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“The Fall Feasts of Israel” by Jack Kelley

Monday, October 6th, 2008

(At sunset on Sept. 29, 2008 we began year 5769 on the Hebrew Calendar. As I often do with articles that commemorate annual events, I have updated this study on the Fall Feasts and added new information for your review.)

The fall is arguably the most important time of the year in Judaism. Three of Israel’s holiest days are celebrated then, and all in the space of 15 days. They are Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, followed 10 days later by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and 5 days after that the Feast of Tabernacles. On our calendar they usually fall (no pun intended) some time between mid September and early October due to the differences between the Jewish (lunar) calendar and the western (solar) one.

Each of these holy days has both historical and prophetic significance, the prophetic fulfillment to occur on the day itself. Therefore Christians study them for glimpses into the future as well as to gain a better understanding of Jewish culture.

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Palestinian leader, Islamist chief discuss Temple Mount takeover

Monday, October 6th, 2008

JERUSALEM – Meeting with an Islamist leader here, the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator this past weekend discussed ways to solidify Islamic control over the Temple Mount and block Jews from purchasing real estate in areas surrounding the holy site, according to a source involved in the talks.

The Palestinian Maan news agency quoted chief Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qurei as saying there can be no agreement with Israel unless it forfeits Jerusalem, and that postponing an agreement on the issue will only provide the Jewish state more time to “Judaize” the city.

“The Palestinian Authority will not negotiate and will not sign on any agreement with Israel that does not include Jerusalem,” Qurei reportedly said during a meeting with Raed Salah, chief of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah, whose organization seeks for Islam to takeover the Temple Mount.

“The Palestinian leadership is decisive (in its stance) not to negotiate and conclude matters with the Israelis without Jerusalem,” Queri said. “The postponement of the discussion of this issue is aimed at continuing the Israeli plans to Judaize the holy city, especially the Al-Aksa mosque.”

A source involved in the talks told WND that Queri and Salah also discussed ways to solidify PA control over the Mount and to purchase strategic real estate surrounding the holy site.

The sources said Queri and Salah also discussed ways for the PA to compete with Jordan for more control over the Temple Mount.

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Army Private Subjected to Anti-Semitic Attacks Brutally Beaten By Soldiers

Monday, October 6th, 2008

A U.S. Army soldier was brutally beaten by other soldiers in his platoon earlier this month following two incidents in which a drill sergeants allegedly used anti-Semitic slurs to address the soldier.

Pvt. Michael Handman, 20, who has just completed his fifth week of basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, was recently released from a hospital where he was treated for a concussion, facial wounds, and severe oral injuries following the attack, according to the boy’s father, Jonathan Handman.

The soldier’s father said he received a disturbing telephone call last week from his son’s commanding officer “to tell me that my son is OK and out of the hospital.”

“Apparently he got his clocked cleaned and beat to the point that he was sent to the hospital by ambulance with a concussion,” Jonathan Handman said in an interview. “He was in bad enough shape that they did a head and neck [CAT] scan.”

Jonathan Handman said his son was lured into a laundry room at the Fort Benning Army base by other soldiers, knocked unconscious and beaten while he lay on the ground.

Michael Handman enlisted in the Army earlier this year. He wears a yarmulke with his uniform, which apparently led his drill sergeants to refer to him as a “fucking Jew” and a “kike” and a demand that he remove the yarmulke during dinner, according to his father. The soldier recently wrote a letter to his mother Randi recounting the anti-Semitism he has endured by his drill sergeants and members of his platoon since arriving for basic training at Fort Benning.

“I have just never been so discriminated against/humiliated about my religion,” Michael Handman wrote his mother. “I just feel like I’m always looking over my shoulder. Like my battle buddy heard some of the guys in my platoon talking about how they wanted to beat the shit out of me tonight when I’m sleeping. It just sucks. And the only justification they have is [because] I’m Jewish. Maybe your dad was right…The Army is not the place for a Jew.”

A Fort Benning public affairs representative would not comment on the incidents saying the attack and the anti-Semitism are under investigation. Michael Handman’s father said in an interview he fears for his son’s safety and is worried that his son may continue to endure additional beat downs and taunts about his faith by drill sergeants.

“I’m scared he will become a victim of friendly fire.” Jonathan Handman said. “The Army is not doing enough to protect him. They have mentally broken him to the point that he is willing to ruin his life by getting a dishonorable discharge.”

After he was released from the hospital, Pvt. Handman was sent back to the same platoon to face the soldiers who attacked him. He was then moved to a different company within the same platoon. But Jonathan Handman said his son told him the anti-Semitism has continued, according to a conversation he had with his son.

A week ago Jonathan Handman took action and began a fierce letter writing campaign in an effort to get his son some help. He reached out to his state’s U.S. senator, Saxby Chambliss, the Republican of Georgia. Chambliss immediately contacted the Pentagon to investigate and, surprisingly, the Department of Defense sent Chambliss a detailed letter last week confirming that Pvt. Handman was the victim of anti-Semitism.

“Based on [Private] Handman’s statement and the seriousness of the allegations, the command immediately initiated a commander’s inquiry,” stated a Sept. 26 letter sent to Chambliss by Samuel Selby Rollinson, the Department of the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff. “Based on the inquiry, the Army found that two [non-commissioned officers] inadvertently violated the Army Regulation concerning the free exercise of religion by requiring the Soldier to remove his yarmulke and by using inappropriate terms when referencing the Jewish faith.

“While the actions of the NCO’s were not meant to be malicious, and were done out of ignorance for regulations and cultural awareness, this does not excuse their conduct. The command intends to reprimand both NCO’s for their conduct; require them to present formal blocks of instruction on what religious are authorized for wear; and finally, the battalion chaplain will instruct all cadre members on the Army policy concerning religious accommodation.”

The investigation by the Pentagon was limited to the anti-Semitism and did not include an inquiry into the beating.

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DNC Steps In To Silence Lawsuit Over Obama Birth Certificate

Monday, October 6th, 2008

We’ve blogged about this quite a few times now (see here, here, here and here). For those of you who might not have heard, there is a very real chance that Obama is not legally able to run for president. It has put enough doubt is many people’s minds that a Democrat has sued in order to compel Obama to produce the original or certified copy of his birth certificate. He has only done so through intermediaries. The original certificate remains allusive.
Now the Democratic National Committee, in stead of producing the certificate; a step that would silence objectors immediately, chooses to fight the lawsuit in court.
I am now convinced that Mr. Obama is not legal to run and they are hiding that fact.

The man suing Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee for proof of Obama’s American citizenship is outraged that his own party – rather than just providing the birth certificate he seeks – would step in to silence him by filing a motion to dismiss his lawsuit.

As WND reported, prominent Pennsylvania Democrat and attorney Philip J. Berg filed suit in U.S. District Court two months ago claiming Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore not eligible to be elected president. Berg has since challenged Obama publicly that if the candidate will simply produce authorized proof of citizenship, he’ll drop the suit.

Berg told WND the longer the DNC tries to ignore his lawsuit or make it go away – instead of just providing the documents – the more convinced he is that his accusations are correct.

Despite assertions by the Washington Post, and other organizations that Obama has produced a certified Hawaiian birth certificate, Berg told WND he remains “99.99 percent sure” that the certificate is a fake and he wants a court, not a website, to determine its validity.

Earlier last week, lawyers for Obama and the DNC filed a joint motion to dismiss Berg’s lawsuit. The fact that the DNC joined in the dismissal request has Berg fuming, believing his party’s leaders have ignored his pleas for proof in order to favor their chosen candidate over a rank-and-file constituent.

“I think it’s outrageous,” Berg said. “The Democratic National Committee should be ensuring the Democratic Party and the public that they have a qualified candidate up there. To file a joint motion is like they’re in cahoots.

“Since then, I have asked by way of press release that Howard Dean resign, because (the DNC members) are not fulfilling their duties,” Berg said.

“The DNC has a responsibility to all Democrats in this country to make sure that all of their candidates are properly vetted and properly qualified,” Berg added. “I think it’s really an outrage to the 18-plus million people who voted for Obama and the people who donated more than $425 million to him under false pretenses.”

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“Relax, It Is Only Money” by Todd Strandberg

Monday, October 6th, 2008

For the past month, there has been a steadily growing concern over the health of the American economy. It has reached a point that millions of people are now deeply worried about our nation’s financial health.

Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor known for making wise investments, recently said he’s never seen people so fearful over money. “In fact, in my adult lifetime, I don’t think I’ve ever seen people as fearful economically as they are right now,” he told Charlie Rose in a PBS interview that aired as the Senate voted on a $700 billion bailout package.

Last week, I was watching “Fast Money” on CNBC following the stock market’s 777-point collapse when a commentator’s words caught my attention. Asked to advise viewers on the best positions for riding out the market storm, he answered without missing a beat: “Cash and fetal.”

Most people have a deep bond with money. Our culture teaches us to love wealth, and to measure the value of our lives by how much money we possess. I once read a report that said that for some people, a large financial loss can equal the pain of having a death in one’s immediate family.

The liquidation of several financial firms has caused pain for thousands of investors. Here are a few examples I found from people who posted on Yahoo’s financial forum:

“I was heavily in bank stocks. The dividend and ‘how can a bank not make money’ got to me. Instead of cutting my losses I quadrupled down: Washington Mutual looked like a sure 10 bagger with the bailout coming, so I loaded up. My 401K is 82.73% down and I needed 17% average returns for the next 11 years to manage to retire.”

“I am 33 year old and I have 1 year old kid and wife. Today I lost all my savings and currently have residual value of $3300 left in my brokerage account. In one year I had $300,000 in my account. I have no credit card debt but all my savings have been wiped out. What will I tell my wife? I am so ashamed. I have cried and could not sleep all night yesterday. Do not see how I can come back from this I just want end my life but thinking of my family scares me.”

“This year I have lost about $451,000.00. First with AMR (I was short airlines and long oil) and then with Wamu. I am 32 years old and like you I don’t have much debt but I am not sure what to do with my life. I was looking for ways to kill myself last night. Just like you I could not sleep last night. I don’t have a family but a mother to take care of so that’s what stopped me from killing myself. I also borrowed money from others that I have to return now. I am not sure how.”

Dozens of commentaries have blamed greed as being the cause of this financial mess. I think money’s inability to satisfy people is an equally important factor. Bankers, who were already making tens of millions each year, decided to press their luck to make millions more by leveraging their balance sheets. Investors gambled like they were on a hot streak at a Vegas casino. If I had $451,000 at age 32, I would be using it to buy risky stocks. Everybody gambled because what they had was not enough.

I have a very simple solution for relieving financial anxiety. There is no need worry about money because, thanks to the last days, it will soon have little value. The Bible says that by the end of the tribulation, people will be casting their gold into the streets. The events of the past few months would indicate that we are headed toward a day of reckoning.

We don’t even need the end times to push us over the edge. I’m totally certain that Social Security will not be around if I reach retirement age. Because the government has made promises amounting to a staggering $60 trillion, there is no way for it to dole out this amount of money to a rapidly aging population.

Over my 25 years of employment, I’ve contributed over $100,000 to Social Security, and it doesn’t bother me a bit that I will likely never see a dime of this money. My hope is in a heavenly retirement plan that is unaffected by the ups and downs of the economy.

I think time is a far more important commodity to keep tabs on these days. The Federal Reserve can’t produce more of it, you can’t buy time on any equity or futures exchange, and no bank is capable of storing it away. Since we have to account to the Lord Jesus for all our time here on earth, we should be far more concerned about how productive we are in our faith.

One more reason the meltdown on Wall Street doesn’t worry me is because I see the turmoil as a positive sign that the time for our departure is drawing near. We should always rest in the knowledge that God is in control and always watch over us.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1).

— Todd

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Please Pray for Kyle

Monday, October 6th, 2008

One of the 9 year old ball players in our local league, Kyle, is going to the hospital this morning to have a pace maker implanted. Please join me in praying for this young man.

Fifty-Nine Percent of Voters: Kick Out All Members of House, Senate

Monday, October 6th, 2008

If given the choice, a new poll reveals, 59 percent of Americans would sweep Capitol Hill clean of the current batch of senators and representatives to elect an entirely new Congress.

Only 17 percent of those polled said they would be willing to keep the current Legislature.

Rasmussen Reports conducted the national telephone survey on the heels of Congress passing a widely unpopular financial bailout bill, revealing a significant amount of voter dissatisfaction with the nation’s current legislators.

The polling firm records a mere 30 percent of voters approved of the bailout, while 45 percent were opposed, and yet Congress passed it, leaving behind some highly critical voters.

The new poll shows only 23 percent of Americans have even a little confidence in the ability of Congress to address the nation’s economic problems, and 76 percent doubt that most federal legislators even understand bills before they vote on them.

Further, less than half (49 percent) believe the current Congress is any more capable than a group of people plucked from the phone book, and nearly a third (33 percent) think the phone book congress would do a better job.

Despite the Legislature’s dismal 11 percent approval rating, Rasmussen Reports pointed out that 90 percent of Congress is likely to remain following this November’s election.

Rasmussen Reports dug into history to reveal that for well over 100 years after the U.S. Constitution was adopted, congressional turnover in national elections averaged about 50 percent. Following the New Deal era, however, those numbers began to decline. Since 1968, no national election has managed to muster even a 10 percent turnover.

The poll showed, however, that despite overall dissatisfaction, Democratic voters were more hesitant to throw the out the current, Democrat-controlled Congress.

Only 43 percent of those polled from Barack Obama’s party were willing to sweep Capitol Hill clean. Among Republicans, 74 percent wanted to throw the whole batch out, and 62 percent of unaffiliated voters were willing to join in.

Even so, when asked if they would vote to keep the current Legislature, only 25 percent of Democrats polled wished to retain the current Congress.

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European, Asian Markets Plunge on Crisis Fears

Monday, October 6th, 2008

We were all told that the Wall Street bailout was going to stabilize the market. It doesn’t seem to be working.

LONDON — Asian and European stock markets plunged Monday as government bank bailouts in the U.S. and Europe failed to alleviate fears that the global financial crisis would depress world economic growth.

Investors took scant comfort from Washington’s passage of a US$700 billion plan to buy bad assets from banks and other institutions to shore up the financial industry on Friday because of the uncertainty still hanging over the details of the deal and the degree to which it will help.

Britain’s benchmark stock index, the FTSE 100, lost 220.11 to 4,760.14 — a 4.42 percent fall.

he declines were led by the banking industry, with the mining and oil industries also suffering drops. HBOS PLC’s share price dropped 15.7 percent, while the Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC fell 13.6 percent.

Germany’s DAX index fell 4.22 percent to 5,552.27. France’s CAC-40 index dropped 4.85 percent to 3,882.81. In Russia, the RTS stock index tumbled more than 7 percent in first 20 minutes of trading.

Over the weekend, many European governments moved to save troubled banks, and made more promises to protect depositors from the credit crisis.

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Experts Say Housing Market Must Mend for Bailout to Succeed

Monday, October 6th, 2008

OK…the government just forced this bailout down our throats, S700 billion more in debt, on the promise that it would help the market. Now they tell us that it won’t work unless the housing market gets better. I thought the bailout was supposed to help the housing market, not the other way around.
I’d say that once again, we’ve been lied to.

NEW YORK — Washington’s financial bailout plan is now law. So the credit spigot will start flowing again, banks will resume lending, and an economic recovery can begin, right?

Wrong. Experts say the most important thing that needs to happen before the $700 billion bailout even has a chance of working: Home prices must stop falling. That would send a signal to banks that the worst has passed and it’s safe to start doling out money again.

The problem is the lending freeze has made getting a mortgage loan tough for everyone except those with sterling credit. That means it will take several months or longer to pare down the glut of houses built when times were good — and those that have come on the market because of soaring foreclosures — before home prices start appreciating.

Housing is a critical component to the U.S. economy and by extension the availability of credit. Roughly one in eight U.S. jobs depends on housing directly or indirectly — from construction workers to bank loan officers to big brokers on Wall Street. A turnaround in housing prices would boost confidence in the wider economy and, experts hope, goad banks into lending again.

“Housing traditionally does lead the economy through a recovery. I think it’s going to be critical for a sustained recovery in this cycle, too,” said Gary Thayer, senior economist at Wachovia Securities.

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Monday, October 6th, 2008

Our rabbis of blessed memory teach us that “one who saves a life, it is as if he has saved an entire world.” Indeed, speaking out against flagrant injustices and pursuing righteousness at all costs is a precept that is at the core of our deeply held beliefs. Throughout the long and often traumatic history of the Jewish people, there have always been a miniscule cadre who, despite the inherent threat to their livelihoods and even their own lives, managed to summon up the moral strength and fortitude to raise their voices in outrage and indignation in response to the egregious and often heinous actions of our tormentors.

These people, both Jew and Gentile alike were honored for their courageous actions at the Sixth Annual Conference of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, held on Sunday, September 21st at the Fordham University School of Law in Manhattan.

This year’s conference reflected this theme as it was billed, “They Spoke Out: American Voices for Rescue from the Holocaust” and featured those obscure and unsung heroes who hitherto were barely recognized, even as minor historical footnotes. The morning session was dedicated to the recent ground breaking research conducted by Dr. Rafael Medoff, renowned Holocaust historian, prolific author and director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. Dr. Medoff’s new book entitled, “Blowing the Whistle on Genocide: Josiah E. DuBois, Jr. and the Struggle for a U.S. Response to the Holocaust” (Purdue University Press) explores the role that a fairly anonymous US Treasury Department lawyer played in exposing the State Department’s nefarious policies of impeding the rescue of European Jewry from the Nazi slaughterhouse.

In 1943, DuBois, who was chief counsel for the Foreign Funds Control Division of the Treasury Department learned through surreptitious examination of documents provided to him by a friend within the State Department, that senior State Department officials had been deliberately obstructing opportunities to save the remnants of Europe’s Jews. Consumed with fear that the rescue of significant numbers of Jews would put pressure on the United States to absorb them, the State Department purposely blocked a Jewish organization’s request for a government license to send funds to help save Jews from Hitler’s “Final Solution”. DuBois was fully cognizant of the fact that should he decide to go head-to-head with the State Department on such a sensitive issue that he could make a lot of enemies in the process and potentially jeopardize his career. Despite the risks, he decided to blow the whistle.

In an excerpt of a pivotal report authored by Josiah DuBois dated January 13, 1944 and sent to Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr, DuBois intones, “This government has for a long time maintained that its policy is to work out programs to save those Jews of Europe who could be saved. I am convinced on the basis of the information which is available to me that certain officials in our State Department, which is charged with carrying out this policy, have been guilty not only of gross procrastination and wilful failure to act, but even of wilful attempts to prevent action from being taken to rescue Jews from Hitler. Unless remedial steps of a drastic nature are taken, and taken immediately, I am certain that no effective action will be taken by this government to prevent the complete extermination of the Jews in German controlled Europe, and that this government will have to share for all time responsibility for this extermination.”

As a result of his tenacious efforts in bringing to the fore the egregious actions of the State Department, DuBois helped to bring into existence the War Refugee Board which was the US government rescue agency dedicated to overseeing the plight of European Jewry. In addition to assuming a leadership role in the War Refugee Board, subsequent to World War II, DuBois became a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.

During his remarks, Dr. Medoff contrasted DuBois and President Roosevelt as two symbols “of the tragic history of America’s response to the Holocaust.” Concerning President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dr. Medoff said, “Here is the president who was regarded as a humanitarian, who portrayed himself as the champion of the little man, who had the power to save many Jews from the Holocaust but who — to quote Fowler Harper, the Solicitor General for the Interior Department in the 1940s– ‘would not lift a finger’ to help them”. With more than a bit of cynicism Dr. Medoff added, “His was the administration that kept the immigration quotas 90% under-filled –meaning it could have saved 190,000 Jews under the existing quotas, without changing the immigration laws. His was the administration that sent planes to bomb German oil factories less than five miles from the gas chambers of Auschwitz, but refused to instruct them to drop bombs on the gas chambers, or the railway lines, even after receiving maps and detailed information about what was happening in the camp. His was the administration that refused to pressure the British to open the gates of Palestine so Jews could find refuge there.”

As to attorney DuBois, Medoff said, “he was FDR’s moral opposite. Here was the little, anonymous Treasury Department attorney who learned about the Holocaust by accident, who could have easily turned away, who could have concluded that it was none of his business, who certainly could have backed off once he started receiving threats. Yet here was the man of conscience who would not be silent, who defied his threats and risked his career in order to force President Roosevelt to finally rescue some Jews before it was too late.”

Also addressing the audience of over 350 people were Dr. David S.Wyman, founder of the Wyman Institute, Professor Emeritus of history at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and chairman of the Judaic Studies department. Dr. Wyman, a grandson of two Protestant ministers is the author of “The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust, 1941-1945. Dr. Wyman spoke of the “courageous sleuthing” done by DuBois and his findings of a $70,000 donation collected by a Jewish organization that never reached its destination in Europe for rescue activities of Jews because the State Department “dragged its heels and incessantly set up barricades to prevent these funds from reaching those who could have saved Jewish lives”.

The afternoon session was entitled, “Shaking the Conscience of American Jewry: The Rabbinical Students who Challenged Jewish Leaders to Push Forcefully for Holocaust Rescue”. The whirlwind of activism generated by three Jewish Theological Seminary students; Noah Golinkin, Jerome Lipnick and Moshe “Buddy” Sachs during the Holocaust years was discussed in great depth by Golinkin’s son, Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin, Lipnick’s son, Rabbi Jonathan Lipnick and Michael Zion spoke of Buddy Sachs’ contributions. In late 1942, the news of Hitler’s genocide had been publicly confirmed, yet the Roosevelt administration insisted nothing could be done to help the Jews, except to win the war.

These three JTS students vehemently disagreed with this hypothesis and established a student action committee to publicize the news from Europe and prod Jewish leaders to adopt a more activist approach. Dissatisfied with what they perceived as the lethargic response of mainstream Jewish organizations to the persecution of European Jewry, the students organized seminary conferences that featured an array of refugee and relief experts, among them the heroic Varian Fry, who during 1940 had defied the State Department and personally rescued refugees trapped in Vichy France.

In a February 1943 article in a publication called The Reconstructionist, Golinkin, Lipnick and Sachs wrote; “What have the rabbis and leaders done to arouse themselves and their communities to the demands of the hour? What have they undertaken to awaken the conscience of the American people?” Rabbi David Golinkin said of his father, “When he read a November 1942 report in the New York Times announcing that two million Jews were already murdered in Europe he made it his mission to arouse the conscientious of the American people to prevent the slaughter of the remaining four million Jews.”

Despite the disunity amongst Jewish organizations during those years and the blatant animus towards student activists by such mainstream Jewish leaders as Stephen Wise who feared that Jewish emigration to the United States would cause anti-Semitism, the students persisted in their campaign. Eventually, their most significant impact was on the Synagogue Council of America who organized rallies, demonstrations, prayer vigils and letter writing campaigns for European Jewry.

The last part of the afternoon was spent listening to the words of television and screen actor, Steven Hill who is best known for his role in the NBC television drama, “Law and Order” where he played District Attorney Adam Schiff for ten seasons. Hill, (a returnee to Orthodox Judaism), now sports a beard and yarmulka and his words reflect his deep connection to his heritage and his people. One of Hill’s first major acting roles was as Marlon Brando’s understudy and as one of the soldiers in the pro-Zionist Broadway play, “A Flag is Born” written by Bergson group member and Hollywood playwright Ben Hecht which debuted in 1946.

Hill spoke of this play as a “vehicle for my own increased Jewish identity” as well as “helping to raise the level of consciousness in the post-Holocaust era”. The play opened on Broadway a year after the liberation of the concentration camps by the Allied forces and spoke directly to the three most paramount issues of its day: the fight to establish a Jewish state, the smuggling of Holocaust survivors to British controlled Palestine, and the battle against racial segregation in the United States. The play was not without intense controversy, as the characters’ sharp criticism of British rule in Palestine aroused the ire of many in England. The London Evening Standard called it “the most virulent anti-British play ever staged in the United States”. On these shores however, reviewers such as Walter Winchell said the play was “worth seeing, worth hearing, and worth remembering… it will wring your heart and eyes dry.. bring at least eleven handkerchiefs.”

Hill recalled Marlon Brando’s powerful performance in the lead role, especially his lines excoriating American Jewry’s response to the Holocaust, “which touched a nerve” said Hill. “You Jews of America!” Hill recalls Brando shouting during the play, “Where was your cry of rage that could have filled the world and stopped the fires?” Hill mentioned that Brando later commented that the accusation “sent chills through the audience.”


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.