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‘Under God’ Added to Texas State Pledge

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Praise the Lord for legislators in the great state of Texas who are willing to stand up for God!

Texas students will have four more words to remember when they head back to class this month and begin reciting the state’s pledge of allegiance.

This year’s Legislature added the phrase “one state under God” to the pledge, which is part of a required morning ritual in Texas public schools along with the pledge to the U.S. flag and a moment of silence.

State Rep. Debbie Riddle, who sponsored the bill, said it had always bothered her that God was omitted in the state’s pledge.

“Personally, I felt like the Texas pledge had a big old hole in it, and it occurred to me, ‘You know what? We need to fix that,’ ” said Riddle, R-Tomball. “Our Texas pledge is perfectly OK like it is with the exception of acknowledging that just as we are one nation under God, we are one state under God as well.”

By law, students who object to saying the pledge or making the reference to God can bring a written note from home excusing them from participating.

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Bridge Over Mississippi Collapses Killing Several and Injuring Many

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Please remember to pray for these people and their families.

Emergency crews and divers have resumed their recovery and clean up efforts at the scene of the Interstate 35W bridge that collapsed during rush hour Wednesday evening.
Authorities lowered the number of confirmed fatalities to four, but said they expect the number to change throughout the day.

Police Lt. Amelia Huffman told the Associated Press: “This morning, the medical examiner’s office only has four sets of remains.” Initial reports of seven people killed were based on the best estimates authorities had Wednesday night, she said.

Mayor R.T. Rybak said this morning that recovery continued through the night, but that diving was stopped for several hours because of dangerous conditions for divers who were working in dark, amid fallen concrete and other debris.

Diving has resumed, he said.

As the sun rose this morning at least two patrol boats were visible on the river south and east of the lock and dam and just uptream from the collapsed bridge.

Many rescuers who’d been at scene as late as 2 a.m. were expected back at 6 a.m. for an operations briefing. Then, they were going to go back onto the water.

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Christians Speak Out Against Police Chief’s Role in ‘Gay Pride’ Parade

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Christians throughout San Antonio are expected to show up at tonight’s City Council meeting to protest the recent appearance by that city’s police chief in a homosexual pride parade.

On July 2, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus served as grand marshal of the city’s “Gay Pride Parade,” which was held to mark the end of Gay Pride Month in the Alamo City. Chief McManus has spearheaded efforts to reach out to the city’s homosexual population.

Tonight marks the first meeting of San Antonio’s City Council since its summer recess, and Christians are being encouraged to show up and speak out. The protest is being organized by Adam McManus (no relation to the police chief), who hosts the weekday program “Take a Stand” on KSLR Radio in San Antonio.

McManus says while the protest might not impact the chief’s job, it is important for believers to show up.

“God calls Christians to be faithful — faithful to the plumb line of scripture,” McManus urges.”Scripture could not be more clear: homosexual behavior is described as an abomination. Homosexuals need Jesus as much as any other sinners, but they certainly don’t need city approval of their death style and of their sin.”

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Fisher-Price Recalls Millions of Toys Made in China

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

These toys were recalled because they contained excessive lead. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Toy-maker Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys—including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters—because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead.
The worldwide recall being announced Thursday involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States between May and August. It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.

The recall is the first for Fisher-Price Inc. and parent company Mattel Inc. involving lead paint. It is the largest for Mattel since 1998 when Fisher-Price had to yank about 10 million Power Wheels from toy stores.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, David Allmark, general manager of Fisher-Price, said the problem was detected by an internal probe and reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fisher-Price and the commission issued statements saying parents should keep suspect toys away from children and contact the company.

The commission works with companies to issue recalls when it finds consumer goods that can be harmful. Under current regulations, children’s products found to have more than .06 percent lead accessible to users are subject to a recall.

Allmark says the recall was “fast-tracked,” which allowed the company to quarantine two-thirds of the toys before they even made it to store shelves. In negotiating details of the recall, Fisher-Price and the government agreed to withhold details from the public until Thursday to give stores time to get suspect toys off shelves and Fisher-Price time to get its recall hot line up and running.

Allmark said the recall was troubling because Fisher-Price has had a long-standing relationship with the Chinese vendor, which had applied decorative paint to the toys. Allmark said the company would use this recall as an opportunity to put even better systems in place to monitor vendors whose conduct does not meet Mattel’s standards.

He added: “We are still concluding the investigation, how it happened. … But there will be a dramatic investigation on how this happened. We will learn from this.”

The recall follows another high-profile move from toy maker RC2 Corp., which in June voluntarily recalled 1.5 million wooden railroad toys and set parts from its Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway product line. The company said that the surface paint on certain toys and parts made in China between January 2005 and April 2006 contain lead, affecting 26 components and 23 retailers.

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