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Large Car Bomb Found, Defused in Central London

Friday, June 29th, 2007

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More terrorist activities discovered in London. It will interesting to see what group, if any, claims responsibility.

LONDON — Police thwarted an apparent terror attack Friday near the famed Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London, defusing a bomb made of a lethal mix of gasoline, propane gas, and nails after an ambulance crew spotted smoke coming from a silver Mercedes outside a nightclub.

Hours later, police closed a major road in central London because of a suspicious vehicle.

A police spokesman said there was no immediate information about the vehicle on Park Lane, on the eastern edge of Hyde Park. He said there was nothing immediately to suggest it was linked to the earlier incident.

The bomb in the city’s theater district was powerful enough to have caused “significant injury or loss of life” — possibly killing hundreds, British anti-terror police chief Peter Clarke said.

Britain’s new home secretary, Jacqui Smith called an emergency meeting of top officials, calling the attempted attack “international terrorism.”

“We are currently facing the most serious and sustained threat to our security from international terrorism,” she said afterward. “This reinforces the need for the public to remain vigilant to the threat we face at all times.”

Police planned to examine footage from closed-circuit TV cameras in the area, Clarke said, hoping the surveillance network that covers much of central London will help them track down the driver of the rigged Mercedes.

Officers were called to The Haymarket, just south of Piccadilly Circus, after an ambulance crew — responding to a call just before 1:30 a.m. about an injury at a nearby nightclub — noticed smoke coming from a car parked in front of the club, Clarke said.

A bomb squad manually disabled the bomb.

Early photographs of the silver Mercedes showed a canister bearing the words “patio gas,” indicating it was propane gas, next to the car. The back door was open with blankets spilling out. The car was removed from the scene midmorning.

The busy Haymarket thoroughfare linking Piccadilly Circus to the Pall Mall is packed with restaurants, bars, a cinema complex and West End theaters, and was buzzing at that hour.

Please notice the fact that this bomb was packed with nails, which means it’s sole intent was to kill people. The innocent civilians going about their business on the streets and sidewalks nearby. Women and children. Take a look at this and then try to understand what the evil monster, masquerading as a human being, is capable of doing.

Child with Nail in Head

See “Nail bomb boy goes home”.

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Update 06/29/07 3:47 CDT:
Fox News is reporting that a second car with explosives was found in London.

Police Find Explosive Device in Second Car in London

LONDON — Police thwarted a car bomb attack Friday in London’s bustling nightclub and theater district, defusing a crude explosive device made of gasoline, propane gas and nails after an ambulance crew spotted smoke coming from a green Mercedes outside a nightclub. Hours later, police confirmed that a second car bomb was found in the center of the city.

The first car bomb, found near Piccadilly Circus, was powerful enough to have caused “significant injury or loss of life” at a time when hundreds were in the area, British anti-terror police chief Peter Clarke said.

Clarke said Friday evening that the second car — a blue Mercedes — was originally parked illegally on nearby Cockspur Street, but had been towed from the West End to an impound lot near Hyde Park.

“The vehicle was found to contain very similar materials to those that had been found in the first car,” he said. “There was a considerable amount of fuel and gas canisters. As in the first vehicle, there was also a quantity of nails. This like the first device was potentially viable.”

A Story of Success from the Christian Law Association

Friday, June 29th, 2007

This was in an email I received this morning from the Christian Law Association (CLA).

Man Wakes From “Terminal Coma”

After Rebecca Ramirez asked doctors and nurses to remove her husband Jesse’s feeding tubes, his family and friends rushed to get an emergency order to reinstate the treatment. Jesse Ramirez, Jr. and his wife Rebecca were in a car accident on May 30 which resulted in minor injuries for Rebecca, but major health issues for Jesse. He went into a coma.

Doctors found that he sustained brain injuries, bringing about his loss of consciousness. A court battle ensued for rights to his medical care. The move by Rebecca Ramirez to take out his feeding and hydration tubes prompted his family to move more quickly to change guardian rights. Tuesday, June 26, Judge Paul Katz reversed his wife’s request to remove the tubes and elected a more objective guardian.

As his wife was trying to pull the plug on his life, Jesse Ramirez was fighting to stay alive. Just eighteen days after his wife gave that order to the doctors, Jesse pulled out of his coma. Today, he sits up in his hospital bed and communicates with visitors just as any other patient would. His family said that he attempts to mouth words and gives the thumbs-up sign. He also gives them hugs and kisses.

Such a miraculous story reminds us of the miracle of life. It reveals the truth that no man can really know God’s timing. The Bible states that it is appointed unto man once to die. With that in mind, the reversal is also a challenge to us all–we only have one life to live.

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The “Fairness Doctrine” Loses

Friday, June 29th, 2007

It looks like the Dems did consider what the fairness doctrine would do to their shills in the mainstream media.

The House votes 309-115 for a Mike Pence amendment barring the FCC from imposing it.

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“Liberals Should Think Carefully About Fairness Doctrine Fight” By John Gibson

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Today John Kerry weighed in on an issue that is now all the rage among liberal politicians. The issue is called the Fairness Doctrine.

This is a rule that used to exist in broadcasting — radio and TV — which required that no opinion could be expressed without a countervailing opinion presented immediately. It was the old salt and pepper rule. If you were on the air with a salt shaker, you had to have a pepper shaker.

Now what this is all about is talk radio. Liberals are complaining that their brand of talk radio fails whenever someone tries to put it on the air, and they have decided the answer is to shut up conservative talk radio. This is the “Hush Rush” movement.

Liberals are angry that so many of you listen to talk radio — conservative talk radio — and that you cannot be dragged over to a liberal talk show. This argument ignores the fact that something like 20 million people a week listen to NPR, which is the very definition of liberal.

What it also ignores is that the Fairness Doctrine applies to all broadcast, not just radio and especially not just talk radio. Liberals should be on notice it will apply to all the liberals who now operate on the airwaves in network TV news, in certain quarters of cable news and, of course, in entertainment TV.

Face it. Liberals own Hollywood. Virtually every movie would be subject to the Fairness Doctrine. Think Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” could stand up to that scrutiny or Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”? Not a chance.

Do you think HBO can stand to have the Fairness Doctrine applied to what it airs? Bill Maher is going to have an awful time trying to conform to the Fairness Doctrine, and I can’t think of a liberal anywhere who wants to shut him up.

What John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin are asking for is to only restrict the broadcasting that conservatives do, mainly talk radio, though I have no doubt they have their plans for FOX News, too.

This is an attempt to take over the airwaves with liberal thought and make sure nothing else gets on. It’s already a huge imbalance in favor of liberal thought on the airwaves, and the effort now is to make certain that echo chamber of so-called progressives is undisturbed by any irritating arguments from the right, or debates liberals can’t win.

This is liberals in action. When you can’t win the debate, make certain there is no debate. That is what the resurgence of the Fairness Doctrine debate is all about.

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