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Terrorists Disclose Gaza Cease-Fire to Be Used to Prepare for Battle

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Koran 47:36 says “Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand.”

The Gaza cease-fire agreed to yesterday by Hamas and Israel is a “victory” for Palestinian “resistance” and will be used by local terrorist groups to rearm and prepare for battle against the Jewish state, top Gaza-based terror leaders told WND.

“We are humiliating the Israelis. They kept threatening to make a huge operation in Gaza, but they were the ones who begged us to go into the cease-fire,” said Muhammad Abdel-Al, a leader and spokesman for the Hamas-allied, Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees terror group.

Along with Hamas, the Committees took responsibility for firing nearly 30 mortars and rockets from Gaza into nearby Jewish communities Wednesday, lightly injuring one Israeli woman just hours before the truce went into effect.

“[The rocket attacks] prove we are not going into this cease-fire from a weak point but from a point of force and power,” Abdel-Al said.

Abu Abdullah, considered one of the most important operational members of Hamas’ so-called military wing, told WND his group will use the truce to rearm itself.

“The hudna (temporary truce) will be used for more training, arming. … We don’t have any intention to stop from bringing in weapons from the Sinai into Gaza,” said Abdullah.

He called the cease-fire “one more sign of the collapse of the Israeli army, that this big Israeli army with the so-called best air force in the world didn’t succeed to stop the rockets, and they accepted the truce.”

The term “hudna,” dates back to Islam’s founding in the 7th century, when Muhammad declared a 10-year hudna with the tribe that controlled Mecca. Later, after rearming, Muhammad attacked the tribe, claiming it had broken the truce. In 1994, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat invoked Muhammad’s hudna when he justified the launch of the second intifada during the Oslo peace process.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy noted in 2003 that Hamas had agreed to 10 cease-fires in the previous decade and returned freshly armed after each one.

“It is important to note,” the institute said, “that all cease-fire offers have been presented at a time when Hamas needed a moment to step back and regroup after an organizationally exhausting confrontation with a more powerful foe (either Israel or the PA).”

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Obama: America is ‘no longer Christian’

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

American Christians and Jews, as well as the country of Israel, are going to be big trouble if this man gets elected.

JERUSALEM – Some have been taking issue with largely unnoticed comments made last year by Sen. Barack Obama declaring the U.S. is “no longer a Christian nation” but is also a nation of others, including Muslims and nonbelievers.

The comments have been recently recirculating on Internet blogs.

“Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers,” Obama said during a June 2007 speech available on YouTube.

At the speech, Obama also seemingly blasted the “Christian Right” for hijacking religion and using it to divide the nation:

“Somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and started being used to drive us apart. It got hijacked. Part of it’s because of the so-called leaders of the Christian Right, who’ve been all too eager to exploit what divides us,” he said.

Asked last year to clarify his remarks, Obama repeated them to the Christian Broadcast Network:

“I think that the right might worry a bit more about the dangers of sectarianism. Whatever we once were, we’re no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers,” Obama wrote in an e-mail to CBN News senior national correspondent David Brody.

“We should acknowledge this and realize that when we’re formulating policies from the state house to the Senate floor to the White House, we’ve got to work to translate our reasoning into values that are accessible to every one of our citizens, not just members of our own faith community,” wrote Obama.

Obama did clarify his statement about the “Christian Right.”

“My intention was to contrast the heated partisan rhetoric of a distinct minority of Christian leaders with the vast majority of Evangelical Christians – conservatives included – who believe that hate has no place in our politics.

“When you have pastors and television pundits who appear to explicitly coordinate with one political party; when you’re implying that your fellow Americans are traitors, terrorist sympathizers or akin to the devil himself; then I think you’re attempting to hijack the faith of those who follow you for your own personal or political ends,” wrote Obama.

The Illinois senator’s speech declaring the U.S. “no longer Christian” was met with little fanfare. But it has been getting some recent play.

A television commercial that aired in South Dakota by a group calling itself the Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric juxtaposes the audio of Obama’s “no longer Christian” statement over images of the presidential candidate dressed in Somali garb and a picture of Obama with his hands rested below his waist while other politicians place their hands over their hearts during the Pledge of Allegiance.

“It’s time for people to take a stand against Barack Hussein Obama,” declares the voiceover on the commercial.

The Gateway Pundit blog took notice of Obama’s speech about the U.S. being a nation also for Muslims and non-believers.

“This won’t play well in the Bible Belt,” commented the blog in a recent posting.

Obama’s campaign has long utilized faith as a central theme. The candidate’s Christianity and his former membership in the controversial Trinity United Church of Christ have been much scrutinized.

His comment about the “Christian Right” echoed similar statements made by Merrill A. McPeak, Obama’s military adviser and national campaign co-chairman.

As WND reported, in a 2003 interview with The Oregonian newspaper, McPeak seemed to compare evangelical Christians to the terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

The Oregonian interviewer asked McPeak whether “there’s an element within Hamas, Hezbollah, that doesn’t want Israel to exist at all and always will be there?”

McPeak responded by comparing the two terror groups to “radical” Oregonians.

“There’s an element in Oregon, you know, that’s always going to be radical in some pernicious way, and likely to clothe it in religious garments, so it makes it harder to attack. So there’s craziness all over the place.”

Oregon has a large evangelical Christian community.

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US Energy Chief: Low Oil Production Drives Price

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

JIDDAH, Saudi Arabia – The U.S. energy secretary said Saturday that insufficient oil production, not financial speculation, was driving soaring crude prices.

Secretary Samuel Bodman’s comments on the eve of an energy summit in the Saudi port city of Jiddah set the stage for a showdown between the U.S. and conference host Saudi Arabia, which has largely blamed speculation in the oil markets for record prices.

The U.S. and many other Western nations have put increasing pressure on Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter, to increase production. Saudi officials have been hesitant to do so, arguing that soaring prices have not been caused by a shortage of supply.

Bodman disputed that assertion Saturday, saying oil production has not kept pace with growing demand, especially from developing countries like China and India.

“Market fundamentals show us that production has not kept pace with growing demand for oil, resulting in increasing prices and increasingly volatile prices,” Bodman told reporters. “There is no evidence that we can find that speculators are driving futures prices” for oil.

He said commodities markets have experienced a huge influx of money from financial investors in recent years, but they have been following the market upward rather than driving the increase in the price of oil.

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Mexican Smugglers Make US Lands Unsafe

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Are we going to secure our borders anytime soon?

( – Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has said that drug traffickers sneaking into the United States from Mexico through U.S. lands administered by his department have made some of those lands unsafe for American families.

As reported by Cybercast News Service last month, the State Department similarly issued a largely unpublicized travel alert for the Mexican side of the border on April 14, warning would-be tourists that the “equivalent to military small-unit combat” was taking place there and that “dozens” of Americans had been “kidnapped and/or murdered” in Tijuana alone in 2007. (See story)

As Cybercast News Service subsequently reported, State Department records indicate that 128 Americans have been murdered in Mexico over the past three years. (See story) And because the State Department headquarters in Washington does no centralized monitoring of how the Mexican justice system handles those murder cases, it cannot say whether anyone has ever been arrested or convicted for any of them. (See story)

Even before the State Department issued its travel alert for Mexico, however, Interior Secretary Kempthorne had stated — again, with almost no publicity — that some of the lands administered by his department on the U.S. side of the Mexican border have become dangerous places where “families can no longer live or recreate without fear of coming across drug smugglers.”

“Unfortunately,” an Interior Department spokesperson told Cybercast News Service on Thursday, “DOI lands make up approximately 40 percent of the Southwest border, and I think there has been a shift in some of those illegal activities, particularly drug-trafficking crossings, to those lands because they tend to be less populated.

“It’s becomes more of a prime location for people to come through,” he added, “and the net result has been an increase in violence.”

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Presbyterian Church To Consider Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Another denomination is considering going down the slippery slope of homosexual “marriage”.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Homosexual “marriage” will be on the agenda as the Presbyterian Church USA begins its biennial meeting this weekend in California, where same-sex weddings became legal this week.

Delegates to the General Assembly will be asked to rewrite the church’s Book of Order to allow Presbyterian ministers to conduct wedding services for homosexual couples. The church constitution currently defines marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman.

Pastor Parker Williamson, a leader of conservative Presbyterians, says homosexual rights get more support from the denomination’s leaders than from people in the pews. “That support from within the staff infrastructure of the denomination really does give it quite a megaphone,” says Williamson, adding that he would “not be at all surprised” to see pro-homosexual demonstrations during the meeting. “After all, we’re going to be in San Jose, an area that’s very gay-lesbian friendly,” he remarks

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Young Disney Star Vows Abstinence Till Marriage

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Good for Selena Gomez. I hope she will be to oppose the normal Hollywood mindset and follow through with this vow.

HOLLYWOOD – Selena Gomez, the 15-year-old up-and-coming Hollywood star who is being hailed as “the next Miley Cyrus” – the wildly popular star of the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana – has made public her intention to remain chaste until marriage.

Gomez started in the entertainment industry at the young age of 10, landing the part of Gianna on Barney & Friends. Amongst numerous other achievements, Gomez recently provided the voice-overs for the character of the mayor’s daughter in the blockbuster animated film, Horton Hears a Who, starring Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. Gomez also recently debuted her own feature Disney Channel show, The Wizards of Waverley Place, in which she plays the lead role.

It seems, however, that Gomez may not appreciate the frequent comparisons being made between her and fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus, who has made the news several times in the last number of months after suggestive photos of her appeared in Vanity Fair magazine and a number of other racy photos surfaced on the Internet.

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California Homosexuals Try to Stop Marriage Vote

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The battle continues…

SAN FRANCISCO – Homosexual activists asked California’s highest court Friday to keep off the November ballot a citizens’ initiative that would again ban same-sex “marriage. ”

Lawyers for Equality California filed a petition arguing that the proposed amendment to the California Constitution should be invalidated because its impact was not made clear to the millions of voters who signed petitions to qualify the measure before the state Supreme Court legalized same-sex unions.

“This is just another attempt to force a radical political agenda upon the people of California,” said Defense Fund senior counsel Glen Lavy. “The opponents of marriage are willing to use any means necessary to impose their will.”

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