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Community Rallies Around Fired Librarian

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

We blogged about this before. For those of you who might have missed it, a librarian at a library in California noticed a man looking at child pornography on one of the library computers. She told the police about it. They arrested the guy and found large amounts of child porn at his house.
As a result of turning this criminal into the authorities, she was fired from her position. The reason she was given was that she violated some library policy.
In a nut shell, she was punished for doing the right thing.
Now she is suing to get her job back.

Brenda Biesterfeld, a single mother of two, was fired from her job at the Tulare County Library in Lindsay, California, on March 6 — two days after she told police that 39-year-old Donny Chrisler had been viewing child porn on library computers. Chrisler was arrested, and police later found on his home computer thousands of explicit images involving children.

Recently, more than 100 people turned out on the lawn of the library in a prayer vigil for Biesterfeld and also for the safety of local children. Karen Stoffers, a minister at the First United Methodist Church, helped organize the rally. During an interview on Fresno Fox TV affiliate KMPH, Stoffers spoke of her admiration for Biesterfeld.

The fired librarian is being represented by Liberty Counsel, which is asking county officials to give her back her job. County officials say Biesterfeld was fired for not following library policy.

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Obama Camp Remembers Monica Lewinsky

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Remember the good old days? The days when the Dems would never dream of turning on each other. Me neither. Looks like Obama needs to put a muzzle on all his advisors (even though this time they are speaking the truth).

Gordon Fischer, the former director of the Iowa Democratic Party and a senior adviser for Sen. Barack Obama’s efforts in the Hawkeye State, is still very much involved in making sure Obama gets delegates as the caucus process continues.

He’s also quite fired up about former President Bill Clinton’s comments in front of a North Carolina VFW Hall, which the Obama campaign took to be an impugning of Obama’s patriotism.

In his blog, Fischer writes:

“B. Clinton questions Obama’s patriotism. In repsonse (sic), an Obama aide compared B. Clinton to Joe McCarthy. This is patently unfair. To McCarthy.

“When Joe McCarthy questioned others’ patriotism, McCarthy (1) actually believed, at least aparently (sic), the questions were genuine, and (2) he did so in order to build up, not tear down, his own party, the GOP. Bill Clinton cannot possibly seriously believe Obama is not a patriot, and cannot possibly be said to be helping — instead he is hurting — his own party. B. Clinton should never be forgiven. Period. This is a stain on his legacy, much worse, much deeper, than the one on Monica’s blue dress.”

That’s not quite the kind of comment that keeps with Obama’s pledge to focus on policy differences instead of personal attacks, I think it’s safe to say.

– jpt

UPDATE: Fischer writes to say, “On my individual blog, I made a stupid comment. I sincerely apologize for a tasteless and gratituous comment I made here about President Clinton. It was unnecessary and wrong.

“I have since deleted the comment, and again apologize for making it. It will not happen again.

“I hope my readers will accept my apology and we can move on to the very important issues facing our state and country. Thank you.”

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Obama’s Pastor ‘Crucified Like Jesus’

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

These people have real nerve. Comparing Jeremiah Wright’s self-inflicted drama to the curcifixion of Jesus is absurd at the least. These people would do well for Obama if they would simply keep their mouths shut. Although, I have to say that it has been good for the American people to hear the true story behind Obama’s church.

The new pastor at Barack Obama’s church says his predecessor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was in a sense crucified just like Jesus Christ at the hands of the Romans.

According to Fox News, Rev. Otis Moss III titled his Easter sunrise sermon “How to Handle a Public Lynching,” focusing mainly on the media firestorm over the Chicago church attended by the Democratic presidential candidate.

Moss reportedly did not specify Wright by name, but told the congregation at Trinity United Church of Christ
that Wright, who has delivered sermons in which he likened the U.S. to the Ku Klux Klan and saying it is damned for its state-sponsored terrorism, is facing the same challenges Jesus did.

Moss said: “No one should start a ministry with lynching, no one should end their ministry with lynching. The lynching was national news. The RNN, the Roman News Network, was reporting it and NPR, National Publican Radio had it on the radio. The Jerusalem Post and the Palestine Times all wanted exclusives, they searched out the young ministers, showed up unannounced at their houses, tried to talk with their families, called up their friends, wanted to get a quote on how do you feel about the lynching?”

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Clinton (Hillary) Lies About Bosnia ‘Sniper Fire’ Account

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

In a very lame attempt to bolster her sagging poll numbers, Hillary Clinton pulls out yet another lie. I’m not sure how she thought this was going to help her, but she wanted everyone to believe that when she toured Bosnia, as First Lady, she had to land under fire from snipers. Apparently, this is just another lie, as none of the reporters who were with her remember this at all.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has used a story of arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire to bolster her foreign policy bona fides, but the Washington Post retrieved a photo showing that upon landing, she actually was greeted in a customary tarmac ceremony, complete with a kiss for a native child.

Clinton has declared on the campaign trail that a welcoming ceremony for the March 25, 1996, arrival in Tuzla was canceled, and she had to run from the airplane into an awaiting vehicle for safety. The then-first lady’s traveling party included 15-year-old daughter Chelsea, the comedian Sinbad and singer Sheryl Crow.

“I remember landing under sniper fire,” Clinton recounted. “There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

But the Post’s Michael Dobbs says that “as a reporter who visited Bosnia soon after the December 1995 Dayton Peace agreement, I can attest that the physical risks were minimal during this period, particularly at a heavily fortified U.S. Air Force base, such as Tuzla.”

Dobbs’s report in the Post’s “Fact Checker” column has been noted by weblogs Newsbusters and but virtually ignored by mainstream media.

“Had Hillary Clinton’s plane come ‘under sniper fire’ in March 1996, we would certainly have heard about it long before now,” Dobbs writes.

He pointed out that numerous reporters, including the Post’s John Pomfret, covered Clinton’s trip, and a review of nearly 100 news accounts of their visit “shows that not a single newspaper or television station reported any security threat to the first lady.”

Pomfret declared, “As a former AP wire service hack, I can safely say that it would have been in my lead had anything like that happened,”.

Dobbs says Clinton and her entourage were greeted by smiling U.S. and Bosnian officials, and an 8-year-old Muslim girl, Emina Bicakcic, read a poem in English.

The actor Sinbad had a different account of the trip than Clinton, telling the Post’s “Sleuth” column Monday the “scariest” part was worrying about whether “we eat here or at the next place.”

Clinton defended her story on the campaign trail this week and dismissed the actor’s contention, saying, “Sinbad is a comedian.”

Clinton repeated the Bosnia story, saying she remembers “landing under sniper fire” and that “we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

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After Sucking City Dry, ACLU ‘Hate Machine’ To Be Honored?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Where but in California could this possibly happen…

The ACLU at times has battled San Diego in court over a historic cross on a veterans’ memorial and the use of city facilities by the Boy Scouts, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of money from city taxpayers for its efforts.

Now the city is considering a plan to honor the organization.

“San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins and Council President Scott Peters have placed on the city council docket one of the most despicable and anti-Christian items in recent years. They are planning to declare American Civil Liberties Union Day in the city of San Diego,” warned James Hartline, who himself is a candidate for the city council this year.

“The American Civil Liberties Union has done everything possible to destroy Christianity in the American culture and government. From tearing down crosses on public property to removing crosses and the Ten Commandments from governmental buildings, there has been no greater hate machine against our constitutional right to free religious expression in America than the ACLU!” Hartline said.

“The idea that radical lesbian San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins and her leftist council partner Scott Peters want to honor the ACLU by declaring a day of honor IN OUR NAME in the city of San Diego is just plain evil,” he said.

Hartline, a longtime activist for family values in his city, said the ACLU has a history there of running a long-term battle to kick Boy Scouts off public property in Balboa Park that other organizations are allowed to use, forcing homosexual marriage on society, attacking pro-life protesters at abortion clinics and restricting the rights of school children to have Bible studies or pray on school grounds.

Hartline said the meeting is tomorrow, in an apparent effort by city officials to load the item onto a council agenda and adopt it with little public notice.

“We cannot ignore this terrible attack on our faith and values by allowing our name to be used to honor the horrific and hateful ACLU,” Hartline said.

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Internet Co. Suspends Web Site for Film Critical of Islam

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Far be it that anyone say anything critical of Islam or even allow anyone else to say anything critical of Islam. It’s only freedom of speech that we’re sacrificing.

( – A U.S.-based Internet company has pre-emptively suspended access to a Web site on which a controversial Dutch lawmaker was planning to post a short film examining links between Islamic terrorism and the Koran.

For the past several weeks, anyone typing into their Web browser the URL would have reached only a black screen, an image of the Koran, and the words, “Geert Wilders presents Fitna. Coming Soon.” No other pages were accessible.

At the weekend, however, the hosting company, Virginia-based Network Solutions, replaced the screen with a message saying it had received “a number of complaints” about the site and had suspended it while investigating whether the “content” violated its acceptable-use policy.

Wilders, leader of the right-wing Freedom Party which holds nine of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament, registered the site late last month ahead of his planned release of a 15-minute film which he said aimed to show how Islam’s primary text has been the inspiration in parts of the world for “intolerance, murder and terror.”

Media reports on the film — whose title is an Arabic word used in the Koran, translated as “strife” or “ordeal” — prompted street demonstrations in several Islamic countries, diplomatic protests, and warnings from the Dutch and other European governments about an expected, possibly violent, backlash.

Earlier this month, a spokeswoman for Network Solutions said anyone unhappy about any site it hosts could complain, and the company would assess the content against its acceptable-use policy.

The policy includes a broad prohibition on obscene or harmful material that includes “hate propaganda” and anything “profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable.”

The spokeswoman also sounded optimistic that the company, which manages some seven million Internet domain names, could handle any denial-of-service or other electronic attacks that may come its way “from anywhere for any reason.”

Wilders said last week he planned to release the film on the Internet “before April 1, and no, this is not an April 1 joke.” His earlier attempts to get Dutch broadcasters to screen it were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile an Islamic organization in the Netherlands has asked a district court in The Hague to assess the film with a view to banning it. So far, Wilders has refused to let Dutch government officials see the film.

Earlier, the lawmaker wrote that the controversy already caused by a film that has yet to be seen by the public supports his argument that Islam is an intolerant ideology with ” no room for matters like self-reflection and self-criticism.”

Some European governments have voiced concern that Muslim anger over the film could trigger a repeat of the violent protests that erupted in several countries in early 2006 over the publication of cartoons of Mohammed.

Statements posted on the Web sites of Dutch embassies in a number of foreign capitals make it clear that Wilders’ views on Islam do not “represent the perspective or policy of the Dutch government in any way.”

In another damage-control effort, senior Dutch church leaders plan a visit this week to Cairo, where they will seek an audience with Mufti Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, one of Sunni Islam’s leading religious authorities.

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