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Part of Jerusalem Officially Labeled PA Territory

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

The government of Israel appears to be acting on their threat of giving up Jerusalem.

( Israeli authorities have placed several signs near the Atarot area in northern Jerusalem recently warning travelers, “You are entering territory under the control of the Palestinian Authority. Israelis are absolutely forbidden to enter!” Approximately 25,000 residents of Jerusalem, some of them Israeli citizens, live in the areas now designated as PA territory.

Jerusalem Forum chairman Aryeh King said Wednesday that approximately 1,200 dunams of property owned by Jews were located beyond the signs. The government violated laws regarding Jerusalem by putting up the signs, King said. The signs prove the government is acting to make its policy of splitting Jerusalem a reality, he said.

King said he plans to lead a tour on Thursday in areas that fall within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem but are in practice controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The tour will begin at the Kalandia checkpoint at 12 p.m. and end in the biblical village of Mitzpa.

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Student Suspended 10 Days for Taking Vitamins

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

It’s time for “zero tolerance” to be replaced by common sense.

The parents of a student in Pennsylvania’s South Middleton School District are warning other parents of the dangers after their workout-oriented son was suspended for 10 days and half the soccer season for taking vitamins at school.

Calling it a zero tolerance policy run amok, Joseph Figueiredo told WND it was like, “‘Alice in Wonderland’ does the ‘Twilight Zone.'”

The situation involved his son, Andrew, who put himself on a physical training regimen and was taking several vitamins and supplements as part of that.

His son was aware of school rules regarding prescription medications and such, so before he launched the program he checked the student handbook.

“He took it upon himself to look in the student manual and read the drug policy and medication policy,” he said. “But he did not see vitamins or dietary supplements and in his mind thought it was okay.”

School officials, however, thought otherwise. Somebody reported he was taking the vitamins, and Andrew was called into Principal Joe Mancuso’s office where he was told he was being suspended for violating the drug policy.

WND previously has reported on situations where a student was threatened with a three-day suspension for simply having a pen in class that had a gun company logo, another case where a college student advocated for gun rights and was suspended, and yet another case in which a student who simply drew a sketch of a gun was suspended.

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PA United Way Chapter Shuns Boy Scouts

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, says a United Way chapter is discriminating against the Boy Scouts because of a Scout policy that prohibits homosexuals from becoming leaders.

A leader of the Southeastern Pennsylvania United Way was recently quoted in a homosexual-friendly publication as saying that the organization was revamping its funding selection process to target groups that show the strongest commitment to promoting social change in underserved populations.

Gramley says that particular United Way chapter is the same one that withheld hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Scout council in 2003. “… [J]ust five years ago they withheld $400,000 from the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council right there in Philadelphia because of their stand on the homosexual issue,” she clarifies.

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NEA Pushes Homosexuality in School Booklet, Group Says

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

( – A 24-page pamphlet sent to all 16,000 public school superintendents in the United States – by a coalition led by the National Education Association and the American Psychological Association – is “a renewed effort” to protect the well-being of all students, including, the pamphlet says, “those who are at higher risk because of their sexual orientation.”

However, a national pro-family group is criticizing the publication as “giving parents 16,000 new reasons to question the agenda of national teachers’ union leaders” and is offering a flier of its own to equip parents “to oppose this promotion of homosexuality in your child’s school.”

“Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators and School Personnel” serves as a guide for public school employees “who confront sensitive issues involving gay, lesbian and bisexual students,” the coalition of 13 national associations said in a news release announcing the distribution of the booklet.

According to the “group of education, health, mental health and religious organizations,” the brochure “includes the most recent information from professional health organizations, as well as up-to-date information on the legal responsibility of school officials to protect students from anti-gay harassment.”

“The opportunity for students to learn is diminished when they do not feel safe or supported at school,” the coalition stated. “In addition to assault and harassment, gay, lesbian and bisexual students experience high rates of emotional distress, suicide attempts and substance abuse.

“These factors hinder their emotional and social development, as well as their ability to succeed in school,” the organization added. “It is our responsibility to provide accurate and factual information. We believe this publication will be a valuable tool to help educators, administrators and others concerned with caring for America’s students.”

First formed in 1998, the coalition produced the original version of “Just the Facts” to respond to concerns that school personnel were receiving inaccurate information on the issue of sexual orientation. The updated publication reflects the coalition’s continuing concern about the safety and well-being of “gay, lesbian and bisexual” students.

Led by the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Psychological Association (APA), the coalition includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Association of School Administrators, the American Federation of Teachers and the American School Counselor Association.

The release was distributed by the APA, “the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States” and “the world’s largest association of psychologists.”

‘Incubators for radical social agendas’

Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council (FRC), dismissed the project in an e-mail statement as evidence for parents to question the agenda of the NEA and its allies.

“Among the so-called ‘facts’ in the 24-page document is the opinion that homosexuality is ‘a normal expression of human sexuality,'” Perkins said.

“The booklet also warns teachers not to discuss ‘transformational ministries’ that suggest homosexuality is a condition that can be changed,” he said. “Religious-based views are regarded as harmful, if not dangerous.

“This is no surprise to those who have followed the leftward drift of the NEA leadership,” Perkins added. “For years, the organization has used teachers’ dues to subsidize its top officials’ left-wing fanaticism, which includes everything from promoting homosexuality and abortion in schools to pushing birth control.”

And the APA “is no better,” he said. “In the past few decades, the group has gone from listing homosexuality as a mental disorder to becoming one of its biggest champions in the public square.

“Now both groups are using their influence to transform public schools into incubators for their radical social agendas,” Perkins said. “These lessons in political correctness must stop!”

To “equip parents to oppose this promotion of homosexuality,” the FRC offers a 36-page document of its own: “Homosexuality in Your Child’s School” by Peter Sprigg, the group’s vice president for policy.

“Despite decades of activism and media propaganda promoting acceptance and celebration of homosexuality, and a number of political and judicial victories for the pro-homosexual movement, polls show that a clear majority of Americans still believe that homosexual behavior is ‘morally wrong,'” Sprigg stated in the brochure.

Homosexual activists have therefore decided that “indoctrinating impressionable school children is an easier way of changing public attitudes toward homosexuality than persuading adults,” Sprigg noted.

“That’s one recruitment drive that has no place on the campuses of America’s public schools,” Sprigg added.

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Pali Terrorist Rocket Kills Israeli Student, Israel Finally Responds

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

I recently asked one of our commentators to consider this scenario:
“Let me ask you this. If the people in the subdivision next to yours routinely fired rockets and bullets, indiscriminately, into your subdivision, wouldn’t you demand that the authorities put a stop to it immediately? Of course you would. Yet you seem to be asking that the Israelis, who go through this exact scenario almost every day, just sit back and take it.”
Since the Pali terrorist first started firing the rockets into Israel back in 2002, there have been over 1,000 rocket attacks. According to several Wikipedia articles, many of the rockets have fallen on the Israeli city of Sderot, because of it’s proximity to Gaza makes it an easy target. The articles go on to state that as of January 18, 2008, “Thirteen people have been killed and hundreds injured as a result of Qassam rocket fire at Israeli targets.”
I also asked our commentator to consider this point:
“…there is a huge differences between intentionally targeting civilians (like the Palestinians routinely do by their own admission) and “collateral damage” against civilians because the combatants (Palestinian terrorist) are hiding among them.
The Palestinian terrorists routinely hide among the civilians because they know the Israelis will hesitate to attack them there for fear of killing the neighboring civilians.”

Why do we (the world) expect Israel to sit on it’s hands and do noting to protect their civilians, when we would be the first to demand action from our government if the roles were reversed? This duplicity has always perplexed me.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli aircraft blasted Hamas government offices and metal shops late Wednesday, killing a baby and wounding more than 30 people in a retaliatory strike after a militant rocket killed an Israeli college student.

The bloodshed fed worries about a new outbreak of heavy fighting between the Israeli army and militants in the Gaza Strip.

Amid the surge of violence, the U.S. government announced that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would visit next week to meet with Palestinian and Israeli leaders to discuss the push to negotiate a peace accord.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the deadly rocket attack on the college in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, which came a few hours after two Israeli airstrikes killed seven people in Gaza, including two senior commanders in the Hamas rocket operation.

After nightfall, a third Israeli strike aimed at a rocket squad in northern Gaza killed two youngsters leaving a mosque, Palestinians said. The Israeli military said it carried out the airstrike but had no knowledge of civilians being hit.

Then Israeli planes attacked the office of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and the nearby Interior Ministry, both of which were empty. Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders have been in hiding, fearing Israeli assassination attempts.

Palestinian health officials said a 6-month-old baby was killed by shrapnel in the late-night airstrike in Gaza City and about 30 residents of nearby buildings suffered wounds. A few minutes later, Israeli aircraft hit two metal workshops.

The Israeli military said the targets were command posts at the government building and sites where weapons are made and stored. The military blamed Hamas for setting up such operations in populated areas, and said injuries to Palestinian civilians were unintentional.

In all, militants fired at least 40 rockets at Israel on Wednesday, the military said, many more than the average of daily barrages that have disrupted life in the region. Associated Press pictures showed rockets streaking into the sky from a densely populated area of northern Gaza.

One rocket exploded in a parking lot at Sapir College. Israeli officials said a student, a 47-year-old father of four, was killed by shrapnel that struck his heart. Israeli TV stations showed a second man being carried on a stretcher with wounds to his legs.

The student was the first Israeli killed by a rocket since May, when two people died in separate attacks.

At nightfall, four rockets exploded in the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon, including one near the city’s main hospital, police said. No one was hurt. Ashkelon is 6 miles north of the Gaza Strip.

The fatal attack on Sderot intensified calls in Israel for a large-scale ground offensive in Gaza aimed at clearing the border area of rocket squads, though previous incursions have halted such attacks only briefly.

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