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Celebrities Warn: 10 Yrs. To Save Planet

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Okay, just because you play a scientist on TV or in a movie, doesn’t really make you a scientist. Just thought I would clear that up since there are several celebrities that don’t seem to get that. I find it hilarious that Hollyweird insists on weighing in on subjects they know nothing about. Instead of warning people how to keep our planet cool, they need to be warning people to turn to God before it’s too late. After all, God is the maker of this planet and He is in complete control of all aspects of it – including the temperatures.

A NEW worldwide movement backed by celebrities, musicians, politicians and business leaders is aiming to reverse the effects of global warming over the next decade.

Global Cool launched in London and LA today and is calling on one billion people to reduce their carbon emissions by just one tonne a year, for the next 10 years.

Boffins have found the climatic tipping point – when the climate becomes irreversibly damaged – can be turned back if global CO2 emissions are reduced by one billion tonnes a year.

Campaigners then hope cleaner, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, water and hydrogen would have been developed.

Big names including Leonardo Di Caprio, Orlando Bloom, KT Tunstall, Pink, The Killers, Razorlight and Josh Hartnett have thrown their weight behind the worldwide effort to beat climate change.

A website has been set up,, with advice on how to go green by reducing energy consumption through doing simple things such as sharing a shower with a mate.

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Antisemitism Rising in Germany

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Holocaust memorials defiled by neo-Nazis

This is not a good thing to have happen in the country that spawned the Holocaust. They need to put a stop to this right now.

The German authorities were preparing for criticism from the Jewish community after it was revealed that a Holocaust memorial in Berlin was being used as a public lavatory by tourists and by neo-Nazi sympathisers.

The disclosure, in a Berlin newspaper, will trigger a new debate about how the Holocaust should be remembered in Germany.

One argument against building the monument — that consists of 2,700 concrete slabs resembling Jewish gravestones — was that it would become a target of anti-Semitic vandals. The managers of the memorial, which attracts 3.5 million visitors a year, have tried to play down the scandal.

“This just belongs to the teething problems of any new monument,” Uwe Neumaerker, of the Memorial Foundation, said. The German Government has been aware of the problem since the monument was completed in May 2005 but has tried to maintain a silence for fear of encouraging more vandalism.

The defacing of Jewish memorial areas in Germany by followers of the far Right has become a widespread problem that is acknowledged rarely.

On the eve of Holocaust Day at the weekend a group of youths set fire to a restored railway carriage — symbolising the deportation of the Jews — in Lower Saxony. In the eastern German port of Stralsund, concrete was poured over a memorial for a Jewish family, the Keibel-Cohns.

A court in Frankfurt an der Oder, on the Polish border, sentenced three youths to between nine and 14 months jail this month for urinating on a Jewish memorial.

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AFA: “Hollywood Goes Deeper Into The Sewer With Sick Films”

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

And I’m in total agreement with the American Family Association on this one.

Hollywood recently sunk to a new low. In the name of art, two sick movies—among others—were presented at the 2[0]07 Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

One film, “Hounddog,” features a very distrubing scene showing the character of 12-year-old Dakota Fanning being raped. The other film, “Zoo,” is about a man having “unnatural” relations with a horse. (That is as graphic as I am willing to get in this letter.)

These movies represent the sickness which masquerades as “art” in Hollywood.

Here is what Roger Friedman of Fox News says about the rape scene of the 12-year-old in “Hounddog.”

“Since I am one of the few who’ve actually seen it, let me explain something important. There is no point that I can find to the child’s rape. Once it happens, it’s never discussed. The culprit is never accused or apprehended. The child never tells her story to anyone. There’s no great moment of revelation that could possibly help someone who’s watching the film. It’s simply there for shock value.”

For more information on the movie, click here.

Why would a parent ever allow their 12-year-old child to star in a movie which depicted her being raped? More disconcerting, Joy Pervis, the agent who discovered Dakota Fanning, described her family as “a good Christian family.”

The producers have even conned rape-assistance groups into using the movie in a public-service announcement!

I consider this nothing less than child abuse!

The other film, “Zoo,” which features the man and horse, is described by Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times as a “strange and strangely beautiful film.” Such is the mentality of Hollywood. Robinson Devor, director of the film, said he was “asked many times, often with a wrinkled brow, ‘Why are you making this film?’ It was something I did resent; I thought artists had the opportunity to explore anything.” The people responsible for these films are sick!

Four companies — Pepsi, Blockbuster, Delta Airlines, and L’Oréal — made large contributions to sponsor the Sundance Film Festival, making it possible for the directors to promote these movies.

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Uproar Over Border Agents to Get White House Review

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

It is amazing how loud the public has to get in order to get the President’s attention. Maybe he can shed some light on all this.

Amid growing criticism from congressmen and activists of its handling of the prosecution of two Border Patrol agents, the White House is opening up a line of communication with lawmakers and promises it will review a transcript of the trial.

During a telephone interview today with WND, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., received a call from press secretary Tony Snow, inviting him to meet for a friendly, unofficial discussion about the case.

Meanwhile, Snow explained to WND the White House’s current stance in a brief interview Sunday.

“What we’re doing is getting the entire trial transcript so everybody can see what happened in trial, and we can try to discern the real facts of the case,” Snow told WND after a luncheon address at National Review’s Conservative Summit in Washington.

He insisted the development does not represent a shift in how the White House is approaching the case.

“I think what’s happened is a lot of people have differing accounts of this, and the best way to resolve them is not by having people scream at each other but by finding out what the fact record is, and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Snow.

Took ya long enough.

Rohrabacher said, however, he has no doubt this is a response to pressure – including campaigns for a pardon and House resolutions to throw out the case – noting that previously the president and his senior staff would not return phone calls from him and other senior congressmen.

“The very fact that they are now willing to look at this case is indication of some progress,” Rohrabacher told WND. “However, if they don’t do an honest assessment – for political reasons, or for ego reasons or for reasons of friendship with the prosecutor – then it doesn’t make any difference if they take a second look, or a first look at the facts.”

Rohrabacher characterized his planned meeting with Snow as a “conversation between two old friends.”

“It’s not a formal negotiation but an opening up of communications,” he said.

The California congressman, along with several Republican colleagues, has been sharply critical of the administration’s handling of the prosecution of former border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, who began prison sentences Jan. 17, of 11 and 12 years respectively, for their actions in the shooting and wounding of a Mexican drug smuggler who was granted full immunity to testify against them.

Rohrabacher previously told WND he considered the president’s handling of the case “disgraceful.”

“This is the worst betrayal of American defenders I have ever seen,” Rohrabacher told WND, referring to the president. “It’s shameful this was done by someone who is in the Republican Party. He obviously thinks more about his agreements with Mexico than the lives of American people and backing up his defenders.”

Problems with transcript

Snow told Rohrabacher the White House is trying to get a copy of the transcript as soon as possible, but there have been obstacles.

The main problem, according to Rohrabacher, is with the transcript’s accuracy, because the court reporter apparently “wasn’t up to the challenge the case presented.”

The congressman could provide no further details, only that “they’re working on” difficulties with the transcript. He contended, however, the administration has enough of the facts to make a decision now.

“The president shouldn’t have to go to the transcript to see that, on the face of it, this prosecution makes no sense,” Rohrabacher said. “You’ve got a professional drug dealer who was a mule for the cartels, and the prosecutor has been taking that person’s side and his word.”

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton defended his prosecution in an interview with WND.

The White House press office was asked today to answer follow-up questions but has not responded.

A staunch defender of Ramos and Compean, TJ Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told WND he has seen snippets of the transcript and contends there are problems with the prosecution’s case.

“I’m anxious to see the transcript, because I’m not afraid to see what will be revealed,” he said. “Once people find out the truth, they will be even more outraged that the government pursued the case, knowing what they know.”

This reeks of a cover-up.

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Feds ‘Knew Smuggler’ in Border Patrol Case

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

More information continues to trickle out about the accusations, trial and conviction of two U.S. boarder guards who “shot” a drug smuggler.
As time goes on, it becomes more and more evident that there is a cover-up and these two border guards were wrongly convicted.

New evidence suggests prosecuting U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton of El Paso lied about how the government found the fleeing illegal alien Mexican drug smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, according to a Border Patrol advocate closely following the case of former agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Contrary to claims, no Mexican attorney was involved as an intermediary offering to reveal the identity of the drug smuggler and bring him back to the U.S. in exchange for given immunity to testify against Border Patrol, contended Andy Ramirez, chairman of Friends of the Border Patrol.

“It’s shocking how much lying Johnny Sutton has done about Aldrete-Davila,” he told WND.

“The government made a deal with the devil to put Ramos and Compean behind bars,” Ramirez said. “Sutton’s story about the lawyer in Mexico is a total fabrication, completely and maliciously false. The government knew Aldrete-Davila’s identity from Border Patrol and DHS sources almost immediately after the event.”

Commenting to WND for this story, Sutton insisted there was insufficient evidence to charge the drug smuggler, who was in a foreign country, which would have made it difficult to extradite him.


The government did have a choice to prosecute the drug dealer they had identified as the suspect, he insisted. Instead attorney Sutton and his office decided to give the likely drug smuggler immunity so he could testify against Ramos and Compean.

Ramirez was emphatic in his conclusion.

“If the truth about how the government got their hands on Aldrete-Davila had been told to the jury, there is no way the jury would have believed a word of his story that he was unarmed.”

In the Jan. 19 WND interview with Sutton, a reference to Aldrete-Davila’s family seemed at the time to contradict Sutton’s claim that Aldrete-Davila came forth from a Mexican lawyer seeking immunity. In explaining why his office did not seek to prosecute Aldrete-Davila, Sutton commented in the interview that:

The agents put us in a situation where there was no way to prove in a court that Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila was connected to that load of marijuana. We would not even known about him had he not come and the investigators for Homeland Security been able to find him through his family.

Now, in the context of the information provided by Andy Ramirez about the connection between agent Rene Sanchez and Aldrete-Davila’s families in Mexico, Sutton’s comment apparently corroborate Ramirez’s account. The DHS agent Sutton to which Sutton referred could be Chris Sanchez, who was working with Aldrete-Davila’s family in Mexico to bring the suspect back to the U.S.

From the beginning of the case, Sutton has claimed he could not prosecute the drug smuggler because the fleeing Mexican got away and left no fingerprints on his van at the scene Feb. 17, 2005. The van was found to contain 743 pounds of marijuana. Aldrete-Davila abandoned the vehicle to head for the Rio Grande on foot, determined to evade arrest from the Border Patrol in hot pursuit.

“Sutton’s attempt to make his decision to prosecute Ramos and Compean look sympathetic falls apart once we realize the government had found the suspect, contrary to Sutton’s claims that finding the suspect was impossible,” Ramirez told WND. “Yet, apparently attempting to cover up the truth, Sutton has stuck to his story that Aldrete-Davila came forward through a Mexican lawyer who shielded the identity of his client until the government gave his client immunity.”

Sutton has consistently claimed that without fingerprints, the prosecution had no alternative but to abandon the idea of prosecuting the perpetrator of the cross-border drug delivery.

Yet, somehow, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila showed up back in the U.S. as a guest of the government. Once Aldrete-Davila was back in the U.S., a U.S. Army doctor removed a bullet that entered his right groin after passing through the left side of his left buttocks. All this was engineered by Sutton’s office, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, aimed toward obtaining from Aldrete-Davila ballistics evidence that would prove Ramos and Compean had fired and hit Aldrete-Davila as he fled.

WND separately has reported the ballistics evidence failed to tie the weapon fired by agent Ramos with the bullet removed from Aldrete-Davila by the U.S. Army doctor.

Since Aldrete-Davila escaped the scene without being apprehended, Sutton had no way to prove definitively the drug smuggler had been unarmed, unless he could give Aldrete-Davila immunity and obtain his testimony on the stand.

Proving that Aldrete-Davila was unarmed was a central part of Sutton’s case arguing Ramos and Compean had committed assault with the intent to kill under 18 U.S.C., Section 113(a)(c) and seeking to add 10-year mandatory sentences for having committed this assault with their weapons, in violation of 18 U.S. Section 924(c). If Aldrete-Davila was a fleeing, armed drug smuggling suspect, then Sutton simply had no case against Ramos and Compean.

WND previously has reported on a letter Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., wrote to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Oct. 11, 2006, arguing 18 U.S.C. Section 924(c) was the wrong statute under which to prosecute Ramos and Compean.

Ramirez told WND that charging Ramos and Compean with 18 U.S.C. Section 924(c) showed the determination of the prosecutors to pile on as much prison time as possible on the two agents. The statute carries a mandatory 10-year sentence as additional punishment for carrying or using a weapon in a violent crime, such as rape or drug smuggling.

In his interview with WND, Ramirez charged the government found Aldrete-Davila in an independent investigative manner that would have permitted Sutton to have prosecuted the drug dealer. Instead, Sutton decided to offer Aldrete-Davila immunity and free government-paid medical care, provided he would return to the U.S. and testify against the Border Patrol agents.

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Preambles of State Constitutions

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I found this interesting.

  • Alabama 1901: We the people of the State of Alabama , invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish the following Constitution.
  • Alaska 1956: We, the people of Alaska , grateful to God and to those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land.
  • Arizona 1911: We, the people of the State of Arizona , grateful to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution…
  • Arkansas 1874: We, the people of the State of Arkansas , grateful to Almighty God for the privilege of choosing our own form of government…
  • California 1879: We, the People of the State of California , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom.
  • Colorado 1876: We, the people of Colorado , with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.
  • Connecticut 1818: The People of Connecticut, acknowledging with gratitude the good Providence of God in permitting them to enjoy.
  • Delaware 1897: Through Divine Goodness all men have, by nature, the rights of worshiping and serving their Creator according to the dictates of their consciences.
  • Florida 1885: We, the people of the State of Florida , grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, establish this Constitution…
  • Georgia 1777: We, the people of Georgia , relying upon protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution…
  • Hawaii 1959: We , the people of Hawaii , Grateful for Divine Guidance .. Establish this Constitution.
  • Idaho 1889: We, the people of the State of Idaho , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings.
  • Illinois 1870: We, the people of the State of Illinois, grateful to Almighty God for the civil l, political and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy and looking to Him for a blessing on our endeavors.
  • Indiana 1851: We, the People of the State of Indiana , grateful to Almighty God for the free exercise of the right to choose our form of government.
  • Iowa 1857: We, the People of the State of Iowa , grateful to the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuation of these blessings establish this Constitution.
  • Kansas 1859: We, the people of Kansas , grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious privileges establish this Constitution.
  • Kentucky 1891: We, the people of the Commonwealth are grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties…
  • Louisiana 1921: We, the people of the State of Louisiana , grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties we enjoy.
  • Maine 1820: We the People of Maine acknowledging with grateful hearts the goodness of the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in affording us an opportunity .. And imploring His aid and direction.
  • Maryland 1776: We, the people of the state of Maryland , grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberty…
  • Massachusetts 1780: We…the people of Massachusetts , acknowledging with grateful hearts, the goodness of the Great Legislator of the Universe .. In the course of His Providence, an opportunity and devoutly imploring His direction…
  • Michigan 1908: We, the people of the State of Michigan , grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom establish this Constitution.
  • Minnesota 1857: We, the people of the State of Minnesota , grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings:
  • Mississippi 1890: We, the people of Mississippi in convention assembled, grateful to Al mighty God, and invoking His blessing on our work.
  • Missouri 1845: We, the people of Missouri , with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness .. Establish this Constitution.
  • Montana 1889: We, the people of Montana , grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of liberty establish this Constitution…
  • Nebraska 1875: We, the people, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom . Establish this Constitution.
  • Nevada 1864: We the people of the State of Nevada , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom establish this Constitution…
  • New Hampshire 1792: Part I. Art. I. Sec. V . Every individual has a natural and unalienable right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.
  • New Jersey 1844: We, the people of the State of New Jersey, grateful to Almighty God for civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing on our endeavors.
  • New Mexico 1911: We, the People of New Mexico, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of liberty…
  • New York 1846: We, the people of the State of New York , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings.
  • North Carolina 1868: We the people of the State of North Carolina, grateful to Almighty God, the Sovereign Ruler of Nations, for our civil, political, and religious liberties, and acknowledging our dependence upon Him for the continuance of those…
  • North Dakota 1889: We, the people of North Dakota , grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, do ordain…
  • Ohio 1852: We the people of the state of Ohio , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and to promote our common…
  • Oklahoma 1907: Invoking the guidance of Almighty God, in order to secure and perpetuate the blessings of liberty … establish this.
  • Oregon 1857: Bill of Rights, Article I. Section 2. All men shall be secure in the Natural right, to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences…
  • Pennsylvania 1776: We, the people of Pennsylvania , grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, and humbly invoking His guidance…
  • Rhode Island 1842: We the People of the State of Rhode Island grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing…
  • South Carolina 1778: We, the people of he State of South Carolina grateful to God for our liberties, do ordain and establish this Constitution.
  • South Dakota 1889: We, the people of South Dakota , grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberties…
  • Tennessee 1796: Art. XI.III. That all men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their conscience…
  • Texas 1845: We the People of the Republic of Texas , acknowledging, with gratitude, the grace and beneficence of God.
  • Utah 1896: Grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty, we establish this Constitution.
  • Vermont 1777: Whereas all government ought to enable the individuals who compose it to enjoy their natural rights, and other blessings which the Author of Existence has bestowed on man…
  • Virginia 1776: Bill of Rights, XVI Religion, or the Duty which we owe our Creator can be directed only by Reason and that it is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian Forbearance, Love and Charity towards each other…
  • Washington 1889: We the People of the State of Washington , grateful to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution…
  • West Virginia 1872: Since through Divine Providence we enjoy the blessings of civil, political and religious liberty, we, the people of West Virginia reaffirm our faith in and constant reliance upon God…
  • Wisconsin 1848: We, the people of Wisconsin , grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, domestic tranquility…
  • Wyoming 1890: We, the people of the State of Wyoming , grateful to God for our civil, political, and religious liberties .. establish this Constitution.
  • OK, so let me recap here:
    All the states of the United States of America, in either the Preamble of their state constitutions, or in their state bill of rights, acknowledge the existence of a divine influence.
    Eleven of them use terms like “Supreme Ruler of the Universe”, “the Creator”, “Divine Guidance”, “Supreme Being”, “Sovereign Ruler of the Universe”, “the Great Legislator of the Universe”, “Author of Existence” and “Divine Providence”.
    The remaining thirty-nine used “God” and “Almighty God” to express their belief in not only a divine power, but a belief in the God of the Bible.

    The atheist would have us believe that this country never intended to support or hold religion dear. They are not only holding to the belief that there should be no mention at all of God in government, but that it shouldn’t even be allowed in the public square.
    If groups like the ACLU and the quasi-Christians at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, have their way, all vestiges of the Christianity that formed this great nation would be wiped away, never to be recounted again. Religion would be limited to private homes and places of worship.
    But even with all of the evidence proving there is a God, and the fact that our founding fathers, at both the national level and state levels, called on Him for guidance and approval, the atheist crowd still continues to try to advance it’s agenda of anti-Christian persecution in direct violation of the state and federal constitutions and bill of rights.
    Maybe someday, the people of this country will demand that the government uphold the law of the land as it is written, instead of the way some activist federal or state judge “interprets” it in order to advance his/her agenda.
    See my article “What Does the U.S. Constitution Actually Say About Religion?

    And From Little Green Footballs, About the Eilat Bombing, “CAIR: Silent Again”

    Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

    That’s right folks, the poster group of “we aren’t paranoid, we just know everyone is an islamaphobe”, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), doesn’t condemn the bombing at all. Well, you know, it was only a few Zionist invaders (slimy pali terrorist speak for innocent Israeli civilians), so CAIR won’t waste the web space denouncing it. Truth be known, they are probably celebrating it.

    In an idle moment I wondered whether the Council on American Islamic Relations had anything to say about the suicide bombing today in Eilat, with all that Saudi money and all those staff members watching for any Islam-related stories. Let’s browse over to their site, shall we?

    Nope. Not a single word. Surprised? Not me.

    But how many complaints of victimhood can you count on their front page?

    Original Link.

    Eilat Bomber’s Family “Happy” That He Was a Slimy Pali Terrorist Bomber

    Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

    Bomber’s brother: We’re happy Muhammad is the hero

    Pali to English Translation:
    Hero: One who is a slimy pali terrorist bomber who targets innocent Israeli civilians.

    In their mourning tent, Saqsaq family fails to express any sorrow. ‘We knew he was waiting for this moment. He wanted to be shahid, and earned it,’ brother tells Ynet. He explains that his brother tried to send message to Palestinian factions to fight against Israel, not against one another

    “The whole family was very happy when it heard that Muhammad is the hero who carried out the attack,” said Naim Saqsaq, the brother of Muhammad Saqsaq, who carried out the suicide attack in Eilat that killed three people.

    “We knew that he was waiting and praying for this moment. He always said, ‘If only I could be a shahid, if only I could carry out an attack.’ And here Allah gave him the privilege,” he told Ynet.

    The brother recounted that Muhammad was an unemployed construction worker. He was married. His only daughter died from disease three weeks ago.

    “He was always in the mindset of the fighters. When the Israelis were invading Gaza, he participated in the battles in Jabalya and Beit Hanoun. He was waiting for this moment. The truth is that we knew that at some point he would be killed in a confrontation with the Israelis and would be a shahid. Because of this, we are happy that God gave him what he asked for.”

    Naim told that he saw his brother for the last time four days ago. “I don’t know how to explain the reports that the attack was prepared over many long months. In my opinion, he went on his way four days ago. I don’t know where to,” he explained.

    Original Link.

    Three Innocent Israelis Killed by Slimy Pali Terrorist Bomber in Eilat

    Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

    Three people were killed and two others were critically wounded Monday morning in an suicide bombing attack that rocked a shopping area located in Eilat’s Izidor neighborhood.

    Police confirmed that a suicide bomber blew himself up in a bakery in the neighborhood that was bustling with shoppers at the time, dispelling earlier reports that the blast was caused by a gas cylinder.

    (sarcasm) We all know the military value of bakeries. They rate right up there with tank parks, airbases, battleships and the Defense Ministry. Think of the damage this slimy pali terrorist bomber has done to the Israeli military infrastructure. How will the IDF ever mount field operations again?

    Shattered glass was visible on the sidewalk outside, alongside blood-stained bread trays scattered by the blast.

    “There were four bodies at the scene, one of which belonged to the suicide bomber … The scene was terrifying,” a Magen David Adom paramedic told Ynet.

    Palestinian news reports identified the suicide bomber as Fasial al-Saqsaq, 23, from the Gaza Strip.

    According to initial police findings, the bomber had planned to blow himself up at another location but entered the bakery when a pedestrian suspected his behavior.

    Two Palestinian groups, the Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – the military wing of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction – claimed joint responsibility for the attack. However, Fatah spokesman Ahmad Abdul Rahman condemned the violence, saying, “We are against any operation that targets civilians, Israelis or Palestinians.”

    Of course we have the usual doublespeak from the slimy pali terrorist authorities. Never mind that their group took responsibility for the bombing. Out of one side of their mouth, they say they did it, and out of other side of their mouth, they say they didn’t. I think that is commonly referred to as lying.

    Although the Islamic Jihad said the bomber came from the West Bank, the Israeli army did not rule out the possibility that he came from the Gaza Strip and infiltrated Israel from Egypt, which he reached using tunnels dug under the Egypt-Gaza border.

    Jihad issued conflicting statements about the bomber’s place of residence, later claiming that the bomber had crossed into Israel from neighboring Jordan.

    A statement issued by the group, which is sworn to Israel’s destruction, said the bombing “underscores the Palestinian resistance’s intention to pursue Jihad (holy war) until all Palestinian lands are liberated.”

    A spokesman for the governing Islamic group Hamas defended Monday’s bombing as legitimate “resistance” against Israel.

    Fawzi Barhoum called the attack a “natural response” to Israeli military policies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as its ongoing boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government. “So long as there is occupation, resistance is legitimate,” he said.

    The attack prompted the Israel Police to raise the level of alert nationwide, amid fears that more suicide bombers could be hiding in Eilat.

    Eilat District police commander Bruno Stein said: “This is an extremely serious incident which requires us to think fast. We have boosted our forces’ presence in the city and are working on finding out who stands behind the bombing. Our assumption is that it’s not one bomber, and there might be more bombers in Eilat right now.”

    The bombing is the first to strike the southernmost resort city and the first to hit Israel since last April, when a suicide bomber blew himself up near Tel Aviv’s old bus station, killing eight people.

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