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‘Gaza preparing for war’

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Oh, but disengagement was such a good plan…NOT!!

JERUSALEM – Local terror groups are working with Hezbollah to turn the Gaza Strip into the Palestinian version of south Lebanon by smuggling in heavy weaponry and rockets, building war bunkers and preparing for a large-scale confrontation with Israel, a senior terror leader in Gaza told WorldNetDaily.
“We learned from Hezbollah’s victory that Israel can be defeated if we know how to hit them and if we are well prepared,” said Abu Ahmed, northern Gaza leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group. “We are importing rockets and the knowledge to launch them and we are also making many plans for battle.”
South Lebanon is largely dominated by Hezbollah, which developed an arsenal of more than10,000 rockets it used to launch daily attacks against Israel’s northern communities during the group’s 34-day confrontation with the Jewish state which ended last month. Israel says Syria and Iran provided Hezbollah with rockets and advanced weapons, including anti-tank missiles, for use during battles.

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Christian beaten for drinking water

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

The “Religion of Peace” aka Islam, does not need a reason to be violent and bully people. See how little it takes to have a mob of violent people. All this in the name of Islam. The world better get a clue about what Islam is all about.

A Christian man is recovering from a beating that left him with a broken collarbone and dislocated shoulder after he drank water from a glass reserved for the poor at a construction site in Pakistan.
The report comes from Voice of the Martyrs, the Christian aid organization with a vision for working around the world to help those who are facing persecution for their Christian faith.
The report said Nasir Ashraf, a Christian stonemason, was working on the construction of a room at a school near Manga Mandi outside of Lahore when he got thirsty and took a break.
“He drew water and drank from a glass chained to a cemented public water tank next to a mosque, which was reserved for ‘all’ poor people,” the VOM report said. “Returning to the construction site, a Muslim man asked him, ‘Why did you drink water from this glass since you are a Christian?'”
The man then accused Nasir of polluting the glass, yanked the glass off the iron chain, broke it and threw it in a garbage can.
He also summoned other militant Muslims nearby.
“This man polluted our glass,” he told them.
The result was an incensed mob that beat Nasir, yelling that a “Christian dog” drank from their glass.
Bystanders encouraged the beating, because it would be a “good” deed that would help them in heaven, the report said.
“The attackers pushed Nasir off a ledge onto the ground, and the fall dislocated his shoulder and broke his collarbone in two places,” the VOM report said.
He was unconscious until he was taken to a clinic, the report said, and the physician who said some people had brought him in also told him never to make that mistake again.
Nasir’s father took him home and a VOM representative was alerted so that VOMedical could help with his medical treatment and recovery, officials said.
VOM was launched by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, who wrote “Tortured for Christ” about his experiences representing Christ in war-torn Europe. His testimony, and ministry’s work, has spread around the globe.

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Israel Questions Russia About Hizballah’s Anti-Tank Rockets

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Jerusalem ( – Israeli officials plan to question visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about Russian-made anti-tank rockets that reportedly killed dozens of IDF soldiers during the recent conflict with Hizballah forces in Lebanon.
The senior diplomat begins a two day visit to Israel Thursday evening. He will meet first with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert before holding talks on Friday with several other Israeli government officials. On Saturday, Lavrov is scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority leaders in Ramallah, north of Jerusalem.
Israeli military commanders say Russian-made Fagot and Kornet anti-tank rockets (said to be among the best produced anywhere) proved to be the most deadly weapon in Hizballah’s arsenal, which was mainly supplied by Syria.
The rockets succeeded several times in penetrating the advanced multi-layer armor meant to protect Israel’s top line Merkava (Chariot) tanks.
The Kremlin has denied Israel’s claim that the weapons were used during the recent conflict, saying instead that older Soviet-supplied rockets were probably what Israeli troops encountered on the battlefield.
Israeli officials have not accused Moscow of selling the advanced weapons directly to the Lebanese militia. However they do insist that the Fagot and Kornet rockets were deployed during the war, probably ending up in Hizballah hands after being purchased and supplied by the Shiite group’s Syrian and Iranian allies.
Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres told a Moscow radio station on Wednesday that Israel had information that Russian officials had asked the Assad regime in Damascus to explain how the rockets ended up in Hizballah’s arsenal. He insisted that the late model anti-tank rockets were indeed used by the Lebanese militiamen, adding that, “We saw these weapons. They had certain markings.”
Soon after the United Nations- mandated ceasefire went into effect on August 14, an Israeli government delegation was sent to Moscow to inquire about the alleged rocket use.
At the time, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov claimed that Israel had provided no solid evidence to verify that the Russian missiles were used by Hizballah fighters. It is widely expected that such evidence will be shown to Foreign Minister Lavrov during his visit to Jerusalem.

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Ezekiel 38:1-6 (New International Version)
A Prophecy Against Gog
The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal; prophesy against him and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army—your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops—the many nations with you.

(In this passage, “Gog” is thought to be referring to Russia. Could this be the start of Ezekiel 38 and 39? Emphasis mine. -ed.)

Arab Church Leaders Reject Christian Zionism As ‘False Teaching’

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

I think I just got slapped. Oh well, I know what is in the Bible and I believe I’ll just continue to do what it says. By the way, I am part of a long list that has some really distinguished names on it.

Jerusalem ( – Following the recent Israeli-Hizballah war in Lebanon, four Arab church leaders based in Jerusalem have issued a scathing attack on Christians who actively support the Jewish state, indirectly including President George W. Bush.
In a statement published just one week after a United Nations ceasefire went into effect on August 14, Nazareth-born Roman Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah was joined by two Arab Protestant bishops and one Arab Orthodox archbishop, in charging that “the Christian Zionist program provides a worldview where the Gospel is identified with the ideology of empire, colonialism and militarism.”
“We categorically reject Christian Zionist doctrines as false teaching that corrupts the biblical message of love, justice and reconciliation,” the statement said.
Signed by Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Swerios Malki Mourad, along with Sabah and the Episcopal and Evangelical Lutheran bishops of Jerusalem, the joint statement indirectly denounced President Bush for declaring his support last May for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s plan to hold onto some Jewish settlements in the disputed West Bank after unilaterally withdrawing from many others.
“We further reject the contemporary alliance of Christian Zionist leaders and organizations with elements in the governments of Israel and the United States that are presently imposing their unilateral pre-emptive borders and domination over Palestine.”
The clerical statement, titled “The Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism,” alleged that “Christian Zionism advances racial exclusivity and perpetual war rather than the Gospel of universal love, redemption and reconciliation taught by Jesus Christ.”
(Zionism refers to the modern movement for a Jewish national homeland, which started in the 1800s.)
The church leaders’ statement also mentioned the Arab-Christian contention that international Christians who actively support Israel desire to bring on the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of Jesus.
“Rather than condemn the world to the doom of Armageddon, we call upon everyone to liberate themselves from the ideologies of militarism and occupation.”

Three Jerusalem-based Christian Zionist leaders — two Americans and one South African — picked up the gauntlet by issuing their own joint rebuttal one week later. They said that “certain church clerics” had used “inflammatory language to express views that are far from the truth.”
“Christian Zionism is not heretical. In fact, Christians from all traditional backgrounds have held such a view for two thousand years,” said the statement.
It was signed by Malcolm Heading, who leads the 26-year-old International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, along with Ray Sanders, who has headed the Christian Friends of Israel group since 1985, and Rebecca Brimmer of Bridges for Peace.
Together, the three Jerusalem-based Christian Zionist organizations maintain staffs of several hundred permanent and volunteer workers, and branches in dozens of countries around the globe.
The three prominent Christian leaders, who have each lived in Israel for many years, issued a six-point rebuttal of the Arab bishops’ central charge that Christian Zionism is heretical.
Stating that such Christians believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, they pointed out that “replacement theology” (which teaches that the church has totally supplanted the Jewish people in God’s plans and purposes) has played “a pivotal role in the persecution of Jews through the centuries.”
Addressing the bishop’s “apocalypse” contention, the three leaders wrote that “Christian Zionists do not base their theological positions on end-time prophecy, but on the faithful covenant promises of God given to Abraham some four thousand years ago.”
The counter-statement ended by noting that the four Jerusalem church officials had “totally ignored the jihadist goals of the Hamas government, and turned a blind eye to terrorism perpetrated by this regime.” It added that such a “one-sided unbalanced view of the conflict is in fact unhelpful to the peace process, and contributing to its failure.”

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Marriage Battle Continues — This Time in Maryland

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

There are seven more states that will be voting on this issue in November. At this time, every time this issue has come up before the people for a vote, it passes with large margins. I feel that the result will be the same this year. Then 27 states, over half the United States, will have spoken up on the marriage issue and decided that marriage is one man and one woman. Period.

(AgapePress) – As voters in seven states prepare to vote in a few weeks on state constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage, pro-family organizations are working together in Maryland to defend the institution.
On Election Day in November, voters in seven states — Arizona, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin — will weigh in on initiatives to amend their state constitutions to define marriage as between one man and one woman. In November 2004, eleven states considered similar ballot measures; in all cases, the margin of victory favoring traditional marriage was decisive. Currently, constitutions in 20 states preserve the traditional definition of marriage.
Opponents of such measures often argue there is no reason to amend state constitutions defining marriage. State ordinances, they say, should be sufficient to prevent same-sex “marriage.” However, as marriage proponents in Maryland have discovered, all it takes is one activist judge to stir things up.
Maryland state law states “only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid in this state” (Family Law Article 2-201). But in January Baltimore Circuit Judge M. Brooke Murdock struck down the 1973 law, stating that the law “discriminates based on gender.”
“There is no apparent compelling state interest in a statutory prohibition of same-sex marriage discriminating, on the basis of sex, against those individuals whose gender is identical to their intended spouse,” the jurist wrote. Murdock placed a stay on her ruling pending an appeal.
Among the groups appealing the judge’s ruling is the Association of Maryland Families (AMF), a group whose vision is to serve as a voice for the family in the public arena, and that is committed to protecting traditional marriage. On behalf of AMF, Liberty Counsel has filed a brief with Maryland’s appeals court. According to Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, the brief shows how challenges to traditional marriage laws have been rejected by courts throughout the nation.
“We also point the court to all of the other marriage rulings that have come down just in the last few weeks, in which those courts have deferred to and respected the legislature through the will of the people,” the Christian attorney explains.
The New York Court of Appeals and the Washington Supreme Court are among the state high courts that have recently rejected challenges to marriage laws. The AMF brief urges the Maryland Court of Appeals to do likewise. Staver is confident that, given the chance, voters in the Chesapeake State will follow the national trend on state marriage amendments.
“There’s no question that when the people have the opportunity to speak on this issue regarding marriage, they always decide for traditional marriage,” says Staver. “They never go the route of same-sex marriage. It’s only a few judges that have occasionally struck down the laws.”
The Liberty Counsel leader says it is critical that family advocates continue to engage same-sex marriage proponents to make sure that the people’s will and the best interests of children and families are represented in these court challenges. “If we don’t show up, we can’t win,” he states.
Over the past two-and-a-half years, Liberty Counsel has defended more than 40 marriage cases across the United States.

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“King Kofi the Worst” by Hal Lindsey

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Even though the UN Security Council passed a binding resolution ordering Iran to give up its nuclear program, Kofi Annan says the best course of action is to do nothing. Has Kofi found a new income source for his retirement to replace his Oil for Food slush fund?
In an interview published Tuesday, Kofi says the world should NOT isolate Iran by imposing sanctions. How is that again? The UN Security Council passed a binding resolution that gave Iran’s Ahmadinejad until August 31st to give up its nuclear enrichment program or face sanctions. But after visiting Iran, Kofi told the Madrid daily El Pais, “The international community should not isolate Iran.”
I’m confused. What does “international sanctions” actually mean? If they mean a visit from the UN Secretary General, followed by his public endorsement, then every dictator in the world should stand in line to have the Security Council pass a resolution against them.
Annan told the paper that confrontation with the Security Council “will not be in Iran’s favor or that of the region.” Did somebody elect Kofi Annan King of the World? What is the purpose of the Security Council, if Annan can simply overrule it unilaterally?
Iran insists its nuclear work is peaceful, intended only to produce fuel for nuclear reactors that generate electricity.
That is so lame as to be laughable. Iran is awash in oil. It exports far more oil than it can use itself. Why would an energy independent nation like Iran require nuclear energy for peaceful purposes? It makes as much sense as buying a million dollar Formula One race car and explaining it by saying one needs it to take the kids to school. In short, it makes no sense at all.
How does Kofi Annan see it? In his interview following his meeting with Ahmadinejad, Kofi said, “The world should count on Iran, not isolate it.” Count on it for what? The only promise that Iran has made that bears even a hint of sincerity its its promise to wipe Israel from the map of the Middle East.
Kofi Annan’s interference in the multiple Middle East crises is wrong on so many levels it is hard to know where to start.
A good place to start is with his anti-Israeli perspective. Unlike most legitimate international figures, Kofi Annan doesn’t even pretend to disguise his hatred for the Jewish state.
Kofi paid lip service to Israel by gently reminding Ahmadinejad, (according to published news reports)
“I think the tragedy of the Holocaust is an undeniable historical fact, and we should really accept that fact and teach people what happened in World War II and ensure it is never repeated.”
The next day, while Annan was still in Tehran, Iran said it would host a conference to examine what it called exaggerations about the Holocaust. Did Kofi storm out in protest? No. Did he even MENTION it again? No.
When asked why Iran should not face sanctions, Kofi muttered something about Iran’s pledge to rebuild Lebanon as one good reason. He said that instead that Ahmadinejad “reaffirmed his country’s support for the implementation of resolution 1701.
OF COURSE he did. Resolution 1701 prevented Israel from destroying Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a puppet of the Iranian government. Iran was BEHIND the war that caused the destruction that now needs rebuilding. Kofi Annan is aware of this. It is not possible that he is not.
Hezbollah was created by Iran in 1983. All of the rockets that were fired into Israel came from Iran. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has openly maintained a military base in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley for twenty-three years.
Kofi Annan wasn’t elected king of the world. He simply ascended to the throne on his own. And with the entire Islamic world backing him, he dares anyone to attempt to dethrone him. If there were any hope that America might rise up against its new king, it was dashed by Secretary of State Rice when she endorsed the completely one-sided Resolution 1701.
King Kofi the Worst has spoken. Let all his subjects bow in submission. All hail the King!

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Iran Using “Stall Tactics”

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

No Really??? Ya Think?? Oh my goodness…do diplomats even live on this planet?? From what they say, I have to believe that they really reside in some other place, in some other dimension. Apparently they have no common sense. Also, apparently Ahmadinejad learned well from Sadam how the world’s dipolmats and governments think and respond (or don’t respond, as the case may be).

BERLIN — Key European nations warn that Iran is trying to weaken international opposition to its contentious nuclear program by stalling on giving a clear response to terms set by six world powers for negotiations, according to a confidential document obtained Thursday.
“The Iranian goal obviously is to split the international community,” said the document, drawn up by Britain, France and Germany, and made available to The Associated Press ahead of a key meeting of the five U.N. Security Council nations plus Germany.


“The reply is along the lines of previous Iranian statements in that typically it neither accepts nor rejects outright” the six-power proposal, said the document sent to dozens of capitals last week.
By hinting that it is prepared to resume suspension of uranium enrichment, the document says, Iran’s goal “obviously is to split the international community and draw us into a process of talks about talks, on Iranian terms, while making no commitments of its own while continuing with its enrichment programme.”
The document described Iran’s response as “verbose and complicated, and ambiguous in many places.”
Iran promises that it is prepared to discuss the suspension of uranium enrichment “in the course of negotiations but not before,” the document said. In addition, Iran demands the “termination” of Security Council involvement in its nuclear file.

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Some of an Islamic Society’s Convention Topics

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Sunday, 11:00-12:30 pm
Room 22
Session 9G: “…And Beat them Lightly”: An Analysis and In-Depth Discussion of Verse 4:34
This session will discuss the following: understanding the context of revelation (asbaab al nuzuul) for this verse. Emphasis will be
focused on understanding the correct meaning of the verse, with specific attention given to the words qiwamah, nushuz, and daraba as well as to understand how this verse is to be applied as a protection for women, not as an abuse.
Speakers: Muzzamil Siddiqi, Rabia Karim Khan
Moderators: Mohamed Magid Ali

As Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs pointed out, now we are to believe that beating women is for their own protection, it’s not really abuse. He also pointed out that Muzzamil Siddiqi was an imam at the Orange County Islamic Center when Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn converted to Islam there.

Sunday, 11:00-12:30 pm
Room 32
Session 9M: Muslim American Journalists Association: A Day in the Life of a Mainstream Media Journalist
The need for Muslims in the media is very important, now more than ever. How can being a journalist still be a “noble” profession and how can our Muslim values be blended with the Journalistic/Communication ones? This session will assess certain stories that have been in the news lately which are pertinent to Muslims. It will evaluate what reporters are doing right, what they need to improve on, and what they have or could have brought to the stories.
Speakers: Noreen Ahmed-Ullah, Leila Fadel, Omar Mullick
Moderator: Shabina S. Khatri

Right…so we can have a more biased media (if that were possible) then we do now. With such organizations such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Al-Reuters on their side, what possible reason do they have for wanting Muslims in Journalism? They could just sit back and enjoy the ease that they have demonizing Israel, the United States and our democratic lifestyles here in the West.

Sunday, 4:30-6:00 pm
Room – Hall A
Session 11A: Loyalty to God and Country: The Moral Obligations of Citizenship
After 9/11, there has often been put forth the claim that a Muslim cannot be a good citizen of the U.S. While immigrant Muslims have long been making the U.S. their home, there is often still a sense of not belonging or disenfranchisement. As indigenous Muslims increasingly become the majority through birth and conversion, this identity crisis should resolve, but Americans need to answer some of the moral questions that accompany citizenship. Is there a conflict between loyalty to God and loyalty to country? What are the moral obligations of good citizenship?
Speakers: Mohammed Fadel, Maher Hathout, Louay Safi
Moderators: LaDale George

I found this one interesting in the fact that most Muslims believe that they can govern the United States (and instigate Sharia law in place of the freedoms we have today) by becoming a majority through birth and conversions. Let me ask: Do we really want a country that no longer allows women to wear the clothes they want, where you cannot worship the way you want, where you are treated as a second class citizen if you choose not to embrace their religious views, where you can be killed just because you are not a Muslim? That is the goal of all American Muslims. Just thought I’d mention that.

Sunday, 4:30-6:00 pm
Room 21
Session 11F:Impact Litigation and Muslim: The Next Chapter in America’s Civil Rights History
This session will discuss how the American Muslim community can begin to strategically empower the general American community at large by filing federal civil rights lawsuits which will help to protect the constitutional rights in the great historical legacy of civil rights case like Brown v. Board of Education.
Speakers: Arsalan Iftikhar
Moderators: Ibrahim Hooper

And knowing that the liberal courts will be more than happy to put the gun to America’s head and pull the trigger, they will advance their radical agenda through the courts. I take umbrage to the fact that they want to compare themselves to “Brown vs. Board of Education”. There is no comparison.

The Muslims know they can’t (at this time) advance their agenda using violence in the streets of America (less California, which would stand by and let them tear things up and be thugs) because there are still too many “Red Necks” left who would “ask” them to stop torching cars, smashing windows, and burning houses, so they still have to use other methods for now.