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University Newspaper Cartoon: God Tells Mary, ‘You’re F—-d’

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Thank goodness they did this to Christians. If they had done this to Muslims, they would need to fear for their lives.
We Christians can always count on people to make fun of us, insult us and even hate us.

The student newspaper at the University of Virginia published a cartoon mocking Christians and Christianity after determining it met its own “criteria” at The Cavalier Daily, but later jerked it and has been backpedaling ever since.

The illustration – and another earlier cartoon – were the subject of an alert from the American Family Association, which urged readers to take advantage of a special website procedure it set up to send an e-mail to Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, with a copy to Daniel LaVista, the executive director of the state Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

“Last week, the University of Virginia’s student paper, The Cavalier Daily, ran a cartoon depicting a naked man smoking a cigarette in bed. Standing beside the bed, a woman in her underwear buttons up her shirt and asks, ‘Come on God, be honest – Did you really get a vasectomy? I can’t let Joseph find out about this.’ The man replies, ‘Well, Mary, you’re f—-d,” the AFA said.

An earlier cartoon portrayed a crucified Jesus telling jokes onstage, AFA said.

“It is sad to see students at the University of Virginia’s newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, use such a low level of intelligence to express their anti-Christian bigotry,” the suggested e-mail to state officials says. “It leaves one wondering what the taxpayers of Virginia get in return for the millions of dollars the state uses to educate the students.

The AFA e-mail continues: “The paper has posted on its website that it ‘regrets any offense readers may have taken to two recent comics in the strip…’ So, no apology is offered. In other words, they regret the fact that Christians are taking offense at the blasphemous cartoons.

“Unfortunately, this bigotry is more of a reflection on the newspaper and university than the Christians the paper is belittling. It appears that a public apology is in order. Or do the views of the editorial staff at The Cavalier Daily represent the views of the administration at UVA?” AFA asked.

A WND telephone message seeking comment left with the office of University President John T. Casteen III was not returned.

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Gulf State’s First Christian Church Opens – Typical Muslim Response; Threats of Violence

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

( – The first church permitted in Qatar held its first Mass on Sunday without incident, following threats by Islamists unhappy about a Christian place of worship in the capital of the Gulf state.

Under tight security, thousands of Christians attended the service at the Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church in Doha. Local media described the meeting as lengthy and joyful.

Last week several western embassies warned citizens that the church could be targeted, following threats of violence from Islamists.

The U.S. Embassy added the new church to a list of examples of potential targets which it said could be attacked by extremists. The Australian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, which deals with Qatar, noted that a terrorist Web site had made reference to the new church complex.

Most of the approximately 150,000 predominantly Catholic Christians in Qatar, a tiny country with a population of less than one million, are foreigners from countries including the Philippines and India.

The opening of Qatar’s first church makes neighboring Saudi Arabia the last of the Gulf States where no churches are allowed.

Like Saudi Arabia, Qatar follows the strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islam, but Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who has been in power since he seized control in a 1995 palace coup, donated the land for the church and several others of other denominations, yet to be built.

Construction of the church, which was designed to display no visible symbols showing it to be a Christian place of worship, was not without controversy.

A former justice minister, Najib al-Nuaimi, said earlier the country should hold a referendum to ensure Qataris accepted the construction of churches in their Muslim state.

Local newspapers reporting on the debate quoted a former head of the faculty of Islamic law at the University of Qatar as speaking in favor of the church, saying places of worship for other religions was a human right guaranteed by Islam.

Qatari Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, who opened the church at a simple function late last week, said the message that Qatar was sending to the world by granting permission for the church was that people should be merciful to others and love their fellow human beings.

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U.S. Supreme Court Will Decide FCC Profanity Rules

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

I have wondered for many years what increasing profanity added to a movie? Does it make it more realistic? What sad commentary of the state of our county, if that is true. Is it Hollywood continuing down the road of disconnect from the average American? What does it add to the storyline? What does it detract? Is it just an attempt to give Christians and those who find the language offensive an “in your face” response?
It will be interesting to see how the court rules on this.

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday stepped into a legal fight over the use of curse words on the airwaves, the high court’s first major case on broadcast indecency in 30 years.

The case concerns a Federal Communications Commission policy that allows for fines against broadcasters for so-called “fleeting expletives,” one-time uses of curse words. Fox Broadcasting Co., along with ABC, CBS and NBC, challenged the new policy after the commission said broadcasts of entertainment awards shows in 2002 and 2003 were indecent because of profanity uttered by Bono, Cher and Nicole Richie.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said Monday that he was pleased with the court’s decision. “The Commission, Congress and most importantly parents understand that protecting our children is our greatest responsibility,” he said in a prepared statement. “I continue to believe we have an obligation then to enforce laws restricting indecent language on television and radio when children are in the audience.”

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