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Christians and “The Da Vinci Code”, Part 1

Friday, April 28th, 2006

After reading “The Da Vinci Code” and with the imminent release of the movie with the same title, I felt it necessary to write a bit about what Christians may need to expect and how to use the openings the movie will create to give truthful testimony about Jesus.
Over the next several weeks leading up to the release of the movie, I will be compiling information in an attempt to arm our readers with helpful responses.

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Muslims to join pro-illegals protest in L.A.

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Ah yes, the muslim opportunist emerge. You know, y’all can be sent back to your countries too.

Muslims in Los Angeles and elsewhere are being urged to join millions of Latino protesters in the streets May 1 to demonstrate in favor of leniency toward illegal aliens currently living in the United States unlawfully.
“In solidarity with immigration activists around the country, the Muslim Public Affairs Council as well as the Council on American-Islamic Relations – Los Angeles, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, the L.A. Latino Muslim Association, the Muslim American Society – Los Angeles, and the Muslim Students Association – West are calling on American Muslims to participate in a day of action on May 1, 2006,” says a statement from the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
“Islam’s message is one of social justice, economic fairness, and fair treatment in the workplace. The Quran urges the proper treatment and respect of workers.”
Choosing May 1, the day Communists worldwide celebrate the worker, activists have vowed to “close” major American cities as millions of Latinos, both legal and illegal, mark what some organizers are calling “a day without an immigrant” and others refer to as the “Great American Boycott.” They are urging supporters not to go to work, school or spend money on that day.
“It is to show the amount of work, the purchasing power, the contributions that illegal and undocumented workers make on a daily basis,” Chris Banks, a volunteer for ANSWER, or Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, told the Desert Dispatch in California.
“RealIy, it is no different from the transit strike that took place in New York last December, and they shut the city down and it was to show the value of their work – the labor that they do,” he said. “The labor they (illegal aliens) do for our collective well being is enormous.”
The Muslim organization pushing participation is urging the faithful in Southern California to attend a march near downtown Los Angeles at 4 p.m. Monday.
“American Muslim organizations are calling for a comprehensive immigration reform that includes provisions for a pathway to lawful permanent residence for the undocumented currently in the United States, a temporary worker program that matches willing workers with willing employers, and a reduction in the current backlogs in family-based immigration to the United States,” said the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Failing to agree on an immigration reform bill earlier this month, members of Congress and President Bush continue to push various measures meant to deal with the flow of illegals into the country and those already here.
Jorge Rodriguez is a union official who helped organize earlier pro-illegals rallies.
“We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally),” Rodriguez told Reuters. “That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1.”
As WorldNetDaily reported, large protests held by pro-illegal-alien activists early this month actually had a negative effect on the demonstrators’ cause, a poll found.

Comatose Florida teen ‘best target we can dream of’

Friday, April 28th, 2006

What else could we expect to spew from the mouth of a slimy pali terrorist?

JERUSALEM – Daniel Wultz, a Florida teenager lying in a coma after being critically injured last week in a suicide bombing at an Israeli restaurant, is the “best target combination we can dream of – American and Zionist,” Abu Nasser, a leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, one of the groups responsible for the deadly blast, told WorldNetDaily.
Abu Ayman, a leader of the Islamic Jihad, which also took responsibility for the April 17 bombing in which Wultz was injured, threatened all Americans and Jews worldwide and expressed regret Wultz is still alive.
Wultz, 16, was one of over 60 people injured in the attack in which a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded section of Tel Aviv as Israelis celebrated the fifth day of the Passover holiday. The blast ripped through a falafel restaurant just outside the city’s old central bus station, killing nine. The same restaurant was hit by a suicide attack in January, wounding 20 people.
Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Brigades, the declared military wing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party, claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Wultz is a resident of Weston, Fla. He was on Passover vacation in Israel along with his family. The teenager was seated with his father, Yekutiel, at an outside table of the targeted restaurant when the bomb was detonated.
Described as an avid basketball player, Wultz lost his spleen and a kidney in the attack. Last Friday, one of his legs was amputated, and doctors at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital have reportedly been fighting to save his other leg, which is suffering from severely reduced blood flow.
Wultz’ father suffered a fractured leg in the attack.
Wultz has been lying in a coma in the intensive care unit since the bombing, though he briefly was aroused earlier this week.
His story has generated extensive media coverage and has prompted a flurry of e-mails across the Internet asking people worldwide to pray for the young terror victim.
In a WND exclusive interview yesterday, Abu Nasser, a senior leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades in the West Bank, rejoiced in Wultz’ injuries. Abu Nasser is part of the Brigades leadership in the Balata refugee camp suspected of plotting the attack.
“We are sorry there was not more of this stuff. American and Zionist – this is the best target combination we could dream of. This is the ideal target. He is a young American who came to encourage the enemy to continue his war against us,” Abu Nasser said.
The terror leader went on to blast America’s role in the Middle East, which he said was aimed at achieving Jewish world domination:
“I want to use this occasion of speaking to the American people to tell them that the unfair support of your people to Israel is the reason that you are targeted almost everywhere in the world. Second, I want to bring to your knowledge that the most cruel settlers are those who came from America. It is known that the Jews are sly and not honest, and they are leading into this trap of the Middle East in order to carry out their plan of controlling the world.”
Also speaking to WND, Islamic Jihad senior member Abu Ayman warned Americans are now enemies of the Palestinian people.
“The Americans are now the typical enemy of the believers like it is mentioned in the holy Quran. They think that they are all mighty and invincible, and they seem to not have the right conclusions from what happened to them in the last few years. The Americans are now the best representatives of the devil on earth,” Abu Ayman said.
Asked whether his terror group would target a restaurant here if they were informed it contained American civilians and not Israelis, Abu Ayman replied, “This is a hypothetical question, but in my opinion at the execution step [of an attack] nothing changes.”
He said Jews of all backgrounds are targets:
“The meaning and the goal of our lives is to fight the devil spiritually and physically. The Jews are the expression of both kinds of devil. No mercy for devils.”
Abu Ayman expressed regret Wulz wasn’t killed in last week’s terror attack.
“The only sorrow that I feel is that the Jewish parents of this Daniel Wultz did not suffer like an average Palestinian family who lost its child. Maybe if their child was killed they and the Americans would have to pay attention to the suffering of thousands of Palestinian families who lost their children.”
Waltz opened eyes as Rabbi wrapped him with Scripture
Waltz last night returned to a coma state. He had been temporarily aroused earlier this week. His situation remains very critical, said a source close to the family.
WND reported that on Monday the teen opened his eyes for the first time since the attack seven days prior just as his rabbi donned him with teffillin, or Jewish prayer phylacteries.
Yisroel Spalter of the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish outreach movement, had flown in from Florida this week to be with the Wultz family. He described the moment during which Wultz opened his eyes to Chabad newssite
“I started to put the tefillin on his hand and right before our very eyes Daniel opened his eyes and stared at us despite his comatose state. Maybe it was just a reflex, maybe not, but the fact that it happened precisely when the tefillin were placed on his hand shocked us all. Even the doctors were surprised.
“The family members who were present could not hold back their tears and were full of emotions. I cannot describe to you the electricity that flowed through the room then. It was one of the most moving and emotional experiences I ever witnessed.”
Spalter the next day again put tefillin on Wultz, who soon after opened his eyes again and for the first time began showing signs of communication to his doctors, including blinking his eyes in response to questions. But he returned to a coma yesterday.
Tefillin are leather objects with black straps containing biblical verses that are worn on the head and on one arm by Jewish men during weekday morning prayers. The verses inside the tefillin are hand-written by a scribe and consist of the four sections of the Torah in which tefillin are commanded.
One of the main commandments for wearing tefillin comes from the biblical verse in Deuteronomy: “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. Take to heart these instructions with which I charge you this day. … Bind them as a sign on your hand and let them serve as a frontlet between your eyes.”
Tefillin have been directly connected to war and terrorism, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Lewin, a Tel Aviv rabbi, explained to WND.
A verse in Deuteronomy states, “Then all the people of the earth shall see that the name of God is proclaimed over you and they will fear you.”
The Talmud explains the biblical verse is referring to the donning of tefillin, which contains the name of God.
In response to the verse, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the revered leader of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, promoted a tefillin campaign in Israel and around the world following the 1967 Six Day War, in which the Jewish state was attacked by several Arab countries.
“After the Six Day War the Rebbe [Schneerson] recognized the power of tefillin and its connection to war against Israel and the desire of its enemies to annihilate the Jewish state, and he started an enormous tefillin campaign,” said Lewin.
Spalter and Wultz’s family have requested people around the world pray for Daniel Wultz. Prayer sessions have been held by Chabad in Florida and by Wultz’s high-school friends. Hundreds of e-mail alerts have been sent to the Florida Jewish community and to lists worldwide asking recipients to pray for “Haim Meir Naftali, son of Sara and Yekutiel,” the Hebrew name of Daniel Wultz.

‘American Hiroshima’ linked with Iran attack

Friday, April 28th, 2006

I believe that another “9/11” type of attack will occur, here in the United States, but this time with weapons of mass destruction. With our wide open borders, there really is no other conclusion to come to.

Al-Qaida has already obtained nuclear suitcase weapons from the Russian black market, weapons tested in Afghanistan in 2000, and they may have already been forward-deployed inside the U.S., according to the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the wake of Sept. 11.
Last week, Hamid Mir’s credibility skyrocketed when he accurately predicted in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin and later in WND the imminent release of a new recorded communiqué from bin Laden through al-Jazeera, the Arabic TV network. Two days later, bin Laden’s tape was the focus of international news coverage.
“If you think that my information and analysis about bin Laden’s location is correct,” said Hamid Mir, “then please don’t underestimate my analysis about his nuclear threat also.”
Mir said that he met with an Egyptian engineer last week who lost an eye after one of bin Laden’s nuclear tests in the Kunar province of Pakistan. The Pakistani journalist said the encounter with the engineer greatly disturbed and depressed him since it provided further assurance that a nuclear nightmare for America is about to dawn.
Mir believes that an “American Hiroshima” will occur as soon as the U.S. launches an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
“Al-Qaida and Iran,” he says, “have a long, secret relationship.” “American Hiroshima” is the name al-Qaida leaders chose for their long-planned nuclear attack on the U.S.
The relationship between Iran and bin Laden dates back to June 21, 1996, when bin Laden attended a terror summit in Tehran. The gathering attracted terror leaders from various places throughout the world, including Ramadan Shallah (the Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Ahmad Salah (Egyptian Islamic Jihad), Imad al-Alami and Mustafa al-Liddawi (Hamas), Ahmad Jibril (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), Abdallah Ocalan (the Kurdish People Party), Muhammad Ali Ahmad (al Qaida), and Imad Mugniyah (Hezbollah). The summit resulted in the creation of the “Committee of Three” that would meet on a regular basis for the “coordination, planning and execution of attacks” against the United States and Israel. The committee members were Ahmad Salah, Imad Mugniyah and bin Laden.
Mir’s position that al-Qaida’s nuclear weapons may have already been forward-deployed to the United States confirms the report of Sharif al-Masri, a key al-Qaida operative who was arrested in Pakistan in November 2000.
Al Masri, an Egyptian national with ties to al-Zawahiri, said that al-Qaida had made arrangements to smuggle nuclear weapons and supplies to Mexico. From Mexico, he said, the weapons were to be transported across the border and into the United States with the help of a Latino street gang.
Mir also maintains that numerous sleeper agents are in place in major cities throughout the United States to prepare for the nuclear holocaust. Many of these agents, he says, are Algerians and Chechens who obtained European passports and are posing as Christian and Jews.
He further says that many of these agents have been in the United States since bin Laden’s issuance of his “Declaration of War on Americans Occupying the Country of the Two Holy Places.” That fatwa was issued Aug. 23, 1996.

Re-Post: Commentary: End of Language As We Know It

Friday, April 28th, 2006

By Alan Sears
Alliance Defense Fund

A popular children’s book once pondered the perils of giving a mouse a cookie.
If you give a mouse a cookie, it reasoned, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk-followed by a straw to drink it with, a mirror to check for a milk mustache, scissors to give himself a trim, and numerous other items that trap the generous giver in an endless stream of overwhelming cause and effect.
The demanding rodent seems sweet and innocent enough, but his desires become “needs,” and his “needs” soon become a long and absurd list.
The situation in American society isn’t much different, except the “mouse” has been replaced with minority fringe groups and individuals at best make up between 2 and 4 percent of the population,[1] and the “cookie” is an unending list of legislation, laws, special benefits, and demands that must be passed, granted, or met in the name of “tolerance.”
Bolstered by their perceived successes in the fight to reshape the family and other laws that attempt to provide special funding and privileges to people who engage in homosexual behavior, including “transsexuals” and “transgendered” individuals, some left-leaners have dredged up a silly old “cookie” from the feminist era and plopped it into a modern context: the push for gender neutrality.
The premise is that the usage of terms like “man,” “woman,” “boy,” “girl,” “male,” and “female” have not only outlived their usefulness, but are borderline “intolerant.” In other words, if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck, it better be a duck, or a lawsuit could find its way to your pond.
Leading the charge to strike down Joe and Jane is none other than atheist Michael Newdow, the infamous atheist who not only sought to have the word “God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, but now wants “In God We Trust” removed from American currency.
Newdow, who claims the pledge ruling was only the beginning of his campaign to eliminate references to God in the public square, wants to replace the male and female pronouns of “he” and “she” with the gender-neutral “ree,” “rees,” and “erm” as a means of promoting “gender equity.”[2]
He’s not alone on this one.
Welcome to political correctness, circa 2006, where using the wrong gender pronoun, even in error, could have you labeled “insensitive,” “intolerant,” or even “heteronormative.”
Heteronormative? This new, ridiculously “PC” term refers to a person’s “misguided” reinforcement of the traditional gender roles of man and woman-the ones practiced by the majority of Americans. In other words, don’t assume that when someone is referring to their “date” that that person is of the opposite sex from the speaker…or that there’s even an opposite sex.
The term gained attention not long ago when it was used by the editorial board of a school newspaper at Pomona College. A staff-written Nov. 14, 2005, article urges the college to stop being “heteronormative” and install “gender neutral” bathrooms at a campus center, rather than assuming bathrooms designated for “males” and “females” alone are adequate.[3]
Actress Jada Pinkett Smith was branded “heteronormative” after delivering a speech at Harvard that focused solely on relationships and marriages between men and women. She was criticized for having a focus that was too “narrow” and which caused some in the audience to feel “left out.”[4]
On college campuses and in workplaces, a renewed push is on to eliminate bathrooms reserved solely for those subscribing to normal sexual roles. Such “stereotypes” could “alienate” those who subscribe to neither or both “roles.” Bowling Green University in Ohio has already installed such facilities. Some students and activists at other institutions, such as Beloit College and the University of Chicago, are pushing for the same.[5]
No mention is given to how much taxpayers-including those who oppose homosexual behavior-are anteing up to fund the “special” facilities, or whether they would agree with allowing their children to attend an institution that celebrates such beliefs, which may well be contrary to their own.
The moral of the lesson? If you give a mouse same-sex benefits, he’s going to ask you for the gender-neutral bathroom and oh so much more.
Alan Sears, a former federal prosecutor who held various posts in the departments of Justice and Interior during the Reagan Administration, is president and CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund (, a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation.

[1] “Homosexual groups back off from ’10 percent’ myth.” Family Research Council, Nov. 23, 2005.
[2] “Mr. Newdow Goes to Washington.” Brown Alumni magazine, May/June 2004.
[3] “All students deserve safe SCC restrooms.” Student Life editorial board, Nov. 11, 2005.
[4] “The Tyranny of the Minority.” Boston Globe, March 14, 2005.
[5] “Beloit students pushing for ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Feb. 11, 2004 ().

Re-Post: Finding Religion: Democrats Talk Like God-fearing Folk

Friday, April 28th, 2006

By Joseph Lindsley
The Weekly Standard

IMAGINE a Republican congressman defending traditional marriage by saying, “I am inspired in my public service by St. Paul’s admonition against sodomy in his first letter to the Corinthians.” Surely, many liberals would raise the alarm of impending theocracy. But House minority leader Nancy Pelosi–a self-described “conservative Catholic” despite her status as a pro-gay marriage, pro-choice San Francisco lefty who as a young girl thought she would rather be a priest than a nun–has lately been encouraging members of her party to couch their political arguments in Biblical terms so as to appeal to the God-fearing.
In a St. Patrick’s Day speech on the genocide in Darfur, a topic that unites religious conservatives and liberals, Pelosi said, “The gospel of Matthew is something that drives many of us in our public service.” In September of last year, she gave a speech in favor of strengthening the Endangered Species Act, in which she said, “In Isaiah in the Old Testament, we are told that to minister to the needs of God’s creation–and that includes our beautiful environment–is an act of worship.” And Pelosi, who could be speaker of the House next January, was one of 55 Catholic Democrats in the chamber who signed a “Statement of Principles” in which they expressed union with the “living Catholic tradition.” In the statement, released in February through the office of Connecticut’s Rosa DeLauro, the signers admit the “undesirability of abortion,” without actually committing to changing their party’s pro-choice agenda.
Marco Grimaldi, head of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the liberal Center for American Progress, suggests that this new tic is less a strategic move and more an act of frustration with the perception that Democrats are opposed to religion. “There is a great deal of conversation around a handful of moral issues. I think people who see things differently are really frustrated,” he said.
This statement of frustration seems to be an outgrowth of the “Faith Working Group,” an effort to coordinate discourse between House Democrats and churchgoers that Pelosi initiated just over a year ago, when the “values voters” of 2004 were still the subjects of liberal nightmares. She chose as the group’s chairman Rep. Jim Clyburn, an African Methodist Episcopalian from South Carolina’s 6th district, whom she has subsequently selected to serve as chairman of the House Democratic caucus as well. That promotion suggests the importance Pelosi places upon political fellowship with the faithful. The Faith Working Group looks mostly like a behind-the-scenes endeavor, but the “faith page” of the caucus’ website provides a glimpse into its undertakings. There, one finds a press release announcing the group’s meeting with the president of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference, a link to Rep. Sherrod Brown’s speech on “Faith, Holy Writ and Social Justice,” an October statement from the presiding Episcopal bishop calling the Republican budget proposal “tantamount to blasphemy,” and, of course, the Catholic “Statement of Principles.”
IN AN EARLIER DAY, American Catholics in public life sought to distance themselves from Rome. Now Catholic Democrats wish to appear as though they agree with the church even when they do not. Attempting to avoid having to reconcile this tension with the Church on abortion (and other matters), they express a desire to “speak to the fundamental issues that unite us as Catholics.” Citing the “primacy of conscience,” but ignoring the Church’s view that a good conscience is one in accord with the Church. Instead, they have created their own version of the “fundamental issues” that unite Catholics, excluding the topics on which they dissent.
Using talk of a “consistent moral framework for life,” for instance, they create the possibility of making the simple, total rejection of abortion into a complex matter of moral reasoning. Using the Church’s complex social teachings, they craft simple admonitions against war and tax cuts. This bit of political alchemy is an inversion of what Alexis de Tocqueville noticed about Catholic Americans 200 years ago. Back then, they portioned their “intellectual world” into two: “in the one [part] they place the doctrines of revealed religion, which they assent to without discussion, in the other they leave those political truths which they believe the Deity has left open to free inquiry.” Today, liberal Catholics give unquestioning allegiance to the Democratic party, while maintaining independent minds in matters of Church doctrine.
Pelosi, 66-years-old and a mother of five who did not run for office until her youngest child was nearly an adult, is certainly proud of her faith. In her speech on Darfur, she mentioned a friar in San Francisco whose work with the homeless has inspired her. She has fondly recalled her education at, and maintains relations with, Washington, D.C.’s Trinity College, formerly a Catholic institution, but which has over the years abandoned its faith, even going so far as to shut the doors of its chapel.
But Pelosi also acknowledges that Democrats must make a more concerted effort to convince devout voters that the party is not hostile to them. Catholics, who voted 51 to 48 percent in favor of a second term for President Bush, make up a sizable portion of that demographic. Additionally, liberal Catholic politicians may foresee a need to respond preemptively to critiques from prelates, such as the threats in 2004 to exclude John Kerry from Communion, or the denunciation of Pelosi’s support of abortion by the archdiocese of San Francisco in 2002.
The Faith Working Group has made strides in helping Democrats use the language of faith, but will this translate to winning religious votes? Perhaps Howard Dean has the answer.
After Tim Kaine, a religious Catholic, won the Virginia governorship following a campaign during which he frequently and proudly spoke of his faith, Dean told NPR, “We want, like Tim Kaine, to be talking about our faith, and if we’re not comfortable talking about our faith, then talk about our moral values.” Lurking in that statement, in Pelosi’s references to her “conservative Catholicism,” and in the “Statement of Principles” is a dilution of the substance of faith so that it becomes something less real, enabling a rhetoric of religion doesn’t hold politicians accountable to any tenets but their own. Behind this smokescreen, Nancy Pelosi is able to call her liberal plan to save the environment–over which, according to Genesis, God gave man dominion–an “act of worship,” but opposing abortion, which according to the Catholic church her conscience should compel her to do, is an act of intrusion.

Nancy, even Satan can quote the Bible, out of context of course, in order to try to make it support his point of view. Been taking lessions, have you? -ed.

SCOTUS Upholds Christian Student’s Rights in Viewpoint Discrimination Suit

Friday, April 28th, 2006

This is a very important thing to understand. You child is allowed to express their personal beliefs, while at school, as long as the complete the assignment according to instructions.
The school cannot censor your child. If they do, and continue to do so after you have asked them to stop, please contact one of the legal institutes referred to in the article or follow one of the links from this blog or my webpage.

(AgapePress) – Recently, in a major victory for a Christian student in New York who encountered viewpoint discrimination at his public school, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a unanimous ruling by the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court found in favor of young Antonio Peck, who was censored by his Syracuse school because an art poster he drew for his kindergarten class assignment contained an image of Jesus.
Antonio Peck, who is now in the fifth grade, drew the picture as part of an assignment to design a poster about protecting the environment. The child’s work was displayed on a school cafeteria wall along with 80 other student posters during an event where parents were invited to view the students’ posters. However, the Christian kindergartener’s poster had been folded in half in order to cover the image of Jesus.
School officials explained to Antonio and his parents why his poster was folded, arguing that the child’s poster, because it included an image of Jesus, violated the separation of church and state and would give the impression that the school was teaching religion. When the school refused to remedy the situation, to apologize, or to adopt a policy that would prevent future censorship, a suit was filed by the religious freedom defense group Liberty Counsel on the Peck family’s behalf.
Attorney Mathew Staver is president and general counsel for Liberty Counsel. He says the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the earlier federal appeals court ruling sets an important precedent.
“Whenever a student responds to a class or curricular assignment,” Staver notes, “whether it’s artwork, a book report, an oral report or whatever, as long as their response is consistent with the assignment, their Christian viewpoints cannot be censored.” The high court’s decision is “a great ruling for the rights of students and their Christian viewpoints and expression around the country,” the attorney says.
By allowing the earlier court decision to stand, Staver asserts, Chief Justice Roberts’ court has signaled that the Supreme Court is no longer a place that can be used by left-wing groups like the American Civil Liberties Union to undermine the religious and moral values of Christians.
The willingness of little Antonio Peck and his family to stand and fight against censorship and viewpoint discrimination has paid off, the Liberty Counsel spokesman says. “This has been a long case,” the pro-family lawyer observes, “and I think he and his family are certainly to be congratulated for standing up and making a difference.”
The Peck family had a choice, Staver adds, “just like all of us do. They could have allowed the censorship to continue and just walked away, but that would have created bad precedent for religious expression.” But instead, he points out, the family “decided to take a stand — and stand they did.”
Although fighting the school’s actions has been a long, drawn-out process, Staver notes, the result has been the creation of great legal precedent, not only for the Pecks’ situation but for all the students and families that may face similar challenges to their religious freedom in the future.

Groups Endorse Risk Audit as Tool to Fight Homosexual Agenda in Schools

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Well, I’ve certainly not been silent about underhanded methods the homosexuals and school systems are using to advance the homosexual agenda (and I’ve caught a LOT of flak for my outspokenness), but as this article will point out, the agenda is being advanced, in our school systems, much more than most Christians realize.

(AgapePress) – Several pro-family, conservative groups are backing a new method of assessing the extent of homosexual activism at work in public schools. The “Risk Audit Project” involves a comprehensive survey to measure the promotion of homosexuality in a given public school district.
The project was developed by Linda Harvey of the Ohio-based group Mission America following last year’s approval of a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolution urging parents to investigate whether their school is collaborating with homosexual activists.
Steve Crampton is chief counsel at the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (AFA Law Center). He says far too many parents are simply unaware of the radical agenda homosexual activists are pushing on school campuses across the U.S. today.
“The overwhelming majority of Christian parents who even have gone out of their way to become involved and to try to determine what’s going on in their local schools will be surprised at how extensive the pro-homosexual agenda is in every government school in the nation,” Crampton observes.
“And I think that is reflected as well in the breadth of the pro-family groups that have come together in this project,” the pro-family attorney adds. Among the many groups endorsing the “Risk Audit,” he notes, are the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, the Illinois Family Institute, and the American Family Association.
The Risk Audit Project measures the extent to which public school districts are collaborating with homosexual activists by determining, among other things, whether schools have adopted pro-homosexual policies or curricula, and whether the school district is sponsoring pro-homosexual clubs, events, or activities. Crampton feels the risk audit is not a luxury for schools but a necessity.
“We believe that since schools are called upon and required to protect children while they’re at school, by that same token they have an absolute obligation to do no harm to the children that are under their care,” the AFA Law Center spokesman says. “And so this risk audit is an effort to first ascertain the extent of the activities in our schools and, second, to let the American public know what’s really going on.”
The AFA Center for Law & Policy has joined the other pro-family groups in endorsing the Risk Audit Project. This coalition is urging parents and other concerned citizens to look into whether homosexual indoctrination is going on in their school systems as a preliminary step in combating the problem.

Attorney: Texas Case Will Address Court Interference in Church Matters

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Whereas I feel disassociation of a church member is a very extreme measure, the pastor is actually following the instructions from Jesus to His disciples in Matthew 18:15-17.
Now with that said, my approach would have been different. I would have made sure that every sermon the lady was present for, would have had a message about adulterers and unrepentant sin. While delivering this message, I would be looking directly at her. That way, she can continue to hear the Word of God and maybe realize that what she is doing is not right.
Some might say “Well maybe she was in an abusive marriage of something”. That could be true. The news story does say “Westlake had approached Penley about her inappropriate relationship with another man as well as her decision to terminate her marriage without any biblical basis.”
Because it says “without any biblical basis”, this leads me to believe that she just didn’t want to be married to the same guy anymore, not that she was being abused. It is Biblically correct to be divorced from an abusive spouse.
But back to the article, it will be a very bad day for the church if the courts rule that they have jurisdiction in internal church policy.

(AgapePress) – The Texas Supreme Court has announced it will hear a case that could determine whether courts have the authority to interfere with matters such as church discipline.
The case known as Penley v. Westbrook dates back nearly six years to when Buddy Westbrook, pastor of Crossland Community Bible Church of Fort Worth, Texas, disassociated female church member Peggy Penley over divorce and adultery. Pastor Westbrook was sued after sending a letter to church members informing them of the situation.
Hiram Sasser is with Liberty Legal Institute, which is representing the church in the matter. He maintains that the U.S. Constitution protects churches and pastors when it comes to internal matters such as church discipline, and he says this case is “extremely important,” in that it deals with this fundamental First Amendment issue.
According to Sasser, Pastor Westbrook followed the three-step model for conflict resolution outlined in Matthew, Chapter 18, and was left with no other choice but disassociation after Penley refused to repent of her sin.
The attorney says Westlake had approached Penley about her inappropriate relationship with another man as well as her decision to terminate her marriage without any biblical basis. It was only after these efforts failed and Penley refused to repent that Crossland Community Bible Church’s pastor wrote the letter to congregation members outlining the reasons for Penley’s removal.
Increasingly over recent years, Sasser notes, a pattern has existed “of new lawsuits against pastors for following biblical principles and following the Bible.” One of Liberty Legal Institute’s goals in this case, he points out, is “to make sure that we establish clear precedent that pastors are immune from suit under the Constitution of the United States.”
Now the Texas Supreme Court will hear the case, one that the Liberty Legal Institute spokesman believes could have a major impact in the future on whether courts have the authority to meddle or intervene in internal church matters, particularly with regard to church membership, governance, and other similar issues.
“This case, perhaps, could forever settle this new trend of suing pastors for engaging in church discipline and following biblical principles,” Sasser contends. He says the U.S. Constitution protects the right of a church to choose its members and govern itself “in any manner it chooses according to doctrine and faith, without government interference.”
Likewise, Sasser asserts, pastors have a constitutional right to inform their congregations of “the influence of sin on church members and the steps being taken to address such sin.” He says the U.S. Constitution prohibits individuals from suing churches or pastors for simply following biblical mandates that require disassociation from unrepentant members.