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The Temple Institute

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Fern Sidman sent me this link, which I’m going to add to our list of resources in the sidebar. It concerns The Temple Institute, a group “dedicated to all aspects of the Divine commandment for Israel to build a house for G-d’s presence, the Holy Temple, on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. The range of the Institute’s involvement with this concept includes education, research, activism, and actual preparation. Our goal is firstly, to restore Temple consciousness and reactive these “forgotten” commandments. We hope that by doing our part, we can participate in the process that will lead to the Holy Temple becoming a reality once more.
Take a look at this very informative site concerning the Temple in Jerusalem.

Link to The Temple Institute.

Unsuccessful At Killing Innocent Israelis, Pali Terrorist Kill Each Other Instead

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Does this remind anyone else of the “rabid dog in a pen”? With nowhere else to go, the rabid dog turns on anything it can attack…even itself.

Members of the Popular Resistance Committees, a group affiliated with Hamas, opened fire Monday at the car of Muhammad Youssef, a senior police official. Youssef escaped the attack unharmed, and police launched a pursuit.

The Resistance Committees accused Youssef of refusing to integrate group members into the police force, despite a previous agreement to do so.

In another incident, members of a Hamas militia engaged in a daytime gunbattle with security forces. The gunbattle broke out when Hamas and Fatah loyalists argued over who had control of a nearby training compound in Gaza City, security officials said.

The Fatah-allied security forces demanded that the Hamas militiamen leave the area, but the latter refused, saying it fell under the control of the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry, security officials said. There were no injuries

Earlier in Gaza, unknown assailants fired shots at the house and car of a senior security officer who has had past problems with Hamas, security officials said.

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Saudi Gang-Rape Victim Faces 90 Lashes

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

OK folks, the key word here is “Victim”. You know, the person who suffered from the acts of criminals. The person who, by definition is: “One who is harmed or killed by another”. The woman, who in this case, was kidnapped at knifepoint, gang-raped and then beaten by her brother. You know, the Victim.
Well, in this case, the most humane and progressive representative democracy of the religion of peace and tolerance (aka Islam), commonly known as Saudi Arabia, has decided to give this woman 90 lashes. Her crime, you might ask? Meeting a man who was not a relative.
Read the whole thing below. It just keeps on getting more unbelievable.

RIYADH – A Saudi woman who was kidnapped at knifepoint, gang-raped and then beaten by her brother has been sentenced to 90 lashes — for a meeting a man who was not a relative, a newspaper reported on Monday.

In an interview with the Saudi Gazette, the 19-year-old said she was blackmailed a year ago into meeting a man who threatened to tell her family they were having a relationship outside wedlock, which is illegal in the ultra-conservative desert kingdom.

After driving off together from a shopping mall near her home, the woman and the man were stopped and abducted by a gang of men wielding kitchen knives who took them to a farm where she was raped 14 times by her captors.

Five men were arrested for the rape and given jail terms ranging from 10 months to five years by a panel of judges in the eastern city of Qatif, near the woman’s hometown.

But the judges also decided to sentence the woman, identified by the newspaper only as ‘G,’ and the man to lashes for being alone together in the car.

Unrelated men and women are forbidden from interacting in public in Saudi Arabia, which strictly enforces Islamic Sharia law.

‘G’ said one of the judges told she was lucky not to have been given jail time. ‘I was shocked at the verdict. I couldn’t believe my ears,’ said the woman, who has appealed against her sentence.

The woman also told the paper she tried to commit suicide because of her ordeal and was beaten by her younger brother because the rape had brought shame on their family.

Fuziyah Al Ouni, described as an activist by the paper, said she was outraged by the case. ‘By sentencing her to 90 lashes they are sending a message that she is guilty. No rape victim is guilty,’ she said.

There are severe legal restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia, including a strict dress code required outside the home and a ban on driving.

Do you still believe that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance? If you do, exactly what planet do you live on? Mine is called earth. You might want to join us on this planet sometime soon, and quit living on the fantasy planet you are currently on.

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