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Hebrew for Christians

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Here are some sites that some of you may find helpful as you study God’s Word, the Bible.

The Blue Letter Bible

Hebrew for Christians


New AIDS Nightmare for Gay Men

Monday, August 21st, 2006

The rate of HIV infections among gays rises every year. As time goes on the risk of AIDS increases tremendously. There is growing concern that young gay people who did not experience the initial AIDS scare in the 80’s will not fully understand the risks and will not take the necessary precautions to prevent contracting and spreading the disease.
God’s plan for all of us is that we live according to His word. His word strictly renounces homosexuality as well as premarital sex. People need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. AIDS very well may be one of those consequences and I simply cannot believe that it is worth the risk!

The gay community in the western world, mauled by the first wave of the AIDS pandemic, now faces a second storm, according to a forecast released at the International AIDS conference.

Since 2001, new cases of HIV in the homosexual population in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australasia have been rising by about 1.9 percent per year, the research by the University of Pittsburgh said.

Without action to correct this trend — a return to safe sex or an unexpected medical breakthrough — the infection rate is set to soar as the population ages.

In 2001, HIV affected on average roughly one in 12 gay 20-year-olds in these countries. By the time they are 30, researchers projected, the rate could rise to one in four. And by the time this group reaches 60, 58 percent could be infected.

Ensuing generations are also at threat, said the study, which was a review of papers in published journals.

“Ongoing incidence rates at this level will yield very high HIV prevalence rates within each generation of gay men,” University of Pittsburgh researcher Ron Stall said.

Stall was especially alarmed by the explosion in HIV infections among African-American gays.

In this group, the rate of new infections today is four percent among those between 15 and 22 years of age — but 15 percent among those aged 23-29.

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Violent Crime on the Rise in America

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Turn on the 6 o’clock news in any town in America and you will see that violent crime is on the rise. Even the small towns that were once considered safe places to live are seeing murders and gang violence on a daily basis. It is a sad statement about our country.

ROXBURY, Massachusetts (Reuters) – Analicia Perry was kneeling to light a candle at a makeshift shrine to her brother when she was shot in the face and killed — four years to the day after her brother was gunned down on the same spot.

The slaying of the 20-year-old mother — on a narrow street behind a police station in Boston’s poor Roxbury district last month — is one of the shocking examples of a rise in the murder rate across the United States that is raising questions about whether police are fighting terrorism at the expense of crime.

In a shift from trends of the past decade, violent crime is on the rise, fueling criticism of Bush administration policies as a wave of murders and shootings hits smaller cities and states with little experience with serious urban violence.

From Kansas City, Missouri, to Indianapolis, Indiana, places that rarely attract notice on annual FBI crime surveys are seeing significant increases in murder. Boston, once a model city in America’s battle against gun violence, is poised to eclipse last year’s homicide tally, which was the worst in a decade.

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Teenager Told to Remove Crucifix at School

Monday, August 21st, 2006

At a school in Australia, a teenage girl was told she would be suspended if she did not remove the cross she wore around her neck. Like the girl’s father, I have to wonder if a Muslim student would be expected to remove her head covering. I doubt it. I fear it is just a matter of time before this becomes common place in every school in America.

A TEENAGE Christian has been banned from wearing a treasured crucifix by her high school.

Jamie Derman, 17, said she was stunned when told she could be suspended from Sunbury Downs Secondary College if she did not remove it.

Her discreet cross was outlawed as part of the multicultural college’s new rules on jewellery and dress.

But major churches were united yesterday in criticising the ban, with some saying it thwarted students’ religious aspirations.

Ms Derman said she was being discriminated against and prevented from displaying her belief.

“`I am angry, confused and upset,” the teenager said.

“I honestly believe I should be allowed to acknowledge (my Christianity).

“Being told to take it off hurts. It cuts really deep.”

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“Israel Can Only Lose Once” by Hal Lindsey

Monday, August 21st, 2006

During one of Israel’s many wars, Golda Meir offered this famous – and tragic – observation: “The Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once.” Golda’s assessment became a truism of the Middle East up until now. And the jury is still out as to whether her assessment remains true to this day.
In the strange and surreal world that is the Middle East, Israel lost its war with Hezbollah. And while it remains intact at the moment, her enemies no longer view the Jewish state as invincible.
History tells us that means the current cease-fire is a temporary condition at best, and that next time, Israel will be facing a lot more than an outlaw terrorist organization like Hezbollah.


Israel, for the first time in its history, failed to meet a single one of its war objectives. It meekly accepted a substandard, U.N.-imposed cease-fire, leaving Hezbollah largely intact, Hassan Nasrallah unscathed; it failed to eliminate Hezbollah’s arsenal of rockets; and, worst of all, it came home without the two hostages kidnapped by Hezbollah that prompted the war in the first place.
Until now, it had been an unshakeable article of faith that Israel was capable of imposing whatever outcome it deemed necessary against any Arab force. And, until now, Israel continued to press its military advantage until it had attained its stated goals.
That is no longer the case. After a month-long war, Israeli forces limped home as Hezbollah, Syria and Iran all claimed victory against the Jewish state.
It was defeated by a newly invented international “law of proportional response.” This is the new idiotic idea of the U.S. ‘liberal establishment’ and the vast majority of ‘America-haters’ in the U.N.
It dictates that no nation, especially America and Israel, can achieve a greater victory against its enemies than its enemies are capable of inflicting upon them.
Of course, such a ridiculous law could only be imposed against Israel. The United States did not use “proportional” force against the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan in 2002.
Osama bin Laden used three commercial airplanes against the United States. The United States used every weapon in its formidable arsenal, with the exception of nuclear weapons, to bomb Afghanistan further into the Stone Age than it had already been.
Were the United States to subject itself to the law of proportional response, we would have sent 19 guys with armed with box knives to exact revenge for Sept. 11. Of course this is beyond stupidity. But it evidently didn’t sound as stupid when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed on to the idea and surrendered to the U.N. in demanding a cease-fire.
This insane Cease-Fire agreement leaves Hezbollah fully armed, remaining in place, their formidably fortified bunkers with world class electronics in tact and in possession of thousands of rockets and missiles that are still hidden.
Worse, it places the useless Lebanese and U.N. troops between Israel and Hezbollah. This enables Hezbollah to use them as a shield while they re-arm, regroup and prepare for the next attack. Oh, Secretary Rice spoke great, swelling words about not maintaining the status quo, but when it got down to it, she folded up like a cheap lawn chair.
The “status quo” before Israel attacked Hezbollah had the armed terror group ensconced along Israel’s borders, raiding Israeli territory at will, and killing and kidnapping any Israeli soldier within reach of its infiltrating forces, without fear of interference from the incompetent and unsympathetic UNIFIL forces ostensibly stationed there to ensure Israel’s border security.
Following Israel’s month-long war, Hezbollah remains intact, armed with long-range rockets, capable of attacking Israel at will without fear of interference from the UNIFIL forces still stationed there. The only difference is that Lebanon is dispatching a military force that it openly admits has no intention of either disarming Hezbollah or engaging it militarily if it decides to resume its previous infiltration or kidnapping tactics.


Syria and Iran have both since claimed joint victory against Israel, along with Hezbollah, and have pledged to continue the conflict until Israel has been wiped from the map.
Hezbollah has demonstrated that total Arab defeat is not inevitable – and with this demonstration, Israel has lost its tremendous psychological advantage.
If Hezbollah could hold the mighty Israeli juggernaut at bay, then the possibility that Israel could finally and decisively be wiped from the map of the Middle East by another pan-Arab army is once again feasible.
Hezbollah has emerged as a massive political force. Syria, marginalized in recent years, has re-emerged as a regional player as Hezbollah’s patron. Hezbollah’s victory represents a victory for Iran and the Shia. Hezbollah, a Shiite force, has done what others could not do.
This will certainly result in both Jordan and Egypt rethinking their own assumptions about the viability of another war of annihilation against Israel. In a sense, the Arabs have little to lose by taking the risk.
If they win, they will have succeeded in reclaiming their lost honor in previous conflicts, with the added bonus of having rid the world of the Jewish cancer in its midst. And if they lose, they can once again count on the U.N. imposing a cease-fire in time for them to remain intact and viable.
One doesn’t need a crystal ball to know that Syria and Iran will move quickly to exploit the advantage Israel’s defeat at the hands of Hezbollah has given them.


The worst possible consequence is that Hezbollah has claimed to the all-too- willing-to-believe Muslim world that Israel is no longer invincible on the battlefield. Recruits of hot-headed young jihad-seeking Muslims are pouring into Fundamental Muslim training camps to prepare for the final war to annihilate Israel and destroy the United States.
Iran has become the de-facto leader of the Global Fundamental Muslim Movement bent upon jihad.
This is exactly the outcome that both Damascus and Tehran had been hoping for, although they certainly didn’t expect it. But now that it is a reality, Golda’s words echo with haunting clarity. “The Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once.”
Let us pray that Israel has learned a vital lesson before it is too late. May they boot out the present appeasement minded government and get into power someone like Binyamin Netanyahu.

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France weakens UN force in Lebanon

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Well, the clearly anti-Israeli international community stayed in line with the clearly anti-Israel U.N. after France reduced its troop contribution and command structure that it had originally agreed to send to southern Lebanon. This “cease-fire” has been a farce from the beginning. It’s only purpose is to give the slimy Hezbollah terrorist time to re-arm in order to kill more innocent Israeli women and children. Here are some of the latest developments:

European press warns French troop offer weakens UN force in Lebanon

BRUSSELS (AFP) – France faced criticism in the European press for not offering more troops for southern Lebanon, which was seen as jeopardizing the UN force’s difficult task of imposing peace.
“France has relaxed the pressure at a vital moment,” The Times of London said, accusing Paris in an editorial of backing down from earlier indications that it was ready to play the leading role in the enlarged UN force.
“For France to have retreated from a key role to the realm of ‘symbolic’ gestures ‘symbolises’ only one thing: a French loss of nerve,” it said Friday after having previously praised French efforts to find a solution to the crisis.
Despite expectations that France would provide the bulk of a planned 15,000 strong UN force, Paris said Thursday it would send 200 troops to reinforce the UN mission in Lebanon.

France Weakens UN Force in Lebanon
Cartoon courtesy of Cox & Forkum

Israel warns it will enforce arms ban

JERUSALEM — Israel warned that Saturday’s raid against Hezbollah in Lebanon, its first since a cease-fire went into effect six days ago, may not be its last.
With Europe moving slowly to provide troops, the Israeli government said it would act on its own to enforce an arms embargo on the Islamic militant group until the international monitoring force is in place.
Israeli commandos struck near the Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek, deep inside Lebanon and far from the Israeli border on Saturday, in a mission the army said was aimed at halting arms shipments from Iran and Syria.

Senior IDF officers: Hezbollah hostilities liable to restart soon

Members of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff say that “round two” between Israel and Hezbollah could begin within months or even weeks, probably over the renewal of arms deliveries to the organization from Iran and Syria.
One senior officer told Haaretz on Sunday that throughout the month-long war with Hezbollah, Iran and Syria attempted to smuggle large quantities of weapons to Lebanon. He said that the efforts were stepped up over the past week, following the cease-fire and the end of Israel Air Force sorties deep in Lebanese territory.
The officer noted that while UN Security Council Resolution 1701 calls for an embargo on arms shipments to Hezbollah, no mechanism has been put in place to enforce this embargo, and said that Israel will have to intervene if the deliveries continue unchecked.

Israel’s Olmert calls on Italy to lead U.N. peacekeepers

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has called for Italy to lead a U.N. peacekeeping force for Lebanon, his office said in a statement on Sunday.
The call was made in a telephone conversation between Olmert and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and indicated Italy’s chances of leading the force had increased following France’s apparent reluctance to commit more than 200 additional troops to Lebanon.
“It is important that Italy should lead the international force and send troops to also oversee the Lebanon-Syria border crossings,” the statement said.

Israel Rejects Peacekeepers From Countries Without Diplomatic Relations

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert rejected participation in the international peacekeeping force by countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with the Jewish state, his office said Sunday. That would eliminate Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh — among the only countries to have offered front-line troops for the expanded force.

“IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE….” by Fern Sidman

Monday, August 21st, 2006

It has now been an entire week since the UN mandated cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah terorists went into effect. Not ones for wasting time, Hezbollah has already been receiving arms shipments through Syria, courtesy of the Iranian government.

According to Arutz Sheva, 8/19/06, “Israeli forces carried out a riad deep in southern Lebanon Saturday morning, disrupting Syrian arms shipments to Hezbollah terrorists. One IDF officer, Lt. Col. Emmanuel Moreno died in the operation. Lebanese officials confirmed that three Hezbollah members were killed in the confrontation.

Unofficial sources report that two Hizbullah terrorists were captured by IDF troops during the operation, which took place near Baalbek in eastern Lebanon. About 97 kilometers (60 miles) north of the Israel-Lebanon border, Baalbek was the scene of previous IDF strikes against Syrian arms shipments to the Hizbullah.

Two IDF soldiers were also reportedly injured during the mission. They were flown to a hospital in Israel.

The air force flew drones and warplanes across eastern Lebanon early Saturday in order to cover up the comando attack in Baalbek. A special forces unit unloaded army vehicles from a helicopter and headed toward the city, but Hezbollah terrorist guerillas intercepted them. The operation in Lebanon was apparently exposed, military sources said, when IDF planes had been identified; however, the mission went ahead as planned.”

The report goes on to say that, “The UNSC resolution establishing the ceasefire prohibits foreign weapons from reaching Lebanon without authorization of the Lebanese government. Israel considered the continuing arms shipments to Hezbollah to be a violation of the ceasefire. As Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said on Saturday, “Israel is entitled to act to defend the principle of the arms embargo.”

And what is the reaction of the United Nations? What is the reaction of the international body dedicated to peace? It is of no surprise that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has blamed Israel for violating the cease fire and has unequivocally condemed its actions. This cease fire agreement does not call upon the Lebanese army or the international peacekeepers to disarm Hezbollah. This cease fire agreement does not call for the immediate return of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. This cease fire agreement does not even call for Hezbollah forces to remain outside of southern Lebanon. It has been reported that if Hezbollah does dispays its arms, the army and the “robust” international peacekeeping force comprised of armies from pro-Muslim countries can confiscate such weapons.

It is clear that this cease fire, whose main objective is to allow Hezbollah to rearm and thus place Israel in even greater danger, will be short lived. The Lebanese army will be as effective at reigning in Hezbollah terrorists as a squadron of Keystone cops would be. They are an army whose membership is composed of fifty percent Shiite Muslims who are avowed Hezbollah supporters. It is an army without a proven track record in its ability to stop Hezbollah forces from entering southern Lebanon. It is an impotent army, an army who is not trained to handle this kind of guerilla warfare and above all, it is an army that lacks the resolve to defeat Hezbollah.

According to the UK based Guardian newspaper, 8/19/06, “An internal Lebanese army statement, circulated among forces in the past week, has called for troops to stand “alongside your resistance and your people who astonished the world with its steadfastness and destroyed the prestige of the so-called invincible army after it was defeated”.

The report goes on to say that, “According to sources close to the army command, there has been a tacit agreement between Hizbullah and the army that those fighters who hail from the south will return to their villages and all arms will be put out of sight. Publicly displayed weapons will be seized but any further attempt to disarm the group has been ruled out for the time being.

Retired general Nizar Abdel-Kader, a former deputy chief of staff for army personnel who is in close communication with the army command, told the Guardian: “The army knows there is a gun in every household, they are not going to go out and look for them … What we are concerned about is the launchers. There is an agreement with Hizbullah that any weapons that are found will be handed over.” A mutual respect and cooperation exists between the army and Hizbullah, according to Gen Kader. “They are two very separate entities but they cooperate on security issues,” he said, adding that many of the army’s troops were from southern Lebanon.

One defence analyst who asked not to be named said that, in the south, the army often acted as a subordinate to Hizbullah’s military apparatus. “All intelligence gathered by the army is put at the disposal of Hizbullah but Hizbullah does not offer the same transparency to the army,” he said. “In a sense, military intelligence in the south is operating on Hizbullah’s behalf.”

Another retired general, Amin Hoteit, now a professor at the Lebanese University, said: “The army sees Hizbullah as a group that is defending the country and so assists them as best it can.”

Speaking last year, the Lebanese army chief of staff, General Michel Suleiman, said: “Support for the resistance is one of the fundamental national principles in Lebanon and one of the foundations on which the military doctrine is based. Protection of the resistance is the army’s basic task.”

The relationship had been strong for many years, Gen Kader said. “From 1996 onwards there has been a consensus in the army command that Hizbullah was a legitimate national defence force and that the government should extend its umbrella to protect the resistance.” He said most army officials viewed the deployment primarily as a “counter-penetration force” working to prevent the infiltration of Israeli intelligence and military patrols.

Hizbullah’s top official in south Lebanon, Sheikh Nabil Kaouk, told reporters in Tyre this week that the group welcomed the Lebanese army’s additional deployment in the south. “Just like in the past, Hizbullah had no visible military presence and there will not be any visible presence now,” he said. “We are helping them with our experience by advising them on the best strategic areas to deploy and the best means of protecting this land from Israeli and US violations.”

This reports spells out the truth concerning the intention of the Lebanese government. It is as clear as day, yet we can expect no condemnations from the United Nations and we will hear no concerns being voiced from the international community. It is clear the Hezbollah terrorism is alive and well and is being buttressed and actively supported by the Lebanese governrment.

It is imperative that we know that good and evil cannot co-exist in one place. The government of Lebanon, the UN and the world cannot make us believe that true and lasting peace will ensured between Israel and Hezbollah while no enforcment of a true disarmament is going to take place. The UN can no longer speak of the “spirit of peace in the region” while it clearly sides with those whose objective is to thwart any real vestige of peace and whose main objective is to destroy the State of Israel.

No international peacekeeping force can deter Hezbollah from its agenda and no force in the world can fight to protect the Jewish State. Today, it is Katyusha rockets that are aimed at our cities and towns. Tomorrow and in the future it will be more sophisticated weaponry, more longer range missiles with the capacity to destroy major population centers in Israel, with the result being mass genocide. With each passing moment, Hezbollah has a free ride to receive more weapons, to re-arm and re-group and to place themselves in a position to be even more dug in than before. More tunnels and passageways will be built and a more effective military strategy will be developed.

There will be no worldwide condemnations and denunciations of Syria and Iran’s role is funding Hezbollah terrorists. There will be no outcry of indignation when other Arab countries join the bandwagon and begin to lend support to Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a well organized and highly skilled band of militias who have been thoroughly trained for warfare and they are being funded to the tune of billions. Very soon they will be capable of launching a global campaign of terror, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The State of Israel, the people of Israel stand alone. If the Jewish State will not protect itself from its enemies, we can not expect that the UN orn the world will do so. We must develop the strength and resolve to destroy our enemies and we must demand that the government of Israel protect its citizens. Our very lives and the lives of future generations are at stake. Our only salvation must be our reliance on the Almighty G-d of Israel. Our only true defense will come through our collective acknowledgement of the Creator of the Universe, as our salvation and our strength.

It is incumbent on us to remember the words of King David, those words that we say from the beginning of the month of Elul until after the holiday of Succot. These words can be found in Psalm 27 which says, “Hashem is my light, and my salvation, whom shall I fear? Hashem is my life’s strength, whom shall I dread? When evildoers approach me to devour my flesh, my tormentors and my foes against me — it is they who will stumble and fall.”


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are pleased to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.