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Plano Congregation to Leave Episcopal Church

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

A Plano congregation has decided to secede from the Episcopal church. It is a strong statement regarding the recent events surrounding the church, but it is a statement that must be made. It is my prayer that this congregation will be one of many who decide to side with God instead of satan. The Episcopal church (and I use the term “church” loosely) can approve of homosexuality and all other forms of sin if they so choose, but ultimately God will not be mocked no matter what the bishops decide.

PLANO — Christ Church Episcopal has announced that it will leave the denomination because it can no longer abide by the national church’s decisions.

Leaders of the conservative Plano congregation announced their plan Monday, a week after the Episcopal Church elected Nevada Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as its first female presiding bishop.

Jefferts Schori supported the 2003 consecration of V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. She also supported the creation of locally authorized blessings for gay unions.

“The mission of Christ Church is to make disciples and teach them to obey the commands of Christ,” said a statement approved by Christ Church’s leaders this weekend. “The direction of the leadership of the Episcopal Church is different and we regret their departure from biblical truth and the historic faith of the Anglican Communion. … We declare our intention to disassociate from ECUSA as soon as possible.”

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Jackson/Sharpton Organizing to Oppose Christian Conservatives – Again

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Is it just me, or does the title Reverend seem ill-fitting for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? It seems that this famous brain-trust has come up with the idea to go on tour to oppose the conservative Christian agenda. They seem to think that affirmative action (imagine that) and voters’ rights are much more important than the killing of babies or gay marriage. It is my opinion that Sharpton and Jackson are more interested in boosting their own fame and bank accounts than they are in actually helping our country. I am not sure how Al Sharpton came to be on CNN and Fox every night, but Jesse Jackson needs to realize that a failed run for president does not a celebrity make. Seriously, am I the only one who thinks he is a lunatic? His agenda is anything but Godly as his title suggests. Mr. Jackson needs to take his Rainbow Coalition and “Push” it somewhere else!!!

DALLAS – Prominent black leaders said Monday they will organize against Christian conservatives they say have used gay marriage and abortion to distract from larger moral issues such as the war, voting rights, affirmative action and poverty.

The Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Joseph Lowery and hundreds of black leaders from around the country are focusing on mobilizing black voters for the fall elections. They kicked off a three-day black clergy conference Monday in Dallas.

“There are no gay people coming to our churches asking to get married, but there are plenty of people coming with problems voting or their sons in jail,” Sharpton said. “I am not going to sit here silently and let these leaders distort our church with these issues.”

Sharpton said tours are planned of swing states starting in July to bring out black voters and push Democrats to take a tougher stand on social justice issues.

Jackson said the mid-term elections, which will determine hundreds of congressional seats and the the governors of dozens of states, are a “fight for America’s soul” as the gap between rich and poor grows in this country.

If Democrats fail to address concerns, Sharpton said he has not ruled out a run for president in 2008.

A spokesman for evangelical conservatives accused Sharpton of stereotyping Christian conservatives, many of whom agree with black churchgoers on key issues.

“Let’s not play off each other in ways that are based on stereotypes,” said the Rev. Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals.

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The Glaciers Are Melting!!!!!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Okay, if I hear the words “Global” and “Warming” used together one more time, I am going to scream!!!! It seems that those words are the national buzz word these days. Here is the truth of the matter: Call it what you want (Global—–Warming – ugh!, Ozone Effect, etc, etc), but the reality is that the Bible speaks of strange weather in the last days. If people would just forget about the Ozone and realize that God is in control of the weather (even my 5 year old knows the verse that says “Even the winds and the waves obey Him” Matthew 8:27). We can control emissions, do away with aerosol cans, and burn clean fuel, but the bottom line remains the same: God is in control of ALL things and nothing we can do will change His perfect plan. Oh, we need to be concerned about warming—the warming of the people who will spend an eternity in hell without Christ. That is the kind of warming that we need to prevent — let God deal with the melting glaciers.

Mountain glaciers are melting faster now than at any time in the past 5,000 years because of an unprecedented period of global warming, a study has found.

Ice cores taken from mountains as far apart as the Andes in South America and the Himalayas in Asia have revealed how climate change is leading to a full-scale retreat of the world’s tropical glaciers.

Scientists have warned that human activities over the past 100 years may have nudged the global climate beyond a critical threshold which could see most of the highest ice caps disappearing within the near future. Melting glaciers in South America and Asia not only contribute to rising sea levels, they are also vital sources of freshwater for many millions of people who live within their range at lower altitudes, the scientists said.

The scientists, led by Lonnie Thompson of Ohio State University, present three lines of evidence pointing to a dramatic melting of glaciers in both the Andes and the Himalayas: a change in the chemical isotopes of the ice cores, the widespread retreat of glaciers and the uncovering of frozen plants that had been buried for thousands of years.

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Israeli Forces Launch Gaza Offensive

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

As I write this, I am sitting in my safe home in small town America. I have never known real war. I have only heard stories and have seen pictures on the news. I have been brought to tears this evening while watching footage of the attack in Gaza. God’s chosen people, the people He loves so much, spend their lives trying to defend the country (and its people) that they are so proud of. Of course, I realize, that the Bible speaks of the unrest in Israel, but it saddens me that the people that God chose to be His favored people dont even recognize His son as the Savior of the world. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be continually in turmoil and in fear for your family. I pray for the people of Israel; I pray that they would come to know Jesus as Savior, because He is surely coming soon.

IDF launches Gaza offensive

(VIDEO) Israeli forces enter Strip after mediators say hope of recovering kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit through diplomatic means running out; earlier Air Force planes fire missiles at three bridges, power station in Strip; some areas plunged into darkness
Ynet reporters

VIDEO – Operation “Summer Rains” begins: At around 2:30 a.m. Israeli tanks and troops rolled into the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, the army said, after mediators said hope of recovering kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit through talks was running out.

IDF artillery shells were fired toward Gaza as the ground forces entered the Strip.

The incursion came shortly after Palestinian security forces deployed near the Gazan border town of Rafah said they were ordered out by the Israeli military.

Soldiers prepare to enter Gaza (Video: Reuters)

Israeli Air Force planes targeted missiles at three bridges in the central Gaza Strip shortly before midnight Tuesday. After completing the deployment of forces to the area, the army entered “battle regulations” – or the state of preparation to launch an offensive.

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Updated “Jesus is Lord, Home Comforts” Page

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

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Prayers for Ben’s Dad Answered!!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

I got an email this morning from Ben Rast about his dad. He is going to get to go home! It shows that when the Saints of God gather in prayer, God answers us. Here’s what Ben said:

“For all those who have been praying for my dad, I thank you as well. On Wednesday, Dad was lifeflighted to a hospital in Boise, Idaho, after having suffered a massive heart attack. There is damage to 50% of his heart, one artery was blocked, and there is a blood clot in his heart. Thanks to a network of Christian friends and family, there were soon literally hundreds of people praying for my dad, and God listened. Dad’s recovery has been what I would call miraculous. Today he was discharged from the hospital, and he was champing at the bit to go home. He’s going to have to take it easy for a while, and will need to faithfully take a laundry list of medications to control his heartrate, blood pressure, and hopefully dissolve the blood clot. I don’t think anyone expected him to be going home this soon. The chances his doctor initially gave for him to survive this heart attack were not nearly as high as I would have liked to hear. However, our Lord is faithful. Thanks so much for the prayers…”

Praise God!!
Please continue to keep Ben’s dad in your prayers.
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Parents’ Persistent Protest Pays Off; Clubs’ Flags Removed

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

What a good example, we have here, about the tactics of the homosexual activist.

(AgapePress) – A pro-family group is hailing the removal of a “homosexual pride” flag from the wall of a Michigan high school.
For almost two years, conservatives have been protesting the presence of a rainbow flag displayed by the Diversity Club at Howell High School. Students even formed a Traditional Values Club in response to the school’s allowance of homosexual activism on campus. Last Thursday (June 22) officials at the school took down the rainbow flag, the Christian flag displayed by the Traditional Values Club, and those of all other campus clubs.
Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, says public outcry forced school officials to reverse what he describes as “one of the most outrageous examples of political correctness ever seen in Michigan.”
“This rainbow flag, which is [a] universally recognized [gay pride symbol] … had been flying at Howell High since the day after the 2004 election, specifically to protest voter approval of a marriage protection amendment to our state constitution,” Glenn explains. “And when parents and students protested to the school board, the school board reacted by having a formal flag dedication ceremony for the so-called ‘gay pride’ flag.”
Now, says the AFA-Michigan spokesman, mounting public outcry has forced the school’s hand in what he describes as “a sad state of affairs.”
“I honestly think it got to the point where their sacred gay pride flag had to be sacrificed if that was the only way they could remove the Christian flag from Howell High,” says Glenn. “But the parent group that organized 18 months ago for the purpose of pressuring school officials to remove the gay pride flag from their school finally made their point, and finally succeeded.”
Under a revised policy, student clubs will be permitted to display their flags only at the time and place of their meetings. During the 18-month ordeal, the American Family Association’s Center for Law & Policy provided legal assistance to the Traditional Values Club.

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Pro-Family Activist Blasts Penn. Senate’s Civil Union Compromise

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

More news from the other “left” coast (the East Coast) on the attempt to advance the homosexual agenda.

(AgapePress) – The president of the American Family Association (AFA) of Pennsylvania says lawmakers in her state have voted to destroy traditional marriage. The pro-family group is decrying a move by Pennsylvania senators that weakened a proposed state marriage protection amendment by stripping from it a ban on civil unions.
Last week, the state Senate voted 38-12 in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment protecting marriage but removed language prohibiting civil unions. That June 21 vote follows one earlier this month, in which Pennsylvania House members approved a proposed constitutional amendment that not only defines marriage as being between a man and a woman but also outlaws other domestic partnerships.
Because the amendments passed by the two houses are different, a voter referendum on the measure could be delayed by two years. But Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of Pennsylvania, says marriage is an essential issue and immediate steps need to be taken to protect it from redefinition.
“A marriage is the foundation of society,” Gramley asserts. “If we can’t see the need to protect that, then we are all in trouble, not only here in Pennsylvania but around the nation,” she says.
And contrary to the arguments of homosexual “marriage rights” advocates, Gramley insists that a constitutional marriage protection amendment is not about discrimination against people in same-sex relationships. “Homosexuals are free to live as they wish, but they are not free to demand that we redefine marriage and family,” she says.
The AFA of Pennsylvania spokeswoman believes homosexual activists view civil unions as a stepping stone to legalized same-sex marriage. She feels the state Senate, by passing a constitutional amendment that bans homosexual marriage but allows civil unions, has opened a door that homosexual activists will undoubtedly exploit to undermine traditional marriage.
Gramley says Pennsylvania senators have abandoned their Christian and pro-family constituents by supporting a constitutional amendment that would allow civil unions to be legalized. The amendment the Senate passed protects the word “marriage” but not the institution, the activist contends. For one-man, one-woman marriage truly to be protected, she says, any state marriage protection amendment must deal with both same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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‘Real Men’ Urged to Stand Between Children and Sex Industry

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Widespread acceptance of pornography is the byproduct of this countries fascination with sex. It is hardly possible to turn on the television, listen to the radio or read a magazine without some form of sexual innuendo staring you in the face. From the kid’s shows to the news, sex is pushed at us from every direction. I’ve commented on the dumbing down of American before. This follows the same rhetoric, in desensitizing Americans to morals, through the use of sex.
Having said all of that, the porn industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Our children cannot surf the internet without accidentally coming across these sites. Porn is destructive and immoral. I’m glad to see the initiative this group is taking to call on Dads to take a stand against porn and the exploitation of women and children it brings.

(AgapePress) – American men are being challenged through a new campaign to help fight child pornography and its harmful impact, and to come to the defense of the nation’s youth against an industry that seeks to exploit them.
Pornography is a multi-billion-dollar industry that exploits both women and children, from infants to teens, and preys on people’s prurient interests, typically those of men. Statistics indicate that every month, 32 million individuals visit an Internet porn site — and among all porn sites, one out of every five pornographic images is of a child. Add to that the fact that, according to the Center for Crimes Research, 20 percent of youth who use the Internet regularly have been sexually solicited or approached. Simply put, the business of commercial sexual exploitation is an aspect of a modern, technology-driven society that leaves no one untouched.
That is why an organization calling itself “The Defenders” is targeting men, urging them to lead the way and commit to defending women and children from the lucrative porn and sex trafficking industries. Chaplain Henry Rogers, who is involved in the effort, explains that the group is taking a two-pronged approach, attacking both the “sex-slave trade” and the pornography industry, an aspect with which he says “a lot of guys and teenage boys wrestle.”
Rogers says The Defenders recently kicked off an advertising campaign — consisting of both radio and TV spots — aimed at its target audience: men.
“The Defenders campaign was kicked off on Father’s Day …. It was introduced to bring this program to men in this country and to help them recognize that pornography is an issue in this country that we’ve got to make a decision about and to make a commitment to refuse to be involved in this industry,” the group spokesman says.
According to The Defenders’ website, the technology base available to children today — such Internet chat rooms and social networking websites — permit creation of “treasure mines” of youth profiles for sexual predators. Other factors aiding the explosion of commercial sexual exploitation of children include toleration of sex-oriented businesses in advertising and the breakup of the nuclear family.
The campaign asks men, through a series of announcements, to commit to refuse to use porn, to speak out against it, and to educate and protect women and children from the harmful effects of the commercial sexual exploitation industry. The NBC television network refused to run the spots, claiming pornography is legal in the U.S. The Defenders offered to alter the announcements to focus specifically on child pornography, but NBC did not respond.
The Defenders offers an online pledge for what it calls “real men” who vow not to tolerate the sexual exploitation of children, not to purchase pornography in any form, and not to buy sexual services.

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Former Lesbian Brings Ex-‘Gay’ Message to 2006 NEA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

The mere fact that this lady can get a space at the NEA annual meeting is, in itself, a miracle! (see my post here) I’m sure she is a constant thorn in the side of the homosexual activist. Remember, they want everyone to believe that homosexuality is normal and good. No one is supposed to be able to leave it behind, even if they want to. She certainly debunks that theory.

(AgapePress) – A former lesbian who now runs a Christian ministry in Minnesota will be holding the first ever ex-“gay” exhibit at the National Education Association Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.
Janet Boynes lived a lesbian lifestyle for 14 years but later turned her life over to Christ and is now spreading the message that there is hope for homosexuals through a relationship with Jesus. She will be joining members of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus at the NEA annual meeting and will have a display booth there promoting her outreach, Janet Boynes Ministries.
This meeting, scheduled to run from June 30 – July 5 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, is the 144th Annual Meeting and 85th Representative Assembly of the NEA. Boynes’ exhibit will be the first ever ex-homosexual display at the powerful union’s national convention. Her attendance comes at the request of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus.
The former lesbian, now a born-again believer, strongly refutes claims that homosexuals cannot change. “Is it easy to come out of homosexuality? No, it’s not,” she acknowledges. “You hear a lot of people say, ‘I prayed to God. I prayed to God, and I just couldn’t come out.’ Well, you know what? It’s not easy to come out, but God can’t do it alone. You have to make some steps.”
Boynes’ own path out of homosexuality involved at one point moving in with a Christian family. “Everybody can’t do that,” she says, “but now I surround myself with healthy people.” Other homosexuals seeking freedom must take the steps Christ leads them to take; but she insists that even those who claim to have prayerfully tried but given up “can come out if they want. They just choose not to.”
The ministry founder’s desire is to see lives transformed at the 2006 NEA gathering. “My pure message will always be to anybody who is living a homosexual life or that’s struggling with it, or anybody that’s for it, that I just want to share the love of Christ,” she explains. “I don’t have to go in there with whips and chains and any bad attitudes, because I believe that the love of God will change somebody’s heart, but also will draw them to repentance.”
Boynes adds that she anticipates that she and other former homosexuals “will not be welcomed with open arms” at the NEA Annual Meeting. Nevertheless, she says she is confident that “God’s grace will hold” all of them.
The NEA’s Ex-Gay Educators Caucus was formed a number of years ago for the purpose of working to prevent discrimination and intolerance against formerly homosexual students, teachers, and their supporters, and to promote a safe environment for all diverse populations, including ex-homosexual education employees and questioning youth. The caucus also advocates alternatives to homosexuality in school curriculum to ensure diversity.

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