“Sanctuary in Auschwitz” by Menachem Rosensaft

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I visited the German concentration camp at Dachau, back in 1984.
I don’t believe anything, except my acceptance of Christ, has affected me as greatly as my tour of the former Nazi death camp did. I could almost “see” the prisoners, mostly European Jews, living out their last days in that terrible place. The crematorium building brought home to me the magnitude of the number of Jews murdered there. The numbers I was quoted were no longer just figures. I felt agony as I thought about people, just like me, going into that horrible building. People like me, with a father, a mother, grandparents, siblings, many who’s histories had yet to be written, ending, dying, vanishing as their last mortal remains were reduced to a pile of ashes. Ashes swept away as if the person they once were was of no consequence. And indeed, to the keepers of that terrible place, the inhabitants were nothing of consequence. They were the walking dead, a “problem”, an “inconvenience”, something to be destroyed and swept away as soon as possible.
But these were people. Many of them were God’s chosen people, the Jews. I’m sure Satan celebrated throughout those years of Jewish annihilation.
My love for and commitment to God’s chosen people, the Jews, started the day I toured Dachau Concentration Camp and has grown greater every day since.
“Never Forget” is written on a monument at Dachau. We must make sure we never forget what happened to the Jews, God’s Chosen People.

For the past five years, I have had the privilege of serving as president of Park Avenue Synagogue, the largest Conservative congregation in New York City. On most Shabbat mornings, I sit on the bima in our magnificent sanctuary listening to our rabbis and cantors. The elegant surroundings complement and enhance our centuries-old ritual.

We pray, meditate, study the weekly Torah reading, take pride in the proficiency of our bnei mitzva, say kaddish for a loved one. But sometimes, my mind drifts backward in time to other synagogues, other sanctuaries that I can only imagine.

On June 22, 1943, my father, Josef Rosensaft, was on a transport from his hometown of Bedzin in southern Poland to Auschwitz. The son and grandson of devout hassidim, followers of the rabbis of Ger, he had become a labor Zionist and one of the few Jewish members of a local sports club.

On this occasion, the train used by the Germans to deport Jews to the death camp was not made up of windowless cattle cars but consisted of normal passenger cars. My father, an excellent swimmer, escaped by diving out of one of the train’s windows into the Vistula River. Although wounded by three German bullets, he was able to return early the next morning to Bedzin where his father was waiting for him.

Six weeks later, during the liquidation of the Bedzin Ghetto, my grandfather died of natural causes in my father’s arms. After my father had buried his father, he fled to the nearby town of Zawiercie. At the end of August, he was deported from there to Auschwitz-Birkenau.


THE FOLLOWING year, my father was an inmate in the notorious Block 11, also known as the Death Block, at Auschwitz. He had been there for more than five months, ever since he had been brought back to Auschwitz after escaping from a labor camp to which he had been transferred and hiding in Bedzin for six weeks with a Polish friend.

Throughout his imprisonment in Block 11, he had been continuously tortured. The Germans wanted him to betray the Poles who had helped him escape and who had hidden him, something he steadfastly refused to do.

Millions of European Jews had already perished. Thousands were dying daily. It was the most unlikely setting for prayer and devotion to God.

And yet that night, the Jewish kapo in charge of Block 11 wanted my father to conduct the Yom Kippur service. Half-naked, emaciated, starved, my father chanted Kol Nidre from memory in the Death Block of Auschwitz, and led the prayers there that evening and the following day for his fellow prisoners. As a reward, the kapo gave my father and the other inmates of Block 11 an extra bowl of soup to break the fast.

A barrack in Birkenau during Succot, 1943, and Block 11 in Auschwitz on Yom Kippur, 1944, became synagogues for a few hours, sanctuaries for Jews, many about to die, fleeting refuges from horror and agony, where my father and the Zawiercier Rov simultaneously reached out to and defied God.

AT THE outset of the 21st century, Jews throughout the world are blessed to be able to gather and pray publicly in comfort and safety. Still, we should remind ourselves every once in a while, as we sit in our elegant synagogues, that the essence of our identities and of our prayers emanate from deep within our souls.

I would like to believe that there are moments when my prayers, our prayers, transcend the years to merge with those that rose out of Block 11 and a Birkenau barrack, and that together they somehow reach their destination.

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“Auschwitz Concentration Camp” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Palestinian Factions in Gaza Agree in Principle to Cease-Fire

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Koran 47:36 says “Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand.”

Exactly when have the Pali terrorist ever kept a cease fire? The answer is “Never”!
They are doing good to adhere to a cease fire for hours, let alone days. Having an actual long-lasting cease fire is an impossibility.
Also notice that they only agree to the Principle of a cease-fire. That means that there is no way it’s actually going to happen in reality. It will have so many lopsided conditions attached to it as to be impossible for the Israelis to support.

A dozen small Palestinian factions agreed in principle to a cease-fire with Israel on Wednesday, said two Palestinian officials involved in the negotiations in Cairo, confirming the previous day’s report in the Jerusalem Post. However, the officials expressed reservations about the details of the Egyptian-brokered deal.

But if you still want to believe that pali terrorist are actually committed to this, check out this guy’s statement:

Also Tuesday, top Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar said that Israel may have 200 nuclear warheads, but Hamas has 200,000 people who want to blow themselves up inside Israel.

Zahar, who was speaking to supporters at the Islamic University in Gaza City, said Israel would pay if it rejected the Egyptian initiative for truce with the Palestinians.

“If Israel says no, it will pay a heavy price,” he said. “We are a besieged people and we will have to use all our tools to defend ourselves against Israel.”

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Presbyterian Church Court Sides With Pro-Homosexual Pastor

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Continue to pray for the congregations of these denominations who have chosen to ignore the Bible.

TIBURON, Calif. – The highest court of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has found that a Northern California minister did not violate denominational law when she officiated at the weddings of two lesbian couples.

The ruling announced Tuesday by the Louisville, Kentucky-based court overturns a decision against Jane Spahr last year. A regional judicial committee had found Spahr guilty of misconduct and gave her a rebuke — the lightest possible punishment.

The church’s high court found that the ceremonies Spahr performed were not marriages, so she did not violate the church’s constitution. The panel reiterated the church’s position that Presbyterian ministers can bless same-sex unions as long as the ceremonies don’t too closely mimic traditional weddings.

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Miley Cyrus Exploited at Vanity Fair Photo Shoot – Takes Racy Photos

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It looks like another teen celeb is in a nose dive headed for a crash. Are we going to see Miley Cyrus’ name join the ranks of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan as a good girl gone bad?
What is really sad is that I always viewed her parents as being mostly responsible. They are claiming they were “horrified” when they saw the photos. But why did they leave her in the hands of photographer Annie Leibovitz, who is very well known for her racy celeb photos? What did they think was going to happen in their absence?
Michele Malkin makes this point:

“Somebody should have been there to say no. And there were ample opportunities to intervene.
Like when Leibovitz coaxed the 15-year-old into taking her clothes off.
Or when she coaxed the teenager into getting made up with smoky eyes and ruby-stained lips.
Or when she gave the girl a silk blanket and mussed up her hair and told her to look over her shoulder and look like she had just awoken after a one-night stand.
The adults surrounding Miley Cyrus shamelessly abdicated their responsibility to protect her best interests. Mom and Dad got caught up in the Vanity Fair glam. Vanity Fair didn’t see a 15-year-old girl. They saw magazine sale dollar signs. And Annie Leibovitz saw skin, skin, skin and another notch in her belt.
The parents, grandmother, and teacher are not alone in shouldering blame. Shame on Liebovitz and the pretentious left-wing editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter.
“Artists” and “literary magazine editors?” Nonsense. They’re the elitist version of Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his video camera operators, coaxing girls to take it all off–just with more refined tones and high-minded pretentiousness.”

So what we end up with is more teen innocence lost, all in the name of “art” and the almighty dollar.
Shame on them.

LOS ANGELES — Miley Cyrus said she’s embarrassed by an apparently racy photo spread appearing in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about,” Cyrus said Sunday in a statement through her publicist.

The photos, by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, were taken to accompany an interview with the 15-year-old pop star and her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus. They include shots of the teen reportedly topless and wrapped in a blanket.

The Disney Channel, which airs Cyrus’ TV show “Hannah Montana,” was also critical of Vanity Fair.

“Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines,” a network statement said.

A phone message left for a Vanity Fair representative was not immediately returned Sunday night. But in a statement to the TV show “Entertainment Tonight,” Vanity Fair defended its position.

“Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day,” the magazine said. “Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley.”

Cyrus is one of the biggest _ and most G-rated _ acts in the country and is often considered a role model for young girls.

Her “Best of Both Worlds” tour sold out arenas, and her successful 3-D concert film collected $31.3 million in its opening weekend in February.

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Another Schoolteacher Has Sex with Students

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Yet another female school teacher has been arrested for having sex with her students.

A former Florida teacher already arrested twice for allegedly having sex with two of her students has reportedly scored a hat trick, after police say she again had sex with a previous victim.

Stephanie Ragusa, 29, of Tampa was taken into custody yesterday shortly after Hillsborough County detectives saw her exiting the home of the 16-year old boy.

It’s Ragusa’s third arrest since last month on similar sex charges.

“She’s in need of help,” sheriff’s Lt. Fred Asteasuainzarra told the Tampa Tribune.

Her arrest affidavit indicates she drove to the boy’s home in her boyfriend’s pickup, saying she wanted to discuss her criminal case, but she and the teen ended up having sex.

Sheriff’s spokesman J.D. Callaway said deputies in the neighborhood stumbled onto the arrest when they saw Ragusa leave the home.

“Before they knew it, she was coming out of the house,” Callaway told the St. Petersburg Times. “It was a chance encounter that surprised the detectives.”

The arrest report says Ragusa has written the boy love letters and given him presents, as well as a copy of her handwritten will.

She was charged with two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, as police placed into evidence cell-phone video footage.

Ragusa, who taught special education at Tampa’s Davidsen Middle School and math at Martinez Middle School in Lutz, Fla., previously was charged with having sex with two male students. Those allegations led to numerous counts of lewd or lascivious battery and unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

While one of the teens had been her student in class, Ragusa met the other when he was 14. He had been assigned to push her wheelchair around campus after she had broken her foot.

Detectives say Ragusa told the boy she could help him overcome his shyness, so she brought him to her apartment for three sexual encounters between October 2006 and May 2007.

Officials say that during this time, she became intimate with the other boy, and had sex with him more than 20 times between February 2007 and March 2008, including once at her home when she provided the boy a contraceptive.

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Class For Kids: How To Be Homosexual

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A state-funded organization in Maine that has been touted as “a stellar program for social change” is advertising a coming seminar that essentially provides information to impressionable school-age boys on how to be homosexual, according to a pro-family organization opposing the plans.

The seminar is called “Queer, Questioning, Quiet: Developing Gender Identity & Male Sexual Orientation” and is being promoted by the Boys to Men organization headquartered in Portland, Maine, during its coming 2008 conference. The session is to feature a presentation by speakers from the homosexual Proud Rainbow Youth for Southern Maine, officials said.

“I think it’s outrageous,” Michael Heath, chief of the Christian Civic League of Maine told WND. ‘”This is now starting to happen in public schools throughout our state. The public needs to wake up, become aware, and speak out against it.”

The Boys to Men website advertisement about its conference says the outreach is “targeted primarily to middle and high school boys and their adult male mentors.” The specific workshop on homosexuality, the website said, includes “speakers from the Maine SpeakOut Project and PRYSM [who] will discuss their own coming-out experiences and use these as a springboard for exploring LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered] issues and resources for youth in Southern Maine.”

The organization’s “core value” page states: “Traditional media and cultural representations of masculinity and femininity are too narrowly defined and contribute to destructive and damaging behavior towards individuals of all genders and ages. We are committed to eliminating the inequalities and institutional injustices that result from these traditional media and cultural representations of masculinity.”

It also lists as a goal to teach “young men and young women to work together to enhance school climate by standing up against … gender stereotyping, homophobia and intolerance of difference.”

“This continues to happen to impressionable young boys,” Heath said. “The sad thing is the boys who are least able to endure this message, this confusion, are the ones they’re preying upon.”

He said the New England states are just about even with California in pursuit of a sexual liberation that makes the hippies’ free love atmosphere of the 1960s look staid.

“We have laws protecting transgenders. We have a 10-year-old boy [in the state] being raised as a girl. The elementary school is being forced to allow the boy to use the bathroom with the girls,” Heath said.

He said it’s so important that families, and especially parents of younger children, realize the “sexual orientation cabal” that is flooding his state and region.

“We writing about it [the seminar] right now,” he said. “We’re going to let folks know … what’s going on.”

He said the “sexual revolution” is entrenched in the law, and its impacts are both widespread and serious.

“I don’t think insanity is too strong a word for it,” he said. “Here in New England .. urges and pleasures are what drive the culture, the law.”

Unless there is a rally for traditional and moral views, he said, “We will witness the disintegration of a civilization.” A best-case result would be that there is enough of a public reaction to the teachings that people start to pay attention and act on traditional moral values, he said.

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Homosexual Leader Calls AIDS: “A Gay Disease”

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that between 2001 and 2005, over 988,000 people have been diagnosed with the AIDS virus. Of those people diagnosed, over 550,000 have died. Of those 988,000 people diagnosed with AIDS, over 879,000 of them are homosexual.
It is estimated there are approximately 4 million homosexuals in the United States. That means almost 25% of them are infected with the AIDS virus.
Put into other words, if a homosexual has sex with multiple partners, as the majority of them do, then he stands a chance of becoming infected with the AIDS virus if he has as few as four different partners. The average homosexual male reports having anywhere between 30 and 100 different partners by the time he is 25 years old. Now the odds of getting AIDS are even worse.
There is no cure for AIDS. It is 100% fatal. It is not a question of “if” the infected person is going to die after catching the AIDS virus; it’s a matter of “when”.
Educators and homosexual activist tell us that condoms will prevent the spread of AIDS. The truth of the matter is that although they will help, they are only slightly better than 90% effective “when used correctly”. So there is still a 10% chance, or better, of catching AIDS, even when using a condom.

The head of a major homosexual group admitted for the first time that HIV/AIDS is “a gay disease,” but added that he believed victory for the full range of the homosexual agenda was inevitable.
Matt Foreman (picture to the right), executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF, www.thetaskforce.org), the Matt Foremannation’s oldest gay rights group, made the statements at the organization’s national conference in February.
Foreman’s controversial statement about AIDS surprised even many of the conference attendees. He told them, “Folks, with 70% of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi(sexual), we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.”
That simple admission sparked a flurry of commentary from pro-family groups like AFA and Focus on the Family. For example, Gary Glenn, president of AFA of Michigan, said in a press release: “Despite medical data identifying homosexual activity among males as by far the largest single source of HIV infection in the U.S., homosexual activists have routinely condemned conservative and public health organizations for characterizing the disease as being predominantly associated with and spread by homosexual behavior.”
Glenn added that “Foreman should also publicly accept responsibility for professionally promoting a lifestyle that’s medically associated with a dramatically higher risk of domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders, life-threatening diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and hepatitis, and premature death by up to 20 years.”
Homosexual activist Sean Kosofsky, director of policy for the Triangle Foundation, a gay lobby group that frequently tangles with Glenn, struck back at the AFA chapter president. “Gary Glenn is certainly no Christian and has no compassion for his fellow man and should be ashamed of himself for using these comments to further marginalize gay people,” Kosofsky said. “Leave it to Gary to manipulate and distract people with this kind of ugly bigotry.”
Other homosexual activists, however, seemed to agree with Foreman’s initial statement at the conference. For example, Sean Strub, founder of POZ magazine, which targets those who are living with HIV, said, “What Matt [Foreman] meant was we as a gay community have to take more responsibility for the epidemic. Too much of the [gay] community has relegated the epidemic as some other community’s concern.”
In a follow-up interview, however, Foreman implied that gay men are not responsible for getting AIDS. “I don’t blame our community for the fact that MSM [men who have sex with men] still account for nearly three quarters of men living with HIV,” Foreman said. “I hold our government accountable” for failing to deal effectively with the AIDS crisis.

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Syrian Nukes Were Possible One Year From Plant Startup

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The fact that a terrorist supporting regime, like Syria, was within one year of having two nuclear weapons should be very scary. We should be thanking the Israelis for doing the world’s dirty work.

WASHINGTON – CIA Director Michael Hayden said Monday that the alleged Syrian nuclear reactor destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in September would have produced enough plutonium for one or two bombs within a year of becoming operational.

U.S. intelligence and administration officials publicly disclosed last week their assessment that Syria was building a covert nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance. They said it was modeled on the shuttered North Korean reactor at Yongbyon, which produced a small amount of plutonium. The Syrian site, they said, was within weeks or months of being operational.

“In the course of a year after they got full up they would have produced enough plutonium for one or two weapons,” Hayden told reporters after a speech at Georgetown University.

Almost all reactors produce plutonium, even those dedicated to peaceful purposes, according to David Albright, president of the nonprofit Institute for Science and International Security. Albright analyzed commercial satellite imagery of the bombed facility last fall and surmised then it was a nuclear reactor.

Neither the United States nor Israel told the International Atomic Energy Agency about the Syrian site until last week, about a year after they obtained what they considered to be decisive intelligence: dozens of photographs from a handheld camera that showed both the interior and exterior of the mysterious compound in Syria’s eastern desert.

From the CIA’s perspective, that intelligence was not the United States’ to share with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Hayden said.

“We’ve made it clear we did not have complete control over the totality of the information because obviously it was the result of a team effort,” he said. “One has to respect the origin of the information in terms of how it is used.”

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency chastised the United States on Friday for withholding information on the alleged Syrian reactor. One of the IAEA’s missions is to try to prevent nuclear proliferation, and it depends on member states for information.

A senior administration official told reporters last week that the United States kept the information secret after the Israeli strike because it feared revealing it might provoke Syria to strike back at Israel.

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Drawn to the Light: Why Muslims Convert to Christianity by Chuck Colson

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A few days ago, Fox News ran a grim special titled “Jihad USA: Confronting the Threat of Homegrown Terror.” It was a warning of the continuing danger of Islamo-fascism.

The program probably deepened many Americans’ fear of and hostility toward Muslims. That is unfortunate, because most Muslims are not would-be jihadists. But we Christians especially need to guard our emotions so we can be a good witness to Muslims—a caution raised by Dr. Dudley Woodberry, professor of Islamic Studies at Fuller.

Woodberry, aware that throughout the world Muslims have been turning to Christ, was curious about the reasons why—especially in countries where the cost of converting is so high.

To find the answer, he created a detailed questionnaire. Over a 16-year period, some 750 Muslims from 30 countries filled it out—and the results are eye-opening. The number one reason Muslim converts listed for their decision to follow Christ was the lifestyle of the Christians among them.

As Woodberry, Russell Shubin, and G. Marks write in Christianity Today, Muslim converts noted that “there was no gap between the moral profession and the practice of Christians” they knew. An Egyptian convert contrasted the love shown by Christians “with the unloving treatment of Muslim students and faculty he encountered at a university in Medina.” Other converts were impressed that “Christians treat women as equals” and enjoy loving marriages. And poor Muslims observed that “the expatriate Christian workers they knew had adopted, contrary to their expectations, a simple lifestyle.” They wore locally made clothes and abstained from pork and alcohol, so as not to offend Muslim neighbors.

Second, converts identified “the power of God in answered prayers and healing.” For instance, in North Africa, a Muslim family asked Christian neighbors to pray for a sick daughter; and then the girl recovered. Some converts “noted deliverance from demonic power as another reason they were attracted to Jesus.”

Converts also mentioned unhappiness with Islam itself, especially the Koran’s emphasis on God’s punishment and the uncertainty of salvation. By contrast, Woodberry notes, the biblical teaching that God loved us so much that “He sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” is deeply attractive to Muslims.

Converts are also attracted to “the love expressed through the life and teachings of Christ.” Ironically, Muslims first learn about Christ through the Koran, but then read the Gospels to find out more about Him.

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Catastrophic Nuke Terrorism ‘Inevitable’

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(CNSNews.com) – Should a major metropolitan area suffer a nuclear attack, the consequent catastrophe would overwhelm America’s ability to respond, and kill thousands from the heat, blast, and radiation of the detonating weapon. Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) agrees that such an attack would be devastating, but says deterrence can work by threatening retaliation against the states that produced the weapon.

Clifford May, president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a conservative group, told Cybercast News Service that “the ramifications” of a nuclear attack on a major metropolitan area in the United States “would be catastrophic. Should an American city be wiped out, the death toll in the next terrorist attack would rise from 3,000 to 100,000.”

“America would survive as a nation,” he said, “but it would never again be the same.”

In a hearing in the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee this month, Ashton Carter, co-chairman of the Preventive Defense Project at Harvard University, said that the “scale of this disaster would quickly overwhelm even the most prepared city, and state governments.” He also predicted that, in the wake of such an attack, Americans would evacuate cities and disperse throughout the country.

Carter added that over the past five years, the possibility of a nuclear attack has “surely” grown. North Korea has become a nuclear power and Iran is attempting to do the same. Pakistan could potentially lose its nuclear technology to terrorists should the state disintegrate, and Russia’s Soviet-era nuclear material remains unsecured.

He then predicted that should a Hiroshima-grade bomb of 10 kilotons be detonated on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. – the grassy stretch of public space that extends from the U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial — an area within a two-mile radius would be destroyed.

Those immediately under a fallout cloud driven by the prevailing wind would suffer lethal doses of radiation, even should they seek “modest shelter,” said Carter. People downwind could possibly survive if they sought shelter, but should they jam the roads in an attempt to evacuate, they would likely be exposed to heavy amounts of fallout.

In his column in National Review Thursday, May cited another expert, Cham D. Dallas, director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia, who said a nuclear attack is “inevitable,” and added, “I think it’s wistful to think that it won’t happen by 20 years [from now].”

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$7 – $10 Per Gallon Gas a Possibility

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I just cannot see how the average American can afford $7 per gallon gas. The current $4 price is highway robbery. We have all heard people say “Why don’t we all just stop buying gas for a day or two and then the price will go down”. At this point I am ready to try anything to keep from paying $100 to fill up my car. I have to wonder why Americans are not lashing out in protest. What are your thoughts?

Get ready for another economic shock of major proportions — a virtual doubling of prices at the gas pump to as much as $10 a gallon.

That’s the message from a couple of analytical energy industry trackers, both of whom, based on the surging oil prices, see considerably more pain at the pump than most drivers realize.

Gasoline nationally is in an accelerated upswing, having jumped to $3.58 a gallon from $3.50 in just the past week. In some parts of the country, including New York City and the West Coast, gas is already sporting a price tag above $4 a gallon. There was a pray-in at a Chevron station in San Francisco on Friday led by a minister asking God for cheaper gas, and an Arco gas station in San Mateo, Calif., has already raised its price to a sky-high $4.62.

In Manhattan, at a Mobil gas station at York Avenue and East 61st Street, premium gas is now $4.03 a gallon. Two days ago, it was $3.96. Why such a high price? “Blame the people at STOPEC (he meant OPEC) and the oil companies,” an attendant there told me.

These increases are taking place before the all-important summer driving season, signaling even higher prices ahead.

That’s also the outlook of the Automobile Association of America. “As long as the price of crude oil stays above $100 a barrel, drivers will be forced to pay more and more at the gas pump,” a AAA spokesman, Troy Green, said.

Oil recently hit an all-time high of nearly $120 a barrel, more than double its early 2007 price of about $50 a barrel. It closed Friday at $118.52.

The forecasts calling for a jump to between $7 and $10 a gallon are based on the view that the price of crude is on its way to $200 in two to three years.

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U.S. Releases Syria ‘Reactor’ Video

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Here is further proof that Syria was attempting to develop nuclear weapons with the support of North Korea. We must assume that the Syrians had every intention of using the weapons against Israel either directly through it’s military or indirectly through the use of terrorist.

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“The People Of The Book” by Michael Mickey

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“In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.” (Joel 3:1-2)

“The People of the Book” is a name first given to Jews and then expanded to include Christians, since the Christian faith is based on the teachings of the Book, too. The main problem with the leaders who govern the People of the Book is that they don’t believe the Book. Verses like the one above won’t mean anything to them until it’s too late.

For example, let’s take the leaders of the original People of the Book. It’s one thing to hear that this or that Gentile Government has a plan to divide Israel, but when we learn that Israel’s own leaders are trying to do it we shake our heads in wonder. Are they determined to end their very existence as a nation?

“The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.” (Leviticus 25:23)

Recently we’ve heard persistent rumors that the Olmert government has secretly agreed to re-divide Jerusalem, even though their own laws prohibit such a thing. The Palestinians say that PM Olmert has already agreed to give up almost all of the West Bank, too. And now we’re being told that he’s promising the Golan Heights to Syria in exchange for peace. The Turkish government said that they’ve relayed the offer to Syria, and Syria has confirmed receiving it.

Israel’s opposition party, having already declared that as soon as they’re elected they’ll cancel any peace agreement the current government makes, has now demanded an emergency session of the Knesset to explain once again to the Prime Minister that he has neither the mandate nor the authority to make such an offer.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got outsiders making promises for them. Jimmy Carter, who claims to follow the Book, says that he’s behind Hamas’ offer of a 10 year peace agreement and that he convinced Hamas to accept Israel as a friendly neighbor. (Naturally, Hamas has denied it. Their charter calls for Israel’s destruction.)

Are our memories so short? Hamas proposed this same thing a couple of years ago after they first came to power and were startlingly clear about their intentions. Drawing from their religious history, they said that it was acceptable for them to offer a truce of up to 10 years to an enemy currently too strong for them to defeat. They’re to use that time to lull their enemy into a false sense of security while increasing their own strength to a point where they could be victorious. As soon as that happens they’re free to break the truce and attack.

The example they use is of the Prophet Mohammad who was driven out of Mecca by the more powerful Quraysh leaders. He negotiated a 10 year treaty with them, called the Treaty of Hudaybiya after the town where it was signed, and went to Medina to build up his strength. 22 months later he marshaled his now much more powerful forces against Mecca, and though he had a 10 year treaty with them, he demanded that they surrender. Seeing that they couldn’t win, they did.

Why would anyone believe that this current offer is anything different? How long will we continue to view Eastern intentions through a Western perspective. “Oh, that stuff they say is just for local consumption,” our leaders say, “We don’t pay any attention to it.” They’re right. They don’t and it has always worked to our disadvantage.

And as for the leaders of the other People of the Book, President Bush seems obsessed with the idea of having his “two state solution” in place before he leaves office next January. Sec’y of State Rice is right there with him, perhaps hoping to enhance her chances of being picked as John McCain’s running mate.

It seems like everybody has a plan for Israel. All of them involve cutting the country into pieces and giving them away, and their motives are always self interest. PM Olmert wants to salvage his position as Israel’s leader. Pres. Bush wants to improve his legacy, and Sec’y Rice wants to be VP. None of this bodes well for the people of Israel. Their supposed friends and their own leaders seem determined to sell them down the river. Surely this is what the Lord had in mind when He inspired Isaiah to say:

You boast, “We have entered into a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.” (Isaiah 28:15)

True, this passage will have its ultimate fulfillment in Israel’s acceptance of the anti-Christ as the messiah. But you can see the trend emerging as those who think they control Israel’s destiny repeatedly make decisions that are contrary to God’s will, in the name of accommodation with His enemies.

But He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep (Psalm121:4) and no matter what the self-important men of this world try to do, He will have His way. He will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all nations and all who try to move it will injure themselves. (Zech. 12:3) I just wish the People of the Book had leaders who believed the Book. If they did they’d understand that without the Book there’d be no reason for Israel to have a national homeland, and their enemies would be justified in saying that the world would be a more peaceful place if Israel ceased to exist. But the One who wrote the Book on Israel has something different in mind, as His enemies will soon discover to their eternal shock and dismay. Lord, let it be soon. 4-25-08

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Palestinian Girl killed When Used by Terrorist as Human Shield

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It is amazing how the media loves to bury facts in order to make Pali terrorist look good.
In this instance, we have Pali terrorist entering a house full of civilians, firing on Israeli soldiers and then using the media to crow about a young Palestinian girl who was killed when the Israelis returned fire.
Notice how far down in the article you must read before they even mention what the Pali terrorist did to start the whole thing. Then the media only gives it one sentence!

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli forces grabbed a Hamas field commander from his Gaza home Saturday, setting off heavy fighting that killed the wanted man’s 14-year-old daughter and wounded 10 Palestinians, including seven gunmen.

The battle in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya pitted Israeli helicopter gunships and tanks against Hamas men with mortars, homemade bombs and automatic rifles.

The fighting illustrated that Egypt’s latest attempt to broker a truce between Hamas and Israel remains a long shot at best. Hamas has offered to hold its fire for six months, provided Israel ends its nearly yearlong blockade of Gaza, but Israeli officials have been cool to the idea.

Damascus-based Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal said Saturday that acceptance of a cease-fire would be merely a “tactic” in the group’s struggle with the Jewish state.

The target of Saturday’s arrest raid was Talat Hassan Marouf, a Hamas field commander in northern Gaza. Hamas did not provide details about Marouf, but as a field commander in the border area with Israel he would presumably be involved in firing rockets at Israeli border communities.

The Israeli military did not publish his name, saying only that troops had seized a wanted militant.

At some point, Israeli forces surrounded Marouf’s house, with the family inside, and heavy fighting erupted. The military said troops came under fire from inside the house.

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Ukraine Marks 22 Years Since Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

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I remember when this happened. What a tragic situation.

KIEV, Ukraine — Dozens of mourners gathered in the Ukrainian capital on Saturday to mark 22 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Holding candles and portraits of relatives, the mourners laid flowers at a memorial to victims of the accident.

Reactor No. 4 at Chernobyl, in what is now northern Ukraine, exploded on April 26, 1986, spewing radiation over a large swath of the former Soviet Union and much of northern Europe in the world’s worst nuclear accident. An area roughly half the size of Italy was contaminated, forcing the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of people.

President Viktor Yushchenko and other top officials prayed and lit candles before dawn Saturday to mark the precise time the reactor exploded.

At first, Soviet leaders tried to cover up the accident. Only on April 28, after scientists in Sweden detected radioactivity, did the Kremlin acknowledge an accident had occurred. But even then, the traditional May Day parades went ahead and millions filled the streets unaware of the invisible fallout.

“This is a day of the biggest sorrow for us, we all have lost our husbands,” said Olga Kravchenko, 65, crying and holding a portrait of her husband Mykola who was among the first rescuers on the scene after the accident.

In the first two months after the disaster, 31 people died from exposure to radioactivity, but there is heated debate over the subsequent toll. The U.N. health agency estimates that about 9,300 people will eventually die from cancers caused by Chernobyl’s radiation. Some groups, such as Greenpeace, insist the toll could be 10 times higher.

Chernobyl was shut down in 2000 and work is under way on a larger and stronger shelter over the ruins of the exploded reactor.

The reactor containment building is apparently going to have to be rebuilt. It is still leaking radiation and is starting to deteriorate badly.

KIEV, Ukraine — Twenty-two years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, work is under way on a colossal new shelter to cover the ruins and deadly radioactive contents of the exploded Soviet-era power plant.

For years, the original iron and concrete shelter that was hastily constructed over the reactor has been leaking radiation, cracking and threatening to collapse. The new one, an arch of steel, would be big enough to contain the Statue of Liberty.

Once completed, Chernobyl will be safe, said Vince Novak, nuclear safety director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which manages the $505 million project.

The new shelter is part of a broader $1.4 billion effort financed by international donors that began in 1997 and includes shoring up the current shelter, monitoring radiation and training experts.

Ukraine Marks 22 Years Since Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

Doomed Chernobyl Reactor to Be Buried in Giant Steel Coffin.


U.S. ‘Sex Culture’ Driving Child Prostitution

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A former federal prosecutor says the easy availability of online pornography is contributing to another, much more dangerous problem.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, in the past ten months police have discovered more than 170 underage children, some as young as 11, being pimped out on the streets of Oakland, California. Pat Trueman, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, is former chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. He believes that the growth of the child prostitution industry can be easily traced.

“What you’re finding in today’s society is a greater interest in illicit sex than ever before,” he laments. “The Internet has caused that because an individual can go on the Internet, see hardcore pornography, see child pornography, and have almost zero chance of being caught. The next thing they want to do, then, is have sex with a prostitute,” Trueman contends.

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‘Day of Silence’ vs. Homosexual Health Risks

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Thousands of public schools are taking part in the “Day of Silence” today. The homosexual activist event purports to “bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools” by challenging students to remain silent. But because the event promotes the homosexual lifestyle, many concerned parents are opting to keep their children at home for the day.

Peter LaBarbera, with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, believes parents should be guiding their children away from homosexuality, not affirming it. The pro-family spokesman supports his claim by noting the FDA’s explanation for banning blood donations from homosexual men — an explanation that he believes reveals just how dangerous the lifestyle is.

“The FDA says for example that [homosexual men] are, as a group, at increased risk for HIV, Hepatitis B, and certain other infections that can be transmitted by infusion,” he details. “[Homosexual men] since 1977 have had a HIV prevalence that is 60 times higher than the general population, 800 times higher than first-time blood donors, and 8,000 times higher than repeat blood donors.”

But LaBarbera says despite the documented health risks associated with male homosexual behavior, homosexual activists like Joe Solomonese at the Human Rights Campaign claim barring homosexual men from giving blood is “discriminatory.”

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Palestinians: “Carter-Hamas Meeting Achieved Nothing”

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Last week’s meeting between former US president Jimmy Carter and the exiled leader of Hamas militants did not produce any results, Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki said here Wednesday.

“President Carter came to the region thinking he could achieve something. Unfortunately president Carter left without anything concrete,” he told a conference in the Spanish capital.

“The only thing he achieved was permission on the part of Khaled Meshaal of Hamas to deliver a letter from a detained Israeli soldier to his family. Nothing else,” he said.

“Hamas offered nothing to president Carter. They reiterated the same positions. There was no change on the part of Hamas,” Malki added.

Carter’s meetings with top Hamas leader Meshaal and his deputy in Syria angered Israel and the United States, which consider the movement a terror group despite its victory in 2006 elections.

He was unable to secure a ceasefire or a prisoner exchange for an Israeli soldier seized by Gaza militants in 2006, but on Monday Carter said Hamas told him it would recognise Israel’s right to exist such a deal was approved by a Palestinian vote.

Just hours later Meshaal told a press conference in Damascus that Hamas would not recognise the Jewish state and would insist on the right of return for 4.5 million Palestinian refugees.

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“Is It Time To Give Up the Search For An Aids Vaccine?”

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Most scientists involved in Aids research believe that a vaccine against HIV is further away than ever and some have admitted that effective immunisation against the virus may never be possible, according to an unprecedented poll conducted by The Independent.

A mood of deep pessimism has spread among the international community of Aids scientists after the failure of a trial of a promising vaccine at the end of last year. It just was the latest in a series of setbacks in the 25-year struggle to develop an HIV vaccine.

The Independent’s survey of more than 35 leading Aids scientists in Britain and the United States found that just two were now more optimistic about the prospects for an HIV vaccine than they were a year ago; only four said they were more optimistic now than they were five years ago.

Nearly two thirds believed that an HIV vaccine will not be developed within the next 10 years and some of them said that it may take at least 20 more years of research before a vaccine can be used to protect people either from infection or the onset of Aids.

A substantial minority of the scientists admitted that an HIV vaccine may never be developed, and even those who believe that one could appear within the next 10 years added caveats saying that such a vaccine would be unlikely to work as a truly effective prophylactic against infection by the virus.

One of the major conclusions to emerge from the failed clinical trial of the most promising prototype vaccine, manufactured by the drug company Merck, was that an important animal model used for more than a decade, testing HIV vaccines on monkeys before they are used on humans, does not in fact work.

This has meant that prototype HIV vaccines which appear to work well when tested on monkeys infected with an artificial virus do not work when tested on human volunteers at risk of HIV – a finding that will be exploited by anti-vivisectionist campaigners opposed to vaccine experiments on primates.

Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), near Washington, told The Independent that the animal model – which uses genetically engineered simian and human immunodeficiency viruses in a combination, known as SHIV – failed to predict what will happen when a prototype vaccine is moved from laboratory monkeys to people. “We’ve learnt a few important things [from the clinical trial]. We’ve learnt that one of the animal models, the SHIV model, really doesn’t predict very well at all,” he said.

“At least we now know that you can get a situation where it looks like you are protecting against SHIV and you’re not protecting at all in the human model – that’s important,” he said.

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Parents Urged to Stage ‘Day of Silence Walkout’

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The “Day of Silence” is yet another way for the homosexual activist to shove their bad lifestyle choices down the throats of our youth.
In response, a conservative group is proposing that socially responsible parents keep their children home on that day.

(CNSNews.com) – A pro-family group is urging parents to keep their kids home from school on Friday to protest the so-called “Day of Silence,” organized by homosexual activists during which some students and faculty members remain mute to “protest the oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.”

The “Day of Silence” is organized by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) described by one pro-family group as “one of the most militant and well-funded of the powerful homosexual pressure groups.

According to GLSEN, the National Day of Silence “brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.” This year’s Day of Silence will be dedicated to Lawrence King, an 8th grade student in California who was shot and killed on Feb. 12 by a classmate because of his sexual orientation and gender expression, GLSEN on its Web site.

GLSEN lists four truths that “address common misinformation” about the event. First, the purpose of the Day of Silence is “to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment and effective responses.” Second, “hundreds of thousands of students of all beliefs, backgrounds and sexual orientations participate in the Day of Silence.”

Third, “Day of Silence participants encourage schools to implement proven solutions to address anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment.” And fourth, “the Day is a positive educational experience,” the group said on its Web site.

While bullying and harassment should not be tolerated anywhere against anyone for any reason, the “Day of Silence” has “little to do with ‘bullying’ and everything to do with propaganda,” CWA said in a press release.

“During DOS, children and teachers are encouraged to disrupt the school day by refusing to speak, in a show of support to self-described ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘bisexual’ and ‘transgender’ students,” Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues with Concerned Women for America, said in a statement.

“Kids are additionally taught that Biblical truth, which holds that human sexuality is a gift from God shared between husband and wife within the bonds of marriage, is ‘homophobic,’ ‘hateful’ and ‘discriminatory,'” Barber said.

Schools should be “places of learning, not places of political indoctrination,” he said. “It’s the height of impropriety and cynicism for ‘gay’ activists and school officials to use good-hearted but misguided children as pawns in their attempt to further a deceptive, highly controversial and polarizing political agenda.

Barber said because the homosexual lifestyle is considered by medical science to be “extremely high-risk,” the “Day of Silence” amounts to nothing short of educational malpractice.

“With liberal school officials in tow, these militant adult activists are brazenly circumventing and abusing parental authority to further this dangerous political agenda,” concluded Barber.

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