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Help Identifying the Word “Pee-Tey-Kuh”

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

I’m going to ask a strange question of our readers this morning.
Do any of you recognize the words “Pee-Tey-Kuh”?
I think they may be Native American.
Here’s why I’m asking…

There was a B-17 bomber that flew in the 401st Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force during World War II. It was tail number 42-31033 and was named the “Pee-Tey-Kuh”.
According to the 401st Bomb Group website, it flew in the 613th Squadron as callsign IN-B. It was commanded by 2nd Lt S. G. Nason when it was shot down over Oscherslaben, Germany on January 11th, 1944.

When I posed this question to Ms. Laura Redish of the Native Languages of the Americas website, she thought it might be Native America, but an English variant. Without knowing the language, it will be almost impossible to find out. Based on the crew list, she felt it might be Creek/Seminole (the airplane engineer was named “Jumper” which she tells me is a common Creek/Seminole name).

If any of you have any information or ideas of what this might mean, please let me know.

Update 4/12/2010:
According to the 401st Bomb Group website:

Crew Members
Pilot 2nd Lt S.G. Nason POW
Copilot 2nd Lt J.W. Mitchell POW
Navigator 2nd Lt J.A. Duce POW
Bombardier 2nd Lt A. Gould POW
Radio Operator T/Sgt G. Owens KIA
Engr / Top Turret T/Sgt W.H. Jumper POW
Ball Turret Gunner S/Sgt E.E. Leavitt KIA
Tail Gunner S/Sgt H.P. Wildman POW
Left Waist Gunner S/Sgt D.W. Ogborn POW
Right Waist Gunner S/Sgt C.H. Biggs POW

Heat Wave Then, Global Warming Now

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Heat Wave

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“Ahmadinejad’s Mussolini” by Jack Kinsella

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been characterized many times as the 21st century’s answer to Hitler.

Before declaring Ahmadinejad as the 21st century’s Hitler, Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, as well as members of their respective candidates, declared Saddam Hussein to be the Adolf Hitler of this generation.

The Hitler/Nazi Germany analogy can be a powerful indictment. Whenever it is used, stark associations flood the mind: appeasement, war, gas chambers, genocide, and the deaths of millions of people. Once we cry Hitler, all attempts at detente or diplomacy are dismissed as mere appeasement.

The ghost of Hitler was invoked in a speech by former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Nentanyahu at the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities this month. As the Jewish Telegraphic Agency recently reported:

“Netanyahu warned that Iran is aiming to develop 25 nuclear weapons a year, ultimately with a range that can reach the East Coast of the United States.

“It’s 1938 — and Iran is Germany. And Iran is racing to get atomic weapons,” Netanyahu repeated again and again. “When someone tells you he is going to exterminate you, believe him and stop him.”

The former prime minister said he had been trying for a decade to warn world leaders that Iran represented the greatest threat — not just to Israel but also to Europe and America — “but nobody seems to care very strongly.”

While Hitler started a war and then tried to develop an atomic bomb, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is building nuclear weapons first and then will start a war, Netanyahu warned. Unlike 1938 and its aftermath, however, this time the Jewish people will not be the sacrificial lamb, Netanyahu declared to prolonged applause.”

Hitler was a singular evil in the pantheon of history. On many levels, his brand of evil is incomparable; any attempt to compare him to tin-pot dictators like Saddam or even Ahmadinejad tends to minimize Hitler more than it maximizes the target of such comparisons.

Hitler was evil unbound — he answered to no one, was beholden to his own ideology, which was uniquely Hitlerian. A comparison between Hitler and a common thug like Saddam Hussein is like comparing Al Capone and a common car-jacker.

Comparing Ahmadinejad to Hitler is similarly unsatisfactory on most levels, since, as evil as Ahmadinejad might be, he doesn’t stand alone the way Hitler does. Ahmadinejad is the product of a wider evil ideology, whereas Hitler was the founder and author of an evil without parallel in human history.

Ahmadinejad’s evil is replicated many times over within Islam; Hitler’s evil is such that it will be replicated only once more in the course of history. Ahmadinejad’s qualification as the 21st century answer to Hitler rests on the fact that Ahmadinejad is a head of state, as Hitler was a head of state.

But Ahmadinejad’s hatred of the Jews and his desire to wipe them from the map is rooted in the wider ideology of Islam. Ahmadinejad sees the destruction of Israel as a duty imposed on him by Islam.

Hitler’s destruction of the Jews was not rooted in a religious duty, but rather a matter a personal joy.

Ahmadinejad’s hatred is aimed at the ‘Zionist State’ which his religious convictions demand be eradicated. Hitler’s hatred was aimed at the individual Jew.

Ahmadinejad wants to see the elimination of the Jewish state as a corporate Zionist entity for the crime of usurping Islamic control over Jerusalem.

Hitler’s goal was the elimination of every living Jew for the crime of being Jews.

The only figure whose comparison to Hitler would be appropriate would be the antichrist — and only in that Hitler can be compared to the antichrist — and not the other way around.

That being said, Ahmadinejad is about as close to being the next Hitler to disgrace the ground he walks on as one can come without rising to the level of the antichrist. It isn’t my intention to dismiss him or minimize the threat that he poses.

I just don’t want to do an historical injustice to the evil that Hitler was, or to the victims of his evil. If anything, Hitler was Satan’s ‘trial run’ for the antichrist. But while Ahmadinejad doesn’t rise to Hitler’s level, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez makes a pretty good historical repeat of Hitler’s henchman, Benito Mussolini.

Like Mussolini, Chavez is little more than a thug and a buffoon. In and of himself, he is not much of a threat, but when partnered with Ahmadinejad, the resulting combination increases the danger posed by both leaders by several orders of magnitude.

Like Mussolini, Chavez has no ideology of his own, apart from magnifying his own importance on the world stage. Mussolini introduced strict censorship and altered the methods of election so that in 1925-1926 he was able to assume dictatorial powers and dissolve all other political parties.

Skillfully using his absolute control over the press, he gradually built up the legend of the “il Duce, a man who was always right and could solve all the problems of politics and economics.”

Italy was soon a police state. In foreign policy, Mussolini soon shifted from pacifist anti-imperialism to an extreme form of aggressive nationalism.

While Mussolini had nothing particular against the Jews, when he allied himself with the Nazis, he adopted the Nazi racial policies that included the persecution of Jews and participation in their deportation to the Nazi death camps.

Like Mussolini, Chavez’ domestic supporters view him as a socialist liberator. He is seen as a champion of nationalism and anti-imperialism. He has used his popular support, as Mussolini did, to create the myth of a Latin American il Duce, a man who is always right and has the answers to all Latin America’s problems’.

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Nothing is Too Hard for God

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Jesus Holding The World

“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
Jeremiah 32:17 (New International Version)

Pope Ignites War of Words by Stating Other Groups are ‘Defective’

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Yeah!!! I’m Defective!!! Too Cool!!
As Islam knocks down our gates (they gave up knocking at them long ago), the thing we need most is more division in Christiandom…NOT!!
I try to stay from doctrinal differences on the blog, because most them are irrelevant and we are all Children of God anyway, but he (Mr. The Pope) started it.
No matter how many times I read my Bible, never once have I ever found mention of salvation being dependent on a church. Jesus says “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. (John 14:6).
He didn’t say “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me and a dependence on the Catholic Church“.

Pope Benedict XVI has ignited controversy across the world by approving a document saying non-Catholic Christian communities are either defective or not true churches, and the Roman Catholic Church provides the only true path to salvation.

“Christ ‘established here on earth’ only one church,” said the document, reasserting the primacy of Catholicism.

It said other Christian communities such as Protestants “cannot be called ‘churches’ in the proper sense” since they don’t have what’s known as apostolic succession – that is, the ability to trace their bishops back to the original 12 apostles of Jesus.

(Story continues below)

The document said the Orthodox church suffered from a “wound” because it did not recognize the primacy of the pope, adding the wound was “still more profound” among Protestant denominations.

It was “difficult to see how the title of ‘Church’ could possibly be attributed to them,” said the statement from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, purporting Roman Catholicism was “the one true Church of Christ.”

“These separated churches and communities, though we believe they suffer from defects, are deprived neither of significance nor importance in the mystery of salvation,” the document read. “In fact the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them as instruments of salvation, whose value derives from that fullness of grace and of truth which has been entrusted to the Catholic Church.”

The document, formulated as five questions and answers, repeated sections of a 2000 text the pope wrote when he was prefect of the congregation, “Dominus Iesus,” which angered Protestant and other Christian denominations because it said they were not true churches and did not have the “means of salvation.”

The Vatican’s statement, signed by American Cardinal William Levada, was approved by Benedict June 29, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul in the Catholic faith.

Protestant leaders wasted no time attacking the statement.

“It makes us question whether we are indeed praying together for Christian unity,” said the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, a group of 75 million Protestants in more than 100 countries. “It makes us question the seriousness with which the Roman Catholic Church takes its dialogues with the reformed family and other families of the church.”

Today’s edition of the London Times gave the story prominence with a headline reading: “If it isn’t Roman Catholic then it’s not a proper Church, pope tells Christians.”

Its online edition also features a messageboard where readers from all over the world are reacting to the pronouncement, including:

  • The pope is being honest in saying what all right thinking Catholics believe. (Brian O Cinneide, Durban, South Africa)
  • The Roman Catholic Church IS the true Church, all others are “off shoots,” “break away” or denominations. (Connie, Billings, Montana)
  • I guess the crux of it is that if you don’t accept the pope as your leader, then the church you are in is illegitimate. This is most offensive and insincere considering the Roman Catholic Church keeps telling us that it wants to reach out to other Christian and non-Christian faiths. I would say that the Catholic Church is “not proper” for issuing this provocative article not the Christian churches. (Niki Saliba, Melbourne, Australia)
  • I am embarrassed to be Catholic. I feel as if a major part of my ongoing and increasingly difficult decision to remain in the Church has been excised. The pope is going to take the Church back to a time when it was populated by only a hard-core, self-congratulatory few. I guess that will mean fewer parishes to keep open and more donations per capita. (Janet, Ohio)
  • Just shows why it is almost impossible to remain a practicing Catholic. The medium is more important than the message. Do you really think Christ would think it was more important to belong to one brand of Christianity than to live by his teachings? (Maria, Sydney, Australia)
  • The early Christians set a bad example for everyone. They prayed in other tongues, engaged in prophesy, laid hands on the sick, cast out demons and met in services in the catacombs. They stuck together even until death and crucifixion. They acted like they were in love with God as a result of a supernatural experience through the Holy Spirit as a result of Christ’s death of redemption. Those improper Christians never did get it right with their early Church practices! (Mark, Houston, Texas)
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    Analysis: Rumors of Syria-Israel war

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

    Keep watching the Middle East. It may be nothing, but there are a lot of people predicting a new war for later this summer.

    WASHINGTON, July 9 (UPI) — Well-informed sources in Washington fear a confrontation between Syria and Israel may happen this summer. The sources say that Syrian intelligence is abuzz with activity reports of an imminent Israeli attack across the Golan Heights, while others believe it is Syria that is gearing up for war.

    Dennis Ross, a former senior U.S. Middle East peace negotiator, was quoted by an Israeli newspaper as saying he thinks “there is a risk of war” between Syria and Israel in the summer. Ross told YnetNews, Yedioth Ahronoth’s Internet edition, that “no one has made any decisions, but the Syrians are positioning themselves for war.”

    According to the former U.S. State Department official, “Syria has rearmed Hezbollah to the teeth — there should be a price to pay for that.” Ross added that the Bush administration should aim to “squeeze the Syrian economy” by using “sticks before carrots” in dealing with Damascus.

    The New York Sun, meanwhile, quotes an unidentified Baath official saying, “If Israel doesn’t vacate the strategic Golan Heights before September, Syrian guerillas will immediately launch ‘resistance operations’ against the Golan’s Jewish communities.” The official said “Damascus is preparing for Israeli retaliation following Syrian guerilla attacks and for a larger war with the Jewish state in August or September.”

    The official warns that “Syria has the capability to fire ‘hundreds’ of missiles at Tel Aviv in the opening salvo of any conflict.” The official told the New York paper that Damascus has made numerous requests to Washington for the return of the Golan “either through negotiations or through war.”

    Some analysts believe Syria took notice of last summer’s war between Israel and Hezbollah, prompting the leadership in Damascus to rethink its strategy.

    Meanwhile a decision by Syrian authorities to recall its citizens from Lebanon before July 15 has not helped lessen the tension, nor the rumors, lending to speculation that there might be more than just rumors behind the latest tension in the Middle East.

    Beirut’s Daily Star newspaper reports that Damascus has ordered its citizens in Lebanon to return home by July 15, citing concerns over the “security situation in Lebanon.” And a report in the government controlled Syrian daily al-Thawra said Syrian students studying in the public Lebanese University and the Beirut Arab University were authorized to enroll in public Syrian universities for the upcoming academic year 2007-2008.

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    Officials Worry of Summer Terror Attack

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

    Officials worry about the possibility of a summer terror attack, but not enough to actually secure our borders. But at least it gives them something to record in their time sheets.

    07/11/07 10:13 – 10:37 Worried about summer terror attack
    07/11/07 10:38 – 14:20 Coffee break

    OK, I understand that the average “rank and file” anti-terror guru is concerned about actually stopping terror and also doesn’t take four hour coffee breaks. It would be nice if their leadership shared those views as well.

    WASHINGTON- U.S. counterterror officials are warning of an increased risk of an attack this summer, given al-Qaida’s apparent interest in summertime strikes and increased al-Qaida training in the Afghan-Pakistani border region.

    On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told the editorial board of The Chicago Tribune that he had a “gut feeling” about a new period of increased risk.

    He based his assessment on earlier patterns of terrorists in Europe and intelligence he would not disclose.

    “Summertime seems to be appealing to them,” Chertoff said in his discussion with the newspaper about terrorists. “We worry that they are rebuilding their activities.”

    Other U.S. counterterrorism officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, shared Chertoff’s concern and said that al-Qaida and like-minded groups have been able to plot and train more freely in the tribal areas along the Afghan-Pakistani border in recent months. Osama bin Laden and his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, are believed to be hiding in the rugged region.

    “The threat coming out of there is very real, even if there aren’t a lot of specifics attached to it,” one of the officials said.

    Chertoff’s department has not made any move to increase the nation’s color-coded terror alert system. Now, airlines are under orange- or high- alert, which is the second most serious level on a five-point scale. The rest of the country remains a step below at yellow, or elevated.

    Chertoff said he is convinced that terrorists are regrouping. “Our edge is technology and the vigilance of the ordinary citizen,” he said.

    The secretary also urged Americans to be watchful for suspicious activities in the wake of recent terror incidents in England and Scotland. On June 29, two cars packed with gas cylinders and nails were discovered in London’s entertainment district. The next day, two extremists smashed their flaming Jeep Cherokee into security barriers at Glasgow Airport’s main terminal.

    Al-Qaida and its sympathizers have shown an interest in summertime attacks. Some examples from recent years:

    – In 2005, London faced two separate sets of transit attacks. The July 7 attacks on three trains and a bus killed 52. A second attack on July 21 was bungled when the detonators failed to light the explosives.

    – Last summer, international counterterror authorities said they foiled a plot to use liquid explosives to take down roughly 10 U.S.-bound airliners leaving Britain.

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    Body of Missing Wisconsin Student Found

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

    Kelly Nolan

    Another college student is found slain.
    Y’all ready to allow God back into the schools yet?

    MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Officials in Wisconsin have confirmed that a body found in a densely wooded area is that of a college student who vanished last month.

    The Dane County coroner says no ruling on a cause of death will be made until additional forensics tests are completed, and those will continue for several weeks.

    The body of 22-year-old Kelly Nolan was found on private land, and because of that, her death is being treated as a homicide.

    The young woman disappeared June 23rd after a night of drinking in downtown Madison, where she was living for the summer. Nolan was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

    Her body was discovered Monday.

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    Al Qaeda No. 2 Makes More Threats Against the U.K.

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

    What's In A Name by Cox and Forkum

    In his second statement this week, al Qaeda top deputy Ayman al-Zawahri is threatening more attacks in the United Kingdom.

    Al Zawahri acknowledges Tony Blair has left office, and he addresses the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    “As for Blair’s successor, I tell him the policy of your predecessor has brought you catastrophes and defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and even in the center of London,” says al Zawahri in reference to the July 7, 2005, London suicide bombings. “If you did not learn the lesson, we’re willing to repeat it for you, God willing, until we are assured that you’ve fully understood it,” he says in the 20-minute audio statement found on the Internet today.

    Al Zawahri criticizes Britain for awarding author of “Satanic Verses” Salman Rushdie the title of knighthood and considers it a “clear message” to Muslims.

    “I tell Elizabeth and Blair, your message has arrived, and we are preparing a precise response,” he says.

    Al Zawahri has released eight statements since the beginning of the year. In this latest audio message, he indicates he uses the Internet.

    He says, “While browsing through material published on the information network, I found an article by Abdul Aziz al Rantissi entitled ‘Why Don’t We Besiege America?'”

    While the statement’s title is “Malicious Britain and Its Indian Slaves,” most of his message is about the militant Islamist movement Hamas and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He repeatedly calls on Hamas’ leadership to reject all previous agreements regarding Palestine and join the broader movement by getting engaged in “one battle for one nation with one creed against one enemy.”

    Al Zawahri has talked about the Palestinians and specifically addressed Hamas several times in statements issued over the past few months. Hamas has rejected al Zawahri’s previous comments about it.

    Al Zawahri also praises an attack on international forces south of Lebanon last month.

    “I know that the road in front of the people of Islam and jihad in Lebanon is long and hard, but I give you the good news that the jihadi awakening in the lands of Islam is rebelling — with God’s help and power — against attempts to control and contain it.”

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