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Egypt: “Stop Rocket Firing or IDF May Attack Gaza”

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Egyptian advisers in Gaza are urging all the pali terrorist to stop firing rockets at Israeli civilians, because, believe it or not, Israel could decide they’ve had enough and put a stop to it.

This is further supported by this Haaretz article IDF presents PM with proposal to renew targeted assassinations and this Arutz Sheva article Major Offensive in Gaza Under Consideration.

Egyptian officers warned Palestinians on Tuesday night that Israel could reenter the Gaza Strip if they did not stop firing rockets into Israeli territory, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday morning.

Head of Egypt’s security delegation to the Gaza Strip, General Burhan Hamad, met with Palestinian faction heads including the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza in an effort to restore calm in the region.

The meeting followed a barrage of more than 10 Kassam rockets and 20 mortar shells on the Negev Tuesday morning.

Talks were scheduled to continue on Wednesday.

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“Nemesis – Imus, Nifong Meet Their Match” by Victor Davis Hanson

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

In the past week, Don Imus was fired, all charges against the Duke University lacrosse players were dropped, and almost everyone has offered a sermon about the racial and class issues involved in both cases. But we need look only to the Ancient Greeks for the best insight.

The Greeks believed that insolence naturally leads to bullying, or hubris. This arrogance induces a mad behavior called ate. Finally, that recklessness earns well-earned destruction unleashed by the god Nemesis.

In other words, what goes around comes around — big time.

No one gets a pass, according to the Greeks. Just ask the arrogant Oedipus, who ultimately stabbed his own eyes out.

For years, talk-show host Imus trashed people, sometimes with racist and anti-Semitic banter. And not only did he get away with playing the foul mouth, but he was often courted by the powerful for his supposedly influential audience and the notion that it was hip to rap with him.

All the attention only swelled Imus’ head. And his excess led him to a kind of madness. How else to characterize the mind of someone who labels the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos”?

Apparently, the unhinged Imus thought that adopting such racist, sexist slurs used by those in the “gangsta” culture — “hos” is a favorite term of some African-American rappers and comedians — was also cool for a white shock-jock.

Imus also foolishly assumed that the parade of liberal politicians and friends who clamored to get on his show might offer him politically correct cover.

Wrong again. Something called “race, class and gender” studies in our universities has long preached otherwise: Only those not white, heterosexual and male have an unspoken pass to use jocular slurs that their “oppressors” better not copy.

Lesbians on motorcycles carry placards blaring “Dykes on Bikes.” Homosexuals hype “queer studies.” Yet for outsiders to dub someone a “queer” or a “dyke” — or a “ho” — even as a bad joke is deemed automatically proof of their prejudice.

Imus, for all his pseudo-sophistication about the contemporary scene, apparently did not grasp this hypocrisy of American popular culture. So he thought he could piggyback on such vile language — and as a hip white celeb get away with it.

Then he met Nemesis, long lying in wait. And the more America learned about the past rantings of this talk-show bully, the more it wondered why such a banal fool ever had an audience in the first place, much less was courted by politicians and celebrities.

The same ancient pattern of arrogance and retribution appears in the case of the Duke lacrosse team. Three Duke players were unjustly accused of rape and sexual offense by an African-American stripper. Local district attorney Mike Nifong, some of the Duke humanities faculty, the Duke University president, and the ubiquitous race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all swarmed on a perfect scandal for political advantage and self-promoting sermonizing.

After all, beer-drinking, rich, white lacrosse athletes were supposedly brutalizing a poor woman of color, forced by her poverty to submit to them sexually.

Despite no evidence, the accused students were charged with felonies. The coach is long gone, and the entire team was disbanded for the year.

The academic mob added its own rush-to-judgment easy condemnations. Then Nifong won re-election as a populist crusader against supposedly racist preppie sex-offenders. Seemingly ignoring evidence that the victim was making the charges up, this lynch mob went headlong into mad excess.

Then, wham, Nemesis hit them, too.

Now these false accusers are getting their long-awaited due. The past anti-Semitism of Jackson (“hymietown”) and Sharpton (“diamond merchants”) is finally being broadcast nightly. Both preachers scramble to get on TV — only to be cross-examined as never before as they try in vain to explain away their own past bigoted slurs.

Meanwhile, Duke University, its president, and many of the liberal arts faculty — the latter in public statements and letters repeatedly tried and convicted those wrongly accused on rumor and false evidence — appear not just as opportunists, but mean-spirited ones at that.

Nifong now faces possible disbarment and civil suits. What saves the stripper who concocted all this from the fate of Scooter Libby is that her stories are so preposterous that so far she is thought to be a delusional victim rather than a perjurer deserving of a prison sentence.

At the heart of both the Imus and Duke scandals is arrogance. Overweening conceit inevitably led bigheads like Imus, Nifong, Sharpton, Jackson and many at Duke University to go one step too far — and thus at last earn their just deserts.

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Pro-Life Activist: “Mexico May Become ‘Abortion Capital of Western Hemisphere’

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

With the horrible corruption that is prevalent in Mexican society, this is no surprise at all.

A columnist and pro-life activist says Mexico has become the American abortion industry’s safety net. The Mexico City legislature will be voting today on legislation designed to legalize abortion on demand up to 12 weeks after conception. Similar legislation is also likely to pass Mexico’s Congress.

Mark Crutcher, president of the pro-life group Life Dynamics, says the international abortion industry, operated primarily out of the United States, has been working feverishly to get abortion legalized in Mexico. Crutcher says abortion groups like Planned Parenthood have been strengthening their presence in Mexico because they believe Roe v. Wade is on the brink of being overturned in the U.S.

“If Mexico goes down this trail, Mexico is going to become known as the abortion capital of the western hemisphere,” Crutcher contends. “And the Mexican people need to rise up right now and see they are being played for fools,” he says. “The American abortion industry is pouring money and manpower into that country.”

Pro-abortion activists “never do anything that does not have a self-interest attached to it,” the Life Dynamics spokesman asserts. “I want people to imagine that we had a political debate going on in the United States and all of a sudden discovered that Mexican political organizations were on one side of the issue and were pouring millions of dollars and tons of manpower to affect our political system,” he says.

“We would be outraged,” Crutcher insists. “We would never tolerate that sort of intrusion into our political system, and yet these death merchants from the United States are doing that very thing in Mexico today,” he says.

Crutcher says he does not believe average citizens in Mexico want their country to become the abortion capital of the western hemisphere. However, he says several pro-abortion groups have set up camp in Mexico in hopes of expanding the “abortion holocaust,” and pro-life groups simply do not have the resources to combat them.

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Media Coverage of VT Massacre Shows Anti-Gun Bias, Says Watchdog

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I noticed this too. It was very evident in many of the comments I heard from the media.

A media watchdog organization says the mainstream media did everything it could to drum up more support for gun control, judging by the overwhelming anti-gun bias it showed in the recent coverage of the Virginia Tech killings.

In 2000, the Media Research Center *MRC) released a study reviewing two years of gun policy stories on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC. The Virginia-based group found that stories advocating gun control outnumbered stories opposing gun control by a ratio of almost 10-to-1.

Tim Graham, director of media analysis at MRC, says the coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre shows that bias has not changed. “There was really just no attempt made in any way to say let’s have a debate,” he contends. “We were going to have a lecture shoved down our throat.”

The liberal tone of the coverage was very similar to what was reported in the aftermath of the 1999 school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, the media watchdog asserts. “Certainly,” he says, “what we saw when we did a study in 2000 about the aftermath of the Columbine High School shooting, we had, for example, on ABC’s Good Morning America, basically a slant of about 92-to-1” in favor of gun control, “and I suspect that when [the liberal media] feel the time is emotionally right we’re going to go right back to that.”

But despite the media bias, Graham does not believe the anti-gun side can prevail at this point. “Even though we have two Democratic houses of Congress now, President Bush is still there to veto anything they would pass, and it’s not veto proof,” the media analyst points out. “So, yeah — I think there is some justified pessimism on behalf of the anti-gun crowd that anything is going to pass,” he says.

Still, Graham believes the networks do not want to acknowledge that any other agenda exists besides what he calls the “gun-hating” agenda — and that cause, he contends, is being undertaken with “messianic zeal.”

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Students Punished For Opposing “Gay” Advocacy

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Schools in California show remarkable duplicity and “double speak” in regards to the homosexual event, the “Day of Silence”, as they continue to punish students who choose to counter protest this event.
Legal advocacy groups are looking into the possibility of litigation, in order to expunge suspensions of students who chose to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights to free speech, but were punished, by the schools, for speaking out against and not endorsing this event.

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of students in several Sacramento area school districts are being penalized by school officials for objecting to the homosexual advocacy “Day of Silence,” according to a law firm handling many complaints.

“We are looking at our options. If our affiliate attorneys come forward and help us with these … there might be dozens of lawsuits. I believe we have enough good attorneys both in skill and as a matter of conscience to step up to the plate,” Kevin Snider, the chief counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute told WND.

“We should be able to do a full-court press on all of these,” he said.

The issues arose during the annual “Day of Silence,” last week at Inderkum, Rio Linda and San Juan high schools. That is an event promoted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network organization, which advocates for the homosexual lifestyle and promotes educating children in that choice.

During that event, students go around school during the day without speaking, and they hand out cards stating they are protesting the “discrimination” against the homosexual lifestyle.

Many schools allow such activities without penalty, although one Illinois school has in the past notified students while they had the choice to participate, teachers were not obligated to facilitate that activity by allowing them not to answer questions.


Snider said an estimated 3,000-4,000 Sacramento area students remained out of class to protest the GLSEN event. Others attended and many “did some sort of speech activities on the Day of Silence or the days following.”

He said the activities generally involved a protest on a sidewalk near a school, wearing a T-shirt that expressed the student’s religious views on homosexuality, or some sort of literature distribution.

Snider told WND there was no overall resolution apparent, because there were a number of school districts involved, with a variety of actions and outcomes.

“A lot of students were suspended,” he said. “Others were just kicked out [of school] and told to go home for the day. I’m not certain that is legal. You can’t just kick students out.”

He said that might have been done by the schools to avoid legal liability. “When there’s punishment, the schools face liability,” he said.

But he told WND some students’ parents came with them to school the next day, and said, “My understanding is that my student was suspended.”

“In some cases, the secretary said, ‘We have no record of that,'” he said.

Other schools had been suspending students who objected to the pro-homosexual advocacy, but then abruptly halted in the middle of the day. Another school “rounded up” several students days later and held them for three hours.

“The parents are quite upset at this,” he said.

“There’s at least one school district that looks like they are digging in and not going to remove, expunge, suspensions,” Snider said. “So that may well be a legal confrontation.”

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