“The Post-West” by Victor Davis Hanson

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I recently had a dream that British marines fought back, like their forefathers of old, against criminals and pirates. When taken captive, they proved defiant in their silence. When released, they talked to the tabloids with restraint and dignity, and accepted no recompense.

I dreamed that a kindred German government, which best knew the wages of appeasement, cut-off all trade credits to the outlaw Iranian mullahs — even as the European Union joined the Americans in refusing commerce with this Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic, and thuggish regime.

NATO countries would then warn Iran that their next unprovoked attack on a vessel of a member nation would incite the entire alliance against them in a response that truly would be of a “disproportionate” nature.

In this apparition of mine, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in Syria at the time, would lecture the Assad regime that there would be consequences to its serial murdering of democratic reformers in Lebanon, to fomenting war with Israel by means of its surrogates, and to sending terrorists to destroy the nascent constitutional government in Iraq.

She would add that the United States could never be friends with an illegitimate dictatorship that does its best to destroy the only three democracies in the region. And then our speaker would explain to Iran that a U.S. Congresswoman would never detour to Tehran to dialogue with a renegade government that had utterly ignored U.N. non-proliferation mandates and daily had the blood of Americans on its hands.

Fellow Democrats like John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, and Harry Reid would add that, as defenders of the liberal tradition of the West, they were not about to call a retreat before extremist killers who behead and kidnap, who blow up children and threaten female reformers and religious minorities, and who have begun using poison gas, all in an effort to annihilate voices of tolerance in Iraq.

These Democrats would reiterate that they had not authorized a war to remove the psychopathic Saddam Hussein only to allow the hopeful country to be hijacked by equally vicious killers. And they would warn the world that their differences with the Bush administration, whatever they might be, pale in comparison to the shared American opposition to the efforts of al Qaeda, the Taliban, Syria, and Iran to kill any who would advocate freedom of the individual.

Those in Congress would not deny that Congress itself had voted for a war against Saddam on 23 counts — the vast majority of which had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction and remain as valid today as when they were approved in 2002.

Congressional Democrats would make clear that, while in the interests of peace they might wish to talk to Iran, they had no idea how to approach a regime that subsidizes Holocaust denial, threatens to wipe out Israel, defies the world in seeking nuclear weapons, trains terrorists to kill Americans in Iraq, engages in piracy and hostage taking, and butchers or incarcerates any of its own who question the regime.

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“CHRIST KILLA”, the Latest Anti-Chrisitan “Art”

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In the spirit of “Piss Christ” (a crucifix in a jar of urine), now “art” has been taken to new levels in order to degrade Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole.
Introducing “CHRIST KILLA” an “art” work by Eric Medine, now showing at NICHE.LA Video Art in Los Angels.
Here’s the press release:


LOS ANGELES, CA – On April 12, 2007 (12:00 – 9:00PM), Niche.LA Video Art presents “Christ Killa,” featuring digital and video artist Eric Medine.

Described as the ultimate arbitration between politics and Christianity, “Christ Killa” is a video game linked to video projectors and television monitors. A first person shooter in which the player shoots hordes of homicidal Jesus Christs, the game landscape is filled with Googled images of Christian propaganda posters, religious shrines such as St. Peter’s in Rome, and clichéd representations of Christ who constantly mumbles messages of tolerance and compassion.

The audience is invited to participate in the carnage by playing the video game and watching short videos of the game in action. The winner with most Christ kills will be awarded with a trophy at 9:00PM.

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Christ Killa

I like Michelle Malkin’s take on it:
Christ Killa: The latest in religion-bashing art

I find it incredibly amusing how “avant garde” these “artists” believe themselves to be.

Ooooh. Homicidal Jesus Christs. With guns. How “edgy.” Not. It looks like they hired the same people who wrote the mock right-wing terrorism drills in Burlington Township NJ or Muskegon County, Michigan to put this exhibit together.

You want edgy? Go ahead and create “Mohammed Killa.” Replace the Homicidal Jesus Christs with Homicidal Mohammeds mumbling cliched messages of peace from the Koran. Fill the “game landscape” with Googled images of Muslim propaganda and sacred mosques while the Homicial Mohammeds blow themselves up in crowded schools, restaurants, buses, and markets.

Put that on exhibit. Go ahead. Be a maaaverick “artist.” Show us how brave you are at offending all people of faith.

Double dare you, Mr. Medine.

Iran Has Uranium for Bombs

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I can’t figure out why more people are not worried about this. We have a madman who will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. He is developing them, has told all of us that he doesn’t have a problem with using them and here we are just sitting on our hands letting him do it.
Of course he’s greatly encouraged by the way the American people support (or as the fact is ‘don’t’ support) the war in Iraq. He is greatly encouraged to know that the Democrats will do anything, including undercut the President, to discredit him in order to regain power. He is greatly encouraged that the Brits have no backbone, allowing him to take British military people hostage and not raise a hand to oppose him. He is greatly encouraged that Americans have a 30 second attention span and care more about who Anna Nichole Smith’s baby’s father is and who the next American Idol will be then in his plans to usher in the return of the “Missing Iman” by executing global Armageddon.
Yes, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is very encouraged.

Breaking News

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Based on information from an Iranian defector, General Ali Reza Askari, Iran’s own domestic sources of uranium total around 40,000 tons, which is far in excess of what Western intelligence sources have calculated and more than enough to create a nuclear weapons arsenal.

The Iranian spy chief recently spirited out of Tehran in a Cold War-style operation by Britain has revealed Iran obtained uranium from Congo, where export controls on fissionable materials are non-existent.

General Ali Reza Askari told Britain’s MI6 debriefing team the nuclear material was flown out of the country from a military airfield near Kisangen, north to Sudan.

Its ultimate destination was Iran’s main nuclear enrichment plant at Natanz, where most of the country’s enrichment process is taking place to produce weapons-grade uranium

Askari also provided up-to-date information on countries with uranium deposits targeted by Tehran. Along with Congo, which currently has 8 percent of the world’s deposits, Iran’s agents have approached Somalia, Namibia and Kazakhstan.

Iran’s own domestic sources of uranium total around 40,000 tons, Askari said, far in excess of what Western intelligence sources have calculated and more than enough to create a nuclear weapons arsenal.

The revelations raise new concerns to the West that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s warning that “the world must accept the new reality of our nuclear program” was not an idle boast.

Presently, the West’s relationship with Iran is deadlocked. The U.S. refuses to talk to Tehran unless it stops enriching uranium and accepts the relevant U.N. resolutions. Iran refuses to negotiate with the U.S. unless Washington will allow enrichment to continue.

The revelations raise new concerns to the West that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s warning that “the world must accept the new reality of our nuclear program” was not an idle boast.

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From Cox and Forkum.

Holocaust Remembrance Day – April 16, 2007

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During my visit to the Dachau concentration camp, back in the early 80’s, I can remember feeling almost overwhelmed at the suffering the Jews experienced at that place. It was one of the most emotional moments of the trip.
Monday will be Holocaust Remembrance Day. Take a moment to visit the Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority website. Here are a couple of links of interest.

Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority

Shoah Resource Center – About the Holocaust

No Forgiveness For Imus at CBS Either

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Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson claim the title of ‘reverend’, yet they have not learned one of the main concepts of following the real Reverend – forgiveness. Sharpton and Jackson have been on a manhunt ever since Imus made derogatory remarks about the Rutgers Lady Basketball team. What Imus said was terrible, but he has apologized. The Bible says we are to forgive seventy times seven. Maybe they need a refresher course on the Bible.
Both Jackson and Sharpton were outspoken in defending the woman who lied about the Duke lacrosse players. They publicly accused these players of raping a woman when it was completely untrue. Have you heard either of them apologizing to the men whose lives were ruined because of the accusations of this woman, Sahrpton, and Jackson? No. I am of the opinion that Sharpton and Jackson are civil rights heroes only in their own minds. They do more to divide America than they do to unify America.

CBS announced Thursday that it has fired Don Imus from his radio program, following a week of uproar over the radio host’s derogatory comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

“There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society,” CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves said in announcing the decision.

One of those discussions took place at noon today with a coalition of leaders from the civil rights and women’s movements, who said it was time for Imus to go, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.

“It’s important that we stand with the women of Rutgers who are deeply hurt by the highly insensitive comments of Don Imus,” said Marc Morial, CEO of the National Urban League.

It’s a stunning fall for one of the nation’s most prominent broadcasters. Time Magazine once named the cantankerous host as one of the 25 Most Influential People in America, and he is a member of the National Broadcaster Hall of Fame.

But Imus found himself at the center of a storm after he called members of the Rutgers team “nappy-headed hos” last week. Protests ensued, and one by one, numerous sponsors pulled their ads from Imus’ show. On Wednesday, MSNBC dropped its simulcast of the program.

Losing Imus will be a financial hit to CBS Radio, which also suffered when shock jock Howard Stern departed for satellite radio early last year. The program is worth about $15 million in annual revenue to CBS, which owns Imus’ home radio station, WFAN-AM in New York, and manages Westwood One, the company that syndicates the show across the country. CBS Corp. is also the parent company of CBSNews.com.

The Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson met with Moonves to advocate Imus’ removal.

Jackson called the firing “a victory for public decency. No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation.”

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“Israel can only lose once – WND” by Hal Lindsey

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Golda Meir astutely summed up Israel’s precarious position in the Middle East, “The Muslims can fight and lose, then come back and fight again. But Israel can only lose once.”

Israel’s present liberal government is learning the hard way that their situation is even more precarious than Golda’s maxim.

When Israel fought Iranian-Syrian backed Hezbollah in Lebanon last year and failed to win decisively, they placed Israel into escalating danger.

They are now learning that Israel must not only win, but also achieve absolute victory. You see, in the Muslim mind, because Hezbollah managed to fight for over a month before Israeli leaders mustered enough reserves and resolve to fight them to a draw, they achieved a colossal victory.

Of course, the U.N., as usual, stepped in to save them before the IDF really destroyed them. Nevertheless, they believe that Israel has lost the will to fight and that a suicidal guerrilla force can defeat the vaunted Israeli tanks, air force and technical superiority.

Israel’s past experience in their numerous wars with the Arab armies taught one thing clearly – that Israel not only has to win decisively, but also has to do it quickly. They have to win before the Muslim’s use the liberal media to turn world opinion against them and the UN comes to save the Muslim armies’ glutomus maximi.

Ehud Olmert’s indecisiveness, the ineptness of a politically appointed general and failure to immediately go all out to defeat Hezbollah has inspired the entire Muslim world to believe now is the time to attack and destroy Israel.

The IDF paid a heavy price for Israeli “appeasers” giving back southern Lebanon in the hope of peace. The country is also paying heavily for the Muslim mentality created by unilaterally giving over Gaza to Palestinians who had never kept one part of the “Road to Peace” agreements.

Muslim radicals, more than any enemy we have yet faced, view every act of appeasement as a weakness.

We should learn from the words of Winston Churchill. After England’s liberal government capitulated to Adolf Hitler at Munich in 1938, Churchill prophetically warned the British people, “This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year. …” His words are even truer today.

No concession to Iran’s mullahs, no overtures of peace to the terror masters in Damascus and Tehran, no appeasement of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad will ever be enough to bring peace.

These things only spur them to bolder demands. Their holiest book, the Quran, spells out their methods of deception and attack. So how can any Western leader not be charged with criminal negligence?

After the disastrous response of the free world to the criminal taking of British seamen hostage, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has issued even more outrageous threats to the West. In the words of Gary Bauer summing up Ahmadinejad’s threats, ‘”If the West continues to object to its [Iran’s] march toward an Islamic bomb, Iran will be forced to withdraw from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.’ In other words, emboldened by our weakness, Iran now implicitly threatens to transfer its nuclear technology to al-Qaida.”

The cup it offers us is bitter indeed!

Bible prophecy about the events of the “last days” before Christ’s return clearly predict that countries and peoples that are now Muslim will start the last war of the world in alliance with Russia.

As I have written many times before, today’s Middle East events are fitting exactly into Ezekiel’s predictions recorded in chapters 36 through 39. The “Ezekiel Factor” begins with a miraculous return of Israelites from a long world dispersion; then an even more miraculous rebirth of its nation against impossible odds; then immediate and escalating hostile responses by all of its surrounding neighbors (which are all Muslim today); and finally an all-out attack against Israel by a Persian-led Muslim confederacy, aided by Russia. Hey, it is like a script that was written 2,600 years ago. And in the end, Israel will turn in true faith to her Messiah, Who will deliver her. However, it will be a bit shocking when she finds out His name.

One final observation – if anyone wants proof of the Bible’s supernatural origin, Ezekiel’s prophecies’ present a convincing case.

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Gonorrhea Superbug Resists Antibiotics

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So many parents say that we need to teach ‘protection’ over abstinence. This story proves them wrong. You can never be too careful when it comes to STD’s. The only real protection is abstinence. Which is exactly why God commanded us to keep sex within the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman. He knew the future and how STD’s would run rampant.

CBNNews.com — ATLANTA (AP) — The sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea is now among the “superbugs” resistant to common antibiotics, leading U.S. health officials to recommend wider use of a different class of drugs to avert a public health crisis.

The resistant form accounts for more than one in every four gonorrhea cases among heterosexual men in Philadelphia and nearly that many in San Francisco, according to a survey that led to Thursday’s recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Gonorrhea, which is believed to infect more than 700,000 people in the United States each year, can leave both men and women infertile and puts people at higher risk of getting the AIDS virus.

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“Queen Nancy The Worst” by Jack Kinsella

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Representative Tom Lantos, who accompanied House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to meet Syrian President Bashar Al Assad against strong White House objections, said he thought Pelosi might also be willing to make a trip to Tehran.“Speaking just for myself, I would be ready to get on a plane tomorrow morning,” Lantos said at a press conference in San Francisco Tuesday, the Chronicle reported on its website.

“Because however objectionable, unfair and inaccurate many of (Ahmadinejad’s) statements are, it is important that we have a dialogue with him,” Lantos said.

“Speaking for myself, I’m ready to go — and knowing the speaker, I think that she might be.”

Nancy Pelosi defended her recent visits to Israel and Syria, during which she conveyed messages from both governments that each government later denied.
After visiting Ehud Olmert in Israel, Madame Speaker went to Syria in defiance of numerous White House requests to pay a visit to Bashar Assad.

The White House has been attempting to isolate Syria to pressure Damascus into distancing itself from sponsoring terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

(All three organizations are listed by name in the Damascus telephone book)

Instead, Pelosi went to Syria, where she delivered a message from Ehud Olmert to the effect that Israel was ready to negotiate. Afterward, she gave a press conference in which she announced that Bashar Assad was also prepared to negotiate with Israel.

Bingo! In one trip, Nancy Pelosi had resolved the Arab-Israeli conflict that has confounded successive US administrations since 1948. Quite an accomplishment, Madame Speaker!

Unfortunately for the Pelosi Peace Plan, when Ehud Olmert heard her announcement, he denied giving her any such message. Assad held a press conference to deny she was carrying any message from him.

In response, Pelosi dismissed both leaders as liars, (a proven tactic in liberal politics, but considered extremely bad form in diplomatic circles).

Addressing the denial from Olmert, Pelosi snapped, “There was absolutely no confusion.”

“The message that we carried from Prime Minister Olmert was the exact message that he gave us,” she told NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

See? Olmert must be lying. The only other conclusion possible was that Pelosi invented the message to boost her approval rating at home. (Surely not!)

Therefore, Olmert is either a liar or such a diplomatic novice that he can’t get his messages straight. Pelosi said Israel was ready to begin negotiating, so Israel had better get started.

If that were all, it would be amazing enough to rate its own historical footnote. But, as the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

The White House all but got down on bended knee and begged Speaker Pelosi not to meddle in US foreign policy. Responding to criticism that her visit to Damascus could send the wrong signal, Pelosi told reporters, “We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace.”

We’ll call that last statement about Damascus being ‘the road to peace’ the “Pelosi Roadmap to Peace.” (The enemy loved the idea.)

Khaled Al-Batch, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, expressed his hope Pelosi would continue winning elections, explaining the House speaker’s Damascus visit demonstrated she understands the Middle East.

Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip, said the willingness by some lawmakers to talk with Syria “is proof of the importance of the resistance against the U.S.”

“The Americans know and understand they are losing in Iraq and the Middle East and that their only chance to survive is to reduce hostilities with Arab countries and with Islam. Islam is the new giant of the world.”

Jihad Jaara, whose main claim to fame was being among the Palestinian terrorists who used the Birthplace of Jesus for a toilet during the 2002 siege of the Church of the Nativity, had nothing but praise for Speaker Pelosi:

“Pelosi’s visit to Syria was very brave. She is a brave woman. . . I think it’s very nice,” he said. See? Speaker Pelosi was right. You just have to be NICE to them, and peace is possible.

“All the American people must make peace with Syria and Iran and with Hamas. Why not?” Jaara said.

Already, she’s making friends among the enemy. Heck, Khaled Al Batch would VOTE for her if he could break himself away from the workaday life of a busy terrorist mastermind long enough to get a fake ID and get to get to the polls.

He wishes her every political success. Jihad Jaara, who thinks the Manger is a slit trench, thinks Pelosi’s trip was ‘nice’.

President Bush openly criticized Pelosi’s visit, in defiance of US foreign policy, telling reporters, “Photo opportunities and/or meetings with President Assad lead the Assad government to believe they’re part of the mainstream of the international community.”

Stung by the President’s criticism, the Speaker gave a telephone interview to the AP to explain why the President was as mistaken as Ehud Barak and Bashar Assad.

“Our message was President Bush’s message,” she argued. Pelosi touted her visit as ‘fostering democracy’ and ‘following the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations’ – which the Bush administration has already rejected.

“The funny thing is, I think we may have even had a more powerful impact with our message because of the attention that was called to our trip.”

Funny. I guess that would be the right word. The whole Arab world is splitting its sides in laughter.

For most of the last ninety days Speaker Pelosi believed she had been crowned Queen of America, those Democrats not heading up investigations into wrongdoing by the Bush administration are planning new charges to investigate.

Now there is talk about investigating Speaker Pelosi for violating the Logan Act.

The Logan Act makes it a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to three years for any American, “without authority of the United States,” to communicate with a foreign government in an effort to influence that government’s behavior on any “disputes or controversies with the United States.”

It’s been on the books since 1799. In debating the Logan Act, Thomas Jefferson explained why such a law was necessary.

“As we are not at war with France, an offence of this kind would not be high treason, yet it would be as criminal an act, as if we were at war.” In other words, it would be treason but for a technicality. The Logan Act was intended to plug that legal loophole.

Pelosi’s defenders point out that a handful of low-ranking Republicans have also made fact-finding visits to Syria, as if that somehow absolves Pelosi.

Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, second in line to the Presidency. She presented herself as representing the United States, before advancing a foreign policy at odds with existing US foreign policy, ie., the ISG recommendations.

The Speaker of the House is not the same as a member of Congress. And the White House publicly implored her not to go, citing foreign policy differences as the reason.

An op-ed in the Wall Street Opinion Journal summed up the situation in its closing paragraph;

“The U.S. is in the midst of two wars authorized by Congress. For Ms. Pelosi to flout the Constitution in these circumstances is not only shortsighted; it may well be a felony, as the Logan Act has been part of our criminal law for more than two centuries. Perhaps it is time to enforce the law.”

Great swelling words. And they have the added weight of being completely accurate. But it won’t happen.

Nancy Pelosi may have damaged the reputation of the United States and thrown the already-turbulent Middle East into turmoil, but from the perspective of the liberal left, she has struck another blow against George Bush. And she’s indicated that she’ll keep on swinging until he’s finally down and out.

Then what?

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Speaker Pelosi

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CAIR Founder Lies About Temple Mount, Again

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Well, maybe Omar Ahmad, the founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, hasn’t gone on record about this before, but what he says here is a common mantra of Islamic leadership as a whole.
The sad part is, that no matter how many times it is proven wrong, they continue to roll it back out at regular intervals.

Excavations threaten mosque

Imagine if Iran decided to build a museum on the site of a 1,000-year-old Jewish cemetery, or if the Egyptian government threatened to destroy an ancient Jewish temple. Both scenarios would likely be met with outrage. Members of Congress might make indignant speeches decrying anti-Semitism. They might even threaten to tighten the spigot on aid to Egypt. They would be right to protest such acts.

Yet both offenses against another religion are being committed today — by Israel. And the outrage is conspicuously missing.

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center has partnered with the Israeli government to build a new “Museum of Tolerance” in Jerusalem. According to former Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Meron Benvenisti, the museum site encompasses a Muslim cemetery seized by Israel in 1948 and long-since paved over. What does a shrine to tolerance mean when it is constructed — literally — over the dead bodies of a Palestinian population that was expelled from its homeland.

In the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, Israeli archaeological excavations threaten the foundation of the compound that houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest shrine, and the Dome of the Rock, whose golden dome is the most striking feature of the Jerusalem skyline. For Muslims worldwide, these mosques hold enormous religious significance. Muslims, in fact, first faced Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque in prayer, only later facing Mecca.

Of course, all of Omar Ahmad’s claims are easily debunked, in this case by the folks at HonestReporting.

Israeli Freedom of Religion Attacked in San Francisco Chronicle

The already debunked accusation that Israel’s archaeological dig in Jerusalem’s Old City threatens the Temple Mount continues to be used as an excuse to charge Israel with attacking Muslim religious freedom. Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, Omar Ahmad claims that “Israeli government excavations and construction projects continue to chip away at the mosque’s foundation.” (See our communique for details on why this is patently untrue.)

Ahmad claims that Israel is “violating American principles of equality for all religions. American leaders must insist that Israel’s respect for Jewish religious sites extend equally to Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem.”


Ahmad also conveniently ignores the archaeological vandalism carried out by the Waqf on the Temple Mount that has caused irreparable damage to artifacts from the First and Second Jewish Temple periods.

Other issues raised by Ahmad include the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance, which, he claims, “is constructed — literally — over the dead bodies of a Palestinian population that was expelled from its homeland.” Ahmad, while attempting to portray Israel as a desecrator of Muslim sites, fails to add important context, including the fact that this issue is currently before the Israeli Supreme Court.

Facts and talking points:

* Over forty years ago, an Islamic court ruled that the land was no longer sacred and could be used for construction or other purposes. Even four decades before that ruling, in 1922, the infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, built a luxurious hotel on part of the land. The Mufti ruled that construction was possible if the tombs were removed and reburied in another place, and he made plans to build a Muslim university on the same tract of land.
* The cemetery has been abandoned for well over a century and, in 1964, an Islamic court ruled that its status was mundaras (erased), meaning that its holiness had expired. Muslim scholars and religious leaders have allowed the “recycling” of cemeteries that have not been used for more than a generation. The Islamic Movement, however, sees the dispute as an opportunity to claim part of Jerusalem as a Muslim enclave.
* The Israel Antiquities Authority has been especially careful in removing remains found at the site for reburial. The Wiesenthal Center has also offered to re-inter all of the remains in the part of the cemetery that still exists, and plans to renovate and fence off the area.

Ahmad quotes the then Israeli army chief rabbi Shlomo Goren as advocating the destruction of Al-Aqsa in 1967. While this view was expressed by Goren at a time before he became Chief Rabbi of Israel, this in no way represents the religious or political view of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate or indeed any Israeli government, which has always respected the rights of Muslims to their holy sites, as outlined above.

Ahmad also refers to a number of attacks by extremists against the Temple Mount, falsely comparing this to current Israeli government activities. In fact, Israeli authorities have consistently attempted to stop fanatics – of all faiths – from desecrating religious sites or committing acts of violence near them. When it has been unable to stop such acts from occurring, Israel has severely punished the perpetrators.

In short, Omar Ahmad has launched a thoroughly inaccurate and misleading attempt to paint Israel as a desecrator of religious freedoms, when, in fact, the opposite is true.