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Navy Chaplain Facing Court Marshall for Praying Feels Trial May Be Rigged

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

This is one guy that really needs our prayers. In what is supposed to be ‘one nation under God’, he is having to defend himself for praying in Jesus’ name. It is inconceiveable to me that a chaplain in the United States Navy is reduced to having to hire an attorney because he prayed to God. Who did they think he was praying to? Apparently to the government , it is okay to pray as long as you dont mention the person to whom you are praying. It is absolutely absurd!!!! Our money says “In God We Trust” and our pledge says we are “One Nation Under God”, but we are not allowed to pray to Him or speak His name in public.

(AgapePress) – An evangelical Christian U.S. Navy chaplain facing a court martial later this summer says the deck is really stacked against him in his upcoming legal battle. The Naval officer, who stands accused of praying in Jesus’ name near the White House while in uniform, has embarked on a costly campaign to fight for his religious freedom, his free speech, and his military career.

As Lieutenant Gordon James Klingenschmitt sees it, Navy regulations allow him to pray according to the tenets of his own denomination. That is why on March 30 of this year he prayed in Jesus’ name during a news conference in Lafayette Park. Now, however, the lieutenant says the Navy is pulling out all the stops to prosecute him for his action.

Now, the Christian Navy chaplain says his fate is going to rest in the hands of a triumvirate of his fellow Naval officers. “I’ll have a panel of three of my peers,” he explains. “One will probably be a chaplain and two line officers, and I have to convince two of those people that I was innocent, that I had proper permission by regulation to wear my uniform while I’m saying prayers.”

But convincing them is going to be “a hard sell,” Klingenschmitt says, “because all the admirals in the Navy are against me. They’re all coming after me, and they’re all trying to punish me for this event. And they’re the ones who get to pick the jury. I don’t get any say-so in who my jurors are.”

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NEA Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Well, if you were worried that the educational system in America was going downhill – dont look now! In the name of “diversity” the National Education Association has decided to endorse same-sex marriage and legal civil unions. I have so many questions regarding this move. First of all, does the NEA have nothing better to do with their time and energy besides sticking their two cents in where it doesnt belong? Secondly, has America turned so far away from God that they will allow this to continue? This is an example of your tax dollars at work, folks. I think it is time for Christian Americans to take back our public school system.

(AgapePress) – The National Education Association (NEA) has voted overwhelmingly to endorse legal civil unions and same-sex “marriages.”

The president of the Alabama Education Association had asked that the resolution supporting legal homosexual unions be referred back to the Resolutions Committee. The NEA Resolutions Committee earlier had deleted a controversial amendment to its “Diversity” policy (known as B-8), which would have comprehensively endorsed same-sex marriage. Consequently, the Alabama delegate’s request would have left the union without a homosexual marriage resolution for the upcoming school year. But NEA delegates voted not to refer the resolution, and then voted to accept the resolution.

The approved resolution affects Section B-10 of the NEA handbook (“Racism, Sexism, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Discrimination”), in which the union states its belief that discrimination based on such factors as “… race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification ….” must be eliminated. The amendment to B-10 (in bold below) reads:

“The Association also believes that these factors should not affect the legal rights and obligations of the partners in a legally-recognized domestic partnership, civil union, or marriage in regard to matters involving the other partner, such as medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption, and immigration.”

California teacher Jeralee Smith, past chairman of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus, says she is considering leaving the union. “People who share our values, which is traditional family and a few other things, can have no integrity unless they are either active on the inside to try and change things, or they leave the union and take their money out of the union’s hands,” says Smith.

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Israel retakes northern Gaza as Mideast crisis soars

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

I have a wonderful idea of how to decrease and defuse this “crisis”. Why don’t the slimy pali terrorist stop shooting missles at Israel? See, y’all didn’t even have to pay me millions of dollars to get a solution.
I just have to wonder what Israel thought was going to happen when they left these areas. Did they really think that the slimy pali terrorist were actually not going to shoot at them?

GAZA CITY (AFP) – Israeli tanks and troops ploughed back into the northern Gaza Strip, spearheading their biggest offensive to stop Palestinian rocket attacks since withdrawing from the territory 10 months ago.
A Palestinian policeman and two militants from the armed wing of the ruling movement Hamas were killed as Israeli aircraft and artillery pounded the Gaza Strip with air raids and ground assaults for the ninth consecutive night.
The push followed a Palestinian rocket attack on the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon for the second consecutive night.
Ground forces, armoured vehicles and sappers thrust three kilometres (two miles) into northern Gaza, moving into three disbanded Jewish settlements and an industrial zone overnight, Palestinian security sources said.


“Our forces will deploy as deeply and as long as necessary to guarantee rockets can no longer reach the towns of Ashkelon and Sderot,” Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer told army radio.
“The purpose is to put an end to the Palestinian territories firing rockets on Israeli towns and cities and to restore peace,” a source in the prime minister’s office told AFP.

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North Korean missile test to go unpunished after UN split

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Of course the Russians and the Chinese would do whatever was necessary to keep U.N. split. Why do we even have the U.N? They gripe about having a bad reputation to most Americans and are quick to point the finger at the American right, but look at what they do…nothing!!
From appointing some of the worse human rights offenders to lead the human right commission, to standing in the way of punishing rouge nations, they truly are irrelevant.

CHINA and Russia moved yesterday to block attempts to impose UN sanctions on North Korea as the reclusive communist nation fired a seventh ballistic missile.
Britain and the US backed the Japanese call for a mandatory Security Council resolution demanding a halt to testing as well as sanctions on funding, parts and technology for Pyongyang’s missile programme. The three countries’ ambassadors also appeared shoulder-to-shoulder outside the council chamber to send a united message.
“We hope the response of the Security Council will be swift, strong and resolute,” Kenzo Oshima, the Japanese representative to the UN, said.
President Bush called on North Korea last night to “verifiably abandon” its weapons programmes. He said that the apparent failure of the long-range Taepodong 2 missile, which fizzled 42 seconds after lift-off, did not diminish the urgency of pushing North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons programme.
“One thing we have learnt is that the rocket didn’t stay up for very long,” he said. “It tumbled into the sea. It doesn’t diminish my desire to solve this problem.” He said that top US officials were working with other nations to coax Pyongyang back to the multinational talks.
Japan’s proposal, invoking the “enforcement provisions” of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, would require that North Korea, “immediately cease the development, testing, deployment and proliferation of ballistic missiles”. The draft resolution would outlaw “the transfer of financial resources, items, materials, goods and technology to end users that could contribute to [North Korea’s] missile and other weapons of mass destruction programs”.
The text would also call for North Korea to return to the six-party talks, which it has been boycotting in protest at an American crackdown on counterfeiting and other alleged financial crimes.
But China and Russia, which hold veto power on the 15- nation council, quickly signalled their opposition to sanctions and called for action to be limited to a non-binding statement, rather than a resolution.

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Governor of Maryland appoints openly homosexual judge to oversee family court

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Some of you might remember that this same governor fired Washington Transit Authority Board member Robert Smith who, during an appearance on a local TV show, described homosexuality as a “deviant” lifestyle. Now he has appointed an openly homosexual judge to oversee family court in Balimore.
Does any actually think the people who support traditional values are going to get a fair hearing from this judge? Yeah Right!

(AgapePress) – An Illinois family advocate says it’s an absolute abomination that the governor of Maryland recently appointed an openly homosexual judge to oversee a family court in Baltimore — particularly in light of the fact that the governor shortly before that dismissed a state official who had spoken the truth about the homosexual lifestyle. recently reported that Governor Robert Ehrlich appointed 47-year-old Judge Christopher Panos — who with his homosexual partner of 17 years is raising a young daughter — as special master to the Baltimore City Circuit Court Family Division. A week earlier Ehrlich fired Washington Transit Authority Board member Robert Smith who, during an appearance on a local TV show, described homosexuality as a “deviant” lifestyle.
Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute has been a longtime defender of traditional family values against the attacks of the homosexual agenda. He laments that the governor’s actions seem to reflect a culture that tends towards political correctness.
“Governor Ehrlich fires a Catholic man who simply voices mainstream thought that homosexuality [behavior] is a deviant practice … and then the governor turns around and appoints a pro-homosexual judge for family court as if traditionalists are going to get a fair hearing in that court,” LaBarbera observes. “Political correctness is now coming down to the point where good people are getting harmed or getting fired in this rush to embrace homosexuality in our culture.”
And that culture, says the Illinois activist, is an “Isaiah 5:20 culture” where good is bad and bad is good.
“You have excellent groups — good groups like the Boy Scouts — that are being criminalized, and yet the liberals are trying to have the state grant full protection and celebration to sinful behavior, [to] homosexuality,” LaBarbera notes. “I mean, we’re at the point now where our kids are getting scholarships at colleges for being homosexuals.”
It is “just obscene,” he adds, that good behavior is criminalized and sinful behavior is celebrated. But “this is what’s going on — and all we can do is fight back,” LaBarbera says.
In addition to heading the Illinois Family Institute, LaBarbera is also founder of the group Americans for Truth.

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High Court’s Stay Only Temporary; Cross Battle Must Go On, Say Attorneys

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

The battle to save the cross at the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial in California is far from over. This is a promising sign, but much more needs to happen to save the cross.
One thought that people want to keep in mind…
If the ACLU gets this cross removed, what is to keep them from getting all crosses removed from federal land, including federal cemeteries.

(AgapePress) – At the emergency request of a Michigan-based legal group, the U.S. Supreme Court has intervened in the battle to save a memorial cross sitting atop a hillside in a San Diego suburb.
On Monday, Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary stay that guarantees the huge concrete cross integrated into the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial will remain where it is until further order of the high court. The cross, which was erected in 1954 as part a memorial to the nation’s military veterans, has been the center of a legal give-and-take since an ACLU-backed atheist sued for its removal in 1989, claiming it violated the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Most recently, the city of San Diego was under court order to remove the cross by August 1 or face a daily fine of $5,000.
Kennedy’s order stays that court order — and effectively allows other appeals already in process to continue on behalf of those who wish the cross to remain standing where it has been for more than five decades. The Thomas More Law Center, which since 2004 has taken the legal lead in the fight to save the Mt. Soledad cross, welcomes Kennedy’s ruling, but is quick to point out the cross is not out of the woods yet.
“This is great news for our veterans and fallen war heroes,” observes the Law Center’s president and chief counsel, Richard Thompson. “However, the fight to save the cross is far from over. [Justice Kennedy’s] temporary stay order can be changed at any time by either himself or the full Court.” Consequently, says Thompson, all avenues to save the cross must continue to be pursued — in the courts as well as on Capitol Hill.
The Law Center is directly involved in appeals with the California Court of Appeals and the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Other cross supporters are seeking the White House’s intervention, asking President Bush to exercise the federal powers of eminent domain to take the land on which the memorial sits in order to maintain the land as a national monument (see online petition). One year ago voters in San Diego overwhelmingly approved such a move, but a San Diego judge later invalidated that vote and ruled transfer of the land to the federal government unconstitutional.
Law Center attorneys have remained optimistic throughout, however. Attorney Charles LiMandri, who has spearheaded the Center’s defense of the memorial cross, agrees with Thompson in that Monday’s stay indicates the case is far from over. “While [Kennedy’s] stay is only temporary, it is evident that the Supreme Court is interested in this case,” he comments.
According to a press release from the Law Center, the nation’s highest court considers three factors when deciding whether to grant a stay: (1) whether it is reasonably probable that four justices will consider the issue sufficiently meritorious to grant a stay; (2) whether there is a fair prospect that five justices will conclude the case was decided erroneously; and (3) whether there is likely irreparable damage if the stay is denied. The Law Center’s Robert Muise offers an argument on that third point.
“It would be a national tragedy to tear down the memorial cross,” says Muise. “It would cause irreparable harm to the citizens of San Diego, and [to] the many family members, friends, and comrades of the nearly 2,000 veterans who are honored by this memorial for their sacrificial service to this country.”
Muise authored the emergency application submitted to Justice Kennedy. In that application Muise argued that the case presents a serious question regarding the place of religious symbols in public life in America. The Mt. Soledad case, he said, would give the high court an opportunity to revisit its Establishment Clause jurisprudence — which many on the Supreme Court, including Kennedy himself, have noted is in need of substantial revision.

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Ben’s Dad has Passed Away

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Jennifer Rast, a good friend who run the Contender Ministries web site, wrote to inform us that Ben’s dad (her father-in-law) passed away yesterday.

Ben asked me to write all of you and let you know that his Dad passed
away today. He was in good spirits this morning, and he had a good day
with Ben’s mom. They watched “Cat Ballew” on TV and had some good
laughs together. After lunch, at about 1:30, he laid down for a nap and
died peacefully in his sleep. Ben wanted you to know that his Dad and
Mom were very grateful for everyone’s prayers, as is the rest of the
family. We’d appreciate continued prayer for the family and especially
Ben’s Mom. You are all part of our family as brothers and sisters in
Christ. Someday you’ll meet Don if you haven’t already, and we’ll get
to see him again.

Please join me in praying for God’s peace and comfort for Ben, Jennifer and all the rest of their family and friends.