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City Ordinance Used to Silence Christian’s Message

Friday, July 6th, 2007

This says it best:
“Christian expression is not second-class speech and should not be treated as such…”

A town in Louisiana has begun using a vaguely written ordinance aimed at preventing public disturbances to stifle the biblical message of a Christian who wanted to share his religious beliefs on a public street.

In the case of John Netherland, authorities in the town of Zachary have warned him that he would be arrested if his verbal message in any way “annoys” someone else, according to the Alliance Defense Fund, which is a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the truth.

Attorneys with the organization have filed a lawsuit and are seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent city police from arresting Netherland, who wants to share his religious message on a public sidewalk outside of a bar.

Citing an ordinance prohibiting speech that is “annoying” or “offensive,” an officer had threatened Netherland with arrest.

“Christian expression is not second-class speech and should not be treated as such,” said Kevin Theriot, the ADF’s senior counsel. “Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when a policeman for the city of Zachary threatened a Christian with arrest and prosecution simply because the expression was religious and some people might not like it.

“The Constitution prohibits government officials from singling out religious speech for censorship,” he said.

It was in November when Netherland was on a public easement about 75 feet from the bar. A police officer first told him to move to the far side of the public property, then told him he would be arrested anyway for “disturbing the peace.”

Netherland left, but then contacted ADF, which investigated, and filed the action.

The City of Zachary Code of Ordinances includes a section on “disturbing the peace,” which prohibits “addressing any offensive, derisive, or annoying words to any other person…or call[ing] him by any offensive or derisive name, or mak[ing] any noise or exclamation in his presence and hearing with the intent to deride, offend, or annoy him….,” according to the ADF. However, it does not define any of the terms used, including “disturb,” “offensive,” “annoying,” and “noise.”

“Both the city ordinance and the policeman’s application of the ordinance are blatantly unconstitutional. There is no right for government to harass and threaten citizens exercising their First Amendment rights in public,” said Theriot. “We hope the court will grant our motion for preliminary injunction so that Mr. Netherland can freely speak at his desired location on public property while this case moves forward.”

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Children Used as Shields in Pakistan Mosque

Friday, July 6th, 2007

In Islam, a woman and child are a man’s property. This de-legitimizing of their basic human rights and value as a human, is never more evident then when they are used as “human shields” for Islamic men.
As a side note; once more we see just how the burqa (Islamic womans dress that covers her from head to toe) is used by Muslims men to attempt to avoid capture.

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Women and children were being used as human shields by militants besieged in a mosque in Islamabad, the Pakistan government said on Thursday as security forces ratcheted up pressure on hundreds inside to surrender.

Pakistan’s Deputy Information Minister Tariq Azim Khan said the few students who had quit the mosque spoke of a nightmare scenario for security forces trying to keep casualties down.

“A large number of women and children are being held hostage by armed men in room,” Khan told a news conference, adding that the brother of the captured cleric was hiding in the basement of an attached madrasa with 25 “women hostages.”

“Yes, they’re using them as human shields, because the people who have come out, they told us that they’re telling women and children not to worry because as long as you’re here forces will not attack us,” he said.

In an interview broadcast earlier on state television, the leader of the Red Mosque’s Taliban-style student movement, caught the previous evening trying to escape wearing a woman’s burqa, said 850 students remained inside, including 600 women and girls.

Abdul Aziz, clad in a woman’s all-enveloping garment like the one he was caught in, began the interview by dramatically lifting the black veil to reveal a face dominated by a bushy grey beard.

He said 14 men were armed with Kalashnikovs in the mosque.

“Now there are 50 to 60 hardcore militants inside the mosque who are armed with automatic weapons, grenades and petrol bombs,” Interior Minister Ahmed Aftab Khan Sherpao said.

Smiling through much of a bizarre interview Aziz said he had had urged others to leave the mosque, but some women teachers had persuaded girls to stay behind.

“They are not being used as human shields, we only gave them passion for jihad,” said Aziz, who was later remanded in court.

Hundreds of police and soldiers, backed by armored personnel carriers, have sealed off Red Mosque, or Lal Masjid, and imposed an indefinite curfew in the neighborhood around it. Water, gas and electricity supplies to the mosque have also been cut.

Aziz said it was time for all the students to leave.

“They should either leave, if they can, or surrender.”

One 12-year-old girl, Maria Habib, who was escorted from the mosque by her uncle on Thursday, said there were between 35 and 40 students of her age still inside.

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“Pardon Me, But” By Michael Reagan

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Anybody who watched presidential spokesman Tony Snow face a pack of snarling White House press corps correspondents following President Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence will understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy

These are the very same media hacks who turned a blind eye to Clintonista Sandy Berger stuffing national security documents in his socks, stealing them from the National Archives and destroying them and then getting nothing more in the way of punishment than a mere slap on the wrist.

Then there was Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who had the gall to issue a statement saying, “Today’s decision is yet another example that this Administration simply considers itself above the law. This case arose from the Administration’s politicization of national security intelligence and its efforts to punish those who spoke out against its policies. Four years into the Iraq war, Americans are still living with the consequences of this White House’s efforts to quell dissent. This commutation sends the clear signal that in this Administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice.”

Said Tony Snow: “I don’t know what Arkansan is for chutzpah, but this is a gigantic case of it.”

Here, after all, is the wife of a president who all but peddled pardons to an assortment of felons and miscreants including one malodorous fugitive from justice who had renounced his American citizenship.

Doesn’t this woman recall that on her husband’s last day in the White House he signed 140 pardons and several commutations?

Among the beneficiaries of Clinton’s compassion, according to Wikipedia :

•Melvin J. Reynolds, a Democratic Congressman from Illinois, who was convicted of bank fraud, 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography. Clinton commuted the sentence on the bank fraud and Reynolds was allowed to serve the final months under the auspices of a halfway house.

•His half-brother Roger Clinton on drug charges after having served the entire sentence more than a decade earlier.

•Marc Rich, a fugitive who had renounced his U.S. citizenship, was pardoned for tax evasion charges. Denise Rich, Marc’s former wife, was a close friend of the Clintons and had made substantial donations to both Clinton’s library and Hillary’s Senate campaign. Clinton agreed to a pardon that required Marc Rich to pay a $100,000,000 fine before he could return to the United States. According to Paul Volker’s independent investigation of the U.N. Oil-for-Food kickback schemes, Rich was a middleman for several suspect Iraqi oil deals involving more than 4 million barrels of oil.

•Carlos A. Vignali, who had his sentence for cocaine trafficking commuted after serving 6 of 15 years in federal prison.

•Almon Gledd Braswell was pardoned for his convictions for perjury and mail fraud, even while a federal investigation was underway regarding additional money laundering and tax evasion charges.

Braswell and Vignali each paid approximately $200,000 to Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, to represent their respective cases for clemency. Hugh Rodham returned the payments after they were disclosed to the public. Braswell would later invoke the Fifth Amendment at a Senate Committee hearing in 2001, when questioned about allegations of his having systematically defrauded senior citizens of millions of dollars.

•In March 2000, Bill Clinton pardoned Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, owners of United Shows International, for bank fraud charges from a 1982 conviction. (They were already out of jail, but the prior conviction prevented them from doing business in certain states.) Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony, was an acquaintance of the Gregorys, and had lobbied Clinton on their behalf.

In the wake of the pardons the Federal prosecutor in New York, Mary Jo White, was appointed to investigate what the media was calling “Pardongate.” She was replaced by James Comey, who obligingly cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing.

This same James Comey was later responsible for the appointment of Patrick Fitzgerald as the special prosecutor who indicted Libby.

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Muslims Voices

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Muslim Voices

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