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Sewer Pipes Used for Pali Terrorist Kassam Rockets

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

How true this statement, from our post “Gaza: At Least Six Dead In Flooding From Sewage Breach”, turned out to be:
“I have to wonder though, maybe if the pali authorities were spending more money on maintaining the local infrastructure and less on arming terrorist and trying to kill innocent Israelis, maybe this never would have happened.”
Also, the cartoon from Cox and Forkum was right on the money.

A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who worked as a metal merchant at the Karni crossing between Israel and the Strip was arrested by the Shin Bet last month for allegedly selling pipes he bought in Israel to terrorist groups that used them to manufacture Kassams, it was released for publication on Sunday.

On February 9, the Shin Bet arrested Amar Azk, 37. During his interrogation, he confessed selling the pipes to Hamas and other terrorist organizations that manufactured Kassam rockets, fired almost daily at Israel. The Shin Bet said Azk’s activities began with the start of the second intifada in 2000 and were only brought to a halt by his arrest. The agency could not say how much metal Azk traded, except that it was “significant.”

The pipes that were sold to Zak were intended for the construction of a sewage system in Gaza.
The Shin Bet has been unable to determine the amount of metal that actually made its way to the terror organizations, and how much went to the sewage project.

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Hat Tip: Cox and Forkum.

The John Doe Manifesto

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

As we posted here, Six Islamic Imams, with the backing of CAIR, will be suing not only US Airways, but several passengers, labeled in the suit as “John Doe”. The imams were removed from the flight because of suspicious behavior.
In a grass roots effort to show support for these unknown passengers, who all did the right thing by reporting the behavior, by the way, Michelle Malkin has written the John Doe Manifesto.
Here it is:

Dear Muslim Terrorist Plotter/Planner/Funder/Enabler/Apologist,

You do not know me. But I am on the lookout for you. You are my enemy. And I am yours.

I am John Doe.

I am traveling on your plane. I am riding on your train. I am at your bus stop. I am on your street. I am in your subway car. I am on your lift.

I am your neighbor. I am your customer. I am your classmate. I am your boss.

I am John Doe.

I will never forget the example of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who refused to sit back on 9/11 and let themselves be murdered in the name of Islam without a fight.

I will never forget the passengers and crew members who tackled al Qaeda shoe-bomber Richard Reid on American Airlines Flight 63 before he had a chance to blow up the plane over the Atlantic Ocean.

I will never forget the alertness of actor James Woods, who notified a stewardess that several Arab men sitting in his first-class cabin on an August 2001 flight were behaving strangely. The men turned out to be 9/11 hijackers on a test run.

I will act when homeland security officials ask me to “report suspicious activity.”

I will embrace my local police department’s admonition: “If you see something, say something.”

I am John Doe.

I will protest your Jew-hating, America-bashing “scholars.”

I will petition against your hate-mongering mosque leaders.

I will raise my voice against your subjugation of women and religious minorities.

I will challenge your attempts to indoctrinate my children in our schools.

I will combat your violent propaganda on the Internet.

I am John Doe.

I will support law enforcement initiatives to spy on your operatives, cut off your funding and disrupt your murderous conspiracies.

I will oppose all attempts to undermine our borders and immigration laws.

I will resist the imposition of sharia principles and sharia law in my taxi cab, my restaurant, my community pool, the halls of Congress, our national monuments, the radio and television airwaves, and all public spaces.

I will not be censored in the name of tolerance.

I will not be cowed by your Beltway lobbying groups in moderates’ clothing. I will not cringe when you shriek about “profiling” or “Islamophobia.”

I will put my family’s safety above sensitivity. I will put my country above multiculturalism.

I will not submit to your will. I will not be intimidated.

I am John Doe.

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The Real Target of the 6 Imams’ Discrimination Suit.

Psalm 119 – Mem

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Psalm 119:97-104 (New International Version)

מ Mem

97 Oh, how I love your law!
I meditate on it all day long.

98 Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
for they are ever with me.

99 I have more insight than all my teachers,
for I meditate on your statutes.

100 I have more understanding than the elders,
for I obey your precepts.

101 I have kept my feet from every evil path
so that I might obey your word.

102 I have not departed from your laws,
for you yourself have taught me.

103 How sweet are your words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth!

104 I gain understanding from your precepts;
therefore I hate every wrong path.

Wild Weather Strikes Southern California

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

But wait a minute. I thought we had global warming. How can this happen?

LOS ANGELES – Volatile weather swept through Southern California on Tuesday, delivering downpours, hail, snow, and fierce winds that capsized boats and toppled power lines and trees. Nearly 185,000 customers lost power.

The roof was torn off the Orange County Fire Authority’s aviation building, and harbor patrol officers made rescues in Newport Bay and offshore.

Gusts up to 40 mph capsized a small powerboat and three outriggers, sheriff’s Sgt. David Ginther said.

In Newport Bay, 24 members of a University of California, Irvine, rowing crew were thrown into the water when their boats flipped. Some swam ashore, and others were rescued, Ginther said.

A large section of roof laminate and asphalt tile landed on four cars and caused minor damage but no injuries, fire Capt. Stephen J. Miller said. Fire crews were responding to numerous reports of downed trees and power lines, he said.

“It was pretty crazy out there,” Miller said. “I was driving on the freeway and saw many dust storms.”

Snow also fell across a swath of mountains and desert.

The day dawned clear and breezy, but fast-moving clouds brought downpours that pelted parts of greater Los Angeles, then rapidly cleared again.

Strong winds accompanied by sporadic showers and hail were driven by a cold front that moved in from the north, National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Boldt said.

About 165,000 Southern California Edison customers lost power, but only about 11,700 remained blacked out by late Tuesday, the utility said. Another 20,000 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers lost power, spokeswoman Kim Hughes said.

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Accept Peace Plan or Face War, Israel Told

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Koran 47:36: “Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand.”

Any peace treaty with Muslim nations is a farce, designed to throw Israel off balance. The need for war and the destruction of Israel is too ingrained in Muslims to ever allow them to accept the existence of Israel.
But with that said, most likely the suicidal government of Israel will buy into this peace treaty. They will put themselves into an indefensible position.
Many Biblical scholars feel that a peace treaty with Israel will signal a major tick in the prophetic clock. I agree. If you are not already looking up, I suggest you start doing so. Time is VERY short.

The “lords of war” will decide Israel’s future if it rejects a blueprint for peace crafted by the entire Arab world, Saudi Arabia’s veteran foreign minister warned yesterday.

As leaders began gathering in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for today’s summit of the Arab League, Prince Saud al-Faisal told The Daily Telegraph that the Middle East risks perpetual conflict if the peace plan fails.

Under this Saudi-drafted proposal, every Arab country would formally recognise Israel in return for a withdrawal from all the land captured in the war of 1967.

This would entail a Palestinian state embracing the entire West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital. Every Arab country will almost certainly endorse this blueprint when the Riyadh summit concludes tomorrow. Prince Saud said Israel should accept or reject this final offer.

“What we have the power to do in the Arab world, we think we have done,” he said. “So now it is up to the other side because if you want peace, it is not enough for one side only to want it. Both sides must want it equally.”

Speaking inside his whitewashed palace, surrounded by luxuriant lawns and manicured flower beds resembling a green oasis in the drabness of Riyadh, Prince Saud delivered an unequivocal warning to Israel.

“If Israel refuses, that means it doesn’t want peace and it places everything back into the hands of fate. They will be putting their future not in the hands of the peacemakers but in the hands of the lords of war,” he said.

Prince Saud dismissed any further diplomatic overtures towards Israel. “It has never been proven that reaching out to Israel achieves anything,” he said.

“Other Arab countries have recognised Israel and what has that achieved?

“The largest Arab country, Egypt, recognised Israel and what was the result? Not one iota of change happened in the attitude of Israel towards peace.”

Israel has numerous reservations about the Arab peace plan – which was previously proposed at a summit in 2002. Israel fears any hint that Palestinian refugees would have the right to return to their homes in the event of a peace settlement.

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Border Patrol Agent Kills Man Who Crossed From Mexico

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

A border patrol agent shot and killed an illegal alien, in defense against an attack. The illegal alien threatened him with a softball sized rock. The Mexican consulate is claiming that the illegal alien was “unarmed”.
OK, now the prospect of being plunked on the head with a three and a half pound rock doesn’t sound very appealing to me. I can imagine the border agent felt much the same way. In most courts of the world, the illegal alien would be found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. Here in the U.S…??
I wonder how much jail time this border agent will get for defending himself?

A Border Patrol agent shot and killed a man who threatened him with a softball-sized rock at the border, the agency said Tuesday.

The agent fired an M-4 assault rifle at the man, who had escaped from a scuffle with another agent as he tried to run back into Mexico, said Border Patrol spokesman David Kim.

The victim, whose name, nationality and immigration status were not released by U.S. authorities, was pronounced dead from one bullet wound at El Centro Regional Medical Center after the incident Monday. Kim said he did not know where the man was struck.

Pablo Arnaud Carreno, Mexico’s consul in Calexico, said the victim was a Mexican man who was apparently in the U.S. illegally. The Mexican government asked U.S. authorities for a thorough investigation.

“It seems unjust to shoot someone who is unarmed,” Arnaud Carreno said Tuesday.

The shooting, reported Tuesday in the Imperial Valley Press, occurred shortly after 5:30 p.m. in Calexico, about 120 miles east of San Diego.

Border Patrol agents saw seven people climb a border fence, run to the All-American Canal and attempt to cross the waterway in rafts, Kim said. The victim was in a raft that turned around back toward Mexico.

Kim said the agent fired after seeing the man’s arm cocked back with a rock in his hand.

Other people continued to throw rocks at the agents, Kim said. A Molotov cocktail that had failed to explode was later found nearby.

The FBI is investigating and the Imperial County coroner’s office was performing an autopsy. The Border Patrol declined to identify the agent.

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Christian Fired For Sharing God

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

More Christian persecution at the hands of institutions of “higher learning”.

A Christian woman is battling a California university and state social agency for terminating her internship because she shared her faith with co-workers during off-hours.

Jacqueline Escobar was completing a master’s degree in social work at California State University Long Beach when she interned with the Department of Children and Family Services, or DCFS.

A straight-A student, Escobar was complimented regularly by the DCFS for her work. But she came under scrutiny for sharing her faith with co-workers during lunch breaks and after-hours, and for changing into a shirt with a religious message – “Found” – after signing out for the day, according to the Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing her.

A trial is scheduled to begin April 3.

“Through this case, we hope to send a powerful message to government employers: you cannot trounce upon the First Amendment rights of people of faith and expect to get away with it,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute.

(Story continues below)

Escobar was directed to stop speaking about her faith, even during breaks and after work hours.

Also, the university ordered her to sign a document admitting she had “an inability to separate her religious beliefs from her role” as an intern.

She refused to sign the document, arguing she couldn’t agree to such a sweeping prohibition that included her religious practice during non-working hours.

Consequently, Escobar was terminated from her internship and threatened with expulsion from the graduate program.

She then contacted Pacific Justice Institute and filed the federal suit.

What I completely fail to understand is why on earth did the university think it could dictate to Ms. Escobar what she could do during her own time. Think about this, folks.
The decision to do this probably did not reside with just one person. So we have a group of people who see absolutely nothing wrong with prohibiting a person from not only practicing her freedom to exercise her religion, but also prohibiting her from exercising her right to free speech.
Now I understand that an internship is not the same as actually being hired by an organization (if I’m wrong on this account, please let me know), but the person still has the same rights afforded all other citizens of this country.
The fact that the university even thought they could do this should be very alarming to all of us.

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“General Pace: Collision at the Crossroads of Morality” by Michael Craven

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

In comments reported March 13, 2007 by the Chicago Tribune, Marine Corps General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Peter Pace, compared homosexuality to adultery, saying he believed both were immoral. In response to questions regarding the military’s current policy toward gays, Pace said, “I do not believe the military is well served by a policy that says it is okay to be immoral in any way… I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts… Saying that gays should serve openly in the military, to me, says that we, by policy, would be condoning what I believe is immoral activity…”

The swift and condemning reaction to General Pace’s comments demand that we each know how to correctly respond to the rhetoric being thrown around, which is attempting, albeit indirectly, to establish a new morality. To be clear, General Pace said he thought “homosexual acts” were immoral thus he limited his comments to the behavior and did not condemn persons as he has been repeatedly accused of doing. Furthermore, General Pace placed homosexual acts in the same moral category as adultery, so he was not singling out “gays” or suggesting that homosexual acts are worse than any other immoral behavior.

The reactions to General Pace’s comments reveal a critical shift in the moral consensus that the Church, in particular, but also everyone concerned with a free and healthy society should be concerned with. At issue is the basis upon which we as a society determine and enforce the moral order. Those opposed to Pace’s comments accuse him of bigotry and hate – accusations which clearly represent absolute moral distinctions. Additionally, Jo Wyrick, Executive Director of the Stonewall Democrats said, “It is immoral to send our service members into battle without the proper equipment or plan. It is immoral to deny them proper medical care upon their return and it is immoral to revoke support for our troops…” I would agree, however Ms. Wyrick demonstrates the arbitrary nature of her morality and herein lies the problem – she clearly still holds moral convictions but she, like her counterparts in the gay lobby, selectively chooses which moral positions to which she will adhere.


A society of chaste people, in which sex is limited to monogamous couples of the opposite sex within a socially reinforced relationship, (i.e. marriage in which the societal expectations of fidelity, complimentarity, provision and parenthood are encouraged), experience more stable families, less crime, more children, economic growth and a greater sense of personal responsibility. In effect, these societies are the most successful. Conversely, the prevailing body of historical and sociological evidence demonstrates that those societies which tolerate and/or promote sexual activity apart from monogamous marriage have less family stability, more crime and fewer children. This then necessitates more government intervention and results in a diminished sense of personal responsibility giving rise to the “nanny state.” Increased public assistance discourages private enterprise and inhibits the economy. The socialized democracies of Western Europe are a living testimony to this fact.


Ironically, in all of the responses to General Pace’s comments, there is not one argument offered to advance the moral equality, much less superiority, of homosexual acts and the subject of adultery is ignored altogether. Instead those looking to legitimize homosexual behavior carefully avoid the morality of homosexual acts and instead redirect the issue to one of “civil rights.” Utilizing carefully crafted language, which is intended to portray gays as victims, serves to make all who agree with General Pace feel “intolerant, bigoted, or narrow-minded.” This is taken directly from the infamous “manifesto” of gay activism, After the Ball by Kirk and Madsen in which they write, “In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection… The purpose of victim imagery is to make straights feel very uncomfortable…” The result of this rhetorical misdirection and ideological manipulation is, in effect, the imposition of a new morality that will inevitably produce disastrous societal effects.

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