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Support of Homosexuals May Prove Damaging To Ford

Friday, July 7th, 2006

The American Family Association began a boycott of Ford earlier this year due to its ties with the homosexual community. The president of Ford refuses to sever those ties regardless of the consequences. Of course the economy plays a role in car sales, but Ford sales have suffered since the beginning of the boycott. I think the president of Ford needs to reevaluate his priorities. Maybe the homosexual market isnt as large as he thought.

(AgapePress) – The latest sales figures for Ford Motor Company continue the ongoing story of the company’s declining bottom line — a several-percentage-points drop in sales that the leader of a pro-family group ties in with a boycott and the economy.

Ford says its report for June, released this week, shows the company’s total auto sales down 6.9 percent. Car purchases did rise 7.1 percent; however, truck sales dropped 14.5 percent. Don Wildmon, founder and chairman of the American Family Association (AFA), believes one of the things hurting the auto manufacturer’s profit margin is the boycott his organization launched against the automaker this year.

Dr. Don Wildmon
AFA initiated the Ford boycott to protest Ford’s affiliation with homosexual and liberal causes. Other organizations and individuals have joined in, and Wildmon believes the pro-family consumer protest is progressively hurting the automotive giant. “They’ve been going downhill at least since we began the boycott,” he says, “and their stock continues to fall.”

The boycott against Ford was called after company officials reneged on an agreement to stop advertising in homosexual publications, the AFA spokesman notes. He says the sales slump the company is now experiencing is a direct result of its decision to continue promoting a family-unfriendly, pro-homosexual agenda.

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President Faces Challenges Like No Other Before Him

Friday, July 7th, 2006

I completely support President Bush, although I dont always agree with his decisions. When I have a moment of doubt, I just picture what our country would be like with Al Gore at the helm – and then all doubts about President Bush fade quickly away. This article lists many of the challenges facing our President and is a testimony to the fact that we truly need to be praying for him daily.

From deteriorating security in Afghanistan and Somalia to mayhem in the Middle East, confrontation with Iran and eroding relations with Russia, the White House suddenly sees crisis in every direction.

North Korea’s long-range missile test Tuesday, although unsuccessful, was another reminder of the bleak foreign policy landscape that faces President Bush even outside of Iraq. Few foreign policy experts foresee the reclusive Stalinist state giving up the nuclear weapons it appears to have acquired, making it another in a long list of world problems that threaten to cloud the closing years of the Bush administration, according to foreign policy experts in both parties.

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5 Puerto Ricans Implanted with Verichip

Friday, July 7th, 2006

It seems that the Verichip Corporation has found another market for their implantable microchip: Altzheimer’s patients. They claim that this chip will allow them to find patients who become disoriented and get lost. While I am sure that this will work, I am still skeptical about future uses for these chips. I am no prophet, but this type of microchip (as well as RFID cards)seems to be an ideal tool for the antichrist. I feel sure that we will see more and more of these chips used in all sorts of ways in the near future. I dont know for sure that the chip will play into the antichrist’s agenda, but I do believe it is worth watching.

GUAYAMA, Puerto Rico — Five Puerto Ricans with Alzheimer’s disease had microchips implanted in their forearms Thursday to provide data about their medical condition and ways to contact their caretakers.

The microchip costs US$200, is voluntary and is made by the Florida-based Verichip Corp. Four hospitals in the U.S. Caribbean territory plan to begin using them in August on patients who have significant health problems or illnesses that cause memory loss, El Nuevo Dia newspaper has reported.

“We intend to help the relatives of these patients feel more secure when they stay alone or under the care of other people,” said Awilda Sidanes, president of the Alzheimer’s Federation of Puerto Rico. “This gives emotional support to everyone.”

The microchip contains data such as the patients’ medical histories, medicines they take and the contact information for their doctors and caretakers, Sidanes said.

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N. Korean Missiles Were Aimed at Hawaii

Friday, July 7th, 2006

The other day I heard President Bush say that he wasnt sure what the intentions of N. Korea were when they launched nuclear missiles last weekend. Well, I think, condsidering the fact that they were aimed at Hawaii, the intentions are now clear. Their failed attempts to reach the waters off the coast of Hawaii were an affront to the US with a clear message: “You cannot tell us what to do or we will target you first.” Anyone who believes that N. Korea does not pose a threat to our national security is either dense or blind.

TOKYO (Reuters) – A North Korean missile launched on Wednesday was aimed at an area of the ocean close to Hawaii, a Japanese newspaper reported on Friday.
Experts estimated the Taepodong-2 ballistic missile to have a range of up to 6,000 km, putting Alaska within its reach. Wednesday’s launch apparently failed shortly after take-off and the missile landed in the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan, a few hundred kilometres from the launch pad.

But data from U.S. and Japanese Aegis radar-equipped destroyers and surveillance aircraft on the missile’s angle of take-off and altitude indicated that it was heading for waters near Hawaii, the Sankei Shimbun reported, citing multiple sources in the United States and Japan.

North Korea may have targeted Hawaii to show the United States that it was capable of landing a missile there, or because it is home to the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific fleet, the paper said.

An alternative explanation might be that a missile could accidentally hit land if fired towards Alaska, the report said.

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Same-Sex Marriage Ban Predicted to Remain Across Country

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Yesterday, same-sex marriage was voted down in Georgia and New York. Opponents of same-sex marriage are predicting that the same results will “echo” in courtrooms across the country. I have to say that I am surprised that New York held fast to keeping traditional marriage, but the fight is not over. Chrisitians must stay vigilant in praying and speaking out against same-sex marriage by contacting their lawmakers. I pray that this prediction holds true. This country has enough problems, without condoning homosexuality.

Opponents of same-sex marriage say the decision by New York state to reject same-sex couples’ bid to win marriage rights will “echo” in American courtrooms.

Just hours after the New York Court of Appeals ruled 4-2 that the state’s law allowing marriage only between a man and a woman was constitutional, Georgia’s highest court reinstated a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

In New York, the court agreed a decision on the issue should be left to the state’s legislature.

“Marriage has become an emotionally charged issue because some courts have catered to political special interests,” said Chris Stovall, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, which filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case. “But the judges in New York’s highest court showed judicial restraint, and today’s win will echo loudly through America’s courtrooms.”

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