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Abstinence Programs Reaffirmed Through Research

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Abstinence is the only method that is 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Proponents of comprehensive sex education on Capitol Hill are seeking to eliminate the funding for both the Community Based Abstinence Program and the Title V abstinence state grant program. But researchers Christine Kim and Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation have unveiled a comprehensive review of 21 prior studies of the effectiveness of abstinence and virginity pledge programs. They found that 16 of the 21 studies reported positive findings.

According to Kim, at stake is a message that many parents would agree with — and that is the important message that abstinence is clearly a healthy and responsible lifestyle for teens. “There are very few voices in our society clearly giving that message to our children — abstinence education is one of the few,” says the researcher. “And there are opponents who do not agree with that message [or] that value, and are trying to eliminate it.”

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins applauded the Heritage research, noting “Given the huge cost of sexually transmitted infections among teens in our society, the government should support effective abstinence education programs like those Heritage has reviewed.” And government should not “promote programs that encourage young teens to engage in physically and emotionally risky sexual behavior,” he adds.

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Sex Change Operations for 10 Year Olds?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

We don’t believe that 10 year old kids are mature enough to vote or hold jobs, yet they are mature enough to have a sex change…….our world is beyond messed up.

Children’s Hospital Boston, a world-renowned center for pediatric healthcare, is being criticized by a Massachusetts-based pro-family group for offering sex-change operations to patients as young as ten years old.
The Boston Globe recently published an article on Dr. Norman Spack, who last year started a new clinic at Children’s Hospital that, among other treatments, performs sex changes on “transgendered” children. The Gender Management Service Clinic, as it is called, defines that group as “patients with no known anatomic or biochemical disorder who feel like a member of the opposite sex.”

In the Globe article, Spack details how he prescribes hormone therapy to halt puberty in children as young as ten years old, and then uses further hormone therapy to change children to the sex of their desire. Spack also lauds how he changed one transgendered child who was “destined to be a 6-foot-4 male” into a 5-foot-10 girl.

Brian Camenker heads MassResistance, a pro-family organization based in Massachusetts. He laments what the future may hold.

“Just the idea that they would do this to innocent, confused, and vulnerable children — it’s beyond the pale. But I don’t think that we’ve seen the end,” says Camenker. “This isn’t the end of the line; this is going to get worse unless people are willing to step up to the plate and stop it. And it’s going to get to a point where it’ll start happening a lot. This is just the beginning, I think.”

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Law Protects Student Opposition to ‘Day of Silence’

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The Day of Silence is an allegedly student-led event designed to highlight purported suffering of homosexual students. Throughout the day, students who participate in the protest refuse to talk, even when teachers or administrators ask them to respond to questions.

“Number one, if students will not speak up in these classes when they’re called upon, that’s disruptive — and they [the schools] don’t have to tolerate students who will not speak because of the Day of Silence,” [Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel] suggests. “Number two: Schools can require parental permission to participate in any clubs, including these ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’ clubs — most parents won’t allow their children to participate in these clubs.”

Staver contends that schools across the country may be breaking the law by allowing students to participate in the pro-homosexual event. He notes that roughly half of the states require that if “sexuality is taught or discussed, it has to be done from an abstinence-based perspective.” And he points out that “schools would be, literally, violating the law, if these [homosexual] clubs on campus discuss [any type of] sexual activity ….”

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UNIFIL Finds Hezbollah Arms; Gunmen Scatter Peacekeepers

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The pathetic “peacekeeping” force from the U.N., who are charged with intercepting the arms being smuggled to the Hezbollah terrorist, are as ineffective as ever.

Armed Hezbollah militants warded off members of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) last month when the peacekeepers discovered a truck carrying weapons and ammunition belonging to the Lebanon-based guerilla group.

The incident was referred to briefly in a semi-yearly report submitted to the UN Security Council by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. The incident was the first time that UNIFIL forces were confronted by armed Hezbollah men south of Lebanon’s Litani River, an area which Security Council resolution 1701 prohibits Hezbollah from entering.

According to a government source in Jerusalem, the incident caused great embarrassment for UNIFIL. The source described the incident, explaining that UNIFIL troops on patrol discovered the truck and chased it down and pulled it over. When the UNIFIL troops approached the vehicle, the source said, armed Hezbollah men exited the truck and threatened the troops at gunpoint. The UNIFIL patrol then went back into their cars, according to the source, and returned to their base.

The report submitted to the Security Council said the incident occurred on the night between the 30 and 31 of March. “This serious violation of the UN resolution raises concerns,” the report said.

The incident was not reported in the media at the time of its occurrence.

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“EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed” The Movie

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed took in $3.2 million on opening weekend. The movie stars Ben Stein, who interviews scientists and professors who have been blacklisted, lost tenure, and in some cases were fired for questioning Darwinian evolution and wanting to teach intelligent design. (See earlier story)

Mark Mathis, executive producer of the movie, says the strong showing will get Hollywood’s attention. “There’s a lot of garbage out there in our theaters, and when investors stick their necks out and risk their hard-earned money to see a movie like this produced, they’re taking a big risk — and they’re hoping that people will honor that and actually go see it,” he shares.

Mathis points out that Expelled opened on 1,052 screens — about half the number of screens of other Top 10 movies.

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Controversy Resolved Over Religious Song in School Talent Show

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Parents and students need to completely understand that it is not against the law to express your religious beliefs in school. The Supreme Court has ruled on this and no school can prohibit the exercise of your First Amendment right to the Freedom of Religious Expression.

Earlier this month, students at Spanish Fort High School, in the Baldwin County Public School System, were invited to take part in a talent show. Senior Timothy McCarty turned in two songs to perform, and both contained religious messages. A teacher, who was in charge of the show, and the principal told McCarty that he and another student could not perform the songs because they were supposedly too religious in content.

Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) were contacted and subsequently sent a letter [PDF] to school officials, outlining the constitutional issues at stake. ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco explains that students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.

“Christian students shouldn’t be treated differently simply because of their religious beliefs, and here the school decided to prohibit … a student from singing in the talent show and singing a song that he wrote based solely on the fact that the song contained religious lyrics. That’s unconstitutional,” Tedesco contends.

After the school received the letter, McCarty was allowed to perform both songs. He co-wrote and co-performed a song, which won first place honors. The ADF attorney applauds both the school’s decision and the outcome of the event.

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Carter Claims Terrorist Group Hamas Accepts Jewish State – Hamas Disagrees

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The terrorist of Hamas seem to in disagreement with what they told former President Carter. Carter is under the impression that Hamas is ready to give up their founding declaration of attempting the complete destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jews.
Hamas disagrees. They didn’t actually mean that they were ready to actually give up the idea of destroying Israel. That’s just something they told Carter to make him feel useful and needed.

JERUSALEM – Contrary to claims by former President Jimmy Carter, Hamas refuses to recognize Israel but will offer the Jewish state a 10-year truce if it evacuates the entire West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, Hamas chieftain Khaled Meshaal announced today.

A number of Hamas officials told WND Meshaal’s statements – which followed meetings over the weekend with Carter – do not annul the terror group’s stated goal of annihilating Israel.

Hamas officials also said to reach truce status the Jewish state must also allow the “right of return” for millions of “Palestinian refugees,” a formula Israeli officials across the political spectrum warn is code for Israel’s destruction by flooding the Jewish state with millions of Muslim Arabs, thereby changing its demographics.

“We agree to a [Palestinian] state on pre-67 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital with genuine sovereignty without settlements but without recognizing Israel,” Meshaal said today.

Pre-1967 borders refers to an Israeli withdrawal from eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount and Old City; from the strategic, mountainous Golan Heights, which looks down on Israeli population centers and was twice used by Syria to attack Israel; and from the West Bank, which borders Jerusalem and is within rocket-range of Tel Aviv and Israel’s international airport.

Speaking to WND, Hamas spokesman Fawdi Barhoum clarified that for any truce to take effect, Israel would need to evacuate “every centimeter of the West Bank and every centimeter of east Jerusalem.”

No Israeli-Palestinian peace plans, even those drafted by extreme leftist Israeli parties such as Meretz, call for the Jewish state to evacuate the entire West Bank, citing security concerns as reason to retain some of the territory.

Contrary to media accounts and statements by Carter, Barhoum said Meshaal’s remarks do not imply Hamas will ever recognize Israel.

“We stand by our line, which means no recognition of Israel,” he said.

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Muslim Leaders Want Mecca to Be Center of World Time Zones

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

We in the West may look at this as ridiculous, but Islam is serious about all of this. They will continue to press for world domination, in every facet, by Islam while we sit back and accept dhimmitude. Like sheep to the slaughter, we Westerners just don’t believe it can happen. Let me burst your bubble; it can and probably will happen, unless we wake now and realize how dangerous Islam is to the world.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) could be replaced by “Mecca Time,” if a group of Muslim leaders get their way.

At the conference, “Mecca, the Center of the Earth, Theory and Practice,” Muslim scientists and clerics called for the change, arguing that the holy city in Saudi Arabia is the center of the Earth and should be the reference point for world time, not Greenwich, England, the British Broadcasting Corp. reports.

One geologist at the Qatar conference said Mecca’s longitude is perfectly aligned with magnetic north and should therefore replace the English city, which has been measuring time zones since 1884, the BBC reports.

Attendees of the conference also reviewed the “Mecca Watch,” an invention by a French Muslim which reportedly rotates counter-clockwise and displays Mecca’s direction from any point in the world, the BBC said.

The conference is part of a trend called “Ijaz al-Koran” or “miraculous nature of the holy text,” which tries to find precedents for modern science from passages in the Koran, the BBC reports.

But its critics say Ijaz al-Koran confuses spiritual truth — which depends on constant faith — with empirical truth, which depends on ever-changing science, the BBC said.

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Lawmaker Asks Rice to Revoke Jimmy Carter’s Passport

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Finally, someone with some sense!!!

A Republican congressional leader called on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to revoke former President Jimmy Carter’s passport in response to his traveling to Syria and Egypt to meet with delegations from the terrorist group Hamas.

Since 1995, the Palestinian organization has officially been designated by the United States as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

“Former President Carter has acted in contradiction of international agreements to isolate Hamas,” said Rep. Sue Myrick, deputy Republican whip in the House. “He has acted in defiance of both United States policy and international policy.”

After Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections, Washington, along with the United Nations, the European Union and Russia called on Hamas to renounce terror, recognize Israel and recognize the previous agreements between the Palestinian Authority and Israel as they seek an agreement to make peace. Hamas has categorically rejected these three conditions for more than two years.

Carter met Thursday with Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader with control over militants in the Gaza Strip, after meeting Tuesday with a high-ranked Hamas politician. Carter reportedly hugged and kissed another Hamas leader Tuesday in the West Bank town of Ramallah. Carter’s embrace of Nasser Shaer, a senior Hamas politician, at a closed-door reception organized by Carter’s office was reported by several news outlets.

“He gave me a hug. We hugged each other, and it was a warm reception,” Shaer said. “Carter asked what he can do to achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israel … and I told him the possibility for peace is high.”

But the heaviest criticism for Carter came over a meeting on Friday and Saturday with Hamas’ exiled leader Khaled Meshal. The U.S. has designated Meshal, who is said to be responsible for the deaths of more than two dozen Americans, a terrorist.

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Happy Passover to Our Jewish Friends

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The Jewish holiday of Passover started on Sunday. We would like to wish them a very Happy and Joyous Passover Holiday!!

‘Expelled’ Movie Opens in Box Office Top 10

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Opening on about half the screens of other top 10 movies, “Expelled,” Ben Stein’s documentary on academia’s censorship of any ideas hinting of intelligent design, scored an impressive $3.2 million in its opening weekend – more than all but eight other movies.

“Expelled” rolled out in 1,052 theaters, compared with 3,151 for the top grosser, “The Forbidden Kingdom.”

The movie, promoted heavily in conservative and Christian circles throughout the U.S., performed much better than the weekend’s other new current-affairs documentary, “Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?” That movie, the second feature from “Super Size Me” filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, banked a mere $143,299 in 102 locations, for a terrible $1,405 average. “Expelled” brought in nearly $3,000 per screen.

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Carter: “Hamas Ready for Peace” Meanwhile Terrorist Attack Israeli Crossing

Monday, April 21st, 2008

A perfect example of the sincerity of terrorist; tell a former statements that they want peace while attacking their enemy at the same time.

JERUSALEM — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Monday that Hamas — the Islamic militant group known for its suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israel — is prepared to accept the Jewish state’s right to “live as a neighbor next door in peace.”

Hamas is also ready prepared to accept the outcome of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, provided it is approved in a Palestinian referendum, or by a Palestinian government chosen in new elections, Carter said.

However, a Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip said Hamas wouldn’t be bound by a referendum’s results.

In the past, Hamas officials have said they would establish a “peace in stages” if Israel were to withdraw to the frontiers it held before the 1967 Mideast War. But it has been evasive about how it sees the final borders of a Palestinian state, and has not abandoned its official call for Israel’s destruction.

Meanwhile, in the real world of Hamas:

Two IDF soldiers were moderately wounded and 11 others were lightly wounded Saturday morning at the Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip, when Hamas gunmen initiated a coordinated attack on the Israeli side of the crossing, which included heavy gunfire, mortar shell barrages and two car bombs.

The attack began close to 7 a.m. when two vehicles arrived at the crossing under the cover of heavy fog and one of them detonated near army forces, wounding the 13 soldiers. The second booby-trapped car was spotted by troops after the initial explosion and did not go off, the army said.

Immediately afterwards, an armored car – which may have once belonged to Fatah security forces – arrived at the scene, and its occupants began firing at the soldiers, backed by heavy mortar shell barrages.

Four gunmen, including the driver of the car bomb, were believed to have been killed in the explosion and the exchanges of fire that ensued. Forces then entered Gaza in order to search for remaining members of the cell.

Meanwhile, another armored vehicle was identified approaching the Kissufim crossing, north of Kerem Shalom. An IDF tank fired at the vehicle and hit it, apparently preventing a second attack.

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Deterioration of Families Now a ‘Legitimate Gov’t Concern’

Friday, April 18th, 2008

A new report commissioned by four policy and research groups finds that high rates of divorce and out-of-wedlock births cost American taxpayers a minimum of $112 billion annually. According to the report, national, state and local costs of family breakdown account for more than $1 trillion in the last decade. (See earlier article)

The study — released by the Institute for American Values, Georgia Family Council, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, and Families Northwest — looked at the most accepted consequence of “family fragmentation,” which is poverty. The economist who conducted the research examined the cost of government anti-poverty programs such as WIC, housing assistance, Medicaid, and child welfare, and the effect of poverty on crime, among other factors.

Randy Hicks, president of Georgia Family Council, says the $112 billion cost estimate was “cautious” because it did not take into consideration the behavioral benefits that marriage brings. “Not only is there a serious human cost — and a heart-breaking human cost, often — to family fragmentation to divorce and unwed child-bearing, just in the form of human suffering; but there’s also a taxpayer cost …,” he explains.

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Immigration breaks backs of taxpaying U.S. citizens by Phyllis Schlafly

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Are you having a hard time paying your bills, making your mortgage payments or putting your kids through college? You need to know how much of your hard-earned income the government is skimming off and diverting into handouts to immigrants and illegal immigrants.

You can read the depressing details in the new 70-page document called “The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration” by Edwin S. Rubenstein. A Manhattan Institute adjunct fellow with a mile-long scholarly resume, he has been doing financial analysis ever since he directed the studies of government waste for the Grace Commission of 1984.

The bottom line, which you need to know for your own bottom line, is that U.S. taxpayers are giving more than $9,000 a year in cash or benefits to each immigrant, a third of whom are in the country illegally. That’s $36,000 for each immigrant household of four.

Because the U.S. has 37 million immigrants, legal and illegal, the national cost was more than $346 billion last year, which was twice our fiscal deficit. The cost of immigrants is so high because, as Rubenstein writes, “Immigrants are poorer, pay less tax and are more likely to receive public benefits than natives.”

Big Brother hasn’t told you this bad news, perhaps because the government doesn’t want you to know why your paychecks are shortchanged. Even the huge amnesty bill that was defeated last year didn’t contain one word about its budgetary consequences.

The financial burden immigrants impose on education starts with the 3.8 million K-12 students enrolled in more expensive classes for the non-English speaking. When we add up the costs of hiring specialized teachers, training regular teachers, student identification and assessment, and administration costs, the total amounts to an estimated $1,030 per pupil, or $3.9 billion.

Of the 48.4 million public-school children, pre-K through 12th grade, 9.2 million or 19 percent are immigrants or the children of immigrants. In the next few years, immigration will account for virtually all the increase in public-school spending.

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School District Bans Christian Art, Allows Other Religious Representations

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Nothing new under the Son. Christians, this type of thing is only going to become more and more common.

A court in Wisconsin has been asked to suspend immediately a policy in the Tomah Area School District that bans Christian symbols in students’ artwork, but allows Hindu, Buddhist and satanic representations.

The motion was filed yesterday by the Alliance Defense Fund, which has taken on the case of a student identified by the initials A.P.

The ADF launched a lawsuit on the student’s behalf after a teacher refused to give him a grade on a project because his work included “John 3:16” as well as “As sign of love.”

The school district, however, openly acknowledged and publicized various pieces of art representing Buddhism, and Hinduism as well as several demon faces that appeared satanic.

The school defended its actions:

“Respect for the beliefs of a diverse student population … requires that the district treat all students equitable and fairly regardless of their faith,” it said in a website statement.

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Mission America Raising Awareness About ‘Day of Silence’

Friday, April 18th, 2008

The “Day of Silence,” which takes place April 25, is an annual event sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). It encourages students to observe the day by not speaking as a way to bring attention to the homosexual agenda. McGarry, who is on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board, is asking her colleagues to approve absences for students who choose to stay home during the pro-homosexual observance.

“This particular board member is doing the right thing,” says [Linda Harvey, president of Mission America], “and I think she’s positioning it for whenever there would be any kind of a political activity in the school — and that’s the right approach.

“But I think what we have to understand is we need to keep as much of this away from the school climate as possible,” the pro-family activist continues. “[Students are] there to learn objective facts and for instruction; they’re not there for politics, which could absorb all their time,” she contends.

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Supreme Court Approves Executions by Lethal Injection

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

WASHINGTON — After a nationwide halt, U.S. executions are all but sure to resume soon following a splintered Supreme Court ruling Wednesday that approved the most widely used method of lethal injection.

Virginia immediately lifted its moratorium; Oklahoma and Mississippi said they would seek execution dates for convicted murderers, and other states were ready to follow after nearly seven months without an execution in the United States.

Voting 7-2, the conservative court led by Chief Justice John Roberts rebuffed the latest assault on capital punishment, this time by foes focusing on methods rather than on the legality of the death penalty itself. Justice John Paul Stevens voted with the majority on the question of lethal injections but said for the first time that he now believes the death penalty is unconstitutional.

The court turned back a challenge to the procedures in place in Kentucky that employ three drugs to sedate, paralyze and kill inmates. Similar methods are used by roughly three dozen states.

Death penalty opponents said challenges to lethal injections would continue in states where problems with administering the drugs are well documented.

The case decided Wednesday was not about the constitutionality of the death penalty generally or even lethal injection. Instead, two Kentucky death row inmates contended that their executions could be carried out more humanely, with less risk of pain.

The inmates “have not carried their burden of showing that the risk of pain from maladministration of a concededly humane lethal injection protocol, and the failure to adopt untried and untested alternatives, constitute cruel and unusual punishment,” Chief Justice John Roberts said in an opinion that garnered only three votes. Four other justices, however, agreed with the outcome.

Roberts also suggested that the court will not halt scheduled executions in the future unless “the condemned prisoner establishes that the state’s lethal injection protocol creates a demonstrated risk of severe pain.”

States can avoid this risk by using the three-drug procedure approved in the Kentucky case, Roberts said.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David Souter dissented.

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Principal Orders Teacher to Hide Bible From Students

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Here is what the First Amendment says:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
In regards to this situation, I want to draw your attention to the first part:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
There are two key concepts I want for you to keep in mind as you read this article:
1. Schools do not have the authority to “establish” religion. Only the legislature can do that.
2. Working in government/public services does not negate an individuals right to the freedom of religious expression.

An Ohio school teacher has refused an order from his public school principal to hide his personal Bible, which he’s kept on his desk for 18 years, from his students.

The teacher, John Freshwater, held a news conference today to respond to questions from local reporters about the issue as the deadline set by school officials for him to hide his Bible passed.

No formal action was taken immediately by officials in the Mount Vernon, Ohio, School District in response to Freshwater’s move, according to Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, who was acting as a spokesman for Freshwater.

Freshwater has been a middle school science teacher for 20 years in the Mount Vernon School District. Recently the principal visited his classroom, and then notified him of several changes he would be required to make.

One was a demand to remove a copy of the Ten Commandments from a collage of historic information in one location in his classroom, a demand Freshwater agreed to fulfill.

But he said the district must prove to him how it can order him to remove his personal Bible from his desk without infringing on his God-given and First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion.

“This is an incredible opportunity to right some historical misconceptions about the church and state relationship in our great nation,” Harrison said.

“Today at noon he informed [the administration] he would not comply with the order to remove his personal Bible from where it’s sat for 18 years,” Daubenmire told WND. “It’s his personal Bible. He draws great strength from it.”

He also said Freshwater has not, and does not, use the Bible in his interaction with students, but he also believes he does not forfeit his own rights just for being a teacher.

Such a school demand, he said, amounts to an ongoing viewpoint discrimination, since a Muslim woman would not be ordered to hide her head covering from students’ views.

The school district’s superintendent, Steve Short, could not be reached by WND. But school officials released a statement:

“The Mount Vernon Schools today directed one of its middle school science teachers to remove from his classroom the 10 Commandments he had displayed and to remove his Bible from his desktop while students were in his room. The Mount Vernon Schools has not taken this action because it opposes religion, but because it has an obligation under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to protect against the establishment of religion in the schools. As a public school system the district cannot teach, promote or favor any religion or religious beliefs.”

Daubenmire said, however, the school’s demands go far beyond making sure it doesn’t “establish religion” and reaches the level of a “continuous purging of Christianity.”

In an earlier commentary for WND, Daubenmire framed the issue as a rampant attack singling out Christianity.

“Please notice that the attack on religious freedom in America is on Christianity. No one is trying to silence the religious freedom of Muslims or atheists or humanists. Quite the contrary. We are told to ‘understand’ Muslims, to be sensitive to the atheists and to tolerate the humanists and their various denominations of ‘isms’ (environmentalism, feminism, secularism, socialism, communism), which we teach openly in our schools,” he said.

“Our rights are God-given rights. They are not ‘constitutional’ rights,” he continued. “Take some time and read the U.S. Constitution. You will see that it does not grant any rights to anyone. Instead, while setting up the federal government, the document (the first 10 amendments) also prohibits the government from interfering with various aspects of human freedom. The first 10 amendments limit what the government can do. They shouldn’t be called the Bill of Rights; they should be called the Bill of Limitations.”

Instead of claiming constitutional rights, citizens of the U.S. should proclaim their God-given rights, he said.

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Also see my article “What Does the U.S. Constitution Actually Say About Religion?”

Evolution’s Big Problems, Part 5

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

When I started writing about what I thought of as “Evolution’s Big Problems”, I didn’t intend to make a multiple part article about many of the things wrong with the theory of evolution. It started out as more of a random thought that I wanted to share. I knew there were some discrepancies with the theory, but I never imaged they were so blatant and that a mere amateur, like myself, could poke so many holes, so easily, in it.
I got many comments in contention of my findings and data. I appreciate all of these comments, even though sometimes they were not presented in a kind and open minded manner. Each one carried merit in it’s own right. I was pleased that people felt that they could express their viewpoints freely.
The bottom line is, there are many questions concerning both sides of this issue, that will not be answered in the near or foreseeable future.
If nothing else comes from these posts, at least now there is a significant amount of data for people to examine at their leisure, and hopefully, come to an informed decision about this issue.
Thanks to all of you and God Bless!

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“Defending the Indefensible, OR, Peanuts Cause Brain Cell Loss” by Michael at Oleh Musings

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

In Yahoo news today, I found this lovely article about former President Jimmy Carter, and his Hamas legitimation trip, and I just can’t help but comment…. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Former President Jimmy Carter said he feels “quite at ease” about meeting Hamas militants over the objections of Washington because the Palestinian group is essential to a future peace with Israel.

Amazing. A terrorist group, responsible for hundreds of rocket attacks against unarmed, unwarned civilians, who’s charter calls for the indiscriminate murder of all Jews, and which knocked down a foreign border!, puts Carter “at ease.” Well, if you can judge a man by the company he keeps, then I suppose this says a lot about Carter, and his moral compass….

“I feel quite at ease in doing this,” Carter said. “I think there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that, if Israel is ever going to find peace with justice concerning the relationship with their next-door neighbors, the Palestinians, that Hamas will have to be included in the process.”

Of course, because we all know how well they honor even their own “unilateral cease fires!”

I wonder if Jimmy ever considered that Hamas might not be interested in peace, but is more interested in shooting rockets at people? It must be nice, living in Jimmy’s world, with the sky always clear, and the sun always bright….

Asked whether it was right to meet a group that has not renounced violence or recognized Israel, he said, “Well, you can’t always get prerequisites adopted by other people before you even talk to them.”

But that, of course, is exactly what everyone wants Israel to do, even the PA “moderates:”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly will break off peace talks with Israel, unless Israel comes through with concessions by April.

And here we are in April, and good ol’ President Carter is off to have “talks.” Of course, they won’t actually be any sort of negotiation, because Carter has, well, ZERO authority to treat with anyone on any sort of diplomatic subject. But I’m sure that Mashaal (you know, the guy who thinks indiscriminate rocket attacks are A-OK) will come out looking good, because he got to talk to a real, live, President.

I wonder, though, just how brave is Mashaal, that he exhorts his terrorists to go and fight Israel, while he hids in Syria? Kind of like Hezbollah’s Nasrallah, constantly declaring victory by video conference, because he won’t leave his bunker. Yeah, these brave Jihad leaders seem real keen to have the other guy be the suicide bomber…. And Jimmy Carter feels perfectly at ease with them. Heck, even Condoleeza Rice can’t believe him:

“I find it hard to understand what is going to be gained by having discussions with Hamas about peace when Hamas is, in fact, the impediment to peace,” Rice said Friday…

And it’s not just the terrorists that Carter seems to cozy up to:

As president, Carter led the boycott of the Moscow Olympics in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. “That was a totally different experience in 1980, when the Soviet Union had brutally invaded and killed thousands and thousands of people,” he said, rejecting the idea of boycotting the Beijing games to protest China’s crackdown in Tibet.

Perhaps he should get his eyes checked, if he can’t see what’s been happening in Tibet for the last few decades. But then, he’s cut such an impressive figure since 1980, hasn’t he? He’d’ve been better off sticking with Habitat for Humanity, and maybe leaving a decent legacy.

Nope, it’s much better to hang out with terrorists.

“I’ve been meeting with Hamas leaders for years,” Carter said.

Yup. You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.


Michael is an American oleh (a Jew immigrant to Israel) living in the central Galil of northern Israel. He keeps a blog, called Oleh Musings, which I periodically repost or link to. Michael brings us a unique perspective from inside Israel. He’s a “normal” kind of person that I believe most of us can relate to. Take a moment to peruse his blog and enjoy his excellent insight into many topics.

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