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Obama’s Stimulus Bill a War on Prayer

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Obama continues to show his true colors toward Christians.

Democrats in Congress have declared war on prayer, say conservative groups who object to a provision in the stimulus bill that was passed by the House of Representatives last week.

The provision bans money designated for school renovation from being spent on facilities that allow “religious worship.” It has ignited a fury among critics who say it violates the First Amendment and is an attempt to prevent religious practice in schools.

According to the bill, which the Democratic-controlled House passed despite unanimous Republican opposition, funds are prohibited from being used for the “modernization, renovation, or repair” of facilities that allow “sectarian instruction, religious worship or a school or department of divinity.”

Critics say that could include public schools that permit religious groups to meet on campus. The House provided $20 billion for the infrastructure improvements, of which $6 billion would go to higher education facilities where the limitations would be applied.

“What the government is doing is discriminating against religious viewpoints,” said Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that works to advance religious freedom.

“President Obama’s version of faith-based initiatives is to remove the faith from initiative,” said Staver, who believes Obama has “a completely different view on faith” from what he said during his presidential campaign.

“He is not the infallible messiah that some thought he would be,” Straver said.

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Quote of the Day

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

“Notwithstanding reports that all economists are now Keynesians and that we all support a big increase in the burden of government, we the undersigned do not believe that more government spending is a way to improve economic performance.
More government spending by Hoover and Roosevelt did not pull the United States economy out of the Great Depression in the 1930s. More government spending did not solve Japan’s “lost decade” in the 1990s. As such, it is a triumph of hope over experience to believe that more government spending will help the U.S. today. To improve the economy, policymakers should focus on reforms that remove impediments to work, saving, investment and production. Lower tax rates and a reduction in the burden of government are the best ways of using fiscal policy to boost growth.”

-200 Economists, Including Nobel Laureates, for the Cato Institute

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‘Slobbering Love Affair’ with Obama Blurs Media’s Role

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Bernard Goldberg’s latest book is called A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media. Goldberg says biased coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign shredded and irrevocably ended any trust in the mainstream media by most of the American public.

“This time they crossed a very bright line — and it moved from media bias to media activism,” the author contends. “This time they were on a noble mission. This time they were trying to help elect a president for historical reasons. They love Barack Obama because he was young, he was cool, he was black, and he was liberal.”

But Goldberg says the media did not do themselves or the new president any favors. “When something goes wrong, he’s going to have a hard fall because they made him out to be a kind of messiah,” he adds. “But it’s not good for the rest of us. It’s not good for the country because the press is supposed to be the watchdog of a very powerful government for all of us.”

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Obama’s Justice Pick Supports Porn ‘Rights’

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Well, yeah…what else did you expect from the most liberal president to sit the office??

President Obama has expressed his belief the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted through the lens of current events and now he’s apparently preparing to install as a senior official at the U.S. Justice Department a lawyer who goes one step further, advocating for constitutional protections for abortionists, pornographers and protesters.

The evaluation of Justice Department nominee David Ogden, who would be deputy to Attorney General Eric Holder, comes from Fidelis, a consortium of organizations working to promote religious freedom, values of human life and the institutions of marriage and the family.

“Ogden is an abortion-on-demand absolutist. He opposes common sense restrictions on abortion, including policies that have significant support from the American people, such as parental notification by minors,” the organizations said in a report today.

Also, “Ogden is an absolutist on pornography and obscenity. He opposes common sense restrictions on the ability of pornography peddlers to sell their products. He believes pornography users have a constitutional right to view pornography at a public library.

Additionally, “He believes private property owners’ right to exclude protesters from their property must yield to the protesters’ free speech right.”

And he “supports a ‘living Constitution’ that changes to fit the latest fad of the intelligentsia,” the report said.

Ogden’s belief system appears to align with the sentiments expressed by Obama earlier. WND has reported Obama believes the Constitution is flawed because it does not mandate redistribution of wealth and he says the Supreme Court should have intervened years ago to accomplish that.

Obama also repeatedly has stated his desire for empathetic judges who “understand” the plight of minorities. In a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, he said, “We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.”

Fidelis called Obama’s nomination of Ogden, who was described as a “skilled manager” when his name was suggested for the Justice Department’s No. 2 post, a “major mistake.”

“David Ogden is a hired gun from Playboy and ACLU,” said Brian Burch, president of the pro-family group. “He can’t run from his long record of opposing common sense laws protecting families, women, and children. The United States Senate has a responsibility to the American people to insure that Mr. Ogden’s full record is fully reviewed before any vote on his nomination.”

The group’s extensive research on Ogden cites his work on behalf of homosexuality in Lawrence vs. Texas, for Playboy and Penthouse on issues involving pornography and his representation of a company that distributes videos titled “Bubblegum cuties,” “Sweet young things,” “Young girls” and “Fresh and young.”

“He has opposed filters on library computers protecting children from Internet smut, and successfully defended the right of pornographers to produce material with underage children,” Burch said.

“Ogden even sued the federal government in an attempt to publish Braille versions of Playboy magazine – at taxpayer expense, of course,” he said.

The report said Ogden has argued for the treatment of traditional definitions of marriage as a “social prejudice.”

“At a time when America’s families are under increasing assault, Mr. Ogden is a dangerous choice for a position whose responsibilities include the enforcement of our nation’s laws,” Burch said.

Fidelis spokesman Joshua Mercer told WND one of the major worries is that children should be protected from online sex predators and Ogden’s position goes beyond free speech absolutism.

“There is no such thing as free speech to yell ‘fire’ in movie theaters,” he said. “Child porn is not free speech either. It’s disheartening that the president would pick someone with that kind of radical views of human sexuality. You don’t want him as the No. 2 at Justice.”

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“Turkey’s Feathers Ruffled” by Michael G. Mickey

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

The following was noted in an Associated Press article dated January 30, 2009:

Efforts to fight global warming, help Africa and revive the faltering world economy were front and center at the World Economic Forum Friday, a day after Middle East tensions flared publicly at the elite gathering.

An outburst by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had shocked the business and political elites Thursday night. Erdogan walked off the stage after trading accusations with Israeli President Shimon Peres.

An AFP article reported the following, in part:

Erdogan, who leads one of the few Muslim countries to have diplomatic relations with Israel and who has sought a peacemaker’s role in the Middle East conflict, said Israel had carried out “barbarian” actions in Gaza.

“I find it very sad that people applaud what you have said because many people have been killed,” he shouted at Peres before being halted by the moderator, Washington Post journalist David Ignatius.

“We can’t start the debate again we just don’t have time,” Ignatius pleaded as he remonstrated with the Turkish premier.

Peres, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for his efforts to reconcile with Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organisation, had insisted that Israel had been forced into the offensive against Hamas by thousands of rockets and mortars fired into Israel.

“The tragedy of Gaza is not Israel, it is Hamas,” said Peres. “They created a dictatorship. A very dangerous one.”

Pointing a finger at Erdogan he said Turkey would have done the same if rockets had been fired at Istanbul.

The International Middle East Media Center reported the incident as follows:

The Turkish Prime Minister stormed out of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, after criticizing Israel’s attack on Gaza in a debate with the Israeli President.

The moderator of the debate, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, allowed a lengthy speech by the Israeli President, then tried to end the debate without giving the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan a chance to respond.

Erdogan demanded just one minute to speak, then, when he was cut off, stormed out of the room. He chastised the Israeli President for killing children saying that he “must have been feeling guilty about what he did to the Palestinians”.

When he returned to Turkey, he was met by thousands of supporters who cheered his action at the Economic Summit.

It appears that Turkey’s feathers are a bit ruffled concerning the recent Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Not only that, as indicated by the hero’s welcome Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan came home to after accusing Israel of barbaric atrocities and the killing of children, it seems the Turkish people are proud of him for same. Why do I bring this up now, several days late? For one reason, things here in Kentucky have been a bit rough weather-wise which slowed the site down some. Another reason? A far better one? Turkey is going to come against Israel in battle in the prophetic future, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. This diplomatic flare-up potentially revealed some of the hostility Turkey has for Israel that is going to lead to fulfillment of the prophecy.

Listed below are the nations most believe will be involved in the battle of Gog-Magog described in Ezekiel 38-39:

  • Magog – Most agree this is a reference to Russia.
  • Meshech – Most associate this with modern day Turkey, ancient Anatolia, but some say it refers to the Moscow area.
  • Tubal – Most associate this with modern day Turkey, ancient Anatolia.
  • Persia – modern Iran
  • Ethiopia
  • Libya
  • Gomer – eastern Europe or Turkey
  • Togarmah – southeastern Europe or Turkey

At, we’re attempting to document, as completely as possible, that everything prophesied to take place in the Bible that has yet to be fulfilled has potential to be fulfilled as revealed in the news of our world TODAY, possibly sooner than most conceive possible.

Soon, this writer believes, Jesus Christ is going to come for His Church. The battle of Gog-Magog may occur prior to that or afterward, but how incredible it is to be able to pick up a book written under divine inspiration thousands of years ago, namely the Holy Bible, and be able to see the world we’re living in TODAY mirroring its content!

What a great God!

Stay tuned.

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House Leaders Wary of CAIR After FBI Shuns Islamic Advocacy Group

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

I guess congress people never actually read the news. They always seem to be running about a year or so behind the rest of us.

A leading member of the House of Representatives is asking the FBI to explain why it did not notify Congress that it had cut ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, as revealed by last week. And several lawmakers are calling on their colleagues to “think twice” before meeting with the Islamic advocacy group, which the FBI considers a front for Islamic radicals.

Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf sent a letter to the FBI’s assistant director of counterterrorism on Monday, raising questions about CAIR in light of the FOX News report.

“Has the FBI severed ties with CAIR? If so, how is the FBI planning to formally notify members of Congress and other government officials of this decision?” read the Republican congressman’s letter, which pushed the bureau for word of its current connections with the group — and asked whether CAIR’s Washington-based lobbyists are receiving money from overseas. reported last week that the FBI had severed its once-close ties with CAIR as evidence mounted of its links to a support network for Hamas, which the U.S. has designated a terrorist organization.

After CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror financing trial — and after a special agent testified that CAIR was a front for Muslim radicals working in the U.S. — local chapters of CAIR were shunned by the bureau under direct orders from FBI headquarters in Washington.

Until the ban was issued last fall, CAIR gave training sessions for FBI agents and was used as a liaison with the American Muslim community. In Congress, the organization continues its lobbying activities.

“I’ve talked to CAIR people in the past. It was on a very casual basis — that’s what caught my eye when I saw the FOX News report, because I think they’re very active up here on Capitol Hill. I think it’s something that we really have to look into,” said Wolf, a 15-term congressman.

“Whatever information there is available we ought to know, and I think other members of Congress will want to know also,” Wolf told

In the wake of the news, five Republican congressmen have sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to members of the House urging them to “Beware of CAIR.”

“Members should think twice before meeting with representatives of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). The FBI has cut ties with them. There are indications that this group has connections to Hamas,” read the note headed by Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich.

Wolf has yet to hear back from the FBI, but the congressman is confident he’ll have answers soon.

“I know they received it. We made sure they got it,” he said. “They’re always very, very prompt.”

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Lesbians Who Led Mass. Gay Marriage Fight to Divorce

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

It puts me in the mind of Roe vs. Wade. Need I say more??

BOSTON — A lesbian couple who led the fight for gay marriage in Massachusetts has filed for divorce.

Julie and Hillary Goodridge were among seven gay couples who filed a lawsuit that led to a court ruling making Massachusetts the first state to legalize same-sex marriages in 2004. The couple became the public face of the debate in the state and married the first day same-sex marriages became legal.

The divorce case was filed last week in Suffolk Probate and Family Court and was not unexpected. The couple announced they were separating in 2006.

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Obama: “We Were Just Tired of Being in the White House”, Bolts

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Gee Mr. “President”, two weeks and you’re already tired of the job? Wasn’t all you thought it was going to be? I mean it’s real easy to criticize the last guy who did it while you schmoozed the mindless multitudes with numerous platitudes oozing with messages of your own imagined self importance.
Is our “Emperor” displeased that those who should be blindly worshiping “The One” are now actually expecting him to do what he told everyone he would do? If this is how he reacts to these type of problems, how is he going to react to a real crisis??
Can y’all not see the handwriting on the wall yet? As I feared, this pompous, arrogant windbag is exactly that; all talk with no substance.

WASHINGTON (AP) – On the rockiest day of his young administration, President Barack Obama did what surely made him happy for a while.

He left.

With little notice, the president and first lady Michelle Obama bolted the gated compound of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in their tank of a limousine on Tuesday. They ended up at a Washington public school, greeted by children who could not care less about the collapse of a Cabinet secretary nomination.

“We were just tired of being in the White House,” the president candidly told the gleeful second-graders at Capital City Public Charter School.

“We got out! They let us out!” Mrs. Obama said as the kids and their teachers laughed.

The White House said the Obamas’ trip had been planned, just not publicly announced.

The surprise timing, though, gave the feel of two different worlds.

At the White House, press secretary Robert Gibbs was getting grilled about Tom Daschle’s doomed nomination for health and human services secretary.

Meanwhile, the president was getting questions from boys and girls who are the same age as his seven-year-old daughter, Sasha.

One child asked him if he had a favorite superhero. Spiderman and Batman, the president answered.

Another student asked what it was like to live in the White House. Mrs. Obama took charge on this one, delighting the kids with all the perks of life in America’s most famous house: a florist, a bowling alley, a movie theater, even a special place where people make chocolate and candy.

“You should come visit,” she said.

The stop at the school underscored a promise that the Obamas made and insist they will keep: to avoid getting caught up in a White House bubble. They say they will be visible parts of the Washington community—even in the midst of a hectic day. Or a difficult one.

Consider what happened just before the president left the White House compound.

In the span of a few hours, he dealt with the aborted candidacy of his government’s chief performance officer over an embarrassing tax problem; he announced a new commerce secretary nominee to replace the one who withdrew weeks earlier because of corruption investigation; and he accepted the stunning withdrawal by Daschle, who had his own problems over back taxes and ethical conflicts.

None of that came up at school, although Obama did sneak in a plug for his economic stimulus plan.

He was upbeat. He and his wife read the students a book about the inspirational story of astronauts landing on the moon. He took a class photo, accepted hugs from the children, thanked them for pictures they made him, and even delivered them a couple of brown-paper bags full of books.

“Thank you, guys,” the president said to cheers.

Awaiting him back home: More questions.

This time, they would be coming from five television network anchors, in rapid-fire interviews in the Oval Office. And so goes the job.

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