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“Is It Time To Give Up the Search For An Aids Vaccine?”

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Most scientists involved in Aids research believe that a vaccine against HIV is further away than ever and some have admitted that effective immunisation against the virus may never be possible, according to an unprecedented poll conducted by The Independent.

A mood of deep pessimism has spread among the international community of Aids scientists after the failure of a trial of a promising vaccine at the end of last year. It just was the latest in a series of setbacks in the 25-year struggle to develop an HIV vaccine.

The Independent’s survey of more than 35 leading Aids scientists in Britain and the United States found that just two were now more optimistic about the prospects for an HIV vaccine than they were a year ago; only four said they were more optimistic now than they were five years ago.

Nearly two thirds believed that an HIV vaccine will not be developed within the next 10 years and some of them said that it may take at least 20 more years of research before a vaccine can be used to protect people either from infection or the onset of Aids.

A substantial minority of the scientists admitted that an HIV vaccine may never be developed, and even those who believe that one could appear within the next 10 years added caveats saying that such a vaccine would be unlikely to work as a truly effective prophylactic against infection by the virus.

One of the major conclusions to emerge from the failed clinical trial of the most promising prototype vaccine, manufactured by the drug company Merck, was that an important animal model used for more than a decade, testing HIV vaccines on monkeys before they are used on humans, does not in fact work.

This has meant that prototype HIV vaccines which appear to work well when tested on monkeys infected with an artificial virus do not work when tested on human volunteers at risk of HIV – a finding that will be exploited by anti-vivisectionist campaigners opposed to vaccine experiments on primates.

Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), near Washington, told The Independent that the animal model – which uses genetically engineered simian and human immunodeficiency viruses in a combination, known as SHIV – failed to predict what will happen when a prototype vaccine is moved from laboratory monkeys to people. “We’ve learnt a few important things [from the clinical trial]. We’ve learnt that one of the animal models, the SHIV model, really doesn’t predict very well at all,” he said.

“At least we now know that you can get a situation where it looks like you are protecting against SHIV and you’re not protecting at all in the human model – that’s important,” he said.

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Parents Urged to Stage ‘Day of Silence Walkout’

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

The “Day of Silence” is yet another way for the homosexual activist to shove their bad lifestyle choices down the throats of our youth.
In response, a conservative group is proposing that socially responsible parents keep their children home on that day.

( – A pro-family group is urging parents to keep their kids home from school on Friday to protest the so-called “Day of Silence,” organized by homosexual activists during which some students and faculty members remain mute to “protest the oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.”

The “Day of Silence” is organized by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) described by one pro-family group as “one of the most militant and well-funded of the powerful homosexual pressure groups.

According to GLSEN, the National Day of Silence “brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.” This year’s Day of Silence will be dedicated to Lawrence King, an 8th grade student in California who was shot and killed on Feb. 12 by a classmate because of his sexual orientation and gender expression, GLSEN on its Web site.

GLSEN lists four truths that “address common misinformation” about the event. First, the purpose of the Day of Silence is “to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment and effective responses.” Second, “hundreds of thousands of students of all beliefs, backgrounds and sexual orientations participate in the Day of Silence.”

Third, “Day of Silence participants encourage schools to implement proven solutions to address anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment.” And fourth, “the Day is a positive educational experience,” the group said on its Web site.

While bullying and harassment should not be tolerated anywhere against anyone for any reason, the “Day of Silence” has “little to do with ‘bullying’ and everything to do with propaganda,” CWA said in a press release.

“During DOS, children and teachers are encouraged to disrupt the school day by refusing to speak, in a show of support to self-described ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘bisexual’ and ‘transgender’ students,” Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues with Concerned Women for America, said in a statement.

“Kids are additionally taught that Biblical truth, which holds that human sexuality is a gift from God shared between husband and wife within the bonds of marriage, is ‘homophobic,’ ‘hateful’ and ‘discriminatory,'” Barber said.

Schools should be “places of learning, not places of political indoctrination,” he said. “It’s the height of impropriety and cynicism for ‘gay’ activists and school officials to use good-hearted but misguided children as pawns in their attempt to further a deceptive, highly controversial and polarizing political agenda.

Barber said because the homosexual lifestyle is considered by medical science to be “extremely high-risk,” the “Day of Silence” amounts to nothing short of educational malpractice.

“With liberal school officials in tow, these militant adult activists are brazenly circumventing and abusing parental authority to further this dangerous political agenda,” concluded Barber.

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Abstinence Programs Reaffirmed Through Research

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Abstinence is the only method that is 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Proponents of comprehensive sex education on Capitol Hill are seeking to eliminate the funding for both the Community Based Abstinence Program and the Title V abstinence state grant program. But researchers Christine Kim and Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation have unveiled a comprehensive review of 21 prior studies of the effectiveness of abstinence and virginity pledge programs. They found that 16 of the 21 studies reported positive findings.

According to Kim, at stake is a message that many parents would agree with — and that is the important message that abstinence is clearly a healthy and responsible lifestyle for teens. “There are very few voices in our society clearly giving that message to our children — abstinence education is one of the few,” says the researcher. “And there are opponents who do not agree with that message [or] that value, and are trying to eliminate it.”

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins applauded the Heritage research, noting “Given the huge cost of sexually transmitted infections among teens in our society, the government should support effective abstinence education programs like those Heritage has reviewed.” And government should not “promote programs that encourage young teens to engage in physically and emotionally risky sexual behavior,” he adds.

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