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Nasrallah: We’ll bomb Tel Aviv if Beirut attacked

Friday, August 4th, 2006

Well by means, go ahead…
Of course, don’t be surprised by the response you get…
If you live long enough to be surprised…

(VIDEO) In TV address, Hizbullah leader says terror group will respond to next Israeli strike in Beirut with rockets on Tel Aviv; Israel responds: Lebanese infrastructure will be destroyed if Tel Aviv is hit

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Homosexual-activist cop threatens Christians

Friday, August 4th, 2006

More news on the activities of the homosexual activists in Florida. No matter what side of this issue one takes, there is no excuse in any case, for breaking the law or taking the law into ones own hands.

A homosexual-activist police officer assigned to security at a Promise Keepers men’s conference in Florida is being investigated for threatening members of a Christian organization petitioning for a state constitutional marriage amendment.
“I have never in my life seen such unprofessional and bizarre behavior from a law enforcement officer,” said John Stemberger, the president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council.
“This kind of ridiculous harassment and intimidation was meant to thwart the effort to protect marriage in Florida. It should remind all of us that we are engaged in a culture war. …”
His group had rented a display table at a June Promise Keepers conference in the Fort Lauderdale area to publicize its effort to collect more than 611,000 signatures on petitions to call for a vote of Florida people. The goal is to protect traditional marriage – between one man and one woman – in the state constitution.
But as the signatures were being collected, officers of the Sunrise city police department ordered volunteers for to stop accepting names.
“Officers then physically removed the petitions from ‘public view’ on the table at the exhibitors tent,” the council said in a website update of the situation. “Two of the male officers mocked the volunteers by kissing each other after they initially removed all the petitions from the area.”
Stemberger yesterday told WorldNetDaily the situation now is on hold while the police department fulfills its obligation to do an investigation.
“I have filed the complaint with internal affairs. They are doing a good-faith investigation because they’ve called me several times. I know that the officer’s retained counsel,” he said.
“No one would have ever believed our story without that photograph. That photograph really captures the attitude that we were approached with,” he said.
The camera was a fortunate circumstance, he said, because one volunteer said she always carried one around. Her tape recorder, however, didn’t work, he said.
Stemberger said without a significant result from the police department’s investigation, it would produce a “chilling” effect on any Christian activities in public areas.
“Marriage is the picture God gives in the Scripture about Christ and the church,” he said.
In the actual confrontation, Stemberger was called after the officers removed the petitions. He sought further legal counsel from Rick Nelson of American Liberties Institute and then confronted Sgt. Allen.
He said he asked the sergeant what law or ordinance was being violated by the petitions and Allen simply responded with a not-entirely accurate lecture on Jesus’ view of homosexuality in the New Testament and the statement that the petition was a “waste of time.”
The sergeant then proclaimed he was the authority and “the Bible says that Christians should obey the authorities.”
Allen was backed up by four other Sunrise officers and continued to argue “theology” even after Promise Keepers’ own security and event officials arrived and explained the petitions were authorized.
Allen also threatened to arrest Stemberger, who stood his ground.
The situation ultimately cooled down when managers for the arena told the sergeant to stand down, the council said.
WND’s calls to the city manager’s office yesterday were referred to the police chief, whose secretary said he was out of town and unavailable to provide an update on the investigation. The police agency’s website does speak of a “diversified” team of officers.
The petition drive is trying to collect 611,009 signatures to put the issue on the 2008 election ballot. Similar constitutional amendments already have been endorsed by voters in 20 states, with another half dozen on the ballot this year already.
“We always have great relationships with the venues and the security details (at the conferences) and that’s the first time we ever saw that level of partisanship from security,” Promise Keepers spokesman Steve Chavis told WND.

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Lebanese website blames Hizbullah for Qana deaths

Friday, August 4th, 2006

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Hezbullah would stage or even cause the deaths of numerous children in order to push their “cause” in world public opinion.

Anti-Syrian elements in Lebanon openly point finger at Hizbullah as guilty of killing of dozens of civilians in order to curtail plans for disarming group. ‘Hizbullah has placed rocket launcher on building’s roof and brought invalid children inside in bid to provoke Israeli response,’ they write.

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U.N. boss: Hezbollah deserves U.S. respect

Friday, August 4th, 2006

Maybe when pig fly…

A top United Nations official says to quiet the “demons” across the “wider Islamic world” the United States and the international community must respect Hezbollah as a political party, not a terrorist organization.
“Everybody would want a solution here which takes away the recruiting power of Hezbollah in the broader Arab world,” said Mark Malloch Brown, the U.N.’s deputy secretary general.
That would be one, he said, that “allows Hezbollah a political as against a militia future inside an independent Lebanon.”

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Quote of the Day

Friday, August 4th, 2006

“As we all know, the most fearsome response to an act of war is a phone call from a UN bureaucrat.” (in regards to President Bush’s comment to Prime Minister Tony Blair “I felt like telling Kofi to get on the phone with Assad and make something happen.”)
-Robert Tracinski

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Two Insightful Articles from Robert Tracinski

Friday, August 4th, 2006

Iran’s Strategy Is Crudely Obvious–So Why Can’t We Fight It?

The new Lebanon War, like much of the War on Terrorism, has a strange character. It is a war in which everyone knows the enemy’s strategy, in which it is child’s play to see through all of his ruses and propaganda tricks–and yet our leaders, rather than devising their own counter-strategy, fall for every ruse and play along with the enemy’s game.
The Iranian strategy to buy time is utterly transparent and not especially clever. It is simple to defeat: declare that Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel is proof of Iran’s evil intentions and that we don’t require any further diplomatic justification to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites and bring down its regime.
Instead, Western leaders fell for the Iranian strategy, and the Iranians have pretty much gotten what they wanted.

What Part of ‘War’ Don’t We Understand?

Political debates tend to be moved forward by new facts generated “on the ground.” At these moments, it is far easier to convince people of the truth, because that truth is tied directly to facts people can see out in the world.
Hezbollah’s initiation of a war with Israel is one of those moments.
Condoleezza Rice summed it up when she concluded that the terrorists “have showed their hand. And they’ve showed that their sponsors are in Tehran and in Damascus. Things are clarified right now.”
There’s been a lot of talk about the cleverness of the Iranians and about what master chess players they are to outmaneuver the Bush administration. But their strategy turns out to be utterly transparent.
So why is no one prepared to do anything to stop it?
Syria and Iran cannot be pressured, deterred, or contained, because supporting terrorists is their means of survival. This has been the Iranian and Syrian strategy since 2003: support the insurgency in Iraq, support Hezbollah and Hamas in the Palestinian territories–and keep everything in such turmoil that America will be afraid to take further action, for fear that things will get even worse. But past military action has led to chaos only because we have always left intact the terror-sponsoring regimes in Syria and Iran.

“LET US REMEMBER……” by Fern Sidman

Friday, August 4th, 2006

Tisha B’Av (the 9th day in the month of Av) is now over. Every year on this date, the Jewish people commemorate all the horrific and painful tragedies that have befallen us as a people since the beginning of time. We fast and mourn and pray with fervor to the Almighty G-d of Israel that He deliver us from the nightmare of the exile, return us to our homeland so that we may witness the coming of our righteous Messiah and the rebuilding of our Holy Temple.

We recite the book of Eicha (Lamentations) which graphically descirbes the destruction of Jerusalem and the agony and humiliation that the Jewish people endured. It is a painful book to read, one that evokes horrifying memories of not only the distant past but of events that are ancestors lived through.

A few examples of the devastation, death and destruction that was wrought on this day are as follows:

On the 9th of Av, Moses broke the first tablets of Law when he came down from Sinai to find the people worshipping the golden calf.

Solomon’s Temple (the First Temple) was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BCE, under the rulership of Nebuchadnezzar.

The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, under the leadership of Titus.

In 135 CE, the final destruction of Bar Kochba’s army after his last fortress, Betar, fell. Jerusalem was ploughed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and thus became a Roman city.

In 1290 CE, King Edward 1st of England signed an edict expelling all Jews from England.

In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain.

World War 1 began on the 9th of Av.

Himler presented his plan to the Nazi Party on the “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem, July 31, 1940 – Tisha B’Av

One year later to the day, Himler’s “Plan” was formerly implemented.

The beginning of Nazi deportations of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, 1942.

And now, on this ninth day in the month of Av in the year 2006, Israel is yet again subjected to a barbaric enemy that seeks to eradicate its existence. It has been reported that today, Aug 3, 2006, Tisha B’Av on the Jewish calendar saw, “the deadliest day yet for the Jewish state in its two-front war.” (Fox News, 8/3/06). This is of no coincidence.

Today four Israeli soldiers were killed in battle with Hezbollah guerillas in southern Lebanon and eight civilians were murdered by Katyusha rockets fired at the northern Israeli cities of Acre and Maalot. Today twelve lives were taken from us. Today, young Jews defending their country from terrorists were ripped from our bosom. They are not just statistics in the mounting death rate or faceless beings. They are our sons and brothers. They are young boys who will not live to marry and raise another generation. They are: Sergeant Andrei Brudner, 18, from Rishon L’Tzion, Sergeant Itamar Tsur, 19, from Be’er Tuvia, Sergeant Alon Fintuch, 19, from Kiryat Yam and Sergeant Yonatan Sharabi, 19, from Petach Tivkah.

Today we witnessed a funeral of a young American Jewish soldier. Michael Levin, a 22-year-old Israeli soldier who grew up in Philadelphia, was laid to rest at Mount Herzl (Jerusalem’s military cemetery). First Sgt. Levin was one of three Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers killed Tuesday when his platoon was hit by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile in Aita al-Shaab, a southern Lebanese town one kilometer (0.62 miles) away from the border with Israel, near Moshav Zarit.

Levin immigrated to Israel at the age of 18 after graduating from Council Rock High School in Bucks County, Mass. in 2002. He briefly studied on Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi, located along the Jordan River south of Bet She’an, prior to joining the IDF. After his time at the kibbutz, Levin joined the IDF as a paratrooper. He was recently granted special permission from the army to go on temporary leave and visit his family in the United States. While there, news that war had broken out on the northern border prompted Levin to cut his vacation short to join up with his unit in Lebanon.

Each of these fallen soldiers has his own story. Each one can never be forgotten as a hero to his people and his nation. On this ninth day in the month of Av, this day of mourning, this day of tragedy and torment, we must add the names of these brave and courageous souls to those who we will mourn for.

We must also remember the names and stories of those civilians who were murdered on this ninth of Av. They are: Shimon Zaribi, 44, from Akko, Mazal Zaribi, 15, (Shimon’s daughter), Albert Ben-Abu, 41 from Akko, Aryeh Tamam, from Akko and Tiran Tamam (Aryeh’s brother).

We must remember these precious souls. A father and his daughter killed on the same day and two brothers. We must remember them and the families who grieve and mourn and suffer in silence. Our compassion and mercy must be aroused and our tears flow freely. The nation of Israel will never forget that these souls were taken on this most ominous day in Jewish history.

In Maalot, three Israeli Arabs from the village of Tarshiha were riding in a car when rockets started falling. They are: Sinati Sinati, 18, from Maalot, Amir Naeem, 18, from Maalot and Muhammad Faour, 18, from Maalot.

And let us remember today’s wounded. According to Arutz Sheva news service, “Reports from northern area hospitals state 47 people wounded in rocket attacks remain hospitalized in Nahariya Hospital and Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. One of the victims is listed in critical condition, 14 serious and the remainder light and light-to-moderate.”

And to those who will say that this bloodiest day thus far in the battle for Israel’s survival is just a coincidence, we must ask why this death and carange did not happen yesterday or a week ago. For those who have eyes to see and ears to listen with, we must know that events such as this horrific one did not happen on this particular day for no reason. We must know that this a reminder from the Almighty G-d of Israel. A reminder that we must mourn and repent and come closer to the G-d that will deliver us from our enemies, if we only allow Him to. If we only recognize His dominion and His sovereignty in this world.

This war is far from over. Our victory or defeat will not be inextricably tied to our military technology, superiority or strength.. Wars in the nation of Israel are not won because we know how to fly planes or shoot missiles. We have the physical tools to go into battle with. Our ultimate victory or defeat will depend on our stalwart faith and trust in the Almighty G-d of Israel. The ultimate outcome will depend on our resolve to defeat our enemy and our determination to fear only G-d and not mortal man.

Through the vehicle of prayer, repentance and charity we can arouse the infinite mercy and compassion of the Creator of the Universe. Let us be resolved to intensify our prayers and to remember that we are never alone. If we will have the strength to defeat our enemy and display no fear, the Almighty will be at our side.

There is a passage in the Talmud, in the tractate Sotah that describes the period that will precede the coming of Messiah. The Galil will be under heavy attack, it states, – so even in our pain, there is a measure of comfort in the knowledge that HaShem is above us, and in the end, our redemption will come.

May it be the will of G-d that this be the very last Tisha B’Av. May it be His will that this day be trasnsformed into a day of joy, a festive holiday. And may we merit to see the final redemption speedily in our days.


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.