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Israel Seizes Control of Southern Lebanon Town, Find Weapons Cache

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Here’s a no brainer…mosque plus weapons equals target. It is no longer a religious site. It is a military target.

ON THE ISRAEL-LEBANON BORDER — The commander of Israeli ground forces said Saturday that the Israeli army has won control of a village in southern Lebanon that allows troops to overlook Hezbollah command posts in the area.
Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz also said the soldiers had found a mosque in Maroun al-Ras that contained stockpiles of weapons, including rockets.
“The forces have completed, more or less, their control of the area of the village Maroun al-Ras, and there have been lots of strikes against terrorists,” Gantz told a new conference in Tel Aviv on Saturday night. “It was a difficult fight that continued for not a short time.”

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Gays To March at Focus On The Family Headquarters

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Okay, anyone who believes that there is no such thing as the “gay agenda”, here is why you are wrong. This story is proof positive that satan is at work and he is using the homosexual crowd to further his plans. There is apparently a group of gays who plan to march on the Focus On The Family Headquarters and “pray” (I use that term loosely) for Dr. James Dobson, who is one of the most Godly men in the entire world. Are you kidding me?? There are so many things wrong with this story, I believe it must be “opposite day” and no one told me.
First of all, this is just another ploy by the gay community to make people believe (1) that they are spiritual (2) that they are justified by God in their sexual orientation and (3) that Christians are wrong to denounce homosexuality. I could type for days about this, but just let me say this: There is no way you can justify homosexuality according to the Bible. I have much more respect for someone who is gay and does not profess to follow the Bible’s teachings than for these people who take the Bible and twist it to fit their own sinful lifestyle.
Chad Allen, a mostly D-list actor who, for an unknown reason, was picked to play a leading role in The End of the Spear, is leading this march. The makers of the movie opened up a can of worms when they chose a gay person to portray Jim Elliot.
I cannot think of anything more ironic and moronic than these people marching to “pray” for Dr. Dobson – it is truly laughable.

(AgapePress) – The homosexual activist group Soulforce plans to march on the headquarters of a prominent Colorado-based pro-family ministry this weekend. Organizers, who have dubbed the July 22 event “The 1000-Watt March,” expect at least a thousand homosexuals and lesbians to converge on the Focus on the Family campus and pray for its founder, Dr. James Dobson.

Soulforce members claim Focus on the Family, along with other Christian groups, engage in so-called “spiritual violence” against homosexuals and deny them justice. The homosexual group accuses Focus of being “one of the world’s primary sources of defamation against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and same-gender families” and of disseminating misinformation that encourages bias, discrimination, and violence against homosexuals.

But Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for the Colorado Springs-based pro-family ministry, says it has never condoned any type of violence against homosexuals and, on the contrary, has reached out to them in love. Despite what some people may say or think, he asserts, Focus is not the type of organization “that says, ‘Okay, if your son or daughter comes out of the closet and says that he or she is gay, disown them, throw them out of the house, don’t talk to them again.'”

The emphasis of Focus’ ministry to homosexuals, Schneeberger explains, “is on equipping parents, friends and loved ones to love the child, the friend, the co-worker [who is ‘gay’ or lesbian], the way that Jesus would; but also, at the same time, not compromising their own faith principles.”

Actor Chad Allen, an outspoken homosexual activist who recently starred in the Christian-themed movie The End of the Spear, will be leading the march to the Focus on the Family headquarters. The march will also feature Broadway celebrity Billy Porter and Judy Shepard, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Soulforce is describing the two-mile protest march to the Focus on the Family campus as a “justice march.” The group hopes the event will bring attention to what it calls the “anti-gay dishonesty” of that Christian organization. But Schneeberger contends that it is the homosexual group’s leaders, not the pro-family ministry, that has shunned honest and open dialogue.

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