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Texas Church Refuses to Host Memorial Service That Would Have Glorified Homosexuality

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

The pastor of a Texas church that refused to host a memorial service for a homosexual says the entire story has not been reported in the national media.

Gary Simons is pastor of High Point Church in Arlington. Last week, Lee Sinclair — an employee and also a member of the church — called a church staff member to let them know his brother, Cecil, was in critical condition and in the hospital. Cecil Sinclair, who was not a member, died a short time later.

The church offered to host Mr. Sinclair’s memorial service for free. However, when the family submitted photos for a memorial service video, Pastor Simons says church staff became concerned.

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Ahmadinejad: Islam Must Rule the World

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

What I do not understand is why this type of comment is not considered more newsworthy? Here is a man who comes right out and tells everyone what he has planned for us. Remember “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth”? He wants nukes and has told everyone what he plans to do with them. This man is not someone to be taken lightly.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Tuesday that rule of Islam on mankind is the only way for salvation of human beings.

“There is no truth on earth but monotheism and following tenets of Islam and there is no way for salvation of mankind but rule of Islam over mankind,” said Ahmadinejad in a meeting with Afghan Sunni and Shiite ulama at Iranian Embassy in Kabul.

President Ahmadinejad said nations are today distancing themselves from culture of materialism and selfishness and look for a new way for their prosperity, that is the path of Islam.

He said that the world is on verge of a great upheaval and ulama at this juncture shoulder a heavy responsibility that is introducing genuine Islam as it is.

“Nations today have no haven but religion,” the Iranian president announced, cautioning Muslim nations against enemies’ divisive plots.

He said, “All of us have the duty to resist the enemy by closing our ranks.”
He said that the Iranian nation today feels more than ever the need to stand beside the Afghan nation.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has kindly received their Afghan brothers and will continue to do so in future. Minor issues will cannot affect Iran’s policies on Afghanistan,” he added.

The president said Islam belongs to all generations and Muslims should get ready for global mission of Islam.

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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Prohibits Vaccination of Children, Sees Conspiracy by Jews and Freemasons

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

By all means, Muslims, let your children die of preventable diseases. Instead of caring for your family, see a Jewish conspiracy under every rock. I mean really, kids are only property to a Muslim man anyway. He can always subject his wife and make more of them. He’s only going to teach them to strap bombs on their bodies and blow up innocent civilians anyway. What’s the problem with letting a couple of them die of preventable diseases?
Folks, this is the mentality we are dealing with from the Islamist. Even the ones who live here in the U.S.

Following are excerpts from an interview with Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on July 28, 2007:

Interviewer: We are visiting you at a time when events in Darfur are casting a shadow on Sudan. I would like to ask you for your opinion about what is happening, and who is responsible for it.


Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: The West, and the Americans in particular, have been planning this for years.

Interviewer: The West or the Americans?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: The Americans in particular. The reason is that they studied this region extensively – the Darfur region in particular – and realized that it is full of treasures, the likes of which have never been found elsewhere in Sudan.

Interviewer: So in your opinion, the Americans are behind what is happening in Darfur?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: Yes. They are behind all the tragedies that are taking place in Darfur.

Interviewer: Would you accept a Christian as the ruler of Sudan, now that peace accords have been signed here?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: I would not accept this.

Interviewer: Even if he is elected by the people?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: If he is elected by the people, and this becomes a reality, then that’s it – this will be the reality. But if you ask for my opinion – no.

Interviewer: Why not? What is the reason for this?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: Islam does not permit a non-Muslim to rule over Muslims.

Interviewer: You issued a fatwa prohibiting the vaccination of children, claiming it is a conspiracy of the Jews and Freemasons. Is this true?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: This is 100% true.

Interviewer: How come?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: I followed this issue in several shocking articles, which failed to shock anyone in the government.

Interviewer: But where did you get the information about a conspiracy?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: I am following this issue, along with two or three brothers. We are following this issue globally through the Internet, through several media outlets, and through the ministry that carries out this procedure, which I consider to be a crime against the children.

Interviewer: But how come? After all, there is medical supervision…

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: No, brother. They only claim that there is medical supervision. I wrote and challenged the Health Ministry to meet with me for a dialogue, in which I would provide the proof, and they would have to prove me wrong. But they refused. Allah be praised, the fact that I followed this issue bore fruit, and thousands of children were saved from the claws of the Jewish movement, which is represented by the watchamacallit…

Interviewer: The Freemasons?

Sheik Sadeq Abdallah bin Al-Majed: …the Freemason movement, which is behind this. If the Jews could find a way to annihilate the people throughout the world, and ultimately have the rule to themselves – they would do it.

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Shari’a Lunch (or Lack of Lunch in This Case) Comes to Scotland

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

In yet another example of the fall of the U.K. to Islam, health care workers have been banned from eating lunch at their desks on the chance that it might offend their Muslim colleagues during the month long Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

DOCTORS and health workers have been banned from eating lunch at their desks – in case it offends their Muslim colleagues.

Health chiefs believe the sight of food will upset Muslim workers when they are celebrating the religious festival Ramadan.

The lunch trolley is also to be wheeled out of bounds as the 30-day fast begins next month.

But staff and politicians branded the move political correctness gone mad and warned that it was a step too far.

Bill Aitken, the Scottish Conservative justice spokesman, said: “This advice, well-meaning as it may be, is total nonsense.

“It is the sort of thing that can stir up resentment rather than result in good relations.”

The new guidance comes in the wake of the failed terror attacks on Glasgow and the death of suspect Kafeel Ahmed, 27.

Health chiefs in Lothian and Glasgow will give all employees time off to pray and to celebrate Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan.

But Greater Glasgow and Clyde as well as Lothian NHS boards also issued the advice, warning workers not to take working lunches, and said all vending machines should be removed from areas where Muslims work.

One senior consultant said: “What next? Are we going to have advice on how to deal with Catholics during Lent?
“This kind of thing does more harm than good.”

The guidance, which was sent round many organisations, was produced by Glasgow consultancy Meem, which advises on Muslim issues and counts the Scottish Parliament among its clients.

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“The Legal Jihad Is Already Underway” By Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

When will the West awaken? Of course, I am not talking about your ordinary citizen or soldier but about our Talking Heads and other gate-keeping chatterers who simply refuse to “get it.”

Cambridge University Press not only recalls but has promised to pulp the book that authoritatively documents one Saudi billionaire’s funding of terror; many anti-jihadic writers and all our leading mainstream media have privately apologized to this same billionaire. Only Rachel Ehrenfeld has refused to “apologize” for telling the truth and has counter-sued him in an American court of law based on her First Amendment right to tell the truth. (She was initially sued in London where she lost by default; she chose not to appear in court).

At a recent conference in Los Angeles, sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance, Daniel Pipes announced his intention to start a legal defense bail fund for those who are sued by Islamists and their Western apologists for telling the truth. Not a moment too soon–although, regrettably, perhaps too late for Ehrenfeld. And, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has begun a process of legal intimidation against my esteemed colleague, Robert Spencer. Accordingly, David Horowitz has launched a legal defense fund for Spencer. I have pledged money to this and advise us all to do the same.

Before this war is over, we will each need legal defense funds. And that’s if we’re lucky. Those in the Islamic East need bodyguards and air-lifts to safety in the West. But there is a pattern emerging in the West which we ignore at our own peril.

For example, a leading American publisher of law enforcement and counter-terrorism titles cancelled Dr. Nancy Kobrin’s book about Islamic suicide terrorism. I wrote the Introduction for it and together Dr. Kobrin and I “went public.” A number of other publishers emerged–but they quickly disappeared too.

I have been trying to find a publisher for a book titled The Islamification of America and guess what? No takers so far. I am ready to self-publish the work.

This is a very special kind of Gulag. The internet provides us with the most sophisticated and universal of platforms for such 21st-century “samizdats.”

We who write in the America are so far lucky. We are legally intimidated. We are silenced on campuses due to the “politically correct” ideologies that rule there. True, the American Jewish Committee recently paid for a full page New York Times ad signed by American college presidents who oppose the eternally-intended British boycott of Israeli academics and who bravely suggest that they be boycotted too. Well and good.

But guess who did not sign? Harvard, Yale, Vassar, California State University at Berkeley, Los Angeles, UCLA, San Francisco State, and of course, Norman Finkelstein’s old perch, De Paul in Chicago. (Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they did sign in a Harry Potter kind of way in invisible ink).

But this is nothing compared to what Muslim intellectuals (and women and human beings) must endure in the Islamic world today. If they are lucky, they live in exile or in hiding and write under pseudonyms. A handful write openly and travel with bodyguards.

I am just told that Taslima Nasrin was, yet again, attacked by one hundred angry Muslim fanatics as she held a press conference in Hyderabad, India, to launch her new book. Nasrin, a physician and a feminist author who was born in Bangladesh, was once nearly lynched by a mighty mob there. She fled her country and lived in exile in Sweden and in hiding. Now, she lives in India where dozens of Muslim protesters, led by three lawmakers physically attacked her and her co-panelists. They demanded that India extradite her to Bangladesh (I guess for the kind of justice Bangladesh has meted out to that other hero, parliamentarian Chadhury, who was imprisoned and tortured because he wanted to visit Israel).

Her works have been banned in Bangladesh. She is being accused of being “anti-Islam.”

Islamists are moving against us in the West very carefully and in legal ways. In the overly revered “Third World” they speak in violence, their speech IS violence.

I hope that Taslima Nasrin remains safe and in India. And that the sleeping giant awakens before we have all been sued and censored into silence.


Dr. Phyllis Chesler is the well known author of classic works, including the bestseller Women and Madness (1972) and The New Anti-Semitism (2003). She has just published The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan), as well as an updated and revised edition of Women and Madness. She is an Emerita Professor of psychology and women’s studies, the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology (1969) and the National Women’s Health Network (1974). She is currently on the Board of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and lives in New York City. Her website is
We are delighted to have Dr. Chesler as a new contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

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