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Become Like a Little Child

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

1 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

2 He called a little child and had him stand among them. 3 And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

5 And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. 6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

Matthew 18:1-6 (New International Version)

13 Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them.

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 15 When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.

Matthew 19:13-15 (New International Version)

Jesus tells us that we must “become like little children”. What an awesome illustration.
Those of you who are parents understand this completely. Who is more trusting of a parent then their little child?
It still brings a smile to my face as I recall the greetings from the children every day after work. I rarely was able to make it ten steps through the door before hearing a shout of “Daddy!!” and being enveloped in hugs around my legs.
This is how God feels about us, and Jesus reiterated it in His treatment of the little children.
We must continue to trust our Father God. Just as the little child trust the parents; we must also trust God just as much, if not more. He will never let us down.

Doctors: Finally, a law that ‘gets it right’ on abortion

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

The Pro-Infanticide (also known as Pro-Abortion or the absurd Pro-Choice moniker) crowd is going to fight this with every fiber of their existence.
I’ve read the law and I have to say that it really is well done. It does not prohibit abortions in cases where doctors are convinced that the mother will loose her life. It only prohibits abortion as a means of birth control, which it should never be used for anyway.
Christians, not only in South Dakota, but nation wide are going to have to expend just as much energy as the infanticide crowd in supporting this law.
Keep praying, and if you can afford it, send some funds to the organizations in South Dakota supporting this lay. South Dakota residents, it’s up to you folks to make this happen. Not even one of you can afford to miss the vote on November 7.

Finally there is a law that address abortion in scientific, medical and ethical perspectives – and gets it right, according to leaders of the 17,000-member Christian Medical Association.

“This law gets it right on every point,” said Dr. David Stevens, CEO of the organization and family physician. “Some may challenge the law on ideological or political grounds, but when it comes to the law’s scientific and ethical foundations, it is above reproach.”

South Dakota’s Referred Law 6, which was approved by state lawmakers last winter and signed into law by the governor, simply bans abortions. But it was referred to a vote of the people under the challenge procedures in that state and South Dakotans on Nov. 7 will be making a life-or-death decision on what pro-life organizers call the best legislative proposal on abortion since the 1973 Blackmun ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court struck down state limits on the fatal procedure.

Lawmakers in South Dakota spent months researching the issue before approving the ban, which was challenged by Planned Parenthood, the biggest provider in the U.S. abortion industry and recipient of $272 million in federal funds this year. It is the only provider of abortions in South Dakota.

Lawmakers attached a 72-page report to the legislation that outlined the state of medical knowledge, citations of ethics experts, the studies showing the impact of abortion on society, and other information, and then in a bipartisan effort, approved the law.

“The law confirms, for example, the indisputable biological fact that ‘life begins at the time of conception.’ The law confirms the embryological reality that pregnancy means a woman having a ‘living unborn human being within her body through the entire embryonic and fetal ages of the unborn child from fertilization to full gestation and child birth.’ These are basic scientific facts, and the only way around them is to attempt redefinition on ideological grounds,” Stevens said.

When state abortion bans were thrown out by the Supreme Court in 1973, little knowledge was available about the time period before a baby is born, pro-life organizers have noted repeatedly. Norma McCorvey, the original “Roe” of the Blackmun “Roe vs. Wade” decision that re-interpreted the right to privacy to include a right to abortion, unsuccessfully has sought a review of the original case based on the argument that what then was accepted as fact medically, now is recognized as falsehood.

“There are a number of things that have changed significantly,” Stevens told WND in an interview. “Viability was the big issue back then, as if viability has anything to do with what we’re dealing with.”

He said during his residency during the 1970s, babies could be kept alive at 27 weeks. Now it’s 22 or 23 and with artificial wombs that are being developed, doctors will be able “to keep them alive at any age.”

“We know a lot more about DNA and genetics. It’s very clear despite what people try to claim that all the information on development is there in that one-cell stage. From there it’s self-directed,” he said.

Medical treatment of potential defects also is greatly advanced, with surgeons sometimes able to repair what otherwise would have been a birth defect while the unborn baby still is in the womb, he said.

“Thanks to advances in medical science, we know today so much more about developing babies than doctors knew when the Supreme Court relied on their testimony in Roe vs. Wade. The development of advanced ultrasound technology and increased understanding of genetics and fetal pain have heightened our appreciation for the breathtaking complexity and vulnerabilities of the developing human being,” he said.

Stevens said the South Dakota law simply returns medicine to the “proven ethical principles” that Hippocrates established when he said the foundation of medicine is that a doctor must only heal – never kill.

“More and more women are realizing that abortion is not the answer to an unplanned pregnancy, and that it can leave scars that last a lifetime. I know because I have treated many women suffering from the emotionally painful aftermath of abortions,” said Dr. Gene Rudd, CMA’s associated executive director.

“This law protects the life of the developing baby; it protects the life of the mother; and it protects doctors who act to protect life. The law clearly states protections for any “licensed physician who performs a medical procedure designed or intended to prevent the death of a pregnant mother.”

As WND reported earlier, pro-abortion forces are converging on South Dakota in unprecedented waves because of fears voters actually could affirm a baby’s right to live. Some ads have appeared announcing that the abortion industry also wants to protect life, but the abortion ban “goes too far.”

David Bereit, a spokesman for the American Life League, told WND this week that the vote will shape the way American society treats abortion for the next generation.

South Dakota Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth, is one of the leaders of the campaign to defeat the abortion ban.

She said the new law “forces one narrow set of opinions on others,” and she fears that “red states” like South Dakota would not continue to allow abortions when Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

“This is the first complete abortion ban passed in America since Roe vs. Wade,” said Bereit. “This is exactly what pro-lifers have been working for for 33 years plus.”

The longterm goal goes way beyond overturning Roe vs. Wade, Bereit said, because that would simply lift federal restrictions on abortion limits, and turn that responsibility back to the states.

Those states, he said, already are watching.

“We are aware of at least a dozen states waiting to see the outcome of the Nov. 7 election. If this law is upheld, (activists in those states) are prepared to launch similar abortion bans,” Bereit said.

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Terror suspect contributed to school ‘religion guidelines’

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Issued by Clinton, rules let students pray to Allah, but banish Christmas.

Talk about being biased. No wonder these school system are getting away with teaching Islam while squashing other religions.

A man arrested as a terror suspect for allegedly trying to transport $340,000 from a group tied to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, and who reputedly had connections to Osama bin Laden, helped write the “Religious Expression in Public Schools” guidelines issued by President Clinton during his tenure in office.

And that could explain why students at a California school were told as part of their required classes they would become Muslims and pray to Allah – and a federal judge approved that, and why an Oregon school this year is delivering similar lessons to its students, as WND has reported.

Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was president of the American Muslim Council and a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, worked with President Clinton and the American Civil Liberties Union when the guidelines, launched by Clinton in 1995, were being developed, according to reports.

Those are the same guidelines that the ACLU’s Nadine Strossen referred to for authority when supporting organization lawsuits to restrict Christmas celebrations and the removal of the Nativity from public display, the reports said.

When Clinton issued the guidelines, he announced that they had been developed by “35 religious groups” but didn’t disclose that many of those were civil rights organizations such as the ACLU, and committed whole-heartedly to the separation of church and state.

Alamoudi, who ended up serving time in jail, also founded the American Muslim Foundation and the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council.

He ran afoul of the law because the U.S. banned such money transfers under economic sanctions imposed in 1986 when Libya was tied to terrorist bombings in Vienna and Rome.

The U.S. attorney’s office told WND at that time Alamoudi was accused under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

It was an affidavit filed with the complaint in which his support of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas was described. There, he also said, “If we are outside (the U.S.) we can say ‘Oh, Allah destroy America,’ but once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it.” He also allegedly had connections to relatives of bin Laden, reports said.

For a time he also was employed in choosing Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military and in his role as leader of the American Muslim Council, he frequently met with senior Clinton and Bush administration officials.

The Muslim leader said “he intended eventually to deposit the ($340,000) in banks located in Saudi Arabia, from where he would feed it back in smaller sums into accounts in the United States,” according to the affidavit.

Before his close encounter with the law, however, he was described as a friend of Hillary Clinton and an adviser on Islamic affairs. It was during this time, as he helped with the presidential guidelines for schools, that Muslim beliefs started appearing in Houghton Mifflin textbooks, which are being used in some of the Islamic indoctrination courses.

The guidelines note that, “Students generally do not have a federal right to be excused from lessons that may be inconsistent with their religious beliefs or practices.”

But under those guidelines, California, and now Oregon students, are allowed to be told as part of their public schooling: “You are beginning a simulation of the history and culture of Islam. It is important to study the origins of this religion and how it has affected mankind. … It is impossible to study Islam without understanding the relationship between the teaching of Prophet Muhammad and the entire Mid-Eastern culture. It was the early Muslims, primarily the Arabs, who shaped the future of a wide area of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Muslim contributions are extraordinary in art, architecture, philosophy, science, mathematics, government, and of course, religion.

“From the beginning, you and your classmates will become Muslims. You will be a member of a caravan starting from a trading center based around an Islamic city. The task of each caravan group is to be the first group to complete a pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest of Islamic cities, with the most amount of dirhems (Arabic money). This pilgrimage or ‘haij’ is a requirement of all faithful Muslims once in their lifetime.”

Those words are taken from text material provided to students in California, a district that was challenged by Christian parents, who just weeks ago saw the U.S. Supreme Court decline to intervene in the lower court’s ruling.

“Today, Christmas and Nativity scenes are outlawed while Clinton’s nominee, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton, recently approved ‘Islam: A Simulation’ where children learn to become Muslim, recite the Quran, fast for Ramadan and pray to Allah including this prayer: ‘In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation, The Compassionate, the Merciful, King of Judgment-day! You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help, Guide us to the straight path,'” wrote Jen Shroder, on her website.

“The double-standard is shocking, but one need only look at our public school guidelines and who wrote them, with clauses designed to open or close doors at the will of the ACLU, to discover how our nation finds itself in such a dreadful state today,” Shroder continued.

Schroder, on the website, said Clinton “preferred to ‘negotiate’ with Muslim leaders rather than answer terrorist bombings with our military.

“He colluded with the ACLU to present religious guidelines worded to manipulate court rulings at the ACLU’s discretion, successfully censoring Christians and the Bible in public school while promoting every other faith, specifically Islam.

“Clinton disguised these guidelines with much profession of his Christian faith, but sincerity is lost when one examines the fruit,” she wrote. “Lying under oath, dubious activities with staff, slipping in an ACLU document as written by ‘religious groups’ is compounded when one remembers how Hillary demanded public funding for (brace yourself) a dung covered depiction of the Virgin Mary, with breasts of elephant dung, surrounded by genital pornography at the Brooklyn Museum.

“America does not comprehend Muslim resolve to make America Islam,” Shroder wrote. “Suicide bombers have already demonstrated their willingness to kill and die for it. … Clinton gave them … our schools, our very children with his religious guidelines.”

Following the guidelines, the judge ruled that the Muslim teaching could continue in the Byron Union School District in California, deciding that it was just cultural education.

But Edward White III, of the Thomas More Law Center which handled the California lawsuit, asked, “Would it have been ‘just cultural education’ if students were in simulated baptisms, wearing a crucifix, having taken the name of St. John and with praise banners saying ‘Praise be to Jesus Christ’ on classroom walls?”

His comments followed the newest protest from in Nyssa, Ore., where one parent raised objections to the Islamic teachings. The district there, according to Supt. Don Grotting, is teaching a chapter in a history textbook “Journey Across Time” that talks about “how civilization has developed and some of the particular aspects of Islam.”

He said one assignment was to learn the “five pillars” of Islam, study Ramadan and listen to guest speakers including an American Muslim who arrived dressed in her religious costume to talk to the kids about her Quran.

Parent Kendalee Garner, however, objected to having her son being taught Islam.

“I just don’t understand the ban on Christianity but Islam has free rein,” she told WND.

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Jobless Claims Dip Under 300,000

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Looks like the economy is perking right along. It’s about time for the terrorist to try something before the elections to make the economy take a dip. Be alert everyone.

WASHINGTON — The number of U.S. workers lining up for jobless benefits unexpectedly fell by 10,000 last week, the government said on Thursday in a report underscoring a relatively stable job market.

The Labor Department said a seasonally adjusted 299,000 workers filed new claims for state unemployment insurance benefits in the week ended Oct. 14, down from 309,000 claims a week earlier.

Click here to visit’s Economy Center.

Economists polled by Reuters were expecting a slight increase in jobless claims to 312,000 from an original reading of 308,000 in the week ended Oct. 7.

The four-week moving average of new claims — viewed as a more accurate indicator of longer-term labor conditions – fell to its lowest in nearly four months.

It was the third week in a row the average declined, slipping to 307,750 in the week ended Oct. 14 from 313,500 the previous week.

The number of people who remained on the benefit rolls after drawing an initial week of aid rose 25,000 to 2.45 million in the week ended Oct. 7, the latest week these data were available.

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Tennessee Voters Have Great Responsibility

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

This election is an important one in the state of Tennessee. Traditional marriage is on the chopping block and only the voters can save the institution. Homosexual activists have tried to pass a marriage amendment in many states and have failed numerous times. I pray that Tennesseeans will keep marriage between one man and one woman – ONLY! I am asking all Tennesseans who visit this blog to go out and vote “YES on 1” and keep marriage the way God intended it to be.

Orthodox Jews Protest Gay Pride

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Thousands of Orthodox Jews gathered in Sabbath Square to protest the 2006 Gay Pride event that is scheduled for November 10. These Jews say they are fearful of another war, because when the last event was scheduled the war in the north broke out. I cannot understand why the homosexuals cannot just leave these people alone and stay out of their land. The protestors are holding signs that say “Jerusalem is not Sodom, Amsterdam, or New York”. They are comparing Americans to the citizens of Sodom and rightfully so. These people have enough conflict in their lives without having to fight to keep holy land free of the disgusting behavior of the people who attend these gay pride parades.

Haredim: J’lem gay parade may lead to another war

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox protest at Jerusalem’s Sabbath Square against holding of 2006 Gay Pride Parade in city; ‘war in Lebanon broke out as soon as the parade was announced,’ haredi man says. Head of Eda Haredit rabbinic court: We did not succeed in Lebanon due to promiscuity in Holy Land.
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox protested at Jerusalem’s Sabbath Square Wednesday against the holding of the 2006 Gay Pride Parade in the city, with most of them linking the parade to the recent war in Lebanon.
The parade is scheduled to take place on November 10.
Sign reads, ‘J’lem is not Sodom, Amsterdam or New York.’ (Photo: Hain Tzach)
“The war in the north broke out as soon as the parade was announced,” a Mea Shearim resident told Ynet.
The parade was canceled due to the war, but gay rights groups acted to set another date for the parade since the fighting has ceased.
Compromise reached between gay rights groups, police, Jerusalem Municipality, and State Prosecution to hold gay parade on November 10. Extreme rightist threatens to thwart event
“Rabbis are fearful of another war,” the haredi said, adding that a special request has been forwarded to Diaspora Jews “so they too would protest and act for the preservation of Jerusalem’s sanctity.”
Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, the head of the Eda Haredit rabbinic court, said during the rally, “We did not succeed in Lebanon due to the obscenity and promiscuity in the Holy Land.”

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Appeal Filed Defending Montana Church’s Right to Free Speech

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

(AgapePress) – Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) are filing an appeal of a federal judge’s decision to restrict the free speech of a Montana church.

In 2004 Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church of Helena was accused of violating state election law because it did not report to the government when it spoke out on the state’s proposed marriage amendment, which was eventually approved by 66 percent of the voters. Recently, a U.S. district court ruled that the church did indeed violate Montana election law.

Dale Schowengerdt, legal counsel with the ADF, argues to the contrary, however. “Churches obviously, throughout our history, have had a crucial role in discussing and changing the social fabric of our country,” the attorney says. “That’s part of what churches do is speak out about important social issues.”

Responding to a complaint filed by the now-disbanded Montanans for Families and Fairness, the state’s commissioner of political practices asserted that by demonstrating support for the amendment, the church “became an incidental political committee under Montana law, with corresponding reporting obligations.”

Schowengerdt describes Montana’s law as “particularly restrictive” and one that “needs to be challenged.” He puts it this way: “The law is so extreme that it can be triggered by ‘anything of value’ — even a penny spent on the church electric bill.” The ADF attorney is optimistic about the outcome of the appeal being filed.

“We think that we stand a very good chance of overturning the trial judge’s opinion,” he says. “It’s counter to Supreme Court authority and even Ninth Circuit authority on that exact issue, so I think we’re hopeful that the Ninth Circuit will overturn the decision.”

Schowengerdt maintains the complaint filed against the church was nothing more than a politically motivated attack designed to muzzle supporters of traditional marriage.

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Attorney Sees Pro-Islam Bias in Religious Indoctrination Case Rulings

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

No doubt about it.

(AgapePress) – A spokesman for a Michigan-based law center that defends and promotes the religious freedom of Christians says a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear an Islamic indoctrination case indicates that Islam is “in” and Christianity is “out.”

The Thomas More Law Center represented the parents of the California seventh-graders who were subjected to an intensive, three-week indoctrination in Islam at school. The students were forced to become Muslims, in effect, and were not allowed to say anything critical about the religion.

The original trial court and the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the indoctrination as constitutional. And now that the Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal, the Ninth Circuit’s ruling will stand.

Edward L. White III, trial counsel for the Thomas More Law Center, says the Byron Union School District in Contra Costa County, California, simply went too far with this school assignment. “The parents in this case objected to it,” he explains, “not because Islam was being taught in the school, but because the school had crossed the line and started to teach the religion.”

In other words, the school, “instead of teaching about the religion, started teaching the children to become Muslims,” White says. “And the parents had never been told beforehand what was going to go on.” But the problem of insufficient parental notification is only one of a number of issues of concern.

The pro-family attorney has serious questions about why the court would allow a school to compel students to become followers of Islam as a school exercise. That is particularly problematic, he suggests, when the court would almost certainly have rejected a similar exercise involving other religious faiths as obviously impermissible.

“Everyone knows if Christianity, for example, had been taught the same way as Islam had been taught in this class, that the ACLU would have been in federal court within minutes,” White asserts, “and the same judge who ruled against us would have ruled in favor of the ACLU and not allowed a class on Catholicism.”

The Thomas More Law Center spokesman doubts such a class would make it out of court — if it even managed to get a hearing. “Even if you wanted to call it cultural education or just fun, it would never happen,” the lawyer asserts. “So if we know it’s not going to happen with Christianity or with Judaism, for example, it shouldn’t happen with Islam,” he says.

“If you’re going to uphold the Establishment Clause, then the Establishment Clause has to be applied equally,” White adds. But apparently, he observes, while the Ninth Circuit is perfectly willing to rule “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional, Muslim indoctrination is perfectly okay with the court.

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Idaho Sen. Larry Craig Denies Allegations of Same-Sex Affairs

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

The duplicity of the Democrats is maddening. How do you Democrats, especially you Christian ones, look yourselves in the mirror every morning, knowing you belong to this political party??
Why are the gay activist not protesting in the streets and yelling “homophobia”?
Oh yeah, I forgot…the only “homophobics” in this country are Republicans. The Democrats and their supporters can be duplicitous all day long and get a free pass to do.
What nonsense that is!!
When are you Christian Democrats going to retake your party?
Maybe you’re just too much like the “moderate” Muslim, staying quiet as radicals hijack your party (their religion).
Or maybe, you’re quiet because deep down inside, you agree with the views of the radical.

Mike Rogers, who calls himself “the nation’s leading gay activist blogger” has just finished a nationally-broadcast interview on the Ed Schultz Radio Show in which he alleges that Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig has engaged in same-sex sexual activity.

Senator Craig’s office flatly rejected the claims. “The Senator says this story is absolutely ridiculous – almost laughable,” said press secretary Sid Smith. “It has no basis in fact.”

Rogers said he has talked to three men unknown to each other who all reported in detail their sexual encounters with Craig over the last four years. The men were of legal age, Rogers said. (Audio of Rogers on the Ed Schultz show is available here.)

Rogers says that digging into the private lives of politicians who support anti-gay legislation is legitimate. Because Craig supported and voted for the Defense of Marriage act, it is politically relevant to reveal these claims, Rogers said. In a letter to Craig, he wrote: “What these citizens are not being told is that some of the politicians who want their help are or have staff who are part of the so-called ‘homosexual lifestyle.’”

Rogers reported that he took “trips out west and met with folks in the Senator’s region and in the Pacific Northwest” as part of his research. Rogers said he and his advisors are solid on the sources, but they would remain anonymous. Rogers said he tried to contact the Senator, but never got a response from Craig or his staff.

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Afghan kidnappers demand convert swap

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

As many of you might remember, in Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, was put on trial and sentenced to be executed for no other reason then that he was a Christian convert from Islam. In a last minute deal, he was allowed to sever all ties to Afghanistan, and seek asylum in Italy.
Now it turns out that the kidnappers of an Italian photojournalist, in Afghanistan, have demanded Italy hand him over, most likely so they can carry out the death sentence against him.

KABUL (Reuters) – The kidnappers of an Italian photojournalist have demanded Italy hand over an Afghan who converted to Christianity from Islam by midnight Sunday in return for the hostage’s release, a Web site said.

Gabriele Torsello was taken by five gunmen last Thursday in the violence-plagued south of the country. Afghan police say he is being held by the Taliban, but the group has denied any involvement, blaming criminals.

The kidnappers did not say what they would do if their demand was refused, said PeaceReporter (, which specializes in conflict cover.

They demanded Abdul Rahman, 41, who converted 16 years ago while working with a Christian aid group as a refugee in Pakistan, be returned to Afghanistan.

After an international uproar, Rahman was spirited away to Italy in March and granted asylum after being charged with leaving Islam, which carries the death penalty.

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Michelle Malkin has more.

Tom Friedman: “Jihadists admit they are killing for the the camera and for the Democrats.”

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Tom Friedman at The American Thinker has an insightful article about the Jihadist’s attempts to influence our election. They’ve done this every election for the past several years and they are doing it again. With, what I can only call the “active” support of the main stream media, they know they can influence the uninformed masses of the American public.

Jihadists admit they are killing for the the camera and for the Democrats. A new twist for the “Party of Death”. From behind the Times Select wall:

But while there may be no single hand coordinating the upsurge in violence in Iraq, enough people seem to be deliberately stoking the fires there before our election that the parallel with Tet is not inappropriate. The jihadists want to sow so much havoc that Bush supporters will be defeated in the midterms and the president will face a revolt from his own party, as well as from Democrats, if he does not begin a pullout from Iraq.

The jihadists follow our politics much more closely than people realize. A friend at the Pentagon just sent me a post by the “Global Islamic Media Front” carried by the jihadist Web site Ana al-Muslim on Aug. 11. It begins: “The people of jihad need to carry out a media war that is parallel to the military war and exert all possible efforts to wage it successfully. This is because we can observe the effect that the media have on nations to make them either support or reject an issue.”

It then explains that for jihadist videos of attacks on Americans to have the biggest impact, “Some persons will be needed who are proficient in the use of computer graphics including Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, or other programs that the people of jihad will need to design … video clips about the operations.”

Finally, the Web site suggests that jihadists flood e-mail and video of their operations to “chat rooms,” “television channels,” and to “famous U.S. authors who have public e-mail addresses … such as Friedman, Chomsky, Fukuyama, Huntington and others.” This is the first time I’ve ever been on the same mailing list with Noam Chomsky.

It would be depressing to see the jihadists influence our politics with a Tet-like media/war frenzy.

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