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Hillary Takes Cash from Terror Suspects

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Is this the person you really want to be our next president?

Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has taken thousands of dollars in cash donations from Islamists under federal investigation for terror-financing, money laundering and tax fraud, WND has learned.

The Democrat senator over the past seven months has received $1,000 from M. Yaqub Mirza and another $500 from M. Omar Ashraf, federal campaign records show. Federal agents raided the Virginia homes and offices of the Muslim donors after 9/11 for ties to terrorism.

Others tied to the still-active probe also have contributed money to Clinton, including one Muslim man who after 9/11 complained the U.S. government should focus on changing its Mideast policies instead of killing Osama bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists.

Mirza, who also has given to other candidates, including Republicans, is said to act on behalf of Saudi millionaire Yassin al-Qadi, who the U.S. Treasury Department in October 2001 blacklisted as an al-Qaida financier.

More recently, Wachovia Bank closed the accounts of a shadowy Muslim charity supported by Mirza after an entity controlled by the Pakistani immigrant donated $150,000 to the charitable front, known as FAITH. The bank in 2005 cited suspicious activity in its accounts related to possible money laundering.

Mirza and Ashraf, who have not been charged with a crime in the ongoing probe, control with several other Islamists some 40 Muslim businesses, charities and think tanks known collectively by law enforcement as the Saudi-backed “Safa group.” Their offices are located primarily at 555 Grove St. in Herndon, Va., a suburb of Washington. The Muslim World League, a Saudi-based charity linked to al-Qaida, originally set up its U.S. branch at that address with the help of Mirza.

Mirza in March contributed $1,000 to Clinton, listing his occupation as an officer of the SAAR Foundation. The Saudi-backed entity is listed on the federal affidavit for a search warrant in the original counterterror raid.

Mirza also gave $2,300 to former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore before the Republican left the race for president in July. However, Clinton is the only active presidential candidate who has received funds from Safa suspects in this election cycle.

Ashraf in August gave $500 to Clinton’s campaign, listing his occupation as vice president of Sterling Management Group, another entity listed on the affidavit. His Herndon home also was raided.

In addition, Federal Election Commission records reveal a June payment of $500 to Clinton from Omar Barzinji, who works for a telecommunications firm as well as Amana Limited, a Herndon-based publisher of pro-jihad materials. Its offices, too, were raided after 9/11.

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Saudi Marriage ‘Expert’ Advises Men in ‘Right Way’ to Beat Their Wives

Monday, November 5th, 2007

More expert advice on how to treat your wife, brought to you by the “Dr. Phil” of Saudi Arabia.

Move over, Dr. Phil, there’s a new relationship expert in town.

He’s Saudi author and cleric, “Dr.” Muhammad Al-‘Arifi, who in a remarkable segment broadcast on Saudi and Kuwaiti television in September, counseled young Muslim men on how to treat their wives.

“Admonish them – once, twice, three times, four times, ten times,” he advised. “If this doesn’t help, refuse to share their beds.”

And if that doesn’t work?

“Beat them,” one of his three young advisees responded.

“That’s right,” Al-‘Arifi said.

He goes on to calmly explain to the young men that hitting their future wives in the face is a no-no.

“Beating in the face is forbidden, even when it comes to animals,” he explained. “Even if you want your camel or donkey to start walking, you are not allowed to beat it in the face. If this is true for animals, it is all the more true when it comes to humans. So beatings should be light and not in the face.”

His final words of wisdom?

“Woman, it has gone too far. I can’t bear it anymore,” he tells the men to tell their wives. “If he beats her, the beatings must be light and must not make her face ugly.

“He must beat her where it will not leave marks. He should not beat her on the hand… He should beat her in some places where it will not cause any damage. He should not beat her like he would beat an animal or a child — slapping them right and left.

“Unfortunately, many husbands beat their wives only when they get mad, and when they start beating, it as if they are punching a wall – they beat with their hands, right and left, and sometimes use their feet. Brother, it is a human being you are beating. This is forbidden. He must not do this.”

Take that,!

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Unrest in Pakistan

Monday, November 5th, 2007

For those who might not have heard, there have been a lot of things happening in Pakistan the last couple of days.
It seems that the Pakistani Supreme Court was getting ready to declare the election of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf invalid.
Rather than allow that, he gave himself emergency powers and is in the process of dissolving the government.
This has lead to large riots and mass arrest.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Police fired tear gas and clubbed thousands of lawyers protesting President Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s decision to impose emergency rule, as Western allies threatened to review aid to the troubled Muslim nation. Opposition groups put the number of arrests at 3,500, although the government reported half that.

Musharraf, who took power in a 1999 coup and is also head of Pakistan’s army, suspended the constitution on Saturday ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on whether his recent re-election as president was legal. He ousted independent-minded judges, put a stranglehold on independent media and granted sweeping powers to authorities to crush dissent.

Though public anger was mounting in the nation of 160 million people, which has been under military rule for much of its 60-year history, demonstrations so far have been limited largely to activists, rights workers and lawyers. All have been quickly and sometimes brutally stamped out.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Washington was reviewing its assistance to Pakistan, which has received billions of dollars (euros) in aid since Musharraf threw his support behind the U.S.-led war on terror after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

At a news conference in the West Bank on Monday, she urged the army chief to follow through on past promises to “take off his uniform.”

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Website and Blog Back Up

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Our webhost did upgrades this weekend and ran into some problems. They are resolving them now and as a result, we are now back up and running.
Sorry for the delay.