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Jewish Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria Back on the Table

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

My Jewish brothers and sisters, why are you allowing this??? Can’t you see that trading land for peace is never going to work?? It seems as though your government no longer listens to you. They are bent on the destruction of Israel just as much as the pali terrorist and rest of the Islamic world are.

The government has agreed in principle to withdraw from most of Judea and Samaria (“Yesha”), in secret talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Egypt and the European Union (EU) have been mediating the negotiations, according to the World Net Daily (WND) news website, which quoted high-level Egyptian diplomatic and intelligence officials, and an aide to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana as saying they have been directly involved in the talks.

Negotiations have been quietly proceeding apace for the past two or three weeks, according to sources quoted by WND reporter Aaron Klein, after PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas suggested to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert late last month that the two men switch to “back channel talks” in order to avoid coverage by the media.

According to Egyptian and EU sources, one of the plans currently under consideration involves handing over control of central and southern Yesha to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s security forces. In northern Yesha, the transfer of responsibility to Abbas’ security forces over the area would be monitored by Jordan and EU observers.

Hamas’s role in the plan remains unclear. The terrorist organization has repeatedly vowed never to formally recognize the State of Israel, renounce terrorism or uphold agreements with Israel signed by the previous, Fatah-led, PA government. That stance is not accepted by the international community.

Talks toward a unity coalition between PA Prime Minister and Hamas chairman Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the Fatah faction, are all but dead, leaving Hamas in control of the PA.

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Israel May ‘Stand Alone’ in Years to Come, Professor Says

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I don’t doubt this for a moment. This will be particularly true after Christians have been removed from earth by Jesus before the Tribulation period starts.

Jerusalem ( – Despite America’s current strong support for Israel, the Jewish State should be prepared to “go it alone” in the years ahead, an American professor warned.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz mentioned several events as reasons to be concerned. They could create “the conditions for a perfect storm,” he said, with Israel at the center.

The first event is the recent publication of former President Jimmy Carter’s book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dershowitz, addressing a recent national security conference in Herzliya, Israel, called Carter’s book a “watershed event” in U.S.-Israeli and U.S.-Jewish relations.

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Carter’s book asserts the “old canard” that Jews control the media and because they do, it prevents fair coverage of the Palestinians’ plight, said Dershowitz, who addressed the gathering by satellite.

Carter’s book also promotes the idea that Jewish control of American politics makes it “suicidal” for any American politician to present a “balanced view” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Carter gave legitimacy to arguments that undermine Israel, Dershowitz said. Until now, such arguments have only been heard from the extreme right and left, he added.

The professor also mentioned college campuses where “junk academics” have created a debate on the proper role of “Jewish influence” on American foreign policy. This is instilling questions about Israel’s right to exist in the next generation, he said.

Then there’s the “media war” against Israel, where terror groups such as Hizballah and Hamas attack Israelis, using civilians as cover — then reap public relations benefits when Israel retaliates and kills the civilians, Dershowitz said.

Finally, there are comments from prominent Americans such as retired General Wesley Clark, a former Democratic presidential hopeful and Supreme Allied NATO commander, who recently hinted that there is too much Jewish involvement in U.S. foreign policy. “New York ‘money people’ are pushing the U.S. into war with Iran,” Dershowitz quoted Clark as saying.

“Israel must be prepared for the possibility of losing American support over the coming years, diplomatically, economically, militarily and morally,” said Dershowitz. But Israel should not allow “these stereotypes to weaken its resolve but it must be prepared to go it alone.”

Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that on a “popular level,” Americans deeply support Israel. But on the “elite level,” there is a “weakening” of that support.

Satloff said the only people who took Carter to task over his book were Jews. (Fourteen members of the Carter Center’s advisory board resigned in protest on Jan. 11.) Twenty years ago, he said, Americans like Scoop Jackson, Jean Kirkpatrick and Dan Moynihan would have stood up against him.

“I am concerned about the weakness in support for Israel among the non-Jewish, non-Evangelical foreign policy elite that remained silent,” Satloff said at the same Herzliya conference. “It is not a crisis, but in my view, it is a point of deep concern.”

Calev Ben-David of The Israel Project, told Cybercast News Service/b there is a “troubling” trend in the U.S. of delegitimizing supporters of Israel. But he said that’s because Israel’s supporters have been successful in transmitting the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Some of the people that are against Israel feel that they have “lost the argument,” Ben-David said. So instead of attacking Israel, they have now focused their criticism on those who support Israel.

This is a “deliberate strategy,” because according to polls conducted by The Israel Project, support for Israel is at an all-time high in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian issue, said Ben-David.

Raising the idea of “dual loyalty” of Americans who support Israel is like saying that Spanish-speaking American citizens shouldn’t participate in the debate on immigration laws, he said.

Israel has both Jewish and non-Jewish supporters, said Ben-David. It’s a “smear tactic” to question their right to make an argument in favor of Israel, he said.

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