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Abortionists: Here’s How to Evade Reporting Rape

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

No surprise to me over what these people are capable of doing.

Another staff member for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion industry player, has counseled a “pregnant 13-year-old” to avoid mandatory statutory rape reporting laws, suggesting the patient look into the states that surround Indiana.

In Indiana, sex involving an adult and a 13-year-old is a felony, and any time a minor under 14 is involved, law enforcement must be contacted immediately. However, the video released by reveals a counselor suggesting how those requirements can be avoided.

It’s the second such revelation in just the past few days.

WND reported earlier when the pro-life activist making the videos, 20-year-old Lila Rose, went under cover into a Bloomington, Ind., Planned Parenthood facility where a “nurse” ignored the apparent felony and coached the “patient” to protect the assailant.

The “nurse” in that video later was disciplined by Planned Parenthood, although it was just the latest in a series of videos released by Rose that have documented the activities of Planned Parenthood. She first revealed similar results from a Planned Parenthood facility in California, and also released a series of reports when Planned Parenthood officials agreed to accept a donation that would fund the killing of an unborn black baby.

The newest video shows the Planned Parenthood counselor suggesting the investigator, again Lila Rose posing as a 13-year-old, check out nearby states to avoid Indiana’s mandatory reporting requirements if she wants an abortion.

The video is embedded here: [see original link. -ed]

The Indianapolis video was made the same day as the earlier one from the Bloomington Planned Parenthood, officials with LiveActionFilms said.

It reveals Rose entering the clinic and reporting her age as 13, and expressing concern about the trouble her pregnancy could cause for her boyfriend.

“I can understand that. We have laws to follow here in Indiana. And you have to get (parental) approval if you’re a minor. And we have to follow the laws,” a Planned Parenthood employee said.

But she also confirmed, “We don’t ask anything about your boyfriend. We don’t really care about who, what the age of the boyfriend. It’s consensual. It’s your choice.”

The patient then is turned over to a “counselor,” who hears again of the concern over trouble for the boyfriend.

“Well, a lot of people will say, well, you know, yeah, he is over such and such. And you can do statutory rape and whatever. But it’s going to be in the papers. So most people will threaten stuff and don’t go through with it, ok,” the counselor says.

Then she continues. “Surrounding states don’t have parental consent.”

“What state should I go to,” the patient asks.

“I can’t tell you any more,” continues the counselor. “I said surrounding states, so think about the states that are surrounding Indiana and do some research.”

An earlier video featuring Rose, who recently was named a winner of a Life Prize award presented by the Gerard Health Foundation, revealed a Planned Parenthood counselor suggesting to the 13-year-old how to answer if questions about her boyfriend arise.

“You know. You’ve seen him around. You know he’s 14. He’s in your grade and whatever. OK. So that’s that problem solved,” Planned Parenthood’s counselor said.

Then she suggests how to get an abortion without a parental signature by going across state lines to Illinois.

“Now I’m going to give you a piece of paper, because I cannot tell you this. OK. But I can show you this,” she said.

She shows the patient a piece of paper with the information about an Illinois clinic circled. The patient responds, “So in Illinois.” Then the nurse circles all of the other clinic listings on the page to conceal her efforts to direct the child to the Illinois clinic.

Officials with LiveAction said the video, a part of the Mona Lisa project, demonstrates “the routine lawlessness of abortion providers at Planned Parenthood.”

Rose cited the status of Planned Parenthood as a tax-exempt non-profit that made more than $100 million in profit in 2007 and has a budget of $1 billion, nearly one-third of which comes from taxpayers.

The Texas-based pro-life group Life Dynamics previously conducted an extensive undercover project in which an adult volunteer posing as a 13-year-old called every Planned Parenthood clinic in the U.S., saying she was pregnant by a 22-year-old boyfriend. Almost without exception, the clinics advised her to obtain an abortion without her parents’ knowledge and told her how to protect her boyfriend, who would be guilty in any state of statutory rape.

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Pakistani President Zardari Claims “No Firm Proof” Mumbai Terrorist Came From Pakistan

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Pakistan is going to continue to fool around and not take responsibility for the terrorist who came from their country. This could very well lead to an escalation in violence between the two countries. A real shooting war between two nuclear powers…two nuclear powers who believe they will be greatly rewarded in death by killing lots of their enemies. This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has said there is still no firm proof that gunmen who attacked the Indian city of Mumbai came from Pakistan.

US, Indian and British officials all say there is clear evidence suggesting the attacks originated in terrorist training camps inside Pakistan.

But speaking to the BBC, Mr Zardari said there was still no conclusive evidence to substantiate the claim.

However he promised Pakistan would take action if a link was proved.

More than 170 people died in last month’s attacks in Mumbai (Bombay), which India blamed on the Lashka-e-Taiba militant group.

Full investigation

Mr Zardari told the BBC’s Alan Little in Islamabad that Pakistan was prepared to act if adequate evidence of any Pakistani complicity in the attacks emerged.

“If that stage comes, and when it comes, I assure you that our parliament, our democracy, shall take the action properly deemed in our constitution and in our law,” he said.

He said that Western intelligence agencies had not offered firm evidence to justify claims that the attacks were orchestrated from Pakistani soil and that he would not jump to conclusions until a full investigation had been conducted.

Mr Zardari said claims that the sole surviving attacker had been identified by his own father as coming from Pakistan had not been proven. The man has been named as Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab and is in Indian police custody.

The Pakistani president also said Hafiz Saeed, the leader of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa charity, would remain under house arrest.

“Let me assure you that if there is any investigation to be found pointing towards his involvement in any form of terrorism, he shall be tried for that reason,” the president said.

Jamaat-ud-Dawa is accused of being a front for Lashkar-e-Taiba, a charge it denies.

Mr Zardari said that he had asked India to co-operate in an investigation and he would not leap to judgement while that investigation was continuing.

He said that while he was not in denial about Lashkar-e-Taiba’s continued activities, ”when you ban an organisation they emerge in some other form”.


Meanwhile, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has expressed regret after his Indian counterpart said peace moves between the countries were on hold because of the Mumbai attacks.

But Mr Qureshi said relations between the two countries – which both have nuclear arms – would recover.

“This unfortunate incident has been a setback… to the extent that our composite dialogue is at a pause at the moment,” Mr Qureshi said.

“But I am confident that we will overcome this hiccup… the future of Pakistan demands good neighbourly relations with India, so it’s my responsibility to develop good bilateral relations.”

Mr Qureshi said that the two countries had a “common objective, a common challenge and a common enemy” in relation to “terrorism”.

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Mutilated Indian Christian Girl, 10, Forgives Hindu Attackers

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Pray for this young girl and that her attackers will come to understand what Jesus is all about.

Hindu extremists may have burned a 10-year-old Christian girl’s face, inflicted shrapnel wounds on 40 percent of her body and forced her family to hide in a forest and flee to a refugee camp in Orissa, India, but her plight hasn’t shaken her faith and thankfulness to God this season.

“Christmas is a time to thank the baby Jesus who saved me from the fire and saved my face which was disfigured and wounded,” Namrata Nayak told Asia News.

Nayak’s face was severely mutilated after Hindu extremists bombed the home where she was staying on Aug. 26. They broke into the house and burned it while Nayak and her siblings hid in a small bathroom. Before exiting the home, they left a bomb in a dresser, according to the report.

While the little girl surveyed the destruction, the bomb detonated and burned her face.

The explosion also lodged shrapnel into her face, hands and back.

Nayak’s mother, Sudhamani, came running out of the forest where she was hiding.

“We saw everything burned, and feared that everyone had died in the flames,” Sudhamani said. “Instead, thanks to God, everyone was safe. Only that my daughter had been wounded. But Jesus took care of her. We took her to the hospital in Berhampur, still unconscious and badly hurt.”

Nayak spent 45 days recovering in the hospital. Despite all her troubles, she is cheerful and giving thanks to God for healing her.

“There is so much pain and suffering, and I don’t know how long the special forces will protect us,” she told Asia News. “But Christmas is a time of gratitude. I am afraid that my people will still be attacked, but this is our life. If God has saved me, he can save other Christians too.”

The Hindu attackers have vowed to launch another widespread assault on Christians during Christmas. The violence began after Christians were blamed for the death of Hindu leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati on Aug. 24. They continue to be persecuted even though Maoists openly admitted to murdering Saraswati.

Hindus have offered money, food and alcohol to anyone who murders Christians and destroys their homes – especially pastors. Thousands of homes and churches have been destroyed, and Christians have been forced to flee the violence. Many have been doused with kerosene and torched after refusing to renounce their Christian faith.

Nonetheless, Nayak urges India’s Christians to forgive their Hindu attackers.

“[W]e forgive the Hindu radicals who attacked us, who burned our homes,” she told Asia News. “They were out of their minds, they do not know the love of Jesus. For this reason, I now want to study so that when I am older I can tell everyone how much Jesus loves us. This is my future.”

Nayak said her life plan is to share the message of God’s love.

“The world has seen my face destroyed by the fire, now it must come to know my smile full of love and peace,” she said. “I want to dedicate my life to spreading the Gospel.”

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Isam Biased Against Women

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Not a very surprising title really. One would expect a religion that views their women as property to be somewhat biased against them.

A Muslim think tank has found some UK Imams discriminate against women when enforcing Islamic Sharia law.

Scholars at the Centre for Islamic Pluralism (CIP) interviewed 90 Muslims in London, the West Midlands, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

They found some women did not get fair hearings in forced marriage, arranged marriage and domestic violence matters.

It comes after an NHS doctor was freed in Bangladesh following claims she was being held there for a forced marriage.

Sharia law governs every aspect of a Muslim’s life, and Imams or scholars give out rulings on how to live by God’s wishes. Some mosques hold Sharia courts.

The CIP’s international director and its report’s author Dr Irfan Al-Alawi said women seeking help in situations like forced marriages often turned to Imams for a ruling on what to do.

“Our research shows that domestic violence and forced marriages seem to be the dominant problems that women are facing and seeking Sharia rulings on.

“In every case it is a male who is the defendant coming from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

“Some ladies have approached the Imams and the Imams… have encouraged the ladies to stay with their husband or with their in-laws, whereby they have a duty bound under the Sharia.”

He said he knew of a 15-year-old girl in Pakistan who was tricked into marriage over the telephone with a 40-year-old man from Sheffield, who had the mental age of a four-year-old child.

“The Home Office refused to recognise the validity of the marriage but the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain accepted it,” said Dr Al-Alawi.

He said Imams should be working at the heart of their communities showing leadership, but some were failing to do so.

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My Favorite Blog, “The Scriptorium” is Back Up and Running

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

My favorite blog, “The Scriptorium”, run by our great friends, Jennifer and Ben Rast, is back up and running. Take a moment and add their blog to your morning “reads”.
The Scriptorium.