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Love Jesus

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.

John 14:23-24 (New International Version)

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NEA to Consider Full Support of Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

There’s no surprise in this. The NEA is massively liberal. The homosexual activist have been trying to get this into the schools for years. What better way to indoctrinate our children than when they are young.

The NEA is currently holding its annual convention in San Diego, California. Educator and conservative activist Jeralee Smith called OneNewsNow from the convention to report that the executive council has approved language that will throw the full support of the NEA behind same-gender marriage, homosexual adoption, and other issues surrounding the homosexual agenda.

“They will help to overturn legislation that is discriminatory against same-sex couples,” she notes. “And then there is one little bullet about [how] they will recognize that marriage has a religious connotation and it’s not compatible with beliefs and values — because of that they recognize that certain churches should not be forced to conduct same-sex marriage.”

Smith says the resolution could be voted on as early as midday Friday or as late as Tuesday of next week. She points out this is not the first political issue the NEA has undertaken. The NEA gave $50 million to help elect President Obama in 2008.

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Holder: ‘Gays’ Protected, Ministers Not

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

More information is emerging on the so-called “Hate Crimes” legislation, also being titled as the “Pedophile Protection Act”.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says a homosexual activist who is attacked following a Christian minister’s sermon about homosexuality would be protected by a proposed new federal law, but a minister attacked by a homosexual wouldn’t be.

The revelations come from Holder’s recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which was taking comments on the so-called “hate crimes” proposal. It also was the subject of discussion on talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s show today.

“This is the question,” Limbaugh said. “[Sen.] Jeff Sessions [R-Ala.] presents a hypothetical where a minister gives a sermon, quotes the Bible about homosexuality and is thereafter attacked … by a gay activist because of what the minister said about his religious beliefs and what Scripture says about homosexuality. Is the minister protected?”

No, said Holder.

“Well, the statute would not – would not necessarily cover that. We’re talking about crimes that have a historic basis. Groups who have been targeted for violence as a result of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, that is what this statute tends – is designed to cover. We don’t have the indication that the attack was motivated by a person’s desire to strike at somebody who was in one of these protected groups. That would not be covered by the statute,” Holder stated.

Continued Limbaugh, “In other words: ministers and whites are not covered by the hate crime statute because we’re talking about crimes that have a historic basis, groups who have been targeted for violence as a result of their skin color, sexual orientation. So hate crimes are reserved exclusively for blacks and homosexuals. Everybody else can get to the back of the bus on this one. ”

Holder also fumbled repeatedly in searching for answers to questions from several of the senators. He repeatedly failed to cite cases when asked to by senators that in recent years have been “improperly prosecuted,” a video reveals.

The recent hearing, featuring Holder as the principal witness, was more than two hours long and is posted online by the committee.

On the VDARE blog, Patrick Cleburne wrote about what he called “Holder’s chilling blunders.”

“Holder attempted to justify passage of the Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Instead, he worked against it. Holder emphatically said most Americans are not given equal protection with homosexuals (and homosexual pedophiles) by the hate bill. Holder also presented no evidence that states are failing to prosecute hate crimes and need big government to get involved!

Here’s the outline of why Christians are being silenced across America. Get it now!

“This is a desperately serious matter. With a politicized judiciary, who knows where it will go?” Clenburne continued.

Sessions was unchallenged in his assessment that the law, dubbed by opponents “The Pedophile Protection Act,” would provide “special protections” for only some people in the United States. Holder confirmed that, identifying, blacks, homosexuals and others.

WND has also reported, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 as it formally is known would provide special protections to homosexuals, essentially designating them as a “protected class.” However, it could leave Christian ministers open to prosecution should their teachings be linked to any subsequent offense, by anyone, against a homosexual person.

It earned its nickname when Rep. Steve King suggested an amendment during its trek through the U.S. House that would specify pedophiles could not use the law to protect their activities.

Majority Democrats flatly refused.

Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention, has said such a law – by definition – requires judges to determine what those accused of crimes were thinking.

“This could create a chilling effect on religious speech, connecting innocent expression of religious belief to acts of violence against individuals afforded special protections,” he wrote. “The criminalization of religious speech, such as speech against the practice of homosexuality, has already been seen in other countries with similar hate crimes legislation in place.”

Limbaugh has also warned his audience about the advancing threat of “hate crimes” laws.

“Some people are going to be put in jail for things that they say,” he said. “Hate crime legislation. That’s where they determine what’s in your mind when you commit a crime. That’s when they decide what you were thinking … If you were thinking unapproved thoughts, that would make the crime you committed even worse.”

President Obama, supported strongly during his campaign by homosexual advocates, has indicated that he would like to see the legislation become law.

“I urge members on both sides of the aisle to act on this important civil rights issue by passing this legislation to protect all of our citizens from violent acts of intolerance.”

Under questioning from Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., Holder admitted that “hate” was involved in a recent case in which a Muslim man attacked and killed a U.S. soldier. Still, soldiers are not among the protected classes.

“There’s a certain element of hate in that, I suppose,” Holder admitted, leading Coburn to conclude, “What we’re willing to do is elevate those crimes (verbal or physical attacks on homosexuals) over this very intended hate crime (a murder.)”

“There are lots of other groups, decent people who might need additional protection if the federal government had all the money in the world and the time to investigate,” Sessions added.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, was specific, asking what crimes have developed that have not been addressed adequately by current laws and prosecutions.

Holder avoided a direct answer, saying, “Well, I have some in my prepared remarks.”

Coburn tried again, “Do we have good stats telling us we’re not (prosecuting) these crimes?”

“Do we have stats that states are failing? Which states are regularly or systematically failing to prosecute?”

“I don’t think we can say there is a trend among the states or local jurisdictions for failing to go after these kinds of crimes,” Holder admitted.

To other questions, Holder responded, “I don’t know.”

Sessions said, “I’ll ask you again. Cite me some cases of significance that have not been properly prosecuted in the last five years.”

Again, Holder deflected the question.

According Rick Scarborough of Vision America, voters should rise up en masse and contact their senators to oppose the plan.

Stephen Di Benedetto writing at Infozine, reported on a request from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that the senators reject the plan.

“I see little evidence that there is a trend among state law enforcement officials to ignore violent crimes motivated by prejudice,” Hatch told Holder.

It was only in Holder’s written statement where he cited cases where state’s allegedly failed to prosecute cases to his satisfaction.

Coburn also noted the 45 states that have hate crime legislation. Only Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Wyoming and Indiana do not. He asked of those five states are failing to prosecute hate crimes.

Holder said he did not have the information.

David Rittgers wrote on the Cato-at-Liberty website the hearing revealed “the dark underbelly of the Senate.

“The road to undermining the rule of law is being paved with the best of intentions and casual disregard (if not outright hostility) for the principles of limited government and equality under the law,” he wrote.

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Obama Says It Will Take Months to Turn Around Economy

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Emperor Obama made the following comment yesterday (July 2nd, 2009):
“It took years for us to get into this mess and it will take more than a few months to turn it around.”

I’m going to offer a rebuttal of sorts.

I think the “months” is optimistic. I think “years” is a better term.

Mr. Emperor, wasn’t your “stimulus” plan, that your fear mongered on Americans and got passed by congress and the senate before anyone had read it, supposed to help our economy? Did you hear any of us when we told you it would take years for the majority of the stimulus to reach the average person? Of course not. You not only didn’t listen, you told us to “shut-up”. In your mind, you are “The One”, the “Messiah of America”, a true Emperor at heart. You don’t need to listen. You think you know it all. We, the masses are ignorant idiots, placed here to do your bidding.

Mr. Emperor, you were dead wrong on every account.

Several times, I stated on this blog that the only way to stimulate the economy immediately was to slash taxes on small businesses and the working, tax paying, American; the “average” wage earner.
Give back our money, and we, the working people, would go out and spend it. Giving it back to the small businesses made sense because they are the only ones in a position to spend it immediately, adding employees and services. This in turn would generate orders for manufactured goods and the larger companies would begin to feel the benefit within several months.

Mr. Emperor, you botched it. You have delayed our economic recovery by months, if not years. Any recovery we have will be a “natural” improvement and will have nothing to do with anything you spawned.

Mr. Emperor, you are a failure, and it didn’t take you any time at all to get there.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday there were signs that the “economic storm” that has made millions jobless was waning, but warned that it would still take the United States many months to recover.

“It took years for us to get into this mess and it will take more than a few months to turn it around,” Obama said at the White House.

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CBS Doesn’t Mention Obama as Unemployment Hits 26-Year High

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Emperor Obama’s Department of Propaganda, aka the Mainstream News Media, is still, for the most part, sticking stubbornly to their quest to advance all things Obama. But there do appear to be some cracks forming in their resolve. Maybe the Obama love-fest is coming to an end.

The unemployment rate in June jumped to 9.5 percent, the highest since 1983, as 467,000 jobs were lost, yet the CBS Evening News managed to air a story that didn’t mention President Barack Obama or his “stimulus” bill while the NBC story only touched Obama’s policies by running a soundbite of the President defending the lack of positive impact so far from his policies: “It took years for us to get into this mess and it will take us more than a few months to turn it around.” CBS reporter Anthony Mason remarked: “Hopefully it’s a one-month blip.”

In contrast, ABC anchor Charles Gibson teased Thursday’s World News: “Tonight, job jolt. Unemployment reaches a 26-year high. Where are all those jobs the economic stimulus was supposed to produce?” Setting up ABC’s lead (CBS and NBC began with Michael Jackson), Gibson proposed: “The rising unemployment raises questions about the economic stimulus, which was supposed to create jobs.”

(Refusing to hold Obama accountable for his economic policies is nothing new. See the early June post, “Finding the ‘glass half full,’ nets and newspapers find good news about job loss, ignore failure of stimulus to halt rising unemployment,” from the MRC’s Business & Media Institute.)

From the start of the story on Thursday’s NBC Nightly News:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: We turn to tonight’s news on the U.S. economy and new numbers that prove what a lot of Americans already know, employers are continuing to fire and not hire. The unemployment rate now at 9.5 percent. Hasn’t been that high in 26 years. 467,000 more jobs disappeared in the month of June alone, a surprise to a lot of the experts because May hadn’t been that bleak. On Wall Street, the Dow, NASDAQ, S & P were way down on today’s trading. CNBCs Trish Regan has more on the numbers and some of the real people behind them.TRISH REGAN: In New York City some instructions for the newly unemployed. It’s become an increasingly popular class. And now news today that unemployment is at a 26-year high.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: It took years for us to get into this mess and it will take us more than a few months to turn it around.

REGAN: With the recession in its twentieth month, nearly 15 million Americans are out of work….

The complete CBS Evening News coverage:

KATIE COURIC: Turning to the economy now, while there have been signs the recession is easing, unemployment is only getting worse. The Labor Department reported today it’s up to 9.5 percent now. That is the highest in 26 years. And 467,000 more jobs disappeared last month. Anthony Mason has the story.ANTHONY MASON: With another brutal month of job cuts, nearly 15 million Americans were out of work in June, disappointing analysts looking for green chutes.

STUART HOFFMAN, CHIEF ECONOMIST, PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP: Right now, we need more than chutes. We need branches, leaves, and flowers to get the economy to look better.

MASON: Already a dozen states and the District of Columbia have unemployment rates above ten percent with Michigan the highest at more than 14 percent. Only two states, Nebraska and North Dakota, have rates lower than when the recession began. Many businesses are trying desperately to hang on to workers. At Tri-Star Industries, a metal working factory in Connecticut, owner Andrew Nowakowski laid off six of his 36 employees and was going to cut more until the state came to the rescue.

ANDREW NOWAKOWSKI: The program allows us to maintain our full-time workforce intact.

MASON: Under Connecticut’s work share program, Nowakowski he has cut back his workers to three and four-day weeks, but the state makes up half of their lost wages with unemployment funds. Seventeen other states have similar programs.

JAMES CASSIDY, TRI-STAR EMPLOYEE: If I didn’t have this, I’d probably be trying to get on the welfare line.

MASON: But rising unemployment has retailers hurting. At Stride-Rite and Payless shoes, CEO Matthew Rubel says he doesn’t expect to see a rebound for at least another year.

MATTHEW RUBEL, CEO, COLLECTIVE BRANDS: There’s still one out of every 10 people looking for a job, so you can do whatever you want with Wall Street numbers. Main street, they’re still looking for work. Until we get them back working, they’re not going to go out and spend.

MASON: And the picture gets worse when you add those people who settled for part-time work or given up looking. The so-called underemployed rate, is now a record 16.5 percent. Katie.

COURIC: Some very unwelcome news tonight, Anthony.

MASON: Hopefully it’s a one-month blip.

—Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center

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