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Psalm 119 – Yodh

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Psalm 119:73-80 (New International Version)

י Yodh

73 Your hands made me and formed me;
give me understanding to learn your commands.

74 May those who fear you rejoice when they see me,
for I have put my hope in your word.

75 I know, O LORD, that your laws are righteous,
and in faithfulness you have afflicted me.

76 May your unfailing love be my comfort,
according to your promise to your servant.

77 Let your compassion come to me that I may live,
for your law is my delight.

78 May the arrogant be put to shame for wronging me without cause;
but I will meditate on your precepts.

79 May those who fear you turn to me,
those who understand your statutes.

80 May my heart be blameless toward your decrees,
that I may not be put to shame.

Complaint Cites Abortion Judge’s Money Ties

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Well, this could explain a lot about how the infanticidal abortion doctor got away with breaking the law.

A Kansas state lawmaker has filed a formal complaint against a district judge for refusing to disclose his financial ties to the attorney of notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller and others while ruling in Tiller’s favor in a criminal case.

State Sen. Tim Kuelskamp has submitted the complaint against District Judge Paul W. Clark, which was co-signed by several leaders of national pro-life organizations, to the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications.

At issue are Clark’s repeated rulings that prevented former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline from pursuing a case involving 30 criminal counts against Tiller, who was accused of performing illegal late-term abortions and failing to provide the medical documentation the state requires for those procedures.

The links, as WND has reported, were exposed during an investigation by the pro-life Operation Rescue, which is based in Wichita, Kan., like Tiller’s abortion business.

The complaint concerns events and “irregularities” that “raise substantial suggestions of partiality” on the part of Clark, who while ruling to dismiss the 30 criminal counts against Tiller, failed on three occasions to disclose his “funding relationships” with Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat, and Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston, who submitted the request through which Clark dismissed the counts.

The complaint states that Clark acted improperly when he did not disqualify himself from the Tiller case and asks for the KCJQ to “take appropriate disciplinary action, and thereby preserve and protect the public trust in the judicial system of the State of Kansas.”

The state senator was joined in the complaint by national pro-life leaders including Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue; Dr. Gary Cass, executive director of Reclaiming America; Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition; Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action; Rick Scarborough of Vision America Action; and Phillip L. Jaurequi, president of Judicial Action Group.

“Judges must be held to a high standard of ethics, and we believe that Clark violated those ethics by making a ruling that showed obvious partiality,” said Newman. “The appearance of corruption has shaken the public confidence in the justice system. Americans from around the nation have come to question whether Kansas is currently capable of enforcing its own laws.”

He said Clark “should be held accountable for his unethical actions in order for that confidence to be restored.”

Leaders with Operation Rescue earlier filed their own complaint with state health regulators, asking that Tiller’s license be revoked for “committing illegal late-term abortions.”

The group filed a complaint with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts last October, and just weeks ago submitted a series of seven additional documents in support of that request, including a copy of the 30 criminal charges filed by the state’s former attorney general against Tiller.

“Our own investigations revealed that Tiller was likely doing illegal abortions. The former attorney general came to that same conclusion,” said Newman.

The criminal complaint ended up being dismissed by Clark on Foulston’s request on jurisdictional grounds, and the merits of the actual allegations never have been challenged, OR said.

In fact, two state judges reviewed the investigation and resulting complaint and approved it even before Kline filed the case, officials said.

Kansas law bans abortions past 22 weeks gestation, allowing exceptions only if the woman’s life is in danger or if the pregnancy will cause a “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function,” officials said.

However, many of the late-term procedures are done with a justification of “depression,” and Operation Rescue noted that while former Attorney General Carla Stovall, an abortion supporter, allowed such mental conditions to be considered a “major bodily function” under state law, “depression” does not rise to the level of “substantial and irreversible.”

Shelly R. Wakeman, the disciplinary counsel for the healing arts board, responded that the review could take some time. “You will likely be contacted by an investigator for more information. Kansas law requires that the Board keep matters under investigation confidential. This means that unless public disciplinary action is taken against the licensees, we will be unable to advise you of the progress or of the findings of our investigation.”

Also named in the complaint was Ann Kristin Neuhaus, a Tiller associate who had been listed as a witness in the state’s case that Kline assembled against Tiller

After Clark dismissed the counts, Kline appointed a special prosecutor to handle the case, but his actions were stymied when the new attorney general, Paul Morrison, took office and fired him and requested a dismissal of the special prosecutor’s action in the state Supreme Court.

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German Judge Rules Koran Allows Wife Abuse

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

It’s good to know that the we in the U.S. are not alone in the fact that our judicial system has run amok.

BERLIN (AFP) – A German woman judge has refused a Moroccan-born woman permission to file for divorce by interpreting the Koran as allowing husbands to beat their wives.

“Where are we living? Woman judge allows beating in marriage… and invokes the Koran,” said a front-page headline in Germany’s top-selling Bild newspaper, reflecting the widespread angry reaction on Thursday.

“This Moroccan woman has the same right to protection from a violent husband as any German woman. Anything else would be misconceived sensitivity to the benefit of the husband and would amount to racist discrimination against the wife,” said the Tageszeitung daily.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany also condemned the decision.

“The judge should have made a decision based on the German constitution instead of the Koran,” said spokeswoman Nurhan Soykan, who said that violence and mistreatment, regardless of the gender of the victim, were also grounds for divorce in the Islamic world. (yeah right. -ed)

A court in the western city of Frankfurt on Wednesday upheld a complaint of bias against the judge lodged by the lawyer of the 26-year-old woman, who has two children.

The woman had filed for immediate divorce on the grounds that the husband, also of Moroccan origin, regularly beat her and threatened to kill her. The claims were backed up by a police report.

But the female judge, who has not been named, made clear in a letter that the wife’s bid had little chance of approval because, according to her, Islamic law allowed a man to strike his wife.

German politicians from all parties were united in disgust at the judgement.

“When the Koran takes precedence over the German Basic Law, then I can only say: Good night Germany,” Ronald Pofalla, the secretary general of the conservative Christian Democratic Union of Chancellor Angela Merkel, told Bild.

Hans-Christian Stroebele, of the opposition Greens, said the kind of abuse suffered by the woman should be punished by German criminal law.

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Hamas TV Shows 4-Year-Old Girl Vowing Suicide Bombing

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

And there we have it, folks. The so-called wonderful, sensitive and caring folks who run pali-land have once again shown how well they can instill hate and radicalism into their children. Once again, they have shown just how much they love their property…um, I mean children.

“Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
-Golda Meir (1898-1978), Prime Minister of Israel (March 17, 1969 – June 3, 1974) the National Press Club, Washington D.C., 1957.

“But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
-Yeshua bar Josef (≈8–2 BC to ≈29–36 AD), Son of God, (see more titles here)…(-∞ BC to +∞ AD), to his disciples, Capernaum area, ≈3 AD.

Jerusalem ( – Hamas television broadcast a video dramatization on Wednesday in which the four-year-old daughter of female suicide bomber vows to do what her mother has done.

The child is an actress, but the point was clear.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the child actress, playing the part of a real child named Duha, finds her mother preparing explosives in her bedroom and sings, “Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms instead of me?”

The mother tries to hide the bomb. Later, Duha sees a television news story about her mother’s suicide bomb attack. “Instead of me, you carried a bomb in your hand,” Duha sings. “Only now, I know what was more precious than us.”

Duha asks her mother to tell the Muslim prophet Mohammed that she sends her love — and that she will be following in Mommy’s footsteps. The last image shows Duha finding explosives in her mother’s bedroom drawer.

The video is based on real people. Duha’s mother was Reem Riyashi, who, at the age of 21, blew herself up at the Erez crossing, killing four Israelis. Hamas and the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades of the Fatah faction claimed responsibility for the 2004 attack.

Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus told Cybercast News Service that there have been other programs where young teens express their desire to become martyrs, but he has never seen a child as young as the actress playing Duha serve as an advocate for suicide bombing.

“This is Hamas’ ideology,” said Marcus. Reem Riyashi was said to be the first female suicide bomber employed by Hamas.

After she killed herself and others, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas, praised her for setting an example for other women to die in the fight against Israel.

In an unrelated story on the same topic, Iraqi police said on Wednesday that two children were used as decoys to help a bomb-laden car make it through a U.S. checkpoint in northern Iraq.

Both children died when the car blew up. According to press reports, the driver of the car was allowed to park in a busy shopping area after he made it clear that he was leaving his kids in the back seat.

“Children in the back seat lowered suspicion,” Major General Michael Barbero was quoted as saying. “We let it move through. They parked the vehicle. The adults run out and detonate it with the children in the back.”

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Our Amazing Son

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Luke 21:25
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring…….

Hinode, the newest solar observatory on the space scene, has obtained never-before-seen images showing that the sun’s magnetic field is much more turbulent and dynamic than previously known.

Hinode, Japanese for ‘sunrise’, was launched on 23 September 2006 to study the sun’s magnetic field and how its explosive energy propagates through the different layers of the solar atmosphere.

“For the first time, we are now able to make out tiny granules of hot gas that rise and fall in the sun’s magnified atmosphere,” said Dick Fisher, director of NASA’s Heliophysics Division. “These images will open up a new era of study on some of the sun’s processes that effect Earth, astronauts, orbiting satellites and the solar system.”

Hinode’s three primary instruments, the Solar Optical Telescope, the X-ray Telescope and the Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer, are observing the different layers of the sun. Studies focus on the solar atmosphere from the photosphere – the visible surface of the sun, to the corona – the outer atmosphere that extends outward into the solar system.

Thanks to coordinated measurements from the three instruments, Hinode is already showing how changes in the structure of the magnetic field and the release of magnetic energy in the low atmosphere spread outward through the corona and into interplanetary space.

“The release of magnetic energy is at the base of space weather,” says Bernhard Fleck, ESA’s SOHO and Hinode Project Scientist. “Complementing the SOHO data with those of Hinode will allow us to improve our understanding of the violent processes on the Sun that drive space storms. The synergies between the two missions will clearly boost our space weather forecasting capabilities.”

Space weather involves the production of energetic particles and the emissions of electromagnetic radiation. These bursts of energy can black out long-distance communications over entire continents and disrupt the global navigational system.

Thank you, Lord, for the signs.

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Gore Refuses Energy Pledge

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Al Gore, the self-proclaimed ‘environmental prophet’, has refused to commit to using no more energy than the average American. Does anyone else see the irony here? He is making a mint off of selling the world a lie, but is not willing to practice what he preaches. Gore’s double-talk is exactly the reason we did not and still do not need him in the White House.

Al Gore, who has a mansion in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, has rejected a senator’s request that he take a pledge to use no more energy than the average American.

As WND reported earlier, the former vice president’s home consumes more electricity each month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to data compiled by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research from the Nashville Electric Service.

The request was put to Gore by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who is the ranking member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, during a congressional hearing this week at which Gore was asking Congress to impose new taxes to address global warming.

Inhofe showed Gore a film frame from “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gore’s award-winning film about the cause of global warming, where it asks viewers: “Are you ready to change the way you live?”

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who adore you and would follow your example by reducing their energy usage if you did. Don’t give us the run-around on carbon offsets or the gimmicks the wealthy do,” Inhofe told Gore.

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Illiegal Immigrants Require 6 Arrests to Warrant Federal Prosecution in Texas

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

OK, here’s the understatement of the day:
“Let’s be honest, there isn’t enough jail space to incarcerate everyone who crosses that border,” said Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council. “If everyone demanded hearing in front of an immigration judge, it would bring our system to a grinding halt in a matter of days.”
Well duh!! Of course their aren’t enough jail cells to hold the number of illegal immigrants coming across our borders. That why we need CLOSED AND SECURE BORDERS!!
I’m not faulting Mr. Bonner or the border patrol in any way. They are being asked to do an impossible job. They are undermanned, out gunned and attempting to secure thousands of miles of border with nothing to stop the illegals. It’s a Herculean task and just not possible. Now if there was a “barrier” (read that as at least two really tall electric fences with razor wire at the top and a deep ditch, with sharp metal spikes in the bottom of it, between them) along the WHOLE border, then maybe they could do it.

TUCSON, Ariz. — Guidelines issued by U.S. attorneys in Texas showed that most illegal immigrants crossing into the state had to be arrested at least six times before federal authorities would prosecute them, according to an internal Justice Department memo.

The disclosure provides a rare view of how federal authorities attempt to curb illegal immigration. The memo was released this week in response to a congressional investigation of the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys.

The Border Patrol makes more than 1 million arrests a year on the U.S.-Mexico border. T.J. Bonner, head of a union representing Border Patrol agents, said it’s unrealistic to prosecute all violators.

“Let’s be honest, there isn’t enough jail space to incarcerate everyone who crosses that border,” said Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council. “If everyone demanded hearing in front of an immigration judge, it would bring our system to a grinding halt in a matter of days.”

It is unclear when the memo was written, but the Justice Department reviewed the guidelines sometime after a February 2005 performance review of Carol Lam, the top federal prosecutor in San Diego from 2002 until she was fired last month. Some Republican lawmakers had complained that Lam failed to aggressively prosecute immigration violations.


Guidelines vary by office, but migrants with no criminal records who have not been deported by an immigration judge will almost certainly be turned back to Mexico “numerous times” before getting prosecuted, according to another Justice Department memo dated Nov. 22, 2005. Those “voluntary returns” are booked on administrative, not criminal, violations.

Parts of the other memo are blacked out, so it’s unclear whether the document refers to U.S. attorneys in Houston or San Antonio.

The memo says one Texas district prosecutes migrants if the Border Patrol catches them at least six to eight times. The other district prosecutes after someone is caught at least seven times.

In late 2005, the government created a 200-mile zone near Del Rio, Texas, in which every adult arrested for illegal immigration would be prosecuted and jailed before being deported.

The San Diego office, which covers an area stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Arizona state line, does not prosecute “purely economic migrants” as a general rule, according to the memo.

The Arizona district, the nation’s busiest corridor for illegal crossings, “almost certainly” declines to prosecute on a first or second offense, the memo says. The New Mexico district makes decisions based on criminal records in the U.S.


Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who advocates a crackdown on illegal immigration, said the Texas guidelines underscore a lax enforcement attitude. He said the federal government should contract for more jail space, perhaps with local governments.

“If you made it a priority of the department, you would see a reduction,” Tancredo said.

Arizona’s Paul Charlton and New Mexico’s David Iglesias were also among the eight U.S. attorneys abruptly fired. Justice Department officials have said they were concerned about the prosecutors’ approach to immigration cases.

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Teen Heads to Court to Defend First Amendment Rights

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

The original title to the article was “Teen who wants to wear anti-gay T-shirt takes battle to court”, but to get around the anti-Christian bias at the Chicago Sun-Times, I think I’ll call it “Teen who wants to wear Pro-Christian Values T-shirt takes battle to court”. Hey, if the infanticidal abortionist can mess with terminology (Pro-Choice instead of Pro-Abortion or Pro-Infanticidal Maniac) then I can too (Pro-Christian Values instead of Anti-Gay).

A Neuqua Valley High senior has gone to federal court seeking the right to wear an anti-gay T-shirt to school next month on the day after a national event in support of gays is scheduled in schools.

Heidi Zamecnik, 17, is asking the court to order her school and Indian Prairie District 204 to allow her to express her anti-gay beliefs on April 19, the day after the 11th annual “Day of Silence” is scheduled to protest harassment of gays in schools.

According to the Web site,students and teachers across the country plan to observe the day in silence “to echo” the silence that gay students face all the time.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday on behalf of Heidi and an NVHS freshman did not state what written message they planned to wear on T-shirts.

‘Day of Silence’
Heidi’s father, Carl Zamecnik, declined to comment Wednesday night on behalf of his family, and he referred calls to an attorney.

Because of her family’s “sincerely held religious beliefs” against homosexuality, “they wish to share their conviction that true happiness cannot be found through homosexual behavior,” the suit says.

During her first two years of high school, the Naperville resident did not outwardly object to the “Day of Silence,” in which students wear pro-gay messages on T-shirts. But in her junior year, Heidi wore a T-shirt the day after a “Day of Silence.” It read in part, “BE HAPPY, NOT GAY.”

That day, April 26, 2006, Dean of Students Bryan Wells told Heidi to remove the shirt or leave because her message offended others, according to the suit. When she refused, her mother was called.

‘Be Happy. Be Straight’
Linda Zamecnik and Wells agreed Wells could alter the shirt’s message to read “Be Happy. Be Straight.”

But the suit says the agreement was broken when a school counselor crossed out “NOT GAY” in black marker but nothing replaced it.

The suit says Linda Zamecnik discussed the issue with the principal and superintendent and was told that staff had done nothing wrong.

The suit says Heidi suffered unlawful discrimination, humiliation and punishment by school personnel merely because they didn’t agree with her viewpoint.

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Washing Feet Endangers Students, School Says

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Right…sure it does. I guess the university officials have never been to a frat party before. Let me give them a “heads up”. One can find many things, that really endanger students, within five minutes of arriving at a frat party. Let me assure you and them that a simple non-mandatory “foot washing” is not going to endanger students.
This is Christian persecution and a violation of the First Amendment, plain and simple.

( – If Jesus washed his disciples’ feet at a Georgia college in 2007, he’d likely be accused of “hazing.”

That’s the position a Christian ministry at Savannah State University has found itself in, after it washed the feet of its new members. The campus ministry Commissioned II Love (C2L) was also accused of “harassing” students by sharing their faith.

Washing of feet is a symbolic gesture of servitude in the Christian faith, following the example of Jesus, who washed the disciples’ feet during their last meal before his crucifixion, as recounted in the New Testament gospel of John (13:1-17).

The Christian group says the foot washing ritual “serves as a symbol of purity, a charge to share the gospel, and an act of service to others … [it] is not a condition of gaining membership, status, or acceptance into C2L or holding an office.”

The explanation appears in a lawsuit brought by C2L against SSU after the group was suspended for “harassment” and “hazing.”

SSU last year suspended all C2L’s activities during an investigation into the charges. Shortly afterwards, however, when some of its members attended an off-campus Christian music event, the group was formally expelled from campus for violating the suspension.

According to the complaint before the U.S. district court in the southern district of Georgia, several SSU students organized a petition to have C2L shut down, accusing it of having a “cult-like mentality.”

The SSU student handbook defines hazing as follows: “to subject a student to an activity which endangers or is likely to endanger the physical health of a student, regardless of a student’s willingness to participate in such activity.”

The handbook also states: “No rights are more highly regarded … than the first amendment guarantees of freedom of speech [and] freedom of expression.”

“[SSU] will not exclude any person from participation in its programs or activities on the basis of … religion.”

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) – a Christian legal alliance – and another group, the National Legal Foundation, believe that the university is not holding to these statements in suspending C2L.

An ADF attorney on the case, David French, told Cybercast News Service the incident was the latest in a recurring trend of religious discrimination on campus.

“This fits in with a larger national pattern where colleges are becoming increasingly inventive in finding ways to get rid of Christian student organizations,” French said.

“It used to be that there was one primary method of doing that … to accuse a Christian student group of discrimination whenever it said that its members or leaders needed to be Christian,” he said.

“Now we are finding that at other schools, they will use almost any reason – or sometimes even no reason at all – to get rid of Christian student groups.”

“We want this group back on campus and a clear message sent [to college officials] that you must respect the First Amendment rights of students,” French said.

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Suicide Bombings Killer Epidemic Spawned from Erroneous World View

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

A Deadly Epidemic Sweeping Across Our World
Suicide bombings are a killer epidemic spawned from a tragically erroneous world view. Not an act of desperation.
By Rabbi Levi Brackman

Suicide bombing is in vogue for some of the youth living in our planet. First it was only in Israel but now it has reached the rest of the world as well. Not a day goes by without news of a new suicide attack in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel Indonesia or Europe and this week, in Iraq, they have begun using children for this vile task as well.

As long as this horrendous phenomenon was just contained to Israel people were able to claim that suicide bombers were just groups and individuals who had lost all hope and out of extreme desperation resorted to killing others with explosives attached to their bodies.

Because of the pervasiveness of this sort of violence this argument is now defunct. However the truth is that it should have never been given any credibility in the first place, and its premise shows a fundamental ignorance of both the possible causes of suicide and radical Islamic society.

The Werther Effect or copy-cat suicide, where when one often famous person in a community commits suicide and others follow is well known. Other studies have also shown that when this happens in a community suicide can become trivialized and youth will begin to look upon it in an experiential or recreational manner (Rubinstein, 1983). This then causes the suicide rate in a community to go up dramatically.

In Judaism, suicide is forbidden
In his best seller, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell calls this phenomenon, “suicide epidemics.” It is particularly prevalent in Micronesia where the youth suicide rate is seven times higher then that of the USA, The point Gladwell makes is that people will do things that are potentially fatal simply because they are deemed to be cool. Epic and dangerous expeditions are a good example of this: people are willing to risk their lives in pursuit of fame, glory and notoriety. Suicide bombers just take this concept one step further.

Judaism takes steps to avoid suicide epidemics. It has always viewed suicide as forbidden; in fact scriptures see suicide as comparable to murder and punishable by heaven. Thus Jewish sources state that metaphysically the soul of a person who committed suicide never finds any peace in the afterlife and their body cannot be buried in the cemetery together with everybody else.

Judaism categorically removes all the potential desirability of suicide: it brings only shame and disgrace in this world and creates aggravation for the soul in the world to come. In fact research has shown that within the USA those states that have higher percentages of Jews have lower suicide rates.

The doctrine of the suicide bomber and the barbaric type of society they are raised in do the exact opposite—they engineer suicide epidemics.

Suicide bombers become heroes
In the Palestinian territories summer camps, public squares and streets are named after suicide bombers. Suicide bombers are idolized, glorified and immortalized in these societies. Furthermore, afterlife for a suicide bomber is infinitely rewarding with pleasures of the flesh on offer more than could ever be imagined in this world.

In addition their families are proud of them. And families of suicide bombers also receive stipends from generous donors – such as Iran, the Palestinian Authority and others – who admire what their children have done.

So the suicide bomber becomes a hero to his community — an all round enticing option for many teenagers. If a suicide epidemic could take hold in Micronesia just by being trivialized as cool by teenagers it is obvious that such an epidemic will take hold of a society which glorifies suicide bombers and makes heroes out of them.

Over the past ten years this deadly suicide epidemic has spread from the Palestinians to other parts of the Arab and Islamic world and has killed innocent people all over the globe. Like all other epidemics where it will spread to next is unpredictable and stopping it is a difficult, maybe impossible, task. However let us please call it what it really is: a killer epidemic spawned from a tragically erroneous world view. Not an act of desperation.

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