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Bailout Package Passes

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I’m not sure who voted for/against this yet, but it did pass. Oh boy…here we go…

WASHINGTON — In a nail-biter, the House Friday approved the Bush administration’s historic $700 billion financial markets rescue package, a measure promoted as a means to prevent a U.S. economic collapse.

Lawmakers voted 263-171 to pass the bill, a comfortable margin that was 58 more votes than the measure garnered in Monday’s stunning defeat.

Of the 263 supporters, 172 were Democrats and 91 were Republicans. On Monday, 133 House Republicans joined 95 Democrats in rejecting the measure.

At the White House, President Bush declared, “We have acted boldly to prevent the crisis on Wall Street from becoming a crisis in communities across our country.”

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson pledged quick action to get the program up and operating.

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Despite Media Bias, Palin Excels at VP Debate

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

To my knowledge, the moderator of the vice-presidential debate, Gwen Ifill, never did publicly acknowledge her bias before the debate.
Despite that, Sara Palin did exceptionally good at the debate.
Michelle Malkin had this to say:

Sarah Palin is the real deal. Five weeks on the campaign trail, thrust onto the national stage, she rocked tonight’s debate.

She was warm, fresh, funny, confident, energetic, personable, relentless, and on message. She roasted Obama’s flip-flops on the surge and tea-with-dictators declarations, dinged Biden’s bash-Bush rhetoric, challenged the blame-America defeatism of the Left, and exuded the sunny optimism that energized the base in the first place.

McCain has not done many things right. But Sarah Palin proved tonight that the VP risk he took was worth it.

Her performance also underscored the underhandedness of the hatchet job editors at ABC News and CBS News, which failed to capture her solid competence on the whole array of foreign and domestic policy issues on the debate table tonight. (I didn’t care for all the “greed” rhetoric, but I understand they are trying to appeal to independents and Dems. They’re trying to win the election.)

Pause to reflect on this: She matched — and trumped several times — a man who has spent his entire adult life on the political stage, run for president twice, and as he mentioned several times, chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sarah Palin looked presidential.

Joe Biden looked tired.

Sarah made history.

Biden is history.

Read the rest of her comments here.

Both presidential campaigns hit the trail Friday claiming victory in the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, but it was Palin’s cool and confident performance that prompted analysts to suggest that after more than a week of bad news for Republicans, John McCain can ride a new wind into the final month of the race.

The stakes were high for Palin going into the debate. A series of shaky interview performances led prominent conservatives — much less independents and liberals — to question her credentials.

The doubts were coupled with other bad news for McCain — ongoing credit turmoil in the financial markets that didn’t help the Arizona senator’s poll numbers, despite his leading an emergency legislative powwow in Washington, and news that the Republican nominee was pulling out of the battleground state of Michigan.

But Palin pulled off a bravura performance, say analysts.

“Sarah Palin saved John McCain again Thursday night. She is the political equivalent of cardiac paddles,” conservative columnist Peggy Noonan, who was caught criticizing Palin in an off-camera moment in early September, wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

“So, who won? On substance, the edge goes to Mr. Biden. On style, Ms. Palin eked out a close win, enormously magnified by the plain fact that she wasn’t chased off the stage,” wrote editors at The Dallas Morning News.

Meanwhile, Biden, by putting a hold on his gaffe-prone tongue and showing restraint against Palin, helped Barack Obama’s campaign, analysts said. One Obama aide told FOX News before the debate started that if all went well for them, most people won’t even remember Biden was there.

“I think Biden actually did what he needed to do,” Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers said Friday. “He really needed to do no harm … He didn’t really take the bait too much.”

But even as many declared Biden the actual winner of the debate, several analysts renewed their praise of Palin and suggested that the first-term Alaska governor’s defying expectations is a much bigger moral victory.

“A lot of people, and I include myself in that group, wondered if Sarah Palin was gonna screw up big time. She didn’t,” said former CBS newsman Bernie Goldberg, a FOX News analyst.

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U.S. Navy Confirms Lost WWII Sub Found Off Aleutians

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

The relatives of the crew of the World War II submarine, USS Grunion, now know for certain the fate of their lost relatives. The USS Grunion, SS-216, was located near the Aleutian Islands.
Here is the crew list:

Gunion Patch

Abele, M. L. LCDR
Alexander, F. E. SM3
Allen, D. E. SM3
Arvan, H. J. Matt2
Banes, P. E. CMOMM
Bedard, L. J. I. CMOMM
Blinston, W. H. RM3
Bonadies, N. R. F2
Boo, R. F. RM3
Bouvia, C. L. MM1

Gunion Launching

Caldwell, G. E. CEM
Carroll, R. H. S2
Clift, J. S. TM2
Collins, M. F. F2
Cooksey, L. D. MOMM1
Cullinane, D. MM1
Cuthbertson, W. H., Jr. ENS

Gunion at Sea

Deaton, L. D. S2
DeStoop, A. E. CTM
Devaney, W. P., Jr. S2
Dighton, S. R., Jr. LTJG
Doell, L. H., Jr. RM2

Gunion Located with Sidescan Sonar

Franck, L. H. S1
Graham, M. D. CTM
Hall, K. E. S2
Hellensmith, E. G. EM3
Henderson, H. B. MOMM2
Hutchinson, C. R. TM3


Kennedy, S. J., Jr. MOMM2
Knowles, E. E., Jr. S2
Kockler, L. R. TM1
Kornahrens, W. G. LT
Ledford, M. J. CY
Lehman, W. W. EM1
Loe, S. A. MOMM2
Lunsford, S., Jr. EM2
Lyon, J. W. F1


Martin, C. R. CMOMM
Martin, T. E. EM1
Mathison, R. EM1
McCutcheon, R. G. TM3
McMahon, J. M. LT
Miller, E. C. F2
Myers, D. O. F1
Nave, F. T. MOMM2
Newcomb, A. G. RM1
Nobles, J. W. MOMM1

Hatch Cover

Pancoast, J. E. MOMM2
Parziale, C. A. TM3
Paul, C., Jr. MATT2
Pickel, B. J. S1
Post, A. C. S2
Randall, W. H. RM2
Ryan, L., Jr. S2


Sanders, H. A. MOMM1
Schumann, E. T. CQM
Sullivan, P. P. PHM1
Surofchek, S. SC1
Swartwood, D. N. S2
Templeton, S. A. GM1
Thomas, M. W. LT
Traviss, B. A. S2
Ullmann, A. S1


VanWoggelum, M. F. F3
Walter, M. H. F3
Webster, R. E. EM2
Welch, D. F. FC2
Wells, J. H. TM2
Wilson, J. E., Jr. SC3
Youngman, R. J. F2

We honor you for giving the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace, men of the USS Grunion, on your Eternal Patrol.

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii — The U.S. Navy has confirmed the wreckage of a sunken vessel found last year off the Aleutians Islands is that of the USS Grunion, which disappeared during World War II.

Underwater video footage and pictures captured by an expedition hired by sons of the commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Mannert L. Abele, allowed the Navy to confirm the discovery, Rear Adm. Douglas McAneny said Thursday in a news release.

McAneny said the Navy was very grateful to the Abele family.

“We hope this announcement will help to give closure to the families of the 70 crewmen of Grunion,” he said.

The Grunion was last heard from July 30, 1942. The submarine reported heavy anti-submarine activity at the entrance to Kiska, and that it had 10 torpedoes remaining forward. On the same day, the Grunion was directed to return to Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base. The submarine was reported lost Aug. 16, 1942.

Japanese anti-submarine attack data recorded no attack in the Aleutian area at the time of the Grunion’s disappearance, so the submarine’s fate remained an unsolved mystery for more than 60 years, the Navy said.

Abele’s son’s, Bruce, Brad and John, began working on a plan to find the sub after finding information on the Internet in 2002 that helped pinpoint USS Grunion’s possible location.

In August 2006, a team of side scan sonar experts hired by the brothers located a target near Kiska almost a mile below the ocean’s surface. A second expedition in August 2007 using a high definition camera on a remotely operated vehicle yielded video footage and high resolution photos of the wreckage.

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“The Bible vs. the Bailout” By Robert Stacy McCain

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Some years ago, I was asked to speak to a Christian homeschooling conference — my wife and I have homeschooled our six children — and during the question-and-answer session after the speech, I faced a question for which I was unprepared.

“How has your Christian faith influenced your political beliefs?”

This stunned me into silence for a second. Then I answered: “Well, I guess it comes down to that part about ‘Thou shalt not steal.'”

From there I proceeded to discuss the basic immorality of the welfare state, how it is wrong for government to take money that one man has worked for and give it to someone who hasn’t earned it.

Whereas transactions in a market economy are voluntary and peaceful, the actions of government are essentially coercive, backed with the threat of violence to those who disobey. What government does, it does “at the point of the bayonet,” so to speak. Therefore, the fearsome power of government ought to be constrained to limited and specific purposes — defending the life, liberty and property of citizens.

When government begins to meddle in the economy, picking winners and losers, using appropriations and fiscal policy to transfer money from one group of citizens to another, it divides society into two classes, taxpayers and tax consumers, punishing the former in order to reward the latter.

Such a policy is not merely misguided, it is immoral — indeed, it is sinful, as I told the Christian homeschoolers — and by displaying the spectacle of government engaging daily in legalized theft, the welfare state tends to corrupt the morals of its citizens.

THAT LONG-AGO SPEECH came to mind yesterday as the Senate prepared to vote on the mortgage bailout plan. Why, after all, are so many Americans so fiercely opposed to this plan, even though bailout proponents warn that the alternative is a complete meltdown of the economy?

Read the rest of this insightful article here.