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Over 400 Kids Removed From Polygamist Compound

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

We need to pray for these kids. They have been victimized and abused in the name of a false god by people they trusted.

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Be sure to scroll down and visit the links to understand more of what the church of latter day saints believes.

More than 400 children, mostly girls in pioneer dresses, were swept into state custody from a polygamist sect in what authorities described Monday as the largest child-welfare operation in Texas history.

The dayslong raid on the sprawling compound built by now-jailed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sparked by a 16-year-old girl’s call to authorities that she was being abused and that girls as young as 14 and 15 were being forced into marriages with much older men.

Dressed in home-sewn, ankle-length dresses with their hair pinned up in braids, some 133 women left the Yearning for Zion Ranch of their own volition along with the children.

State troopers were holding an unknown number of men in the compound until investigators finished executing a house-to-house search of the 1,700-acre property, which includes a medical facility, a cheese-making plant, a cement plant, a school, numerous large housing units and an 80-foot white limestone temple that rises discordantly out of the brown scrub.

“In my opinion, this is the largest endeavor we’ve ever been involved in in the state of Texas,” said Children’s Protective Services spokesman Marleigh Meisner, who said she was also involved in the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.

The members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints spent their days raising numerous children, tilling small gardens and doing chores. But at least one former resident says life was not some idyllic replica of 19th-century life.

“Once you go into the compound, you don’t ever leave it,” said Carolyn Jessop, one of the wives of the alleged leader of the Eldorado complex. Jessop left with her eight children before the sect moved to Texas.

Jessop said the community emphasized self-sufficiency because they believed the apocalypse was near.

The women were not allowed to wear red – the color Jeffs said belonged to Jesus – and were not allowed to cut their hair. They were also kept isolated from the outside world.

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Illegal Immigrant Births At Your Expense

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

It was 5 a.m. and CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts is with a woman who is nine months pregnant. She’s rushed to a south Texas hospital to undergo a C-section – a $4,700 medical procedure that won’t cost her a dime. She qualifies for emergency Medicaid.

She gave birth to a healthy, 8 1/2 pound baby boy – born in America. His Mexican mother gave him an American name: Eliot.

Eliot is one of an estimated 300,000 children of illegal immigrants born in the United States every year, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. They’re given instant citizenship because they are born on U.S. soil, which makes it easier for their parents to become U.S. citizens.

That’s because those babies can eventually sponsor their parents – when they turn 21 years old.

As for Eliot’s mother, no longer as fearful of deportation, she told CBS News her name, Fabiola, and her story.

“So your son is an American citizen. What does that mean to you?” Pitts asked.

“I am very glad that he was born. That’s why I came here – so my children, my husband and I could have a better life,” she said through a translator.

Back in December, when she was six months pregnant, Fabiola, her husband and their two daughters – ages 4 and 11 – crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into the U.S.

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US Evangelicals March Through Jerusalem

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I do not always agree with everything John Hagee says or does (I am sure he wouldn’t agree with everything I say and do either), but I respect him for his great love for Israel. God chose Israel to be His people. Maybe that is why as a Christian, I find that I personally have a great love for the people of Israel. More of us need to be outspoke in support for God’s people. The world is full of people who hate Jews because of prejudice or because they hate our God. Christians need to rise up and show their support for these people that God chose to be His own. When we say nothing and do nothing, we are no better than those who hate the Jews.

American televangelist John Hagee led several hundred flag-waving followers across Jerusalem on Monday, a colorful display of the growing alliance between Christian evangelicals and Israel.

Hagee, who calls himself a Christian Zionist, pledged his unconditional backing for the Jewish state. He also vehemently denied he is anti-Catholic, telling reporters that comments attributed to him were either false or mischaracterized.

Presidential candidate John McCain recently distanced himself from a Hagee endorsement because of what Catholics alleged were disparaging remarks by the pastor, including suggestions that Catholic anti-Semitism shaped Adolf Hitler.

Some dovish Israelis are equally uncomfortable with Hagee and other evangelists because of their support for West Bank Jewish settlements and criticism of peace efforts with the Palestinians.

Hagee, who heads a megachurch in San Antonio, Texas, established “Christians United for Israel” two years ago. About 1,000 followers are on a 10-day visit to Israel to show their support and pledge funds to Israeli causes.

Police blocked traffic on Jerusalem’s busiest street as followers waved flags from all 50 U.S. states and chanted “we love you, Israel,” “Israel is not alone” and “God bless Israel.”

“You can see that they really love us from all their heart,” said Becky Davidov, 57, who works in a jewelry store. “We could use some more friends like these.”

“It’s all very nice,” said David Yom-Tov, another shopkeeper, “until Jesus comes back again.”

Indeed, many Israelis and Jews are troubled by what they suspect is the source of the unbridled support _ a belief by some evangelical groups in an apocalyptic battle between good and evil in which Jesus returns and Jews either accept Christianity or perish.

Israel’s government has so far chosen to enjoy the generous financial and political support of leaders like Hagee, and worry about the second coming later.

Hagee, on his 24th visit to Israel, has met with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Insider Leaks Plans For Palestinian State

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

The United States should be very cautious with its involvement in creating a Palestinian state. No matter how much of God’s land is given to the Palestinians and no matter how many consessions are made, the Palestinians will never stop trying to obliterate the Jews.

U.S.-backed negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are expected to generate an agreement by the end of the year that would set up a Palestinian state in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem, according to a source who has participated in the talks.

In one of the first media glimpses into the current negotiations, a source who takes part in the regular meetings outlined for WND the main objectives of the secretive negotiations.

Since last November’s Israeli-Palestinian Annapolis summit, which set as a goal the creation of a Palestinian state before 2009, negotiating teams including Israeli Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni and chief Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qureia have been meeting weekly while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have been meeting biweekly.

Unlike previous Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in which both sides attended with about a dozen advisers each, the teams working with Livni and Qureia are small, usually consisting at most of five people each.

Also unlike previous talks, in which the contents of many meetings were leaked quickly to the media, the current negotiations have resulted in few press leaks.

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Gaza Missile Attacks On Israel Surge– Up 500%

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Imagine a normal day at your house. The children are up and dressed, sitting at the table eating their breakfast. In a few minutes, they will leave for another day of school. Your spouse catches your eye and smiles over a cup of coffee. In the background, the TV drones on about who the next American Idol might be.
Suddenly, the calm of this typical morning is shattered by a window rattling explosion.
Rocket Attack!! The subdivision next to yours has resumed it’s daily rocket attack on your subdivision.
You and your spouse grab the children and run for the most secure area of the house, hoping that a rocket will not find your house that day.
Explosions are reverberating closer now. They are firing the rockets early today. Normally they don’t start falling until later in the day, when the children are in school and you and your spouse are at work. Why are they early today? Are they trying to catch us out in the open?
Slowly, anger rises up inside of you. Why do they hate us so much? Why are they trying to kill us? We are just normal people, like them, trying to earn a living and raise our children the best we know how. Why can’t they leave us alone? We’ve given them almost everything they’ve asked for and they still try to kill us with their indiscriminate rocket attacks. Why can’t they target the military? At least they can defend themselves. We are normal people just like you!! Our “crime” in their eyes is that we live in the subdivision they have sworn to destroy. They hate us because of who we are. They need no other reason. They will dance in the streets around their clubhouse when they learn that they have killed one of us. They will hand out candy to their children and praise their rocket teams. How brave these warriors are, they will tell their children. They have killed another of the ones we hate, they will say. It doesn’t matter if it was a seven year old child going to school. It doesn’t matter that it was a single mother of three who was killed. It doesn’t matter if it was an old grandmother standing in her kitchen making cookies for her grandchildren. All are the sworn enemy and therefore valid targets.

Sound far fetched? This is a typical day in the Israeli town of Sderot, a city of almost 20,000 people.

Dr. Dore Gold, Israel’s ambassador to the UN in 1997-99, President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and noted author sends this analysis on Israel’s War to Halt Palestinian Rocket Attacks.

The report discusses the history of the Gaza rocket fire into Israel that has been going on now since 2001. The terrorist rocket attacks increased substantially after Israel disengaged from Gaza in August, 2005. The terrorist rocket attacks have increased by more than 500% since that time.

Terrorists in Gaza have launched nearly 450 rocket attacks into Israel already this year. Last week the terrorists fired off a dozen powerful Grad missiles into the Israeli port of Ashkelon roughly five miles from Gaza’s northern frontier.

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Evolution’s Big Problems, Part 4

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I use this example to explain the statistical impossibility of life starting spontaneously:

The odds of the necessary amino acids coming together in the correct sequence to form a “simple cell” are akin to blowing up a print shop and as the type rained down from the sky, it landed in the exact order to create the complete unabridged dictionary. In others words, it is virtually impossible. Now take the fact that we are not made up of simple cells, but of complex ones, and the fact that we are not single celled organisms, but made up of complex series of millions of cells and the odds of this happening by accident are so astronomical that it is completely impossible.

For those of you who want to see the actual numbers, here they are as presented by Randall Niles on his “The Journey” website, quoting Creation by Design by Mark Eastman, MD:

“In the last 30 years a number of prominent scientists have attempted to calculate the odds that a free-living, single-celled organism, such as a bacterium, might result by the chance combining of pre-existent building blocks. Harold Morowitz calculated the odds as one chance in 10100,000,000,000. Sir Fred Hoyle calculated the odds of only the proteins of an amoebae arising by chance as one chance in 1040,000.

…the odds calculated by Morowitz and Hoyle are staggering. The odds led Fred Hoyle to state that the probability of spontaneous generation ‘is about the same as the probability that a tornado sweeping through a junk yard could assemble a Boeing 747 from the contents therein.’ Mathematicians tell us that any event with an improbability greater than one chance in 1050 is in the realm of metaphysics — i.e. a miracle.”

Randall Niles goes on to quote Harold Marowitz, an atheist physicist:

“Harold Marowitz, an atheist physicist, created mathematical models by imagining broths of living bacteria that were superheated until all the complex chemicals were broken down into basic building blocks. After cooling the mixtures, Marowitz used physics calculations to conclude that the odds of a single bacterium reassembling by chance is one in 10100,000,000,000. Wow! How can I grasp such a large statistic? Well, it’s more likely that I would win the state lottery every week for a million years by purchasing just one ticket each week.”

This is what truly amazes me. How can any scientist, or for that matter, any rational person, look at this statistical data and not have serious doubts about the theory of evolution? Foregoing any of the other problems with the theory of evolution, this statistical data alone is enough to completely shatter it.

In the words of George Wald, from his 1954 article “The Origin of Life” published in the Scientific American magazine:

“When it comes to the origin of life there are only two possibilities: creation or spontaneous generation. There is no third way. Spontaneous generation was disproved one hundred years ago, but that leads us to only one other conclusion, that of supernatural creation. We cannot accept that on philosophical grounds; therefore, we choose to believe the impossible: that life arose spontaneously by chance!”

H.S. Lipson, in his publication “A Physicist Looks at Evolution”, says:

“In fact, evolution became in a sense a scientific religion; almost all scientists have accepted it, and many are prepared to ‘bend’ their observations to fit with it.”

This takes us back to the points the commentator I sited in “Evolution’s Big Problems” made:

“After scientific evidence can be eliminated, it can be concluded that people believe in evolution for [one] or [two] main reasons:

1. Societal/Peer Pressure (“people told me to believe it” or “lots of other people believe it, so I should too.”)
2. Personal Desire (i.e. “if God exists, I have to follow some rules I’m not too fond of”)

Essentially, evolution is a religion. It was concocted over 150 years ago, and they’re still searching for that first shred of evidence. At this point, they seem to have given up on evidence, and instead just combine wild, improvable theories with excuses.”

As I’ve written these posts, I have received numerous comments. I have been called names, had my intelligence disparaged and been told that I follow a “non existent god”. Yet no one has been able to logically refute any of the evidence I have offered here. Not one person.
So far, all they have been able to do is fall back on insults when their arguments run dry.

You atheist evolutionist who want to hold to your failed “god” of evolution may do so. I choose to stay with my God, Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe. I have more evidence of His existence than you ever thought of having for yours.

“The Journey”.

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Report on Sept. 6 Strike to Show Saddam Transferred WMDs to Syria

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Israel attacked a facility in Syria back on September 6, 2007. A report to be issued by the U.S. and Israel will show that weapons of mass destruction (WDM’s) were transferred to Syria before Saddam was removed from power.

An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, Channel 2 stated Monday.

Furthermore, according to a report leaked to the TV channel, Syria has arrested 10 intelligence officials following the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh.

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Syria on Alert ‘Because Hizbullah Revenge Attack is Near’

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

The situation in the Middle East may start to get more violent soon. Continue to pray for Israel.

( Syria has raised the state of alert of its armed forces because it knows Hizbullah’s revenge attack against Israel for the killing of Imad Mughniyeh is near, according to Israel’s Channel 2 TV.

Soon after Mughniyeh’s death, Israel warned Syria that it would hold it responsible for any revenge attack launched by Hizbullah for the killing of Mughniyeh, its operations officer.

Syria is due to release its official findings in the probe into Mughniyeh’s death. He was killed in an explosion in Damascus in February.

The paper Al-Quds Al-Arabi, which is published in London, reported that since Mughniyeh’s death, Syria has arrested dozens of suspects, including “Palestinians and senior Syrian army officers.” Sources in Damascus told the paper that the investigation established that foreigners were behind the murder of Mughniyeh.

Syria has accused Israel of being behind the assassination.

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