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Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

3 Know that the LORD is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.

5 For the LORD is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100:3-5 (New International Version)

On the eve of Thanksgiving, let’s continue to offer praises to the Lord for all the wonderful things He has done for us. We, particularly those of us in the United States, have so much to be thankful for.
In the Days of the Kings of Israel, the Psalmist would go to the temple to offer praise to God. He would enter into the gates of the inner court to offer his praises to God.
Jesus tells us that wherever two of join together, He is there.
Tonorrow when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, give a thought to what the Lord has done for you and the ones you love.

“The Last of The Last Days” by Michael G. Mickey

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

According to an Agape Press article, more than 3.3 million consumers now use biometric technology to pay for their purchases, prompting Pastor Chuck Smith to state recently that “this development clearly illustrates that we are one step closer to what is described in the Book of Revelation.” Smith additionally stated that “this should be yet another wake-up call from God that we are in the last of the last days. We already know of eye-identification scanning devices and other technology [identification chips for pets, GPS technology] that clearly shows us this.”

The last of the last days? Amen, Pastor Smith! As I write this commentary, I am so bogged down with information of end times significance that I can honestly state that I don’t believe it’s possible for me to accurately reflect the volume of events taking place in the world today that are SCREAMING that Jesus Christ is coming soon! In fact, I ask all my readers to remember me in prayer in that regard as I am often very troubled in my soul that there are things going on I can’t get out on the site due to the finite properties of my life! Between work, family, the everyday issues of life, and, I’m often busier than I want to be but joyfully busy as our Lord is coming soon!

So, what can I tell you about today that I have been slow to get out but badly wanted to? A few things so please bear with me as I take you on a whirlwind of an end times commentary – a bit of this, that and the other thing!

Homosexuality isn’t a matter of choice? Jesus isn’t the only way?

Recently, the Episcopal Church USA appointed its first female presiding bishop, Katharine Jefferts-Schori. Just when you thought the Episcopal Church USA couldn’t possibly do any worse than it had done recently in upholding the Word of God, this was the icing on the cake! Why do I make that statement? Because Jefferts has said that she doesn’t consider Jesus Christ to be the only way to God and that she believes God makes some people “gay.”

Jefferts on Jesus being the only way to heaven: “It’s this sense that one person can have the fullness of truth in him or herself, rather than understanding that truth is — like God — more than any one person can encompass.”

Jesus, in Jefferts’ view, couldn’t have the fullness of truth in Himself because its just more than any one person can encompass! That would, of course, be true if Jesus was merely a person, but He isn’t! Jesus Christ was God when He walked on this earth in the flesh and He is God today! Does Jefferts not know this? If so, maybe I have hope to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys! I don’t actually know anything about coaching an NFL team, but I know you can score touchdowns. That should be good enough to get the job for me if Bill Parcells doesn’t work out, right? Maybe if the Episcopal Church USA owned them instead of Jerry Jones!

On homosexuality, Jefferts believes God makes some people gay and believes “the Church should offer what she calls “a sacramental container” to help homosexuals find “holy ways of living in relationship.””

I’ve got just the answer for her! Homosexuals can find a holy way of living in relationship without the Episcopals offering that sacramental container for them.

Here’s my plan: Those who are practicing homosexual lifestyles outside of the will of God could, in what apparently has become a radical way of thinking in these end times, simply leave their sinful practices behind in obedience of God. Amazing, huh? They could repent of their sinful lifestyle which is 100% forbidden in the Word of God, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and go out and find a member of the opposite sex to be involved with romantically. Yes, that can be done, as plenty of people involved with Exodus International can and do testify to having done!

In fairness, Jefferts and the Episcopals aren’t the only ones who have maverick Christian leaders willing to condone what God has forbidden. As a Baptist, it was all I could do to force myself through an editorial by a so-called Baptist minister recently. Oliver “Buzz” Thomas, the “minister” in question, wrote an editorial entitled “When religion loses its credibility”.

Based on what I read, I hope good ole “Buzz” will buzz right out of the Baptist church if he’s unwilling to repent of his apostasy and head on over to the Jefferts camp where he will find his ramblings more acceptable! Either that or he could do the whole Christian world a favor and hush his mouth altogether – an even better alternative!

The Oliver “Buzz” Thomas commentary opens with the following introductory comments and goes downhill from there:

What if Christian leaders are wrong about homosexuality? I suppose, much as a newspaper maintains its credibility by setting the record straight, church leaders would need to do the same:

Correction: Despite what you might have read, heard or been taught throughout your churchgoing life, homosexuality is, in fact, determined at birth and is not to be condemned by God’s followers.

God’s followers are not to condemn what God himself has called abomination? I’m thinking “Buzz” needs to ease up on whatever it is he’s smoking! Who knows? Maybe that’s why they call him “Buzz.”

“Buzz” writes, in a later part of his apostasy-laden diatribe:

For many of gay America’s loudest critics, the results are unthinkable. First, no more football. At least not without gloves. Handling a pig skin is an abomination. Second, no more Saturday games even if you can get a new ball. Violating the Sabbath is a capital offense according to Leviticus. For the over-40 crowd, approaching the altar of God with a defect in your sight is taboo, but you’ll have plenty of company because those menstruating or with disabilities are also barred.

The truth is that mainstream religion has moved beyond animal sacrifice, slavery and the host of primitive rituals described in Leviticus centuries ago. Selectively hanging onto these ancient proscriptions for gays and lesbians exclusively is unfair according to anybody’s standard of ethics. We lawyers call it “selective enforcement,” and in civil affairs it’s illegal.

In the above, “Buzz” uses the tired tactic of trying to place those of us living under the New Covenant back under levitical law. This is the usual tactic utilized by apostates like him to make adherence to the teachings of the Word of God illogical and, particularly, to make it seem that God is “evolving” with man into a more modern set of moral and sexual standards for judging us. Well, “Buzz” couldn’t be more wrong because it is written, as seen in Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

We no longer live under levitical law nor are we judged by it since Jesus Christ died on the cross to make atonement for our sins. While the matter of pig handling has been dealt with, homosexuality remains forbidden, as seen in the New Testament. As seen below, Sodom and Gomorrah, not once but TWICE is referred to as an example unto those who would choose to live their lives in the manner the Sodomites did in the future!

2nd Peter 2:6: And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;

Jude 1: Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

When religion, particularly Christianity, loses its credibility, it’s when wolves in sheep’s clothing like Oliver “Buzz” Thomas turn their backs on the clear teachings of Scripture, enabling those who are already deceived and desperately lost in sin to continue to practice their sin without condemnation or conviction, endangering their eternal souls!

Elton John believes all organized religion should be banned, but why?

Did you hear that Elton John, a “married” homosexual, believes “organized religion should be banned because it promotes homophobia and turns some people into “hateful lemmings?” That’s true, according to a Reuters report wherein he explains his position by stating, “Religion has always tried to turn hatred toward gay people. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it is not really compassionate.”

First of all, as a Christian, I am neither afraid of homosexuals nor filled with hatred toward them. Many of them, quite frankly, are kinder than some people I’ve sat next to in church on Sunday mornings in various periods of my life so why would I be afraid of them or hate them?

When Elton John pretends he is treated hastily by participants in “organized religion”, likely an indirect reference to Christianity, he forgets that most people, in every society globally, do not believe that homosexuality is moral, regardless of their religious background. Even so, millions upon millions of people, of many varied faiths no less, buy his records in droves.

Why does Elton John really want “religion” banned? Because he knows, somewhere deep within his darkened heart, that God Himself, not any religion of any sort, has forbidden his lifestyle and he is accountable to Him! If tomorrow all organized religion was banned as he would like, Elton John would still have his conscience seared and feel as though he is an outcast because of his God-given conscience!

Again, as stated earlier, homosexuality is a forbidden sin, as seen in the New Testament, 1st Corinthians 6:9-10, which states:

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

At this point I want to interject that it may seem I’m really tearing into homosexuality today. I admit it must seem that way, but I want any practicing homosexual who reads this to know one important thing, which is revealed in 1st Corinthians 6:11, the very verse after the two previous ones used in this commentary: There are many on their way to heaven today who were once on their way to hell, having lived lives that were, in many cases, just like those described above!

1st Corinthians 6:11: And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

It is the absolute duty of every Christian to affirm the Word of God and that can be hurtful to the one who is caught up in a lifestyle of sin. In spite of this, no Christian who loves you, TRULY loves you, will tickle your ears with what you want to hear. Rather, the Christian who loves you will tell you what sin is, why you need to come out of it, and how you can get on the road to heaven by being saved! Again, the truth can hurt, but only truth can free you from the bonds of sin and set you on the path to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Why ban organized religion when you can just edit/desecrate the Word of God?

1st Timothy 4:1-2: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

A recent WorldNetDaily article tells us there’s a new version of the Word of God in town and it ain’t pretty! The article opens as follows:

A new publication of the Bible by a Dutch organization could take a lot of the stress out of reading the Holy Book’s instructions for contemporary Christians, according to its publisher.

That’s because those troublesome verses about justice for the poor, responsibility for the rich to address their neighbors’ needs, and all that talk about money, are gone. Not just edited out, cut out.

That’s right, Christians! Why allow yourself to be “stressed out” by the unedited Word of God when you can get a stress-free Bible? God help us!

There is even a bible coming out that Elton John may endorse, as seen in a Catholic World News article.

Released by a group of 52 biblical “specialists”, the bible this article refers to includes “inclusive language” and “political correctness.” The “specialists” AKA apostates who devised it have replaced some of the more “divisive” teachings of Christianity in order to present a “more just language” for feminists and homosexuals. What’s next? I wouldn’t be surprised, if the Lord delays His coming much longer, to see the day come when we’ll be able to head down to the nearest bookstore and get a custom-designed bible. I can see how it would go now…

“Excuse me, sir. Can I help you find anything?”

“Well, I’m looking for a Bible.”

“What kind of Bible?”

“I’m looking for the version that lets me go to heaven as long as I go to church for weddings, funerals, on Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day.”

“We’re selling a lot of those, sir. I’ll have to check in the back to see if we have any more LSCVs left.

“LSCVs? What does that stand for?”

“The Lip Service Christian Version.”

The Pope’s thirsty for a big glass of Islam?

According to a Reuters report, a Muslim philosopher recently stated that “Pope Benedict is no expert on Islam but has a real thirst for understanding the religion and conducting a sincere dialogue with its followers.”

I’m not going to say a great deal about this other than to suggest that the Pope doesn’t even understand the Bible enough to be moving on to the Koran! If he did, he’d tell his followers to stop praying to Mary and church-designated saints instead of Christ as not one of the Roman Catholic Church’s saints nor Mary has the slightest authority to answer prayers! Likewise, the Catholic priesthood needs to get out of their confessionals and point their followers to an altar of prayer where they can get in contact with the only mediator between God and man who can forgive them of their sins, Christ Jesus! (1st Timothy 2:5)

I don’t know why I should even be surprised that the Pope is thirsty for some Islamification. After all, the Vatican is all for Israel giving up its covenant lands to its enemies in mockery of the Word of God, as seen in a Zenit article.

The Vatican delegation “remains convinced of the two-state solution as the basis for the resolution of the crisis, which would permit Israelis to live in security in their own land and Palestinians to live safely in a viable state of their own,” Archbishop Migliore said.

The Vatican may as well ask for the advent of the Antichrist to occur! Surely, these must be the last of the last days!

The environment? Less than good!

Romans 8:22-23: For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

There are many who believe global warming is a myth, cooked up in part to bring about the new world order to come. I do have some evidence to support the latter, but the fact remains that if all the environmental woes present in the news of our world today are smaller parts of a larger new world order conspiracy, there are are many, many scientists involved in the plot.

Consider the following tidbits from the news demonstrative of an environment potentially on the verge of collapse:

*Fox News: Earth’s recent warming trend might in part be due to a lack of starlight reaching our planet.

*Fox News: All Commercial Seafood Species May Collapse by 2048.

*BBC: The world is the warmest it has been in the last 12,000 years.

*AP: Many species of shark are facing a serious threat to their existence.

*Reuters: Immediate steps are needed to avert a potential catastrophe as climate change dries up water resources in drought affected areas.

*USA TODAY: The world’s oceans are becoming more acidic, which poses a threat to sea life and Earth’s fragile food chain.

*Reuters: Unchecked climate change could drive up to 72 per cent of the world’s bird species into extinction.

*Fox News: NOAA Report Indicates No Let-Up in Warming of Arctic.

*Fox News: Far More Polar Bear Cubs Dying in Alaska.

*AP: Animal and plant species have begun dying off or changing sooner than predicted because of global warming.

Call me crazy if you will (and some do), but it’s looking more and more like we’re living in the last of the last days. That’s why I’m happy to be working at a sometimes feverish pace, trying to get as much evidence out to a lost and dying world as I possibly can, and sounding the alert that Jesus Christ is coming soon as loudly as I can!

Care to join me? I could use the help!

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“Does God Exist?” by Jack Kinsella

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

While almost ninety-percent of Americans, according to the CIA World Fact Book, identify themselves as Christians, a new Harris Poll found that almost half of Americans aren’t sure that God even exists, according to a British newspaper.

Asked whether or not they are absolutely certain of the existence of God, 42 percent of US adults said they were not.

Less than one-third of all adults believe that God “controls what happens on Earth” – a figure which includes just over half of ‘Born Again’ Christians.

Women (62%) are more likely than men (54%) to express certainty as are African Americans (71%) compared to Hispanics (61%) and Whites (57%).

But the public is almost equally divided between those who think of God as male (36%) and “neither male nor female” (37%), with 10 percent saying “both male and female.” Only one percent thinks of God as female.

Broken down by groups, 76 percent of Protestants, 64 percent of Catholics and 30 percent of Jews said they are “absolutely certain” there is a God while 93 percent of Christians who describe themselves as “Born Again” feel certain God exists.

But the conclusions one reaches depends in how you read the poll. That 42% overall figure ‘who aren’t sure’ includes 15 percent who are “somewhat certain,” 11 percent who think there is probably no God and 16 percent who are not sure. Remove the words ‘absolutely certain’ and one ends up with the same 89% listed in the CIA World Fact Book.

Moreover, turn the poll around and it reveals that some 58% of Americans ARE ‘absolutely certain’ that God exists.

Bible prophecy provides almost daily proof to this generation of the existence of God. No human being, or group of human beings, could possibly outline the future, starting at the end, and working back to the beginning, and maintain an accuracy rate of 100%.

About a quarter of the Bible deals with future events, many of which were fulfilled in the life and times of Jesus Christ and providing us with an historical track record.

In this generation, ancient Bible prophecies for the last days, starting with the restoration of the Jews to the Land of Israel, have taken form and substance as part of the daily news.

There exists today a revived form of the old Roman Empire prophesied by Daniel. The Gog-Magog Alliance was foretold by Ezekiel. His prophecy foresaw and alliance between Iran, Russia, the Mediterranean Islamic world in a war against Israel and even included the probable use of nuclear weapons.

The Bible foretold the existence of a global economy, including a reference to a cashless, electronic society in which everyone’s economic transactions and individual movements would be tracked and controlled.

The Bible foretold the existence of a vast, eastern military power of 200 million men, (in John’s day, the population of the known world) that would arise in the last days.

The Bible predicted that the most intractable political problem facing world leaders would revolve around the ownership of the city of Jerusalem.

The Bible also outlined the last days of the Church Age, describing them as ‘perilous times’ to be a Christian. It follows with a description of the social conditions as they would exist in the last generation before the return of Christ for His Church.

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.” (2 Timothy 3:3-5)

The proof of God’s existence is all around us. The earth’s perfect distance from the sun, the unique chemical properties of water, the human brain, DNA, the number of people who attest to knowing God, the gnawing in our hearts and minds to determine if God is there, the willingness for God to be known through Jesus Christ.

But to my thinking, the most powerful evidence of the existence of God is the effort to deny Him. Reading the Harris Poll accurately, one finds that 58% of Americans are “absolutely certain” of God’s existence and that only eleven percent are “absolutely certain” that He does not.

But that eleven percent have been able to banish God from the public arena, remove His influence from politics and the judiciary, turn Creationism into a myth and elevate the theory of evolution to the status of ‘fact’, and paint all American Christians as hate-mongers.

Think about it. The Bible says that Satan is the ‘prince and power of the air’ — and the airwaves are more or less completely under his control. Consider the way this poll was itself presented.

Ekklesia UK headlined its story “In God We Trust?” The focus wasn’t on the 58% who are absolutely certain that God exists, but rather on those who were ‘somewhat certain’ and those who ‘weren’t sure’ lumping them together with the 11% who said there is ‘probably’ no God to make it appear that America is 42% atheist.

“Polls have often reported that Americans are much more likely to believe in God than people in most other developed countries, particularly in Europe. However, the new Harris Poll finds that 42 percent of all U.S. adults say they are not “absolutely certain” there is a God.”

I couldn’t find any news reports about this poll that presented it from the more positive perspective that 6 in 10 Americans are ‘absolutely sure’ God exists. That’s because the ‘prince and power of the air’ remains in control.

If God really doesn’t exist, then why so much effort to prove the negative? Why should unbelievers care about a ‘mythical’ God so much that they would go to such lengths to banish Him from our public discourse?

Nobody is running polls among adults to ask them if they believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

(And if they did, the headline wouldn’t focus on the minority who said that they did and then present it as evidence the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are real.)

So, I ask again; why so much effort to prove a negative? The only logical reason is because God is real. If He wasn’t, then the battle wouldn’t be so fierce. The debate wouldn’t be so divisive. There are no headline-making polls about the existence of Buddha. And nobody would dare question the existence of Allah. (They are not a threat to the prince and power of the air.)

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

The prince and power of the air knows that Name. That’s why he works so hard to keep anybody else from learning it.

Nobody fights that hard against a myth.

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Israel to Probe Cluster Bomb Use

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

And latest “hate Israel” piece from the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation).

The Israeli army is to investigate the way cluster bombs were used during the recent conflict with Hezbollah.

The chief of the defence staff has said he prohibited the wide use of the munitions during the conflict.

But human rights observers in southern Lebanon say up to a million “bomblets” were left in the country after the war.

Israel’s decision came as a new Amnesty International report called for a UN-led probe into the conduct of Israel and Hezbollah during the conflict.

Amnesty’s report said Israeli attacks into Lebanon were “indiscriminate and disproportionate”.

It also criticised Israel for its apparent use of cluster bombs during the final days of fighting.

A separate report by UN investigators – the Human Rights Council – accused Israel of flagrant human rights violations during the conflict, saying the using of cluster munitions was a deliberate tactic.

Israel has already dismissed the report’s findings as one-sided.

More than 20 Lebanese people have been killed by the bomblets since the end of the conflict.

Israel has previously insisted that it uses munitions only in accordance with international law.

Now check this out:

Civilian cover

The pressure groups Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both criticised Israel for firing cluster bombs into southern Lebanon during the 34-day conflict.

In its latest report, Amnesty asserts that civilians on both sides bore the brunt of the fighting.

As well as highlighting the issue of cluster bombs, Amnesty found that Hezbollah hid Katyusha rockets among civilians and often fired them into Israel from the cover of civilian villages.

But researchers found no evidence that Hezbollah actually used civilians as human shields during the fighting.

Do what??? What exactly does Amnesty call hiding rockets among civilians?
I believe that most rational people will call hiding rockets among civilians as using them as human shields.
It’s amazing the lengths people will go to in order to demonize Israel. Not surprising for this Christian, because the Bible warns us this will happen, but still amazing that they can’t see how stupid comments like these make them look.

Wal-Mart Relents, Boycott Called Off

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

The American Family Association is dropping its planned boycott of Wal-Mart for Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, after the corporation said it would clean up its corporate relationships.

“Respect for the individual is one of the core values that have made us into the company we are today. We take pride in the fact that we treat every customer, every supplier and every member of our individual communities fairly and equally,” the company said in a statement on its Wal-Mart Facts website late today.

“Wal-Mart will not make corporate contributions to support or oppose highly controversial issues unless they directly relate to our ability to serve our customers,” the company said.

The AFA immediately suggested to its constituents, who had been asked to boycott the retailer on what often is the single-most important day for retailers in their fiscal year, that they send the company a ‘Thank you.’

“You have made a difference!” the AFA said. “(We) are pleased with this announcement.”

The family-friendly association, along with other groups, had launched the protest campaign because of Wal-Mart’s new affiliation with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and several other actions families viewed as less-than-friendly.

“Wal-Mart does not have a position on same sex marriage and we do not give preference to gay or lesbian suppliers. Wal-Mart does have a strong commitment to diversity among our associates and against discrimination everywhere,” the company said.

“We are working hard to make our corporate contributions reflect the values of our customers, communities, and associates. As Sam Walton said, ‘Each Wal-Mart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they hold for their community,” the company statement said.

AFA officials said because of the company’s announcement, they would no longer encourage people to not shop at Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club Friday and Saturday. Those days immediately after Thanksgiving often mean the difference between a good year or bad for a retailer.

“We believe that Wal-Mart will remain neutral in cultural battles,” the AFA statement said.

The association, as WND reported, was among the first of several to issue calls intended to get the attention of the retail chain.

Just in the past few days, another group decided to launching an “information explosion” intended to tell the tens of millions of customers at Wal-Mart Friday that some of their dollars will be going to support a group that works to discriminate against Christians with “hate crimes” legislation and wants marriage expanded to involve same-sex couples.

“We’re out to help an old friend. Wal-Mart has been a friend of ours for a long, long time,” said Flip Benham, the director of Operation Save America who is working to help coordinate the new efforts by the outreach.

The AFA had said its boycott effort was to wake Wal-Mart up.

“Wal-Mart should remember that the majority of people in this country do not support things like same-sex marriage, and don’t want the company giving money to groups that do support it,” American Family Association Chairman Donald E. Wildmon said earlier. “Shopping at retailers other than Wal-Mart might remind the company of that fact.”

The plan was launched with a different agenda. It is to approach customers directly, to let them know about the company’s moral agenda, and to bring people together in a series of events that will convince the company to return to the values of founder Sam Walton.

Those were described in a recent WND column by Pat Boone, who knew Walton personally.

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‘God’ erased: Names of U.S. cities forced to be changed?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

As nut ball Michael Newdow continues to try to make a name for him by challenging the national motto and the Pledge of Allegiance, I’m still amazed that courts will give this man the time of day, let alone bring a lawsuit. Of course, let’s look at the venue…liberal California.
That says it all.

If a man who describes himself as an atheist but says the national motto “In God We Trust” violates his religious rights under his own “First Amendmist Church of True Science” wins his court case, the changes in the United States could be radical, according to a lawyer who filed briefs in support of the motto.

For example, a conclusion that anything referring to God or Christianity must be banned would mean a new name for Los Angeles, because that name can be interpreted as “The Angels,” according to Kevin Snider, chief counsel of the Pacific Justice Institute.

Sacramento, too, would disappear, because one couldn’t have a city called “The Sacraments,” he told WND in an interview.

The motto would have to disappear from U.S. coins, where it first was installed in the 1800s, and the precedent would just ripple from there, he said.

“We better take this one seriously,” constitutional attorney Herbert W. Titus told D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge ministry. “Otherwise, we’re going to see a very strong erosion of the references to God at the federal level.”

The radical elimination of those references already has been under way for some years, as WND reported in a story about the U.S. Supreme Court changing its official description of stone tablets in the artwork within the very chamber where decisions are delivered. As recently has 20 years ago they were officially the Ten Commandments. Now they are the Ten Amendments.

The lawsuit at issue was brought by Michael Newdow, who earlier challenged the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected his claim in that situation, but it was on a technicality and Newdow has refiled the action, and Christian lawyers consider that still is at risk.

Newdow then also sued over the national motto, alleging it infringed on his rights, but the claims were turned back at the district court level, where Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr. cited a 36-year-old appellate ruling and concluded that the national motto “has nothing whatsoever to do with the establishment of religion.”

That previous ruling said the motto’s “use is of a patriotic or ceremonial character and bears no true resemblance to a government sponsorship of a religious exercise.”

But the decision was appealed to the 9th Circuit, which had granted Newdow a favorable ruling in his earlier complaint over the Pledge of Allegiance. Now briefs have been filed supporting the district judge’s conclusion.

The U.S. Justice Department has submitted arguments because it was named as defendant in Newdow’s lawsuit and subsequent appeal, and the Pacific Justice Institute also asked to be added to the case on behalf of the defendants, and has submitted its arguments.

Snider told WND the Institute has argued that the earlier court rulings in such situations are worth considering, in that just because something is religious, that does not necessarily mean it violates the Establishment Clause.

“If it has a historical basis, and it’s purpose is for ceremony or for solemnizing events,” it is allowed, he noted.

The U.S. Constitution and other founding documents also reference rights being divinely endowed, and contain other acknowledgments of God, “so our position is the government can have a motto that is reflective of that,” he said.

Newdow has admitted that such situations do not require him to believe in God, but he told WND that he still wants to eradicate the historic motto in public places and instead install his own belief system that does not acknowledge God.

He said his goal is to have “the government treat everybody’s religious views equally,” even though when there are opposite views, such a goal is a technical impossibility.

Coins cannot, after all, be minted both with the motto and without the motto, a circumstance that might be considered treating belief systems “equally.”

Newdow told WND that the issue of the motto is an attempt for the government to do “exactly what the Establishment Clause is supposed to prevent.”

But Snider said the ripple effect would be massive, should the ultimate decision, which may be made by the U.S. Supreme Court, throw out the motto: Every cross in every national cemetery might have to be removed or changed into some other symbol, the Washington Monument’s reference to God could have to go, those Ten Commandment representations inside the U.S. Supreme Court Chamber could have to be removed.

Even the Constitution’s own reference that it was done “in convention … in the year of our Lord” 1787, apparently could be considered “unconstitutional” under that reasoning, observers said.

Newdow previously dismissed that reference as a “term of art.”

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