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Mother, Who Delayed Cancer Treatments so Baby Could Live, Dies

Friday, January 25th, 2008

What a selfless person. Talk about living the life God wants us to live, this wonderful woman personified it. Please join me in praying for her family and friends.

Lorraine Allard

Expectant mother Lorraine Allard learned the devastating news that she was in the advanced stages of liver cancer when she was four months pregnant, according to the Daily Mail.

Allard, of St. Olaves in the U.K., had a choice: Delay treatment to save her baby, or terminate the pregnancy to save herself.

She chose the former, waiting until the fetus was viable before scheduling a Caesarean section.

“If I am going to die, my baby is going to live,” Allard told her husband, Martyn, according to the Mail.

The baby came a week early and Allard, 33, gave birth on Nov. 18 to a healthy but premature boy she named Liam.

Exactly two months later, Allard died. She’d begun chemotherapy just after her son’s birth. But in the end, it was too late.

Doctors believe Allard had bowel cancer that had gone undetected for years, eventually spreading to her liver. She realized something was wrong after she began suffering from stomach cramps, and tests revealed that her liver was covered with malignant tumors, the Mail reported.

“The doctors said they couldn’t do anything because she was pregnant,” Martyn Allard, 34, told the Mail. “She told them straight away they were not going to get rid of it. She’d have lost the will to fight.”

The courageous and selfless mother was able to get out of bed and hold her tiny son several times beside his incubator before her death. Liam is the Allards’ fourth child and first boy; his sisters are Leah, 10; Amy, 8; and Courtney, 20 months.

“Lorraine was positive all the way through,” Martyn Allard told the paper. “She had strength for both of us. I can’t begin to describe how brave she was. Towards the end we knew things weren’t going well, but she was overjoyed that she had given life to Liam.”

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Interesting Jesus Picture

Friday, January 25th, 2008

I was emailed this picture of Jesus by a friend. Apparently it was made with one stroke of the pen. Impressive! We also thought the copyright date was interesting. Enjoy!

Jesus Picture

“Traumatic Brain Injury and the Permanent Intifada” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Friday, January 25th, 2008

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) relentlessly grinds on. They and fellow travelers have planned their annual Hate Israel follies and have called it “Israel Apartheid Week.” Rallies outside the Israeli Consulates and Embassies began on January 24th in Boston, January 25th in Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Seattle, on Shabbos, January 26th in New York City, Cleveland and Anaheim, and on January 29th, in Chicago.

The ISM has moved off campus and is now appearing in nine cities in six days in order to present their brand of Big Lie political theatre. Stand With Us has put out a call for pro-Israel signs and bodies to be there.

Meanwhile, the students at De Paul University have announced an Academic Freedom Conference for February 1st and 2nd. They write that people are still in a state of shock because Norman Finkelstein, the Holocaust-mocker, was denied tenure. They note that “prominent scholars ,” such as John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt (of the University of Chicago and Harvard), have been “silenced.” By whom? Their publisher, Farrar, Strauss who gave them an $850,000.00 advance? By the media, bookstores, and their own universities where they continue to speak? They also cite the “controversial tenure decisions” of Nadia Abu El-Haj and Joseph Massad (of Columbia). But both received tenure. What are these students protesting?

Oh, the thin-skinned shame of imposters, the righteous indignation when purveyors of the Big Lie are challenged.

Nevertheless, in the name of academic freedom, these students have invited the most prominent liars—alright, the most savage critics— of only-Israel: Professors Sara Roy, Bill Ayers, Robert Jensen, Mark Ellis, Juan Cole and Joel Kovel. They did not invite Rachel Ehrenfeld who is battling the Saudi “libel tourist” and billionnaire, Bin Mafouz, on behalf of our First Ammendment rights nor did they invite anyone who might have a positive view of America, Israel, and the West or a negative view of let’s say, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Congo.

Only speakers who are obssesed with Israel’s allegedly essential evil are qualified to represent what now passes for courageous concern with “academic freedom.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations Council on Human Rights just passed a resolution demanding that Israel lift its week-long blockade of Gaza. (I wonder if they will condemn Hamas for blasting their way into another sovereign nation. Why do I bother to ask?) Needless to say, this august Council did not condemn Hamas for firing 250 Kassam rockets upon Israeli civilians who live in Sderot within that same week.

There is something wrong with how these propagandists think. It is almost as if their brains have been altered by poisoned prejudice.

But, in addition to these (and many more) non-stop and ongoing propaganda campaigns against Israel, we have the living civilians of Sderot who are, daily, being “collectively punished” by the Kassam rockets that Hamas rains down upon them from Gaza. (The phrase is Bradley Burston’s writing in Ha’aretz).

Which leads us to the subject of brain injuries. The new issue of “Science” magazine (Vol 319, no 5862, dated January 25th), describes the work of John Hopkins neurologist, Ibolja Cernak, who, with teams in Belgrade, China, and Sweden has documented a neurological basis to what was once called “shell shock.” She describes both “immediate” and “lasting” neurological consequences with attendant psychiatric symptomatology to those, (mainly soldiers) who have not themselves been physically injured but who have been in the vicinity of repeated “blasts.”

Dr. Cernak is careful not to conflate physical injuries with the measurable, neurological damage sustained by enduring (fearing, seeing, hearing) the repeated “blasts” alone. She calls this: “Traumatic Brain Injury” (TBI). Symptoms include: Dizziness, speech problems, unexplained weeping, irritability, attention deficit disorders, insomnia, depression—some or all of the symptoms of what has previously been called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. This time, it has a neurological basis.

So, are the civilians of Sderot suffering from TBI? Whom can they turn to for redress and for compensation for their medical treatment and for their considerable pain and suffering?

Trust me: if we don’t answer this question for Sderot residents, we will eventually be asking it about ourselves.

In the beginning, only Israel had metal detectors and extra security at its airports and embassies. Now everyone does.

The world did not stop the 2000 Intifada against Israel (the Israel-constructed security wall did that)—but now that same Intifada has gone global; weekly, terrorist attacks against European capitals are being discovered and thwarted.

The Kassam rocket blasts, unchecked, that are being endured by Israeli civilians may soon be inherited by civilians elsewhere—everywhere.


Dr. Phyllis Chesler is the well known author of classic works, including the bestseller Women and Madness (1972) and The New Anti-Semitism (2003). She has just published The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan), as well as an updated and revised edition of Women and Madness. She is an Emerita Professor of psychology and women’s studies, the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology (1969) and the National Women’s Health Network (1974). She is currently on the Board of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and lives in New York City. Her website is
We are delighted to have Dr. Chesler as a contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

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Appeasement of Muslim Terrorist Breeds More Terrorist

Friday, January 25th, 2008

To further prove that there is no making peace with the Muslims and that appeasement of them doesn’t work, a terror plot in Spain was uncovered recently.
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs made this observation:
“Wait a minute; Spain withdrew all her troops from Iraq after the Madrid train bombings, and Spanish politicians have been doing their best to bash Israel and appease resident Islamists ever since. So why the suicide bombing plot?”

MADRID, Spain – Police acting on a tipoff that a radical Islamic group was plotting suicide attacks in Barcelona moved against the cell last week even though it had not amassed enough explosives to make bombs, Spain’s police chief said Thursday.

“They had the will but not the means,” National Police chief Joan Mesquida said a day after a judge in Madrid sent 10 suspects to jail pending further investigation.

Judge Ismael Moreno said the cell had been planning suicide attacks last weekend on the public transport network in Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city.

The 10 suspects are nine Pakistanis and one Indian. They were among 14 men arrested Saturday; police freed two and the judge two more.

“In the case of Barcelona, the existence of a suicide profile is what made us take steps immediately in the operation,” Mesquida told Spanish Television. “We can’t take the risk of carrying out the investigation with suicide bombers and in any given moment there is an attack.”

The judge said that of the 10 people he is ordering kept in custody, three were planning to stage suicide attacks. Two others were described as ideologues and operational chiefs of the group. The others were jailed on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization.

In a 72-page ruling, the judge said the cell was operational in terms of manpower and “very close to achieving full technical capacity in terms of explosive devices.”

The cell allegedly had detonators and a small amount of explosives — not enough to carry out a major attack, but perhaps enough for “the teaching of how to handle homemade explosive devices that would limit risk to the safety of the handlers.”

“The members of the terrorist cell that was broken up planned to carry out several suicide terrorist attacks last weekend against public transport in the city of Barcelona,” Moreno wrote.

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Israel Bars Jews from Moving Lips in Prayer on Temple Mount

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Our friend, Jennifer Rast, over at the Scriptorium, has good information concerning the treatment of Jews at Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism, and only the THIRD holiest site in Islam. Jerusalem didn’t even become important to Muslims until the 7th century when Caliph Abd el-Malik commissioned the best architects to build the Dome of the Rock on the conquered Temple Mount, after a successful invasion of the Jewish Holy Lands. His plan was based upon a Fourth Century Christian shrine on the Mount of Olives marking the site of Jesus’ Ascension. The Caliph’s new shrine was deliberately built as a political, economic, and religious counter attraction to Mecca. Medina and Mecca, the two cities holy to Islam, were under the control of a rival Caliph. Abd El-Malik sought to build up the importance of Jerusalem as an Islamic center for pilgrimage and worship. The holiest site in Judaism was only then identified with the spot where Mohammed’s horse ascended to heaven.

There is a great deal of evidence proving that Islam never considered the Temple Mount to be a holy site until it became politically important to the Arabs, and an excuse to wage war on the Jews. Their revisionist history has been so successful that Jews aren’t even allowed to give the APPEARANCE of praying on the Temple Mount, and anything even remotely related to Judaism is banned from being taken onto the site during the limited times when Jews are even allowed to go there. It’s not uncommon to see Jews being stoned by Palestinian youths, or arrested by Wafq police who determine the site has somehow been desecrated by their presence.

Anywhere else in the world, it would be considered totally unacceptable, and a violation of human rights, to forbid a person from praying whenever and wherever they want. The United States condemns China for their persecution of Christians (although they do little about it), and free speech laws in countries around the world would be quickly enforced if such restrictions were placed on any other religion (with the exception of Christianity, or course). Muslims would be the first to scream discrimination and Islamophobia if their right to pray five times a day were in any way hindered. Yet, the world is silent and sees absolutely no problem with religious persecution when it’s directed at Jews. Even more perplexing, a large percentage of the Jewish population sees no problem with it either. They might change their mind, though, when the Palestinians are given the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the rockets currently being fired at them from Gaza are suddenly coming at them from all sides. Or, maybe not.

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Muslim opening prayer at Iowa Statehouse Prays for “Protection From the Great Satan”

Friday, January 25th, 2008

OK, for those of you who might not have picked up on this fact yet, Muslims typically refer to the United States as the “Great Satan”.
So what we have here is a Muslim, praying at the opening of the Iowa legislature, to be protected from the United States, who he disparages with the moniker “the Great Satan”.
Does anyone else besides me have a problem with this?

The Iowa Legislature started just over a week ago and some people were upset before the first issue was every addressed.

When the session began, a Muslim Imam began the prayer in the Iowa Legislature. This is where the controversy begins. The prayer asked for “victory over those who disbelieve,” and “protection from the great Satan” among other things.

Pastor Steve Smith of the Evangelical Free Church in Albert City is among those concerned about the Muslim prayer. Rev. Smith admits that he doesn’t know about all the levels of Muslim but knows that the Jihadists believe those in the U.S. are the great Satan.

Rev. Smith also wants to point out the mention of “victory over those who disbelieve.” He feels “this is a request in the Iowa Legislature for God to grant the Muslims victory over every non-muslim. Not a request for salvation.” Smith takes it as a gesture not of prayer but more as a political statement, especially with the wars that have been going on in the Middle East.

“I’m not concerned about a Muslim Imam opening the Legislature in prayer but it concerns me with the statements that were made. He interpreted this prayer from his understanding of Islam.”

Here is the text of the opening prayer, as transcribed by Radio Iowa:

Imam Muhammad Khan of the Islamic Center of Des Moines spoke first in Arabic.

“I seek refuge in God against the accursed Satan in the name of God, most gracious, most merciful,” Khan said in English. Khan made no specific mention of the war in Iraq or foreign affairs, but he called God the “master of the day of judgment” and asked for “victory over those who disbelieve.”

“As we begin this new year…in a world with trials and tribulations, we ask you to open the hearts of our legislators and policy makers to make the right decisions for the people of Iowa,” Khan said. “…We ask that you guide our legislators and give them the wisdom and knowledge to tackle the difficult problems that face us today in order to eliminate the senseless crimes on humanity. Help them, Lord, to solve the complicated problems in the State of Iowa so that we can be a model to the world.”

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