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Some Brits Want To ‘Downgrade’ Christmas To Improve Religious Relations

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

The Brits have allowed Islam to take over and now they are headed toward completely pushing Christianity out — an action they will truly regret.

Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations, says an explosive report.

Labour’s favourite think-tank says that because it would be hard to “expunge” Christmas from the national calendar, ‘even-handedness’ means public organisations must start giving other religions equal footing.

The leaked findings of its investigation into identity, citizenship and community cohesion also propose:

The report by the Institute for Public Policy Research was commissioned when Nick Pearce, now head of public policy at Downing Street, was its director.

IPPR has shaped many Labour policies, including ID cards, bin taxes and road pricing.

The report robustly defends multiculturalism – the idea that different communities should not be forced to integrate but should be allowed to maintain their own culture and identities.

And it says immigrants should be required to acquire some proficiency in English and other aspects of British culture “if – but only if – the settled population is willing to open up national institutions and practices to newcomers and give a more inclusive cast to national narratives and symbols”.

It adds: “Even-handedness dictates that we provide public recognition to minority cultures and traditions.

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House Democrats for Dumping 5-day Workweek

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

More lies from the Dems. No great surprise there.

Not long after taking the majority in Congress last year, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and fellow House Democrats pledged to institute a five-day workweek and put an end to the days of a “fly-by-night Congress.”

However, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) has announced the House will not be in session next year on Fridays, except in June for work on appropriations bills. Recently, President Bush chided House Democrats for failing to send him any of the 12 annual spending bills for the fiscal year that began at the start of October. He said that amounts to the worst record in two decades.

Republican Thaddeus McCotter (R-Michigan) says the Democrats’ plan for a shorter workweek is another broken promise to the American people. “They said five-day workweeks. And now that they find that their 11 percent approval rating amongst the American public is causing concern to their new members and others — now they want to take a day off to go play politics back home,” says McCotter.

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Senate Attaches ‘Hate Crimes’ Amendment to FY 2008 Defense Authorization Act

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

The Dems are still trying to force their two class system of justice down our throats. They continue to push for special rights for homosexuals over the rights of straight people.
It’s time to contact your senator…again.

A conservative military watchdog is calling Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) to task for successfully attaching a hate crimes amendment to the fiscal year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, says members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees are currently in conference to work out a final version of the Defense Authorization bill. She is hopeful they will remove the hate crimes amendment that Senator Kennedy was able to convince colleagues to include in the Senate bill. Donnelly says the amendment is not fair to members of the military.

Donnelly says there is no need for additional legislation and that this hate crimes amendment would not even affect the military. She is concerned about what may emerge from the conference committee, although she does hope committee members will not be swayed by what she calls Kennedy’s “besmirching” of the military for political gain. If the hate crimes amendment is preserved in the final version of the bill, she hopes the president will follow through on his pledge to veto it.

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Man Wins Case Against Funeral Protesters

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I have mixed feelings about this. Let me explain…
If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you know in no uncertain terms how we feel about Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. We have pointed out time and time again just how far away these people are from the Word of God. They have added their own interpretation of what God says, forgotten what Jesus says about Love and totally ignored what the Apostles taught about how to bring sin to someone’s attention. These so-called “Christians” go out of their way to bring about outrage.
Now with that said, we believe that homosexuality is a sin. As a sin, it will never be endorsed or “made good” by God. But we are told to “love the sinner, but hate the sin”. Teaching that a person has been killed (in this case a soldier) because of the nations increasing endorsement of homosexuality is wrong. This is not the way that we are taught to combat sin in the world.
This is where my mixed feeling come into the picture.
Now that Phelps and his “church” have been “spanked” (rightly so) for how they present their message, are we, as Christians, going to remember this as the first in an ever increasing number of law suits against those of us who stand completely in opposition to the homosexual lifestyle? Is it a case of “wanting our cake and eating it too”? Is this one bad apple (Phelps) going to the catalyst that moves mainstream America against Christians who choose believe and follow what the Bible says, even if it is very unpopular with secular society?
Yes, I think we Christians will rue this day as just that. I think that unless this decision is overturned on appeal, based on first amendment rights, that it will be the start of a state sponsored attempt to silence Christian homosexual detractors.
I’ve told many of the homosexuals who contact us that I believe, in the end, they will win. Between the apathy of the church and the complete and total degradation of morals, the homosexuals will “win”.
But this will be a short lived “win”.
Jesus tells us that one day He will return. When the world is so evil that it doesn’t look like it could get any worse, He will return to remove his faithful. God will then judge the world. Those left behind will experience suffering unlike anything ever experienced before. And when this is over, Jesus will return.
Christians, in the meantime, we walk a very narrow line. The Bible prepares us for what is to come, but even with that knowledge, we are not exempt from the normal human fears, pain and suffering.
Stay strong in His Word. Keep the Faith. Keep Praying.

A Baltimore federal jury awarded nearly $11 million Wednesday to the father of a Marine killed in Iraq, deciding that the family’s privacy had been invaded by a Kansas church whose members waved anti-gay signs at the funeral.

It was the first-ever verdict against Westboro Baptist Church, a fundamentalist Christian group based in Topeka that has protested military funerals across the country with placards bearing shock-value messages such as “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

They contend that the deaths are punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality and of gays in the military.

Relatives of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder wept and hugged at the jury’s announcement, which came a day after closing arguments in the civil trial in federal district court.

“Now I know it’s going to be harder for them to do it to anyone else,” said Albert Snyder, who mourned at his son’s funeral in March 2006 while seven Westboro members waved signs nearby.

The compensatory damage award alone, $2.9 million, was nearly triple the net worth of Westboro and the three members on trial, their attorney said.

Fred W. Phelps Sr., Westboro’s founder, vowed to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, in Richmond, Va.

“It’s going to be reversed in five minutes,” he said. This case, he added, “will elevate me to something important,” as it draws more publicity to his cause.

The jury found the defendants liable for violating the Snyder family’s expectation of privacy at the funeral and for intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

Snyder’s lawsuit spurred a constitutional debate over how far the First Amendment should extend to protect the most extreme forms of expression.

Some legal experts said the judgment could be a setback for those who believe in broad free-speech protections.

“I think when speech is a matter of public concern it still has to be protected, even when by social standards it is extraordinarily rude and outrageous,” said UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh.

University of Maryland law professor Mark Graber said the size of award, which included $8 million in punitive damages, could have a chilling effect on speech.

“This was in a public space,” Graber said “While the actions are reprehensible, the First Amendment protects a lot that’s reprehensible.” After the verdict, Phelps and his two daughters named in Snyder’s lawsuit said they believed that it was really their religious beliefs that were on trial.

“The goofy jury threw a fit at God,” Phelps said.

For years Westboro members have crisscrossed the country, turning somber funerals of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan into attention-grabbing platforms to criticize homosexuals as immoral and damned. The church’s 75-member congregation is composed mainly of Phelps’ relatives.

The group also blames disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, the Sept. 11 attacks and AIDS, on what it views as permissive morals in violation of biblical dictates.

Alarmed by Westboro protests, at least 22 states have proposed or enacted laws to limit the rights of protesters at funerals. Only months after Matthew Snyder’s death, Maryland passed a law prohibiting targeted picketing within 300 feet of a funeral, burial, memorial service or funeral procession.

The courtroom fight came down to whether Westboro had a legal right to demonstrate at Snyder’s funeral or whether the protesters crossed the line because their message impugned the grieving family’s reputation and unlawfully invaded the Snyders’ privacy.

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U.K. Teachers Ordered to Dress Up as Muslims

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

The U.K. continues to roll over to the Islamist.

Teachers at a primary school have been ordered to dress up as Muslims to promote multi-culturalism.

The West Midlands school is belatedly celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid and told its pupils and teachers to don traditional Muslim dress for the day.

All 257 pupils, most of whom are Christians, and 41 teachers – two of whom are Muslims – dressed up.

A morning assembly was held to mark the event and an afternoon party was strictly for women only, because Muslim husbands object to wives mixing with other men.

Sally Bloomer, head of Rufford primary school in Lye, West Midlands, told The Sun: “I have not heard of any complaints. It’s all part of a diversity project to promote multi-culturalism.”

But a relative of one of the staff reportedly said: “Who would put their job on the line? They have been told they have to embrace the day to show their diversity. But they are not all happy.”

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