Kansas Governor’s Fete Honors Abortionist

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I wish I knew what was going on in Kansas. It’s not the state I remember.

The pro-life group Operation Rescue says it’s almost impossible to get any agency in Kansas to pursue criminal charges against infamous abortionist George Tiller because he has a very important ally — Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Abortionist George Tiller is being investigated by the Kansas attorney general’s office, and calls have increased for charges to be filed against him. According to Operation Rescue, Tiller — along with his entire abortion clinic staff — allegedly was honored in April 2007 with a lavish secret party, thrown by one of his biggest supporters — pro-abortion Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

“Every agency that could be responsible for charging Tiller or disciplining him — like the Kansas Board of Healing Arts — is just loaded with appointees of Governor Sebelius, including the Kansas Supreme Court,” [Operation Rescue senior policy advisor Cheryl Sullenger] laments. “So what we’re having here is a real problem trying to get the laws enforced.”

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Parent sues Planned Parenthood

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Y’all know by now what I think about planned parenthood. This just reinforces those feelings.

Washington, DC-area resident Emma Jean Butler and her daughter are suing a local Planned Parenthood clinic. The girl became pregnant due to a rape at age 13, and had an abortion at the facility after she turned 14.

The next day, she was rushed to an emergency room where doctors had to repair damage from severe abdominal bleeding, severe injury to the cervix, significant uterine perforation, and a small bowel tear. In addition, parts of the baby were found in the girl’s abdomen.

It was tragedy on top of tragedy, says Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America, in what she describes as a “poster case for abortion.”

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Intelligent Design Film Boosts Academic Freedom Bills, Advocates Say

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(CNSNews.com) – A documentary released earlier this year may be partly responsible for “academic freedom bills” now advancing at the state level. Those bills are intended to strengthen the free speech rights of those who seek to examine the full range of views on evolutionary theory.

The film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” suggests that biologists, chemists, and astronomers have been censored, denied tenure, and even fired in some cases after raising questions about Charles Darwin’s 150-year-old theory that life results from random mutations and natural selection.

The film has prompted some states to consider legislation that would insulate teachers and students who believe there is evidence of “design” in nature, Walt Ruloff, a co-producer for the film, told Cybercast News Service.

In fact, within the next two weeks, one Louisiana state legislator expects his bill to reach the desk of Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) where it will become law. The Louisiana Science Education Act, which passed by a vote of 35-0 in the state senate, has broad bipartisan support, said Rep. Ben Nevers, the bill’s chief sponsor.
“Some teachers are afraid to teach certain subject matters, and they want to know the materials they bring into the class have been approved, and I think this piece of legislation provides them with protection. It also brings consistency to the school systems in our state.”

Nevers told Cybercast News Service he has not seen the film “Expelled” and is more concerned about keeping the school curriculum up to date with scientific advances.

“This bill does not allow the teaching of any religious belief, or religious theory, so if it’s not science…then certainly it couldn’t be brought into our classrooms in Louisiana,” he added .

Caroline Crocker, a biological scientist who appears in “Expelled,” testified before the Louisiana House Committee on Education earlier this month.

“Our freedom to think and consider more than one option is part of what has given America her competitive edge in the international marketplace of ideas,” she said in her testimony. “The current denial of academic freedom rights for those who are judged politically incorrect may put this in jeopardy.

“But I am also aware that Louisiana prides itself on being a melting pot for all, where people are comfortable with, and respectful of, divergent viewpoints,” she continued. “Therefore, I am in favor of SB 733, which will help ensure the intellectually honest consideration of innovative, and possibly unpopular, scientific theories.

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Emmy-Winning Actor Harvey Korman Dead at 81

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Another great actor has passed away. Harvey Korman has died at age 81.

LOS ANGELES — Harvey Korman, the tall, versatile comedian who won four Emmys for his outrageously funny contributions to “The Carol Burnett Show” and was seen to hilarious effect on the big screen in “Blazing Saddles,” died Thursday. He was 81.

Korman died at UCLA Medical Center after suffering complications from the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm four months ago, his family said. He had undergone several major operations.

“He was a brilliant comedian and a brilliant father,” daughter Kate Korman said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “He had a very good sense of humor in real life. “

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Digital Gospel Debuts in Tropics

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“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”.
Matthew 24:14 (New International Version)

Teams with the organization Faith Comes by Hearing began working in the village of Makita [Brazil], which sits along the banks of an Amazon River tributary. The ministry provides tribes people with a device known as a “Proclaimer,” a self-powered, digital machine that has an audio New Testament preloaded on an embedded microchip.

Morgan Jackson, a spokesman for the organization, says the digital audio Bibles are having a big impact. “We’ve been in communities where … it transforms the entire community because they’ve never [before] heard the Word of God,” he notes.

But he says there are 235 spoken languages in Brazil, and the need for oral versions of the Bible is great. Faith Comes by Hearing is now sending teams out into the remote regions of the country to help record the needed translations. The first indigenous Brazilian New Testament recording is slated to start in early July.

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Boy Scouts Sue Philly Over Impending Eviction

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(CNSNews.com) – The Boy Scouts in Philadelphia have filed suit against the City of Brotherly Love to keep the city from evicting the Scouts from a building they have occupied for the last 80 years.

Members of the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council say the city raised the rent on the building from $1 a year to $200,000 a year because of the Scouts’ membership policies – policies that require scoutmasters to be heterosexuals and require scouts to pledge to “do their duty to God and country.”

“We believe the city is trying to punish us for exercising our First Amendment rights,” said Mark Chilutti, vice chairman of the Cradle of Liberty Council, which filed its lawsuit on May 23.

The suit alleges that the city of Philadelphia lets more than 1,000 nonprofit groups meet on city property for little to no rent, including a Baptist church, a Roman Catholic church and the Philly chapter of the Colonial Dames of America.

Ironically, Chilutti said the Scouts actually built the building they are in, and gave it to the city in return for the right to lease it for $1 per year.

“In 1928, we were given the land by the city, and the council raised money to build the building,” he told Cybercast News Service . “We believed we had it in perpetuity for as long as we continued to house Boy Scout-related programming.”

The Scouts spend about $60,000 a year to maintain the building and periodically renovate it.

“After the initial gift of the land, the city has not put one penny into that building,” Chilutti said. “The Scouts have maintained it on an annual basis. We have constantly done renovations – in 1994, we put over $1.5 million in it. We’ve put a lot of money into it, and we’re proud of the building.”

“We haven’t really changed anything in the 80 years that we’ve been in that building. It’s the city that has changed position,” he said.

The Philadelphia City Council voted 16-1 in May 2007 to break its agreement with the Scouts, accusing them of “discriminating” against homosexuals who want to be scoutmasters.

The city did not return calls from Cybercast News Service requesting an interview, but City Solicitor Shelley Smith told the Associated Press that the Scouts are “free to exercise their First Amendment rights.”

“What they’re not free to do is get a benefit from the city while violating our policy,” she said.

Peter Ferrara, general counsel for the American Civil Rights Union, said he thinks the Boy Scouts are being penalized for holding traditional beliefs.

“A state or local government cannot penalize an organization or a citizen for exercising constitutional rights,” Ferrara told Cybercast News Service . “The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that the Scouts have a constitutional right to choose their adult leaders and not to hire adult leaders they don’t want to, and the city cannot penalize them for those values.”

Chilutti, meanwhile, said the higher rent would force them to cut programs, and is equivalent to the cost of sending about 800 needy children to summer camp, a point not lost on conservatives like Ferrara.

“Philadelphia has the highest murder rate in the country, one of the highest rates of violent crime. They have enormous trouble with violent youth gangs, teen-age pregnancy, teen-age drug use and dropping out of high school,” Ferrara said. “What the city ought to be doing is supporting the Boy Scouts, as much as possible, to teach youth sound moral values, and to counter these terrible trends that are plaguing the city.”

The Scouts, meanwhile, say that if they must vacate, the city should at least provide compensation, not charge high rent.

“The city has tried to use the term ‘fair market rent’ but it’s really punitive rent — $61 per square foot for a building that is in Center City Philadelphia,” Chilutti said. “That’s unheard of, that’s ridiculous. It’s more like Trump Tower in Manhattan rates.”

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First, The Polar Bear…Now, The Pacific Walrus

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Y’all must love paying $4.00 or more for gasoline. How much higher does it need to go before people with common sense start to assert themselves?
Of course this latest lawsuit is no surprise.
After the enviros got the Bush administration to cave on the status of the Polar Bear, it’s no surprise at all that they would go after another perfectly healthy species. This time it’s the Pacific Walrus.
For those who might have missed it, recently the government placed the Polar Bear on the “threatened” list despite the fact that they do not meet the criteria for being placed there. Quite to the contrary, their populations have increased over the past 30 years.
Because of this, many oil production companies are going to have to curtail operations in the proximity of the bears and possibly the walrus’ habitat. With oil reserves at an all time low, does it make sense to further restrict our supply further?
So in another year or so, when you are paying $8.00 for a gallon of gasoline, you can partially thank the enviros.

A conservation group gave notice Tuesday that it will sue to force federal action on a petition to list the Pacific walrus as a threatened species because of threats from global warming and offshore petroleum development.

The deadline was May 8 for an initial 90-day review of the petition by the U.S. Department of the Interior, according to Center for Biological Diversity attorney Brendan Cummings.

The group filed the petition in February.

Shaye Wolf, a biologist and lead author of the petition, said Arctic sea ice is disappearing faster than the best predictions of climate models.

“As the sea ice recedes, so does the future of the Pacific walrus,” she said.

The conservation group was one of three that successfully petitioned to have polar bears listed as threatened because of sea ice loss caused by global warming, a decision announced May 14 by Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. That listing also followed court action to force deadline decisions.

Bruce Woods, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman in Anchorage, said the agency is close to finishing a walrus survey.

“We do have a population count from the 2006 survey that should be finalized soon,” he said. “That will give us a better basis for evaluating the petition.”

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Muslims Equate Christians With Terrorists

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Well, if this isn’t a prime case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ I don’t know what is. When was the last time you heard of someone strapping a bomb to themselves and killing a bus load of people in the name of Jesus?

Christian missionaries are “as dangerous as terrorist activities or the illegal drug trade,” Islamic theologians in Uzbekistan declared.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports a new documentary called “In the Clutches of Ignorance,” featuring Uzbek experts, state officials and representatives of Orthodox and Catholic churches in Uzbekistan, claims missionaries pose a serious threat to the Islamic republic.

The Uzbek state film criticized Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Christian Gospel Church and Blagodat (evangelical charity), saying they cause a “global problem, along with religious dogmatism, fundamentalism, terrorism, and drug addiction.”

Jasur Najmiddinov, one of many religious experts interviewed, accused Protestants of being a “political tool” and a “part of geopolitical games,” RFE/RL reported.

“Their center or place of origin traces back to the United States,” Najmiddinov said. “They have even gone so far as meddling in politics. We all know representatives of the Protestant movement played a significant role in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.”

The Uzbek theologian said missionary activities disrupt society because Uzbek families do not tolerate relatives who convert from Islam.

The May 16 documentary featured clips of people praying and claimed Uzbek Christians, who have turned their backs on Islam, could effortlessly betray their country.

Uzbekistan bans missionary activity, religions that are not registered with the government and printing of faith-based literature without state consent.

Norway’s Forum 18, an organization defending religious freedom, reports intolerance of religion is steadily growing in Uzbekistan as police invade private homes, seize Christian literature, arrest converts and deport missionaries.

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Communist Band Opens for Obama

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Call me crazy, but if you are stumping for President of the ‘Land of the Free’, would you really want a communist band who sing communist lyrics opening for your speech? Seems like common sense to me considering all the hype from Obama’s past and people who have surrounded him that he would not want any more controversy. Has anyone else noticed that Obama is tied to Islam, radical racials, communists, Israel haters, and those who hate God? Why is he still on the forefront of this campaign? As a country, we have gone totally mad.

A hip rock band that features the Soviet national anthem and communist-inspired lyrics was on stage to open for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama at his record-breaking Portland, Ore., rally that attracted 75,000.

The Decemberists, a Portland-based group with a large local following, also closed the May 18 event.

The Decemberists typically begin their concerts with a Russian-language recording of the USSR’s national anthem.

A YouTube video shows the Decemberists beginning an April 31, 2007, concert at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., with the anthem.

“Decemberists” refers to an uprising at Senate Square in St. Petersburg Dec. 14, 1825, when a group of Russian army officers led about 3,000 soldiers in protest as Nicholas I assumed the throne, after Czar Alexander died without an heir.

The Decemberists have posed for publicity photos in period Russian costumes with the red flag of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 waving behind them.

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Sorry For Lack of Comments

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Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been prefacing the post with my own thoughts and comments lately. That’s because I’m totally swamped at work and don’t have the time, at the moment, to do much more than post some articles of interest.
I’ll try to do a better job later this week.
Thanks and God Bless!!

Peacekeepers ‘Abusing Children’

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Children as young as six are being sexually abused by peacekeepers and aid workers, says a leading UK charity.

Children in post-conflict areas are being abused by the very people drafted into such zones to help look after them, says Save the Children. After research in Ivory Coast, southern Sudan and Haiti, the charity proposed an international watchdog be set up.

Save the Children said it had sacked three workers for breaching its codes, and called on others to do the same.

The three men were all dismissed in the past year for having had sex with girls aged 17 – which the charity said was a sackable offence even though not illegal.

The UN has said it welcomes the charity’s report, which it will study closely.

Save the Children says the most shocking aspect of child sex abuse is that most of it goes unreported and unpunished, with children too scared to speak out.

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Verbal to Violent Attacks On Rise Against Former Homosexuals

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Homosexual activist groups long have denied that ex-“gays” exist and have charged those ministries that work with the needs of those desiring to leave the lifestyle are fraudulent. One such activist even recently attributed the crime of rape to the “sickness” of the ex-“gay” movement.

But some attacks on those who have left the lifestyle, or are trying to, go far beyond verbal denigration, according to those who have experienced it, including Joe and Marion Allen. Their son Bart was in the process of leaving the homosexual lifestyle in 2001 when the “gay” with whom he’d shared an apartment strangled and killed him.

The Allens now run a ministry called Hope for the Broken Heart and they have spoken at conferences for the ex-“gay” ministry Exodus International simply because they cannot be silent about the tragedy in their family, and they want to help others avoid a similar result.

“He [Bart] was in the process of trying to come away from this, and was just involved with a sick, sick man,” Mrs. Allen told WND. “He was wanting help. He did not understand his feelings and we certainly did not understand his feelings.

“Thank goodness our child was a believer. He did love the Lord and he was miserable. He knew what the Scriptures said about it,” she said. The family looked for help from a counselor but found, instead, despair.

“When Bart came out of her office, he looked like he had been given a death sentence. I know this lady did not realize what she was doing … but she had told him he was born gay,” she said.

“She told him we were doing him an injustice by telling him this was wrong and he needed to go on back [to the homosexual lifestyle],” she said.

Her son did go back, but still couldn’t accept his own lifestyle choices any longer, and asked the other man to leave the apartment.

“He was trying to make a break and he wanted help. He [Bart] called him from our house, and told him [to move out],” she said. Her son asked the apartment building managers to change his locks, but they declined, assuring him the keys could not be duplicated.

“We don’t know [what happened]. The police told us Bart was asleep. He [the attacker] got in and strangled him to death with his hands and a dog leash,” Mrs. Allen said.

While violence rising to the level of homicide is not reported a great deal, the lower levels of harassment and badgering are growing, according those who have experienced or witnessed it.

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Israel’s Barak Calls On Olmert to Step Down

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JERUSALEM — Israel’s defense minister on Wednesday issued a tough ultimatum to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, saying he would use his considerable power to topple the coalition government if the Israeli leader does not step aside to face corruption allegations.

The comments by Ehud Barak increased the growing pressure on Olmert to resign in the wake of a U.S. businessman’s court testimony that painted Olmert as a money-hungry politician with a love for luxury. It also cast doubt on Israel’s efforts to reach peace with Syria and the Palestinians.

Olmert has denied any wrongdoing and said he would resign only if he is indicted.

At a news conference, Barak said that in light of the criminal investigation, he did not think Olmert could focus on peace efforts and the country’s pressing security needs.

“I don’t think the prime minister can at the same time lead the government and handle his own affairs. Therefore, acting out of concern for the good of the country, and for fitting norms, I believe the prime minister must disconnect himself from the day-to-day running of the government,” he said.

He said Olmert could suspend himself, resign or even go on vacation, and promised to continue to cooperate with a new leader from Olmert’s Kadima Party.

“If Kadima doesn’t act and this parliament doesn’t see another government that is to our liking, we will act to set an agreed-upon date for early elections,” he said. He said the date would be “soon.”

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Marriage Still Sacred in Oregon

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Oregon’s marriage protection amendment has been upheld by a state appeals court there.

Measure 36, the amendment to Oregon’s constitution declaring that marriage may only be the union of one man and one woman, was ruled constitutional last week by the Court of Appeals for the State of Oregon. Brian Raum, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), praised the ruling.

“We’re very happy that the court ruled that the marriage amendment in Oregon is valid and upheld that amendment,” Raum explains.

Oregon voters approved the amendment in 2004 when 57 percent of those voting favored it over 43 percent who did not. Almost immediately, homosexual activists filed suit. “The other side claimed that the marriage amendment was not valid, that it was really a revision of the constitution. The court rejected that. The opposition claimed that the amendment violated the ‘single-purpose principle’ in an amendment. The court rejected that,” Raum points out.

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“Oil Prices Reach the Crisis Point” by Todd Strandberg

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It is no longer meaningful to say oil has hit a record high. Since 2002, we have seen a steady increase in the price of crude, with record prices almost becoming a daily occurrence.

What makes 2008 different is the extreme historical level we have now reached. If you adjust for inflation, the folks living in 1980 paid $3.18 for a gallon of gas. Currently, it costs us $3.90 for a gallon of gas.

There has never been a time when oil has increased in price at such a rapid rate. In the past year, it has more than doubled. Wednesday of last week, the price of oil went up so fast, I had to change the headline on RR News four times to reflect the new milestones set from 130 to 135.

There are many reasons the price of oil has soared so drastically. The core reason is supply and demand. Nations like India and China are putting a huge strain on the supply chain. In five years, demand will be at 87 million barrels per day and supply will be at 85 million per day. Many oil experts are predicting that oil will trade as high as $200 per barrel in the not-too-distant future.

If something is going to be done to prevent absolute disaster, quick action needs to be taken now. It takes a very long time to develop sources of new energy. In 2002, a large underwater pool of oil was discovered several hundred miles south of Louisiana . The oilfield is not projected to go on line until next year. To build a nuclear plant, it takes two and a half years just to get the permit validated. Right now, only one company is qualified to build the dome for nuclear reactors, and it is booked through 2020.

I was extremely displeased to see our President fly to Saudi Arabia and beg the Saudi King to sell us more oil. Bush’s mission was huge failure. Not only did his so-called friend turn him down; he made the U.S. look like a third-world nation by pleading to some two-bit dictator. OPEC was formed to keep prices high, so why should they do us any favors?

Oil has a strong connection to prophecy because there is so much of it in the Middle East . The one thing that concerns me the most about the increase in the price of oil is the financial wealth pouring into the Arab states: nearly $1 trillion a year at the current rate.

This oil wealth is not being used to make the world a better place. Fox News found that OPEC had collectively given just $1.5 million to the United Nations’ World Food Program, or about 1 minute and 10 seconds worth of OPEC’s 2007 oil revenues.

The growing power of Islamic wealth is a direct threat to the free world and Israel . The southern Persian Gulf states have been investing heavily in Western companies, while Iran has been spending vast amount of money on military hardware, nuclear technology, and the sponsorship of its favorite terrorist groups.

At some point in the near future, I expect Israel to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear program. The price of crude could be profoundly impacted by the strike, and would make it essential for the world to find a lasting solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict.

John McCain Throws Evangelicals Under the Campaign Bus

From the very beginning of the Republican primary progress, I knew Sen. John McCain was not conformable with the Christian right. His actions of this past week indicate that evangelical Christians are a group he doesn’t care to be associated with.

On Wednesday, He rejected the endorsement of Rev. John Hagee after revelation of a recording in which the Texas televangelist said the rise of Adolf Hitler was part of God’s plan to help the Jews reach the promised land. “Obviously, I find these remarks and others deeply offensive and indefensible, and I repudiate them,” the Arizona senator, 71, said in a statement released by his campaign. “I did not know of them before Reverend Hagee’s endorsement, and I feel I must reject his endorsement as well.”

Later in the day, he gave Rod Parsley the boot for saying, “Islam is an anti-Christ religion that intends through violence to conquer the world.” In a statement to the news media about Parsley’s comments, McCain’s campaign said the senator “obviously strongly rejects such statements.” The campaign did not answer the question of whether it was aware of Parsley’s widely publicized statements prior to seeking his endorsement in February.

McCain must have had some sort of supernatural revelation to account for such dramatic change of heart. At a campaign appearance in Cincinnati , McCain introduced Parsley as “one of the truly great leaders in America , a moral compass, a spiritual guide.”

I have several disagreements with John Hagee, but I agree 100 percent with his comments about how the Holocaust was part of God’s plan to bring the Jews back to the promised land. I also agree with Rod Parsley’s assessment of Islam. It is an evil religion.

The same day the Arizona senator denounced Hagee and Parsley, he was a guest appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I guess Johnny Boy doesn’t have any stomach for evangelical pastors, but he has no problem associating with an openly admitted lesbian.

I have to wonder whether McCain would reject the endorsement of a Christian leader who said Jesus Christ was the only way to God. He seems to be taking an extra step beyond President George Bush to be the ultimate compromiser.

I see political disaster in the making here. When the November election comes, evangelicals are going to sit on their hands and cost McCain the election. The liberal groups he’s been kissing up to are certainly not going to vote for him.

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“The Ellen Degeneres Factor” by Michael G. Mickey

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Luke 17:28-30: Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

As a result of a recent decision on the part of the California Supreme Court to overturn a ban on same-sex marriage, the liberal news media has been infatuated, almost on par with its love of Barack Obama, with the idea of California becoming the next Sodom and Gomorrah. To their credit, even I have to admit, they have turned to a very likable person in the form of comedienne and daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres and her plans to marry actress/girlfriend Portia DeRossi to keep the story fresh in everyone’s minds in order for the homosexual agenda to advance as far as possible while the iron is still hot on the issue.

As those forwarding the homosexual agenda do everything within their power to bring about the fulfillment of Bible prophecy concerning the last days, many Christians are merely shrugging their shoulders and going on but should they be? No!

This issue should be of grave concern to those of us who take the Bible at its word when it says the homosexual lifestyle is an abomination in the eyes of God and a type of affection that is against nature. (Romans 1:26-27) And why? Other than the obvious which is God has forbidden it, Sodom (from which we derive the modern word sodomy) and Gomorrah’s demise was set forth as an example (Jude 1:7) of what occurs when men cast God aside as though His Word is irrelevant but I digress.

The Degeneres Factor

Already, I feel that the crux of what I want to convey here has been covered but I want to get you, my readers, to grasp how morally bankrupt we’ve become as a nation, how convictionless the Church has become, and how the homosexual agenda, if left to run its course, is going to mount a furious assault on the Word of God and, eventually, lead to intense persecution of the Church here in these last days.

Shortly after the California Supreme Court overturned a ban on same-sex marriage, Ellen Degeneres emotionally announced her engagement on her television show which was followed by thunderous applause and a standing ovation by the audience members, prompting one reader of my site to write me and ask me if he was losing his mind that our society has drifted so far from God’s Word.

“No, dear brother, you have not lost your mind” I essentially responded to him. “This would be what the Lord told us would come in the last days when He said it would be as it was “in the days of Lot” in the last days, mankind rejoicing in its unrighteousness – sometimes even via standing ovation!”

In case you haven’t seen Ellen’s same-sex engagement announcement and the ensuing celebration, here it is:

Ellen Degeneres. While I couldn’t possibly disagree more with her lifestyle and her joyous plans to corrupt God’s institution of marriage (the composition of which is clearly defined in the Word of God), I can’t help but like her as a person. And that, Church, is why the homosexual agenda is getting her in front of us on this topic as much as possible right now.

Who in the world could possibly feel threatened by Ellen Degeneres, right? She is a regular ray of sunshine, particularly when contrasted with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell. That, brothers and sisters, is why we have to be on our guard where Ellen’s popularity and influence is concerned.

Stick sweet Ellen Degeneres in front of doctrinally weak Christians with her baby blue eyes, sweet smile and incredible personality and we have a potential problem on our hands. Because she’s so cute, funny and non-threatening, she is one of the most dangerous forces in the world today where the advancement of the homosexual agenda is concerned. Many Christians like Ellen so much that they can’t separate her sinful lifestyle from their sense of friendship to her! But we absolutely must, Christians! We must!

Church, there is no room for debate or compromise on the topic of same-sex marriage regardless of how many weepy-eyed, funny, witty, and even beautiful people, both homosexuals and homosexual sympathizers, are paraded in front of us wanting to see marriage as defined in the Bible corrupted. Even though it arrives at our doorsteps wrapped in promises of love and happy endings, the same-sex marriage movement is spiritual warfare most sinister in nature!

Example: John McCain

GOP presidential nominee John McCain has appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show since the California Supreme Court slapped God in the face and, not surprisingly, Ellen wanted to talk about same-sex marriage. Who would’ve guessed, right?

Below is video of Senator McCain doing what I think was a fine job of discussing his desire to protect the institution of marriage as a one man-one woman establishment of family but what I want you to notice is how tactfully Ellen plays the pity card, making it appear that gays not being able to marry is the equivalent of women and blacks not being able to vote and the like. Listen as she tells Senator McCain she feels gays being able to marry is “only fair and only natural” and later assails, again very gently and tactfully, an “old way of thinking.”

Biblical marriage isn’t an old way of thinking; it’s God’s Word

Marriage is a product of the Judeo-Christian faith, having been established and passed down from God Himself as the foundation of the family. Because that is the case – and only because that’s the case – the powers and principalities we’re presently struggling against in these last days, additionally referred to in Scripture as “spiritual wickedness in high places”, wants to lay a claim of ownership to it as well. Why is that? Once a beachhead has been established on that front, an assault on the Church and God’s Word can begin in earnest! Is it silliness on my part to think that? Oh no, readers! Already, even before the first same-sex marriage has taken place in California since the court’s outlandish ruling, the battle lines are being drawn.

Remember Gavin Newsom?

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has been a catalyst for much of what has gone on in California where gay marriage is concerned, practically from the outset of his term as mayor there. For a little background on the role the less-than honorable Newsom has played in furthering the homosexual agenda, the following was plucked from Wikipedia:

A Democrat, Newsom was elected mayor in 2003, succeeding Willie Brown and becoming San Francisco’s youngest mayor in 100 years. In 2004, Newsom gained national attention when he issued a directive to the San Francisco city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The unexpected move brought national attention to the issues of gay marriage and gay rights, solidifying political support for Newsom in San Francisco and in the gay community, and causing several other states to change their laws concerning marriage and gay rights.

While Newsom’s initial assault on biblical marriage referred to above was halted, the California Supreme Court is doing its darndest to get his ball rolling once again – and Newsom is loving it, looking forward to the money the state of California will make when all the gays begin flocking there in summer to attain a stated of wedded bliss!

An Associated Press story quotes Newsom as saying he expects a “business boom from gay weddings across the state starting in June for hotels, caterers, clothing stores, jewelry stores and others.” He is quoted in the story as saying, “I think we are going to see tens of thousands of couples. It will certainly be millions in spending.”

Mayor Newsom, the mocker of God that he is, has no idea that the Lord could merely glance at San Francisco in anger and turn his anticipated homosexual marriage windfall into a deficit in a matter of seconds but enough about that. From this point forward I want to focus on how Newsom is already on the offensive against Christian court clerks in California in anticipation of the gay marriage fest beginning. It’s a sign of things to come. Bet on that!

In the same Associated Press article wherein he gleefully looks forward to gays spending wads of cash in California, Newsom condemns San Diego County Clerk Gregory Smith for considering allowing court clerks under his employ to bow out of processing same-sex marriages if they have moral or religious convictions where the issue is concerned.

I want you to pay close attention to what Mayor Newsom had to say about the San Diego County government being TOLERANT of its Christian employees by excusing them from defying God’s Word as a result of this court ruling. He is quoted as saying:

“This is a civil marriage that civil servants have a responsibility to provide, so for civil servants on religious grounds to start passing judgments, they, I think, are breaking the core tenet of what civil service is all about.”

That’s the rub, Christians! See how The Ellen Degeneres Factor works?

Much like many other forms of rebellion against God, the Ellen Degeneres Factor doesn’t feel like a slap to the face right off but it is! As I often invoke to be true, the devil lies in the details which, sooner or later, always comes to light!

In spite of what I’ve written here, many, for no reason other than Ellen Degeneres is gay and so darn nice she’s practically irresistible in charm, are going to find themselves tempted to be disconcerned but remember the following because it will prove to be 100% true at the end of the day: If you think the homosexual agenda is going to end when God’s enemies succeed in obtaining the right for homosexuals to be married, you’re kidding yourself! Just look at Gavin Newsom! In the interest of furthering the homosexual agenda, bringing about a more tolerant world, look who is up next to be discriminated against! Christians, of course!

Who would’ve guessed, right? Jesus Christ would’ve, for one!

Matthew 5:10-12: Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Know your role!

Church, we are to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth! Light dispels darkness and salt prevents spoilage. Need I say more?

When the world gives a standing ovation to rebellion against God, we shouldn’t rise to our feet to join it but drop to our knees. We shouldn’t roll over and play dead in the interest of keeping the heat off us but stand as firmly for the Word of God as we possibly can because we are the only light some people are going to see in these last days, the only salt capable of preventing everything from decaying.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

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Mars Lander Prepares for 3-Month Digging Mission

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Another probe has landed on Mars. If this one comes anywhere close to lasting as long as the last two have, NASA is going to get some wonderful data.

PASADENA, California — NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander spent its first full day in the Martian arctic plains checking its instruments in preparation for an ambitious digging mission to study whether the site could have once been habitable.

The three-legged lander set down Sunday in relatively flat terrain covered by fissures outlining polygon shapes. The geometric cracks are likely caused by the repeated freezing and thawing of buried ice.

Images beamed back late Monday showed the elbow joint of Phoenix’s trench-digging robotic arm still partly covered by a protective sheath. The sheath was supposed to fully unwrap after landing.

Mission scientists downplayed the problem, saying they could still wiggle out the arm for digging.

“This is a minor inconvenience,” said Deborah Bass, deputy project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. “We’re going to have to do a little bit of disentangling.”

Bass said the process of moving the 8-foot-long arm was still scheduled for Tuesday.

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Happy Memorial Day

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We would like to wish all of you a very happy Memorial Day. Take a moment to remember those who not only fought and died to maintain our freedom but all of our loved ones who have gone on before us.

See our military tribute here.


French Court Backs Activist Who Called Pali Child ‘Martyrdom’ a Hoax

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I’ve commented about this several times since it became apparent that it was made up. Here’s some background:
In the Gaza Strip in September 2000, France 2 showed edited footage of a boy, Mohammed al-Dura and his father purportedly being killed by Israeli soldiers. In the edited video, we see the child screaming in fear while his father shields him. Later, both he and his father slump down, according to the report, the father wounded and the boy dead.
This footage was used as the crux to ignite the “Al Aqsa intifada,” or uprising.
What came out years later is that when the whole footage is viewed, we see the “dead” boy raising his head and looking around before becoming “dead” again. We see fake gun battles and lots of ambulances. “Hoax” is just the tip of the iceberg.

The French Court of Appeals issued a ruling today favoring an activist who claims the purported shooting death of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy – used to spark the “Al Aqsa intifada,” or uprising – was a hoax.

The court overturned a lower court decision against Jewish activist Philippe Karsenty, who had been convicted of libeling a French state-owned television channel and its Jerusalem correspondent, Charles Enderlin, the Jerusalem Post reported. Karsenty contended France 2 knowingly misled the world about the event in the Gaza Strip in September 2000.

Karsenty told the Jerusalem paper today’s verdict “means we have the right to say France 2 broadcast a fake news report, that [al-Dura’s shooting] was a staged hoax and that they duped everybody – without being sued.”

Enderlin insisted, however, the appeals court ruled Karsenty failed to prove the news report was staged.

The lower court decision was overturned, Enderlin said in a statement to the Post, because “the court believed Karsenty had the right to stridently criticize the [France 2] report, since it dealt with an emotional topic, and that Karsenty’s investigation into the matter convinced the court he was being sincere.”

A source close to Enderlin’s side told the Post he and France 2 would appeal the verdict. Karsenty replied, however, the only appeal left would be to France’s Supreme Court.

“If they continue to insist they are correct, we will have victims of terror attacks that directly resulted from the [al-Dura] footage sue France 2,” he said.

Karsenty called on French President Nicolas Sarkozy “to take responsibility for the French state’s defense of the worst anti-Semitic lie around. It’s time to apologize to the world for broadcasting a fake news report that has inflamed the Muslim world and endangered world peace.”

Middle East and media expert Tom Gross believes today’s verdict is significant, contending it “shows there are serious doubts about France 2’s version of events, and that the entire world press was irresponsible in being so quick to take at face value the claims of a local Palestinian cameraman, who has admitted his partisanship.”

Islamic icon

France 2’s report, purporting to show the young al-Dura lying dead after cowering with his father behind a barrel during an Israeli-Palestinian firefight, enflamed countless Arab youth to seek “martyrdom.” The boy’s image became iconic, appearing on murals and posters in Palestinian towns. Palestinian TV used an actor to portray the boy in “Paradise,” exhorting other Muslim youth to jihad. Streets, squares and academies in the Arab world have been named after him.

Gross noted to the Jerusalem paper that Osama bin Laden referred to al-Dura in a post-9/11 video and the killers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl placed a picture of him in their beheading video.

But controversy has raged over the veracity of the film for eight years, with WND first reporting in December 2000 that the Israeli military could not possibly have shot the boy and later documenting massive evidence the entire incident had been staged.

A French court convicted Karsenty of libel in 2006 for writing the al-Dura affair was a “masquerade that dishonors France and its public television.” Karsenty, director of the media watchdog group Media-Ratings, was ordered to pay a fine of $1,380 to France 2 and another fine, of the same amount, to the reporter Enderlin. He also was assessed $4,000 in court costs.

Karsenty appealed the decision, and last October a French judge ordered France 2 to submit to the court the original 27 minutes of footage shot by its Gaza stringer, Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahma, to be shown during a public hearing Nov. 14. But the TV channel submitted only 18 minutes of footage, claiming the other parts had been disposed of because they were not related to al-Dura.

Just 55 seconds of the film, narrated by Enderlin, who was not at the scene, was originally broadcast.

After the Nov. 14 hearing, incredulous witnesses commented on the 18 minutes of video screened in court. Richard Landes, an American historian, author and associate history professor at Boston University, who had previously viewed over 20 minutes of the film in Endelin’s office, testified that two scenes, which clearly had been staged, had been cut from the “uncut” video shown in court.

One of many indications the scene was staged is evident in video footage cut from the televised France 2 report and posted on the Second Draft website, which mounted a major investigative effort on the case. In the clip, the boy, whom Enderlin has already pronounced dead, lifts up his arm and head and looks around before resuming the “dead” position.

Karsenty points to a video-taped admission by the cameraman, Abu Rahma, that there are untold secrets related to the case. The activist notes only seven bullet holes are seen behind al-Dura despite Abu Rahma’s repeated insistence the child survived 45 minutes of continuous shooting by Israeli forces directed at the boy.

But the video footage shows pretend gun battles and faked ambulance runs at the junction that day.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers stationed at the junction testified they did not participate in any firefight that day.

The IDF initially apologized for the incident but later conducted a probe in which it concluded the boy could not have been hit by Israeli bullets.

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Muslim Convert Held After Nail Bomb Blast in U.K. Restaurant

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The person being held in this crime is a Muslim convert, but he has a history of mental health issues, which is most likely the cause that lead him to do this.
His mental illness, coupled with some of the inflammatory rhetoric he may have heard at mosque, could have contributed to his belief that committing this crime was the correct thing to do.

A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness was being held under armed guard tonight after he apparently detonated a nail bomb in a family restaurant.

Nicky Reilly, 22, who suffered serious facial injuries in the blast, is thought to have carried out the alleged attack after being ‘preyed upon and radicalised’ by Islamic extremists.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after diners at the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre heard three blasts go off in a toilet as they were having lunch.

Deputy chief constable Tony Melville, speaking just yards from the restaurant, said: “Witnesses described how a male entered a toilet in the restaurant shortly before an explosion was heard.”

He said police and other emergency services went to the scene and the man was arrested in connection with the explosion.

Mr Melville said: “This male, who we now know is called Nicky Reilly, suffered serious facial injuries but these are not life threatening.

“He is currently in police custody undergoing treatment at a hospital.”

Bomb disposal experts made safe two explosive devices which are now being forensically examined, said Mr Melville.

“After the arrest, police searched an address in King Street, Plymouth, linked to Reilly using armed officers from the tactical aid group.”

Mr Melville said the premises were still being searched.

He said: “Our investigations so far indicate Reilly, who has a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith.

“We believe, despite his weak and vulnerable state, he was preyed upon, radicalised and taken advantage of.”

Mr Melville said the police knew Reilly travelled between Plymouth and Exeter today using the bus service.

He said the police were releasing his photograph because they wanted anyone who saw him today, or could help the police track his movements over recent weeks, to contact them.

Earlier, witnesses said officers had to break down the cubicle door because the 22-year-old refused to come out.

When he emerged, wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt, blood was running down his face and all over his clothes.

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