience, which included top military commanders and clerics, broke into cheers of “Allahu akbar!” or “God is great!”
In January, Iran successfully tested a missile with solid fuel, and last week, a U.S. official reported Iran now has ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
Tehran has rejected a demand by the U.N. Security Council to stop all uranium enrichment activity by April 28. Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the U.N.’s watchdog agency, plans to travel to Iran this week for talks.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Tehran’s latest boasts “continue to show that Iran is moving in the wrong direction.”
WorldNetDaily first reported one year ago that Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, were being designed to destroy America’s technical infrastructure. Scientists, including President Reagan’s top science adviser, William R. Graham, said there is no other explanation for such tests than preparation for the deployment of electromagnetic pulse weapons – even one of which could knock out America’s critical electrical and technological infrastructure, effectively sending the continental U.S. back to the 19th century with a recovery time of months or years.
In December, WND reported that while the U.S. always has refused to take the military option off the table in dealing with Iran, new developments indicated Washington had gone from acknowledging the possibility of action to preparing its allies for a strike.
In November, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” One month later, Israeli officials said then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had instructed the Israeli Defense Forces to prepare for a possible military strike against Iran.
As WorldNetDaily reported in January, Ahmadinejad told a crowd of theological students in Iran’s holy city of Qom that Islam must prepare to rule the world.
“We must believe in the fact that Islam is not confined to geographical borders, ethnic groups and nations. It’s a universal ideology that leads the world to justice,” Ahmadinejad said Jan. 5, according to Mehran Riazaty, a former Iran analyst for the Central Command of the Coalition Forces in Baghdad.
Ahmadinejad, who drew global attention for his contention the Holocaust was a “myth,” said: “We don’t shy away from declaring that Islam is ready to rule the world.”
Riazaty, in a post on the website Regime Change Iran, said the Iranian president emphasized his current theme that the return of the Shiite messiah, the Mahdi, is not far away, and Muslims must prepare for it.
According to Shiites, the 12th imam disappeared as a child in the year 941. When he returns, they believe, he will reign on earth for seven years, before bringing about a final judgment and the end of the world.
Ahmadinejad is urging Iranians to prepare for the coming of the Mahdi by turning the country into a mighty and advanced Islamic society and by avoiding the corruption and excesses of the West.
“We must prepare ourselves to rule the world and the only way to do that is to put forth views on the basis of the Expectation of the Return,” Ahmadinejad said. “If we work on the basis of the Expectation of the Return [of the Mahdi], all the affairs of our nation will be streamlined and the administration of the country will become easier.”

Book Review: “Out of Control” by Ben Young and Dr. Samual Adams

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Several months ago, I was asked by Nelson Books to review one of their books. The fact that it has taken me this long to get around to writing a review of “Out of Control, Finding Peace for the Physically Exhausted and Spiritually Strung Out” by Ben Young and Dr. Samual Adams, shows just how much I needed to read it. Although not a huge book (215 pages), Rev. Young and Dr. Adams have been able to pack a massive amount of helpful information into this work. The authors have divided the book into three sections: “Living Freely and Lightly”, “Spiritual Practices for Peace and Rest” and “Three Movements for Lifestyle Change”. In section one, the book examines lifestyles and ask the question “Are you ‘out of control’?” Offering seven “lies” that help feed an out of control lifestyle, a reader can quickly notice just how badly life’s priorities are out of sync with what should important. In section two, the authors advise readers to start bring silence into their lives. What better way to hear what blessings God has for us then to just shut ourselves off from the world for a time in order to listen to His will. One often overlooked way of doing this is to observe the “Sabbath”. Times have changed so much from when I was a child, with modern day Sunday being almost like any other day of week in regards to work and activities. Section three of the book offers help and workable tips on how to re-adjust ones priorities and give emphasis to what is truly important in life. Complete with a study guide at the end, I found this book to be extremely helpful in determining several things in my life that could do with some ‘polishing’. Advocating a move back to basics, the author’s approach to accomplishing this is realistic, with no ‘ultra radical’ changes or completely ridiculous ‘processes’ required in order to achieve the peace God wants for each and every one of us. Take a moment to read this excellent book, but even further to that, take what it says and apply it to your “out of control” life. I believe it will truly make a difference in how you view all things.