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“Primary and Secondary Racism” by Mike S. Adams

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Ann Coulter was right when she said the essence of being a liberal is having one set of rules for oneself and an entirely different set of rules for other people. Similarly, it could be asserted that the essence of liberal arts education is developing one set of theories that apply only to other people. Few better examples can be found than in the case of labeling theory, which derives from the pseudo-science of sociology.

Frank Tannenbaum had a number of valid points when, in the 1930s, he established some basic premises of labeling theory. He argued that, as a juvenile, everyone engages in some form of delinquent behavior. And he correctly pointed out that not everyone who engages in delinquency is caught and, therefore, labeled “delinquent.”

Tannenbaum was also correct in saying that parents, teachers, and peers sometimes over-react to juveniles caught in an act of delinquency. He was again on firm ground in asserting that these occasional over-reactions could actually produce more delinquency.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Offensive Christmas?

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“No More Mister Nice Gay” by Todd Strandberg

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Last month, California voters went to the polls and passed an initiative on gay marriage. Proposition 8 would have changed the state constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman and bar same-sex couples from marrying each other. Despite being one of the most liberal states in the union, the measure passed by a comfortable margin.

The amendment is not a done deal. The California Supreme Court still has to weigh in on the matter. Gay groups are asking the justices to strike down the measure, while supporters of Proposition 8 are calling for the amendment simply to be enforced.

Homosexual activists have not had much luck at the polls. Whenever there has been a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage, it has always passed. During the last presidential election, 11 states passed bans on same-sex marriage.

Gays keep losing at the polls primarily because most people view their lifestyles as grossly immoral. They also have the problem of only being a very small portion of the population. A recent government survey found that 4 percent of adults aged 18-45 identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

The main power of the gay movement is in the liberal media. The folks in Hollywood and the news outlets have been working for decades to give respectability to a whole series of perversions. Lately, I’ve noticed a constant bombardment of pro-gay propaganda from the liberal media.

Two weeks ago, Focus Features, the same film company that produced “Brokeback Mountain,” released “Milk.” This film is about Harvey Milk, who in 1977 was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, becoming the first openly gay man to be voted into public office in America. You would have to wait until hell freezes over before you would see Hollywood produce a positive movie about a conservative leader.

Newsweek recently printed a huge article that came out for same-sex marriage in a big way. I was passing through a Dallas airport when I saw the cover story titled, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage.” It was written by Lisa Miller, the woman who interviewed me last month about Obama’s possible connection to the Antichrist. Most of the words in the nine-page article were spent on dismissing the Bible’s relevance. The article ultimately concluded that gay is okay because “Jesus doesn’t want people to be lonely and sad.”

I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the homosexual movement’s strategy as a result of the Proposition 8 vote. Its members are now being more confrontational. Having lost at the polls, gay leaders are trying to intimidate the opposition.

Margie Christoffersen is one victim of this new tactic. She was the manager at El Coyote, the Beverly Boulevard landmark restaurant that’s always had throngs of customers waiting to get inside. Christoffersen donated $100 in support of Proposition 8, and by doing so, she showed up on lists of “for” and “against” donors. A boycott was organized on the Internet, with activists trashing El Coyote on restaurant review sites. Gays also picketed outside the restaurant, shouting “shame on you” at customers. As result of the protests, business at El Coyote has dramatically dropped off and Christoffersen has taken a voluntary leave of absence.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has also been a target. Members of the Mormon church were strongly urged by church leaders to contribute money to the Proposition 8 campaign. It is estimated that members of the church gave more than $20 million. When the money flow was traced back to Utah, thousands of gay protesters gathered outside the church’s headquarters in Salt Lake City. On November 12, 2008, more than 10,000 protesters gathered outside the Manhattan New York Temple to protest the LDS Church’s support of Proposition 8.

Pastor Rick Warren is another target in the Proposition 8 backlash. The head of Saddleback Church and author of the book The Purpose-Driven Life has been invited to give the invocation at Obama’s inauguration. Gay groups are pressuring the President-elect to find someone else. “We feel a deep level of disrespect when one of architects and promoters of an anti-gay agenda is given the prominence and the pulpit of your historic nomination,” said the president of Human Rights Campaign, Joe Solomonese.

This new campaign of intimidation may prove to be very successful. It comes at a time when most Christians are unwilling to take a stand for biblical truth. It is a terrible shame that the Mormon Church would be the lead financial backer of an effort to block gay marriage. Mormonism is a cult, and it has always been shy about public scrutiny. I doubt the Mormon Church would be willing to repeat its support of any future ballots.

Rick Warren’s involvement is a prime example of how moral standards are being rapidly degraded. Here we have Obama being attacked for making a great mistake by choosing Warren. If anyone is a fault, it should be Rick Warren. He is the one who is planning to offer his blessing to the most ultra-liberal president in our nation’s history.

A Christian can’t be neutral in any dealing with the world. The price for being accepted is always some type of concession.

The liberal media loves to root out compromise. Warren was asked by NBC News if he was homophobic. He replied by saying he was not. His answer should have been, “The Bible is homophobic, so I guess that makes me homophobic.”

I see us quickly headed to a point where it will be suicidal to make a stand against any gay measure. Homosexuality is no longer seen as a sin when you have the vast majority of church leaders unwilling to proclaim biblical truth. Now that gays have become militant in their quest for acceptance, they’ll probably be surprised to find how easy it is to silence their Christian foes.

I have no problem speaking out against perversion because I know that judgment day is coming. Any pastor who decides not to deal with the sin of homosexuality will have to answer to the Lord of heaven.


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“Today’s Baal Worshipers” By Matt Barber

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV)

Modern-day liberals – or “progressives” as they more discreetly prefer – labor under an awkward misconception; namely, that there is anything remotely “progressive” about the fundamental canons of their blind, secular-humanist faith. In fact, today’s liberalism is largely a sanitized retread of an antiquated mythology – one that significantly predates the only truly progressive movement: biblical Christianity.

While visiting the Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg, Va., a few weeks back, I heard a troubling, albeit thought-provoking, sermon. Pastor John Mabray addressed the ancient Canaanite practice of Baal worship and, though he didn’t reveal it by name, connected the dots to its present-day progeny: liberalism. Baal, the half-bull, half-man god of fertility, was the focal point of pagan idolatry in Semitic Israel until God revealed His monotheistic nature to Judaism’s forebears.

In his sermon, Pastor Mabray illustrated that, although they’ve now assumed a more contemporary flair, the fundamentals of Baal worship remain alive and well today. The principal pillars of Baalism were child sacrifice, sexual immorality (both heterosexual and homosexual) and pantheism (reverence of creation over the Creator).

Ritualistic Baal worship, in sum, looked a little like this: Adults would gather around the altar of Baal. Infants would then be burned alive as a sacrificial offering to the deity. Amid horrific screams and the stench of charred human flesh, congregants – men and women alike – would engage in bisexual orgies. The ritual of convenience was intended to produce economic prosperity by prompting Baal to bring rain for the fertility of “mother earth.”

The natural consequences of such behavior – pregnancy and childbirth – and the associated financial burdens of “unplanned parenthood” were easily offset. One could either choose to engage in homosexual conduct or – with child sacrifice available on demand – could simply take part in another fertility ceremony to “terminate” the unwanted child.

Modern liberalism deviates little from its ancient predecessor. While its macabre rituals have been sanitized with flowery and euphemistic terms of art, its core tenets and practices remain eerily similar. The worship of “fertility” has been replaced with worship of “reproductive freedom” or “choice.” Child sacrifice via burnt offering has been updated, ever so slightly, to become child sacrifice by way of abortion. The ritualistic promotion, practice and celebration of both heterosexual and homosexual immorality and promiscuity have been carefully whitewashed – yet wholeheartedly embraced – by the cults of radical feminism, militant “gay rights” and “comprehensive sex education.” And, the pantheistic worship of “mother earth” has been substituted – in name only – for radical environmentalism.

But it’s not just self-styled “progressives” or secular humanists who have adopted the fundamental pillars of Baalism. In these postmodern times, we’ve also been graced, regrettably, by the advent of counter-biblical “emergent Christianity” or “quasi-Christianity,” as I prefer to call it.

This is merely liberalism all dolled up and gratuitously stamped “Christian.” It’s a way for left-wing ideologues to have their “religion” cake and eat it too. Under the guise of “social justice,” its adherents often support – or at least rationalize – the same pro-homosexual, pro-abortion and radical environmental policies pushed by the modern-day Baal worshiper.

Though the “Christian left” represent what is arguably a negligible minority within larger Christianity, the liberal media have, nonetheless, embraced their cause and seized upon their popularity among elites as evidence that the so-called “Christian right” (read: biblical Christianity) is losing influence – that Christianity is, somehow, “catching up with the times.”

Because emergent Christianity fails the authenticity test whenever subjected to even the most perfunctory biblical scrutiny, I suspect it will eventually go – for the most part – the way of the pet rock or the Macarena. But this does not absolve leaders within the evangelical community from a duty to call leaders of this counter-biblical revolution on their heresy. It’s not a matter of right versus left; it’s a matter of right versus wrong – of biblical versus non-biblical.

Nonetheless, the aforementioned pillars of postmodern Baalism – abortion, sexual relativism and radical environmentalism – will almost certainly make rapid headway over the next four to eight years, with or without help from the Christian left. The gods of liberalism have a new high priest in Barack Obama, and enjoy many devout followers in the Democratic-controlled Congress, liberal media and halls of academia.

Both Obama’s social agenda and that of the 111th Congress are rife with unfettered pro-abortion, freedom-chilling, pro-homosexual and power-grabbing environmentalist objectives. The same kind of “hope, action and change,” I suppose, that was swallowed up by the Baalist Canaanites of old.

So, today’s liberalism is really just a very old book with a shiny new cover. A philosophy rooted in ancient pagan traditions, of which there is naught to be proud.

There’s “nothing new under the sun,” indeed.

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Continue to Pray for Our Friend James

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

We have mentioned our friend James several times over the last month or so (see here and here).
We need to continue to pray for him. The treatments seems to be working well, but as with all cancer treatments, the cure is almost worse than the disease.

With Economy in Shambles, Congress Votes Itself a Raise

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I guess congress doesn’t understand the fact that all the rest of us don’t get to vote ourselves pay raises. We actually have to earn them from successfully operated companies.

A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.

Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries, and watchdog groups are not happy about it.

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“As lawmakers make a big show of forcing auto executives to accept just $1 a year in salary, they are quietly raiding the vault for their own personal gain,” said Daniel O’Connell, chairman of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), a non-partisan group. “This money would be much better spent helping the millions of seniors who are living below the poverty line and struggling to keep their heat on this winter.”

However, at 2.8 percent, the automatic raise that lawmakers receive is only half as large as the 2009 cost of living adjustment of Social Security recipients.

Still, Steve Ellis, vice president of the budget watchdog Taxpayers for Common Sense, said Congress should have taken the rare step of freezing its pay, as lawmakers did in 2000.

“Look at the way the economy is and how most people aren’t counting on a holiday bonus or a pay raise — they’re just happy to have gainful employment,” said Ellis. “But you have the lawmakers who are set up and ready to get their next installment of a pay raise and go happily along their way.”

Member raises are often characterized as examples of wasteful spending, especially when many constituents and businesses in members’ districts are in financial despair.

Rep. Harry Mitchell, a first-term Democrat from Arizona, sponsored legislation earlier this year that would have prevented the automatic pay adjustments from kicking in for members next year. But the bill, which attracted 34 cosponsors, failed to make it out of committee.

“They don’t even go through the front door. They have it set up so that it’s wired so that you actually have to undo the pay raise rather than vote for a pay raise,” Ellis said.

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Happy Hanukkah Blessing to Our Jewish Friends!!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Hanukkah Quilt

We would like to take a moment to wish our Jewish Friends a most joyous and blessed Hanukkah!!
Praying for G-d’s Blessings on all of you.
-Steve, Missi and Beth

Hanukkah Quilt.

Blessed art thou, Lord our G-d, King of the universe, who sanctifies us with Thy commandments and commanded us to kindle the light of Chanukah.

Barukh attah Adonai Eloheinu Melekh ha-olam, asher kideshanu bemitzvotav, vetzivanu lehadlik ner shel chanukah.

Hewbrew for Christians.