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Father Killed Family for Being Too Western

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

More muslim honor killings. This one in the U.K. I want each and every one of you to look at these beautiful children and tell me why they deserved to be burned to death in their own beds. OK folks, talk to me. I know I have a fairly large following of readers from Islamic Amsterdam. Jump right in here and explain to me how there is any justification for doing this. Oh yes, now I remember…all you have to do is open the Koran and there is all the justification this man needed.

Riaz Family

A 49-year-old man murdered his wife and four daughters when he set fire to his home as they slept, an inquest heard.Caneze Riaz, 39, and daughters Sayrah, Sophia, Alicia and Hannah were trapped as the fire swept through their house in Accrington, Lancashire, last year.

Mohammed Riaz suffered 65% burns in the blaze and died two days later.

Blackburn coroner Michael Singleton recorded verdicts of unlawful killing for Mrs Riaz and her daughters and a verdict of suicide for Mr Riaz. Post-mortem examinations found that Mrs Riaz and her daughters – Sayrah, 16, Sophia, 12, Alicia, 10, and three-year-old Hannah – died from smoke inhalation.

Relatives and friends of the family told police a rift had developed between Mr and Mrs Riaz, the inquest heard. Mr Riaz, a conservative Muslim, disagreed with his wife over her determination to bring up their children with Western lifestyles.

Det Supt Mick Gradwell, of Lancashire Police, told the inquest there was no doubt Mr Riaz intended to kill his family.

The doors of the house were locked from the inside. Senior fire investigator Stephen Kennedy agreed, telling the inquest the fire was “most likely” to have been started deliberately. Mr Riaz poured petrol and accelerant along the first floor landing, down the stairs and into the living rooms. The fire started in three places upstairs, and was focused in the doorway of Mrs Riaz’s bedroom, where she was asleep with Hannah.

All of the Riaz girls died as they slept in their beds.

The inquest heard that her DNA was found on a petrol can at the back of the bedroom, suggesting she woke up and tried to move it before being overcome by fumes.

Her body was found next to the bed, beside the can and the bed where the body of Hannah lay. The other girls were found in their beds.

Recording his verdicts, Mr Singleton said: “With respect to the four girls and Mrs Caneze I am satisfied that the injury that caused their deaths was the inhalation of the products of combustion.”

Referring to Mr Riaz, he said his cause of death was severe burns and the inhalation of the products of combustion.

Family ‘satisfied’

He said: “I am satisfied that on November 1, 2006, while at his home address, Mohammed Riaz started a fire at those premises, making no attempt to leave. “I am satisfied from the evidence I have heard, and beyond reasonable doubt, that in acting in the way he did Mohammed intended to bring about his own demise and he killed himself.”

Speaking after the hearing, Barry Khanan, Mrs Riaz’s brother, said he was pleased with the inquest outcome. “I am glad that this is now over and we can move forward,” he said.

Mr Gradwell said outside the court that had Mr Riaz lived he would have been prosecuted for murder. “I am confident we would have got a conviction,” he said.

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They had a son too, but he was very ill and in the hospital battling cancer. He has since died.

Relatives broke the news to the couple’s son, Adam, 17, as he lay terminally ill with cancer at the Christie Hospital, Manchester. He died six weeks later.

Link to Telegraph article.

At least detectives are being a little more down to earth than normal.

Detectives said they had a lot more work to carry out before they complete their investigation but that they could not rule out the possibility that the deaths were an “honour killing”.

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Jefferson Advocated ‘Gate’ Between Church and State

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I have been saying for years now, that Jefferson’s words were being perverted to say things they were not meant to say, in order to advance the agenda of people attempting to wipe Christianity, not only from the “public square”, but from the United States completely. After you read this post, take a moment to read my article What Does the U.S. Constitution Actually Say About Religion?

Thomas Jefferson, credited with penning the famous “wall of separation between Church and State” on which many secular organization have rested their hopes of eliminating Christianity from the public square, actually believed in a “gate” allowing free passage between the two, according to a researcher who’s reviewed Library of Congress documents.

How else, asked Todd DuBord, senior pastor at Lake Almanor Community Church, could Jefferson as president in 1803 recommended a treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians in which U.S. taxpayers promised to pay $100 a year for seven years “for the support of a [Catholic] priest …” and made a commitment that “the United States will further give the sum of three hundred dollars to assist the said tribe in the erection of a church…”

And how else could Jefferson, as president, have held Christian church services in the executive branch buildings, the U.S. House of Representatives, and even the U.S. Supreme Court chambers? he asked.

“I used to believe in ‘a wall of separation between Church and State,'” DuBord wrote in a compilation of his research prepared for his church website. “After researching the religion and politics of Thomas Jefferson in the Library of Congress, I now understand that barrier was a gate Jefferson would often pass through.”


He noted that on his recent trip, a tour guide, although “cordial and informative about many matters,” became abrupt and even a little “arrogant” when asked about Jefferson’s faith.

“We all know Jefferson was a strict deist, who ardently fought for the separation of Church and State,” the guide announced at the historic site run by the private, nonprofit Thomas Jefferson Foundation, DuBord said.

But DuBord said his research actually supports the concept that Jefferson was more religious than most people know, and “used both his government positions and even funds on occasion to establish churches, distribute biblical information, and promote Christianity.”

“As a result, I am again respectfully requesting that a fuller view of Thomas Jefferson and his intermingling of government and religion (specifically Christianity) be reinvestigated and reintroduced into the Monticello tour guides’ information and education,” he said in his newest request.

Near the end of his life, Jefferson said in letters to Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, on June 26, 1822; to William Canby, on Sept. 18, 1813; and to Charles Thomson, on Jan. 9, 1816, that:

The doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend to all the happiness of man…

Of all the systems of morality, ancient or modern which have come under my observation, none appears to me so pure as that of Jesus…

I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus.

DuBord explained his research convinced him that Jefferson was opposed to the “tyranny and corruptions” of Christianity, but not to the teachings of Jesus himself. In a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, he said, “I am a Christian, in the only sense he wished any to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines, in preference to all others.”

DuBord concluded that Jefferson probably was not an evangelical Christian, and probably wasn’t orthodox in most of his doctrine, but he certainly was not “a dogmatic deist with a secular progressive agenda to rid religion (specifically Christianity) from government, as he is often conveyed, even by our tour guide at Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, in July of 2006.”

DuBord said the background from which Jefferson came is important to understanding his dislike of the “business” of Christianity. England had a state-supported church and in Virginia, Jefferson’s home, the Church of England also was funded by taxes.

In his “Notes” from the Library of Congress, it says Jefferson also was exposed to the religious intolerance of the anti-Quaker laws, and suffered the opposition of some church leaders during his presidential campaign.

A friend once noted of Jefferson that he didn’t oppose Christianity, just the “tyranny” different sects imposed on people.

It is within those parameters then, that he wrote to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, whose members expressed concern he would endorse a state church:

Believing with youth that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative power of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.

DuBord said those words were written in reaction and possibly retaliation to the verbal attacks he’d endured from clergy. In another letter he called them an “irritable tribe of priests.”

But when he was called on to express his beliefs, such as in recommending a seal for the U.S., Jefferson first suggested one that reflected the “children of Israel in the Wilderness, led by a Cloud by Day, and Pillar of Fire by night…” DuBord found.

Does such a symbol, he asked, “seem like they could come from those who are ardently in favor of the separation of Church and State?” And from a man, who two days after writing the letter to the Danbury Baptists, would attend a worship service inside the U.S. House of Representatives?

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Terror Called ‘Product’ of Arab Society

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

This article appeared back in June of 2006 and I wanted to take a moment to revisit it. It is only by understanding that violence, and from that terror, are taught and ingrained into the very “fabric” of these societies.
The typical Muslim is taught that everyone who is not Muslim is a second class person. These “lower class” individuals are worthy of one of several actions. If the non-Muslim refuses to convert to Islam, they can be put to death, or live as a heavily taxed “second class” citizen of the Muslim community, living in close proximity, but never a part of it.
We Westerners have a really hard time realizing that Muslims, Arabs in particular, do not hold to the same value system we do. Even the most ardent atheist typically will hold to at least part of the Judeo-Christian value system. This value system of the Muslim is not the same as the Judeo-Christian. It’s really not even close.
Although we have degraded ourselves in recent times, most Westerners still hold to the value of human life. But the Muslim sees human life quite differently.

In stark contrast to the Arab world’s many defenders of jihad, a member of Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council says terrorism is the product of a flaw in Arab-Muslim culture in which “the other” does not deserve to live.

Translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, a May 23 broadcast on Saudi TV’s Channel 1 has the interviewer asking Saudi Shura Council member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi the following: “Some elements in Arab and Muslim societies have intensified the hostility towards Arabs and Muslims, through their acts of violence and terrorism, to the point that we see images of slaughtering the other – American or European – live on TV.”

Al-Buleihi responded:

In my opinion, we should not describe these people as deviant. This is the product of our culture. …

They are the product of a culture that believes the other does not deserve to live, and is an absolute enemy with whom no understanding is possible. …

There is a fundamental flaw in our culture that leads to this behavior. This ideology, which was advocated by Sayyid Qutb [a 20th century Egyptian intellectual associated with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood], and which is implemented by those who kill innocent people – women, children, and people who have done nothing wrong – did not emerge out of thin air, but is the product of this culture. This is a one-dimensional culture, a culture of tyranny – tyranny in culture, in politics, in society, in the family, and in everything.

The “other” does not have to be someone completely different. When we disagree with someone, even over a shoe-shine, we regard him as the “other,” we boycott him, we excommunicate him, defame him, level accusations at him, and so on.

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Saudi Journalist was Taught Supreme Being ‘Punishes and Never Forgives’

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

From my research into the Koran, I found the comment this Saudi journalist makes to be true.
The Koran is full of “Allah is merciful”, and yet in the same sentence, it spells out how vengeful and punishing he would be for some infraction. It also occurred to me as I read, that the “benchmarks” or rules, that one could follow to achieve “forgiveness”, changed almost by the page. Sometimes it was fine to take things from someone, other times it was not. Sometimes it was acceptable to kill someone, other times it was not. As I made a “list” of the “rules” of Islam, it became apparent to me that they changed, the further I read into the Koran.
The Bible teaches that God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If the god of the Koran is the same God of the Bible, why would this unchanging god change so much?
The answer is: The God of Bible is not the god of Koran. They are completely different entities.
I have my suspicions of who the god of Koran may be. But there is no doubt of who he isn’t. He isn’t the God of the Bible.

In a recent TV interview, a Saudi author and journalist offered a glimpse into the pressures and conditioning children in Saudi society must face.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, journalist Hani Naqashbandi made the following comments Feb. 6 during an appearance on Future TV, a Lebanese show:

Hani Naqashbandi: I grew up in a society that taught me Allah is a tormentor.

Interviewer: A tormentor?

Hani Naqashbandi: In the full sense of the word. It taught me that Allah punishes and never forgives. He punishes, punishes, and punishes, and only eventually will decide whether to forgive you or not.

Interviewer: I feel like running away…

Hani Naqashbandi: Let’s leave together. Allah describes himself as compassionate and merciful, in all religions. Allah represents, first and foremost, love. We did not learn that Allah is love, we learned, from childhood. … To this day, I hate milk, because my mother would say: “Drink your milk, or else Allah will be mad at you.” She didn’t say Allah loves me. Let him love me first.

View the “Allah is a tormentor” interview segment.

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Churches Back Plan to Unite Under Pope

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Wow, lots of end time events in the news today. I was lamenting to Beth yesterday how little news there was of interest to us (the main stream media has spent almost 24/7 coverage on Anna Nicole Smith’s death, of which I could care less), and then today, out comes all kinds of neat things to blog about.
This article is interesting to me because in end times events, one major event will the creation of a one world religion. As the Anglicans with the Roman Catholic Church discuss coming together under the leadership of the Pope, I can see this as one more step towards the one world religion.
“Steve”, y’all say, “That’s a pretty far stretch, don’t ya think”?
But think about it. You have two similar but very distinct groups who have not been able to find common ground on this issue for hundreds of years. Now, suddenly, they can not only find common ground, but are actively seeking reunification.
The timing is nothing less than spectacular. How anyone can look at what is happening in the world today, compare it to the Bible and not see the correlation is beyond me.
I really think y’all need to be picking up your Bibles and reading them.

LONDON: Proposals to re-unite the Anglicans with the Roman Catholic Church under the leadership of the Pope is
under consideration of the Vatican even as senior bishops of the two churches broadly agree to it, media reported on Monday.

In a 42-page statement prepared by an international commission of both churches, Anglicans and Roman Catholics are urged to explore how they might reunite under the Pope. The statement, leaked to the Times, is being considered by the Vatican, where Catholic bishops are preparing a formal response.

Titled ‘Growing Together in Unity and Mission’, the report notes that there is an “imperfect communion” between the two churches, but declares there is sufficient common ground to make its “call for action”.

“The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the ministry of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) as universal primate is in accordance with Christ’s will for the Church and an essential element of maintaining it in unity and truth,” the report said.

The proposals also address the need for special “protocols” to be put in place to deal with the movement of clergy from one church to another. It urges Anglicans to pray for the pope during inter-cessionary prayers while in church, and for Catholics to pray for the archbishop of Canterbury the leader of the world’s Anglicans in public.

The commission was set up in 2000 to find a way to move towards unity through “common life and mission” and is chaired by the Right Rev David Beetge, an Anglican bishop from South Africa, and the Most Rev John Bathersby, the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane.

It comes as the archbishops who lead the 38 provinces of the Anglican communion meet in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in an attempt to avoid schism over gay ordination and other liberal doctrines that have taken hold in parts of the Western Church.

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Edwards: Israel “Greatest Short-term Threat to World Peace”; Backpedals

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Presidential hopeful, John Edwards, stepped in it big time, as reported by Variety columnist, Peter Bart. At a reception in Hollywood, Edwards made the comment “Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.”
Notice that it’s Israel’s fault, in Edward’s opinion, that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. NRO’s “The Hillary Spot” reporter Jim Geraghty commented “Really? Israel is the biggest threat? Not Ahmedinijad? Not al-Qaeda? Not a coup attempt in Pakistan? Not a complete breakdown in Iraq drawing in the Saudis, Turks, and Iranians?” How true.
The variety article goes on to comment on Israel and her popularity with the world. What Mr. Bart goes on to say is no surprise to me (since I’ve actually read the Bible) and, although I’m not an expert on end times events as predicted in the Bible, I do have a small understanding of them and I can see this as a further fulfillment of Ezekiel 39.
Mr. Bart stated “Support for Israel in the U.S. has lately become bafflingly multi-cultural, representing an alliance between diaspora Jews, traditional Zionists and evangelicals. Support from Christian zealots, who now represent about one third of Israel’s tourist business, is welcomed even though, according to evangelical doctrine, Judgment Day will bring the ultimate destruction of Israel and death to most of its residents.
The Economist observed this week that “knee jerk defensiveness” of Israel ultimately will erode support for that country around the world, even among Jews. Only 17% of American Jews today regard themselves as “pro-Zionist,” the magazine points out, and only 57% say that “caring about Israel is a very important part of being Jewish.” And Jimmy Carter only exacerbates these mixed signals with his recent perorations that Israel must “give back” territories to the Palestinians.
Given that the Christian Right and neo-conservatives in this country seem more obsessed with Israel than the Jewish community, the “I” word is becoming a potentially lethal component of today’s political dialogue.

As the United States and the world at large continues to pressure Israel to give up land, while pali terrorist continue to try to kill large numbers of innocent Israeli civilians, the “government” of pali-land, made completely up by terrorist, hardly commits to even “respect” previous agreements, let alone actually purse peace, while Iran and Syria continue to work together in order to destroy Israel, I see the fuse on the powder keg of the Middle East growing shorter and shorter. It’s only a matter a time before it blows.
The Bible tells us that Israel will stand alone against a huge alliance of nations and groups who will attempt to wipe her from the face of the earth, once and for all. But the Bible also tells us that Israel is never truly alone. As God’s chosen people, Israel will watch as God Himself destroys this threat.
Interesting times are coming this old world of ours. I hope y’all are ready. If you’re not, I recommend picking up a Bible and truly trying to understand what it is trying to tell you.
Oh yeah, at least Edwards was consistent. He gave us the typical “that not what I meant” mantra. You can read his backpedal here.

More End Times Indicators

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I can see where this could figure into end time alliances quite readily.

Russia is poised to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) signed by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan in December 1987. The treaty prohibits development and deployment of all land-based short-, medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) with ranges of 300 to 3,400 miles, as well as all ground-launched cruise missiles.
Inspections verifying the treaty were completed in 2001, although elimination was effectively concluded nearly a decade earlier.

Christians, keep the faith. Keep looking up.

House To Vote on ‘Hate Crimes’ Giving Homosexuals Special Rights

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on HR 254, which establishes “hate crime” legislation. HR 254 will create new special rights for homosexuals under the guise of enhancing law enforcement. It would make “sexual orientation” a protected class alongside race, religion and gender.

The only way this bill can be defeated is with a real grassroots uprising by those who care about the future of their children, families and marriages!

The intent of this law is to force the acceptance and approval of homosexuality on every American, regardless of their religious views. Here is a short summary of HR 254.

For a more in-depth review of where we are headed, click here.

Here is a partial list of what homosexual activists are trying to force on every American. While HR 254 will not, in and of itself, accomplish these goals, it will open the door to such regulations. Once the elephant gets its trunk under the tent, the way is open for the elephant to move inside and do whatever he wants.

  • Preaching that homosexuality is a sin from the pulpit will result in the preacher being charged with “hate speech.”
  • Churches will have their tax-exempt status revoked if they oppose homosexuality.
  • Homosexual marriage will be legalized and recognized in all states.
  • Polygamy will be legalized.
  • Landlords will be forced to rent to homosexuals.
  • Scouts, and all non-profit organizations, will be required to hire homosexuals as leaders.
  • Biblical language used to define homosexuality will be considered “hate speech.” City officials have already had a billboard removed in Long Island, NY, because it was classified as “hate speech.” The billboard read: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.” (Leviticus 20:13)
  • Employees will not be allowed to say anything negative about homosexuality in their workplaces.
  • Classes promoting the homosexual lifestyle will be included in school curricula beginning with the lower grades.
  • Employers will be forced to hire homosexuals.
  • Adoption by homosexuals will be legalized in every state.
  • To read HR 254, click here.

    Let me say again: HR 254 will not, in and of itself, accomplish everything the homosexual activist’s desire. But it is the first step is to position their cause where they can achieve all their goals.

    If they are successful with HR 254, rest assured they will pursue their next goal and will not stop until they achieve all their goals.

    American Family Association Website.