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Boston Baptists Offend for the Sake of the Gospel

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

The Gospel shouldn’t offend you…unless you’re doing something that it speaks against.

For 30 years, a church in downtown Medford, Massachusetts, has been choosing to use its front signboard to address people’s consciences through what some call “offensive” and “divisive” messages. But the church’s pastor says, though controversial, the messages are more about the congregation being salt and light than agreeing with a world that may have a sinful perspective.

New England Baptist Church Pastor Thomas Michael says he is used to it — new messages getting approved and posted about once a week, and a time or two in six months, getting a strong reaction from the public. “Some congratulate us for taking a bold stand that most churches don’t take; and others, of course, are offended,” he shares.

Messages such as “New Orleans: Natural disaster or God’s anger with sin?” — “If we didn’t abort our children, the U.S. wouldn’t have to hire illegals” — and “Homosexuality is sin” are the kind that locals find “disturbing,” “offensive,” and creating “dissension,” according to an August 9 media report on the Boston Globe’s website.

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Sizzling Study Concludes: Global Warming ‘Hot Air’

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

More evidence against the Global Warming “shakedown”.

A major new scientific study concludes the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on worldwide temperatures is largely irrelevant, prompting one veteran meteorologist to quip, “You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide.”

That comment comes from Reid Bryson, founding chairman of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Wisconsin, who said the temperature of the earth is increasing, but that it’s got nothing to do with what man is doing.

“Of course it’s going up. It has gone up since the early 1800s, before the Industrial Revolution, because we’re coming out of the Little Ice Age, not because we’re putting more carbon dioxide into the air.”

“Anthropogenic (man-made) global warming bites the dust,” declared astronomer Ian Wilson after reviewing the newest study, now accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of Geophysical Research.

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“Perspectives: Evangelical churches to ordain gays?” by Steve Gallagher

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

A very godly 81-year-old friend recently told me, “I predict that within 10 years my denomination will be ordaining homosexuals.” This man, who has been a credentialed minister since 1954, said this after an AIDS-infected worship leader whom he knew stated on his deathbed, “You would be shocked at how many practicing homosexuals there are ministering in our denomination.”

As disturbing as my friend’s prediction might be, there are several reasons why he very well could be right.

First, the history of gay activism supports this trend. Homosexual activists have laid out a brilliant strategy to homosexualize America — and the Christian Church. A number of liturgical denominations are already ordaining homosexuals — they have now set their sights on more conservative churches (see graphic of “History of liturgical support of homosexuality,” compliments of Pure Life Ministries).

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Have You Seen These Men? The FBI Wants to Know

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

The FBI is asking people to call them if they are able to identify these two men. If you know who they are, call the FBI at (206) 622-0460. These men were acting suspicious aboard a Washington State ferry.
Of course, it could be a CAIR setup too. They haven’t had anything to yell “racial profiling” or “Islamophobia” about for awhile now. It’s about time to pull another stunt.
In any case, keep watching and reporting suspicious behavior.

Ferry Suspects

SEATTLE – The FBI is asking for the public’s help to identify two men who have been seen acting suspiciously aboard Washington State ferries recently.

The FBI released a bulletin late Monday, including photographs of the two men. One of the photos shows the men side-by-side and the other is a solo shot of one of them. They were snapped by a ferry employee who thought the pair acted suspiciously.

“They had more than the average interest in the working parts of the ferry, the layout of the ferry, the size of it — more than you would see in normal passenger,” said FBI spokesperson Robbie Burroughs.

The FBI says the men were seen on more then one ferry and more than one run over the past several weeks. They were also taking photos of parts of the boat, which the agents won’t reveal, but that apparently aroused the suspicions of passengers and crew alike.

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Pali Terrorist Steal Electricity Aid – EU Donors Turn Off the Switch

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Update at Bottom.

You mean that Pali terrorist would actually steal money that is earmarked for other purposes? How is it possible that they would do something that would cause so much hardship for the very people they claim to “represent”? You mean Pali terrorist lie, steal and cheat in order to continue their killing rampage against innocent Israeli civilians?
Yes, they do.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents were forced to make do without electricity Monday as the coastal strip’s power supply became the latest victim of feuding between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and their Fatah rivals.

European donors stopped paying key electricity aid over the weekend, concerned that Hamas is siphoning off revenues. As Fatah and Hamas traded charges of corruption, at least half of Gaza’s 1.4 million people were plunged into darkness.

On Sunday, the European Union stopped funding fuel for the power plant that produces electricity for at least 700,000 Gazans. On Monday, it said the payments would not resume because it had information that Hamas was “diverting” electricity revenues.

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Update 08/21/07 10:50 CDT:

I have to retract all those good thoughts I had toward the EU for standing up to the lying Pali terrorist. They have now restored power. Not from a lack of proof that Hamas is stealing the money used to pay the electric bills, but because they (the lying terrorist organization, Hamas) told them (the EU) that they weren’t stealing. And of course the EU believed them.

EU to resume payments for Gaza power

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The European Union said Tuesday it will resume vital fuel aid to the Gaza Strip’s electric company, bringing a measure of relief to Palestinians who have sweltered at home or choked on generator smoke during five days of power outages.

The EU had suspended payments for the fuel that powers major Gaza electricity generators on Sunday, suspecting the strip’s Hamas rulers were pocketing electricity revenues. On Tuesday, the bloc announced that fuel shipments to the power plant would resume the following day.

Hamas denied skimming money, saying the allegations were an attempt by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ government in the West Bank to discredit the Islamic group.