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Lord’s Prayer

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Lord's Prayer

This, then, is how you should pray:
” ‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.’ ”

Matthew 6:9-13 (New International Version)

Disparagement of Constituents Democrat ‘Strategic Plan’

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

This is sickening. Why don’t the Dem understand?

Demeaning protesters who confront their members of Congress at town hall meetings over the health care plan and other concerns appears to be part of a strategic plan by Democrats and their allies to “dehumanize” them, according to a psychiatrist.

Keith Ablow, a New York Times best-selling author and Fox News Channel contributor, told the Glenn Beck television show that calling opponents of the legislation promoted by President Obama and the Democratic majority “a mob” classifies them as subhuman.

“This sounds familiar,” he said, describing it as sounding a little like “that slope to totalitarianism.”

WND reported over the weekend on video clips that showed constituents confronting their members of Congress over the massive spending in Washington and the intimidating new demands of the health care proposal.

The opposition, if anything, is heating up. A new video shows a representative for Rep. Christopher Carney, D-Pa., refusing to hold discussions with constituents in the presence of the media or in groups larger than two or three.

“The government is not representing us anymore,” said Connie McCaffery, who was at the meeting and appears in a video of the event posted on

“We came today to speak with Rep. Carney’s representative,” said Veronica Adams. “He doesn’t want to meet with us as a group. He didn’t want to meet with us with the press.”

Ablow said the Democratic description of such constituents as “a mob” is intended to intimidate, too.

“Nobody does want to be called crazy,” he said. “By (describing) the opposition as non-people, as not thinking people, who would want to line up, other than patriots I might suggest, and (be part),” he said.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., was confronted by Democrats who objected to what Congress is doing and quickly changed the subject from the health care plan to the Erie Canal.

Identifying himself as a registered Democrat, a protester challenges Hoyer to tell the truth.

“You can’t tell us anything,” the protester said.

Added another, “Why would you try to stuff a health care plan down our throats in a couple days when the president took six months to pick a dog for his kids?”

Hoyer launched into an analogy using the Erie Canal as an example of issues voters had opposed.

The attack on protesters reached a summit on MSNBC, when Keith Olbermann labeled the protests as phony and fake and said they were “disrupting” meetings of “Democratic lawmakers.”

“That protester right there is holding a Bible,” the voiceover on the report said.

No town hall meeting? No problem to raise the question, constituents of Rep. John Tanner, D-Tenn., found.

Their video charges that Tanner has met with Michael Moore and Fidel Castro.

“But he won’t meet his constituents in the 8th District to talk about health care.”

On the Fox News Channel, a Wisconsin man who attended a town hall meeting explained he wanted to express the message, “We don’t feel that Washington is listening to us.”

He told host Bill Hemmer, “The way the Congress has been acting in general lately is in my mind totally unconstitutional. They want to take one of the most important issues in my life, which is health care, they want to say that they are going to reform it but they haven’t even read the bill.”

WND reported earlier that some congressional Democrats now are planning to discuss their work with local constituents only by telephone instead of through in-person meetings.

Follow this link to see the videos of these exchanges.

Turkish Muslim Leader Wants Jewish Temple Rebuilt

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Very interesting…

With the Middle East still in chaos and rumors of war in the air, the idea of rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple on a foundation occupied and administered by Islamic militants might seem fanciful – even preposterous.

But the author of a new book, “The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Real Nature of the Beast,” returned from Turkey recently with news that a prominent Islamic teacher and best-selling author and Jewish Sanhedrin rabbis are conspiring to do just that.

In a column penned in WND today, author Joel Richardson reveals the historically unprecedented development.

Adnan Oktar, who uses the pen name of Harun Yahya, is a controversial but highly influential Muslim intellectual and author with more than 65 million of his books in circulation worldwide. Oktar recently met with three representatives from the re-established Jewish Sanhedrin, a group of 71 Orthodox rabbis and scholars from Israel, to discuss how religious Muslims, Jews and Christians can work together on the project

“The objectives of the alliance include waging a joint intellectual and spiritual battle against the worldwide growing tide of irreligiousness, unbelief and immorality,” explains Richardson, who met in Turkey with Oktar. “But even more unusual is their agreement with regard to the need to rebuild the Jewish Temple, a structure that Mr. Oktar refers to as the ‘Masjid (Mosque)’ or the ‘Palace of Solomon.'”

An official statement about the meeting has been published on the Sanhedrin’s website. Concluding the statement is the following call:

“Out of a sense of collective responsibility for world peace and for all humanity we have found it timely to call to the World and exclaim that there is a way out for all peoples. It is etched in a call to all humanity: We are all the sons of one father, the descendants of Adam, and all humanity is but a single family. Peace among Nations will be achieved through building the House of G-d, where all peoples will serve as foreseen by King Solomon in his prayers at the dedication of the First Holy Temple. Come let us love and respect one another, and love and honor and hold our heavenly Father in awe. Let us establish a house of prayer in His name in order to worship and serve Him together, for the sake of His great compassion. He surely does not want the blood of His creations spilled, but prefers love and peace among all mankind. We pray to the Almighty Creator, that you harken to our Call. Together – each according to his or her ability – we shall work towards the building of the House of Prayer for All Nations on the Temple Mount in peace and mutual understanding.”

Oktar explained his vision for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple to Richardson:

“The Palace of Solomon is a historically important palace and rebuilding it would be a very wonderful thing. It is something that any Jew, a Christian or a Muslim should welcome with enthusiasm. Every Muslim, every believer will want to return to those days, to experience those days again and, albeit partially, to bring the beauty of those days back to life.”

Joel Richardson and Adnan Oktar meet together in Istanbul July 21, 2009

Oktar added that the Temple of Solomon “will be rebuilt and all believers will worship there in tranquility.” During his meeting with the Sanhedrin Rabbis, Oktar expressed his belief that the Temple could be rebuilt in one year:

“It could be done in a year at most. It could be built to the same perfection and beauty. The Torah says it was built in 13 years, if I remember correctly. It could be rebuilt in a year in its perfect form.”

Richardson later met with Rabbi Abrahamson and Rabbi Hollander, two of the Sanhedrin representatives who conferred with Oktar. Regarding the rebuilding of the Temple, Rabbi Hollander explained, “The building of the Temple is one of the stages in the Messianic process.” But another possibility that has been presented is that the Dome of the Rock that sits so prominently on the Temple Mount be used as “a place prayer for all nations.”

“This should be fairly simple,” explained Rabbi Hollander. “It is said that the structure of the Dome in Haram E-Sharrif (the Temple Mount) was originally meant by (Caliph) Omar to be a House of Prayer for Jews, and the Al-Aqsa for Muslims.”

However, he also explained that religious Jews would not be able to enter the Dome of the Rock unless it had first been ritually cleansed according to Jewish halakhic regulations.

This is not the only similar call to rebuild the Jewish Temple, points out Richardson. Yoav Frankel is an Orthodox Jew who has been deeply involved in interfaith dialogue with Muslims and also envisions a shared Temple Mount. The Interfaith Encounter Association is working on a project called “God’s Holy Mountain.” It sees the day when the rebuilt Jewish Temple will exist side by side with the Dome of the Rock.

Richardson sees such plans tying in to Barack Obama’s calls for internationalizing the city of Jerusalem.

A recent poll showed nearly two-thirds of Israelis back the idea of rebuilding the Temple.

“Meanwhile, the work of the Temple Institute, a group that has openly dedicated itself for years to rebuilding the Jewish Temple goes on,” writes Richardson.

It has already created many of the most significant priestly utensils and pieces of furniture necessary for the Temple once it is ready.

“The suggestion of rebuilding the Jewish Temple is deeply significant to Christians, particularly those who are students of Bible prophecy,” explains Richardson. “According to the Bible, an impostor messiah known as the Antichrist will someday invade the land of Israel and ‘set himself up’ in the ‘God’s Temple.'”

Richardson’s book focuses on the striking parallels between the Bible’s prophecies about the coming messiah and Islam’s traditions regarding the one called “the Mahdi” – Islam’s primary messiah figure, who will one day invade the land of Israel and establish his seat of authority on the Temple Mount.

Richardson’s book stands in stark contrast to most other popular prophecy books of the last 40 years.

The student of Islam and the Middle East says that after decades of reading popular prophecy books and even best-selling fiction like the “Left Behind” series, millions of evangelical Christians around the world are expecting the Antichrist to emerge from a revived Roman Empire, which many have assumed is associated with the Roman Catholic Church and the European Union.

Not so, argues Richardson. His book makes the case that the biblical Antichrist is one and the same as the Quran’s Muslim Mahdi.

“The Islamic Antichrist” is almost certain to be greeted in the Muslim world with the same enthusiasm as Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses.” The author, Joel Richardson, is prepared. He has written the book under a pseudonym to protect himself and his family.

“The Bible abounds with proofs that the Antichrist’s empire will consist only of nations that are, today, Islamic,” says Richardson. “Despite the numerous prevailing arguments for the emergence of a revived European Roman empire as the Antichrist’s power base, the specific nations the Bible identifies as comprising his empire are today all Muslim.”

Richardson believes the key error of many previous prophecy scholars involves the misinterpretation of a prediction by Daniel to Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel describes the rise and fall of empires of the future, leading to the endtimes. Western Christians have viewed one of those empires as Rome, when, claims Richardson, Rome never actually conquered Babylon and was thus disqualified as a possibility.

It had to be another empire that rose and fell and rose again that would lead to the rule by this “man of sin,” described in the Bible. That empire, he says, is the Islamic Empire, which did conquer Babylon and, in fact, rules over it even today.

Many evangelical Christians believe the Bible predicts a charismatic ruler, the Antichrist, will arise in the last days, before the return of Jesus. The Quran also predicts that a man, called the Mahdi, will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. Richardson makes the case these two men are, in fact, one in the same.

Original Link.

Liberals Seek to Silence and Demonize Those Who Oppose their Socialism

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

New poll shows those opposing ObamaCare are in the majority

August 5, 2009

Dear Friend,

Gary Bauer sent out a special alert yesterday concerning how the liberal politicians and liberal media outlets are seeking to silence those who are speaking out against out of control spending and the take over of vital industries. The liberals are upset that common citizens like you are exercising their right to free speech, and are using it to let the liberals know they have had enough and are going to let their voice be heard.

I urge you to get involved, stand up and speak out. Make the phone calls, send the e-mails, make the phone calls. Don’t let the liberal left silence you! The future of our country and our children and grandchildren is at stake. The ugly name calling shows that your voices are being heard. Please keep it up!

Here is what Gary had to say:

“All over the country, normal citizens are exercising their God-given rights of assembly, free speech and dissent. It is important for elected members of Congress to hear from their constituents, and it is a healthy exercise for our democratic republic.

“But the reaction from some in the media and political establishment has been very disturbing. It appears as though there is a coordinated effort to delegitimize public dissent, which strikes at the heart of our constitutional guarantee of free speech. Here is a sample of statements we have collected in the past 24 hours:

• “One member of Congress from Texas referred to his own constituents as “a mob,” saying, “This mob…did not come just to be heard, but to deny others the right to be heard.”

• “From the Democratic National Committee: “Republicans and their allied groups — desperate after losing two consecutive elections and every major policy fight on Capitol Hill — are inciting angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing extremists funded by K Street Lobbyists to disrupt thoughtful discussions about the future of health care in America taking place in Congressional Districts across the country.”

• “From a Virginia congressman: “When you look at the fervor of some of these people who are all being whipped up by the right-wing talking heads on Fox, to me, you’re crossing a line.”

• “White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs: “I hope people will take a jaundiced eye to what is clearly the Astroturf nature of grass-roots lobbying. This is manufactured anger.”

• “CNN commentator and political strategist Donna Brazile: “They’re renting organizers. The left has done it. Now they’re doing it. This little small band of protesters are trying to stop members [of Congress] from doing their jobs.”

“The same leftists who for years applauded when demonstrators took over the streets to protest the Iraq war, amnesty for illegal aliens or who attacked churches that supported marriage remaining between a man and woman, suddenly see a few hundred retirees, small businessmen, homemakers, farmers, sales clerks and just plain folks as evidence of ‘rightwing extremism.’

“My friends, the Left believes that name-calling can intimidate you into silence. Don’t cave! As an American, you have a right to express your views to the politicians who WORK FOR YOU, even if they don’t like it.

“The fact is, you are in the majority now – not the leftists trying to push European socialism on you. The American people do not want government-run healthcare, as a new poll out today from Quinnipiac University shows. The poll found that ’52 percent of American voters disapprove of the way [the president] is handling the health-care issue and 39 percent approve.’ Here’s more from the poll: By a whopping 72%-to-21% margin, voters don’t believe healthcare reform will be paid for or be ‘deficit neutral.’ And by a 20-point margin, 57%-to-37%, voters say healthcare reform should be abandoned if it adds to the deficit.

“By the way, the Washington, D.C., newspaper The Hill reported this weekend that labor unions and leftwing organizations “will spend between $10 million and $20 million this month to twist lawmakers’ arms over the stalled healthcare reform effort in Congress” and the Employee Free Choice Act. So, ACORN, Big Labor and other groups can organize and protest in support of the liberal agenda, but how dare anyone speak up against it!

“My fear, given the stakes and emotions on both sides, is that union thugs, ACORN activists and leftwing anarchists (who ransacked the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul during last year’s Republican National Convention) will turn violent and innocent people will get hurt. If that happens, the radical Left will bear the responsibility for demonizing free speech.”



Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. The liberals are angry because your involvement is making a difference!

“This is what mob rule looks like” By Michelle Malkin

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Here are examples, posted by Michelle Malkin, of what a real mob looks like. This is what the liberals have been doing for years, with the Democrats standing around applauding their efforts. Now that the conservatives actually start having a loud voice, the Dems can’t handle it.

I’ve noted the irony of the unhinged Left moaning about the “insane rage” of the Right many, many, many, many, many times.

Allahpundit reports tonight that the DNC is now decrying “mob rule.” Lefty bloggers are comparing grass-roots conservatives to Holocaust deniers and waving around the moral equivalence card to smear peaceful Tea Party activists as dangers to democracy and civility (check that link and you’ll get a chuckle out of Media Matters pointing to my archive exposing anti-war fraudsters, Code Pink thieves and home stalkers, and rock-throwing moonbats as some sort of proof that supporting the law-abiding Tea Party movement is hypocritical).


This is what mob rule looks like:

Follow this link to see Michelle’s previous post on this subject and her videos.

Conservatives Vow No Letup in Health Protests

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

I really believe that Democrats need to be walking very carefully on this subject. They are calling the protesters, their own constituents, both liberal and conservative “ugly mobs” and “fake”. They just can’t get their minds around the fact that people don’t want this health care change. Period.

WASHINGTON — Conservative activists are vowing to keep up their fight against President Barack Obama’s health care plans, even as the Democratic Party pushes back hard, accusing Republicans of organizing angry mobs.

Democrats and the White House are claiming that the sometimes rowdy protests that have disrupted Democratic lawmakers’ meetings and health care events around the country are largely orchestrated from afar by insurers, lobbyists, Republican Party activists and others.

“This mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level Republican political operatives,” the Democratic National Committee says in a new Web video. “They have no plan for moving our country forward, so they’ve called out the mob.”

Some of the activists who’ve shown up at town hall meetings held recently by Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Wis., and others are affiliated with loosely connected right-leaning groups, including Conservatives for Patients’ Rights and Americans for Prosperity, according to officials at those groups. Some of the activists say they came together during the “Tea Party” anti-big-government protests that happened earlier this year, and they’ve formed small groups and stayed in touch over e-mail, Facebook and in other ways.

But they insist they’re part of a ground-level movement that represents real frustration with government spending and growth.

“There isn’t any group that’s backing me, who’s influenced me, who’s pushing me to do this,” said Robert A. Mitchell, a small business owner from Doylestown, Pa., who questioned Specter at a weekend town hall event about lawmakers failing to read legislation.

The exchange was captured on YouTube and has spread, along with other videos. One showing protesters mobbing Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, includes footage of someone holding a sign showing Doggett with devil’s horns; another shows Kagen shouted down at a forum at a library.

Mitchell said he was angered by push-back from the White House and it would motivate him to further activism, a view echoed by others.

“These are town hall meetings, and the federal government is trying to intimidate people,” Mitchell said in a phone interview Wednesday.

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele defended the activism, even as he denied the party was organizing it.

“We are not inciting anyone to go out and destruct anything,” Steele told reporters on a conference call. “We’re encouraging people to go and visit their congressman or their senator.”

“To sit back and say that this is some Republican cabal is a bunch of baloney,” Steele said.

Obama referenced the opposition in a fundraising e-mail sent by his political group, Organizing for America, and asked his supporters to attend events to show their support for his health care plans.

“There are those who profit from the status quo or see this debate as a political game, and they will stop at nothing to block reform,” the president said. “They are filling the airwaves and the Internet with outrageous falsehoods to scare people into opposing change.”

The protests have echoes not just of the Tea Parties held around tax day this year, but also of protests during the Florida election recount in 2000 and in the early- to mid-1990s, when Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled the country to promote then-President Bill Clinton’s health overhaul plan, which ultimately failed.

There’s no doubt government attempts to change health care can incite real anger. In 1989, a pack of screaming senior citizens angry about a planned change to Medicare surrounded the car of then-House Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois. They shouted “Liar!” and “Recall!” and hit Rostenkowski’s car with picket signs.

Congress subsequently undid the Medicare change.

One thing that’s different this time around is the Internet, which allows groups to communicate and mobilize on a large scale.

“We definitely use all the tools at our disposal,” said Amy Menefee, director of communications at Americans for Prosperity, which is encouraging its many thousands of members to attend town hall events and is sending buses around the country, making stops for rallies and at some town halls.

Democratic lawmakers insist they won’t be cowed. The only way to respond is to try to get out the message about what’s really in the health care plans before Congress, they say.

“My concern is that some will be reluctant based on this experience and others around the country,” Doggett said in an interview after describing the scene outside a supermarket in Austin, where he said activists shouted down constituents who came to ask questions. “We can’t let mob rule determine this.”

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Quote of the Day – Obamacare as Seen by Senator Udall

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Colorado Senator Mark Udall wins the quote of the day with this bit contradiction:

And it isn’t just patients who are experiencing the problems. Doctors and nurses across the state tell me that crowded emergency rooms, government over-regulation, wage issues, and a shortage of doctors, nurses and other health care workers all are contributing to the problems within our health care system.

He freely admits that government over-regulation is part of the problem.

Yet Obamacare is government over-regulation and intrusion at it best (or as the case is, it’s worse). How does Senator Udall believe that growing government interference in health care is going to help when he admits it’s part of the problem?

Time to get your stories straight, Mr. Udall.

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Obama Czars Ask People to Snitch on Opponents of Obamacare

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Jennifer Rast at the Scriptorium has a great article on this. Yeah folks, it’s actually true. Here is the actual statement from the White House website.

“There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”

This administration is so out of control, it’s almost surreal. It’s really starting to get scary.

From Jennifer:

Is it the Kremlin or the White House? It’s hard to tell a difference these days. Now that Obama has his shadow government in place in the form of 40-some Czars that report directly to the President, and have more power than most cabinet level positions, he’s putting them to work against the American People. The Healthcare Czar is asking Obama’s minions to report to the White House any opposition to socializing healthcare that they see on the internet, in blogs, in e-mails forwarded to them, or even in casual conversation. Never in a million years would I have imagined that we would elect a President who would have his lackeys asking his supporters to spy and snitch on their fellow Americans for simply having political opinions that disagree with the administration.

Michelle Malkin has good information on this as well.

Jeff Emanuel at RedState calls attention to the new push by the White House to summon Obama-bots to monitor blog postings and “casual conversations” of health care takeover opponents — and then report them to the White House.

As I noted earlier this morning, the White House pushback on the Internet is coming from the health care czar’s office.

Nancy DeParle makes $158,500 as health care czar. Her flack, Linda Douglass, is not listed in the White House employee salary chart.

What is the budget of the health care czar’s office, which was established by executive order in April? How much are they spending on the Internet snitch brigade initiative?

Tell your congressional reps home from recess: Show us the transparency.

More from Jennifer:

I took Michelle Malkin’s suggestion and reported myself. I let them know that this is still America, despite their best efforts to turn it into Communist China, and I’ll say, think, and write what I want. I gave them my blog address, and asked them just what exactly they plan to do with those who are reported for thought crimes. Will we be sent to re-education camps, or just fall victim to Obama’s habit of threatening those who disagree with him? The time is rapidly approaching, I think, when we real Americans need to do more than just protest at Tea Parties. They obviously aren’t getting the message. Every single one of them needs to be fired in 2010 and 2012, but we also need to get a whole lot louder and harder to ignore before the elections.

Just in case they scrub the site of this information when they start hearing from the public about it, here is a screen capture of the page on

I’m going to turn myself in as well.

Democrats Exempt Themselves From Their Own Health Care ‘Reform’

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

This is a very good question.

If government-run health care is such a great idea, why won’t members of Congress enroll their own families?

The question has been on the minds of many Americans, but Democrats aren’t giving answers. Instead, they are exempting themselves from their own health care “reform.”

The Affordable Health Choices Act drafted by Sen. Edward Kennedy’s staff and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee pushes “Americans into stingy insurance plans with tight, HMO-style controls,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

At the same time, Page 114 of the act specifically exempts members of Congress from the public plan.

The bill mandates that all other Americans enroll in “qualified” health plans and submit proof of enrollment to the government.

Everyone must report “the name, address, and taxpayer identification number of each individual who is covered under health insurance that is qualifying coverage” and include the “number of months during the calendar year during which each such individual was covered under such health insurance,” along with “such other information as the Secretary may prescribe.”

Under his plan for health “reform,” President Obama has promised Americans that citizens will have the same health care options members of Congress receive. During his presidential campaign, he told an audience in Canton, Ohio, in October 2008: “If you don’t have health insurance, you’ll be able to get the same kind of health insurance that members of Congress give themselves.”

At a news conference June 23, Obama said people will be able to choose their insurance “the same way that federal employees do, same way that members of Congress do.”

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, “Federal employees, retirees and their survivors enjoy the widest selection of health plans in the country. You can choose from among Consumer-Driven and High Deductible plans that offer catastrophic risk protection with higher deductibles, health savings/reimbursable accounts and lower premiums, or Fee-for-Service (FFS) plans, and their Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), or Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) if you live (or sometimes if you work) within the area serviced by the plan.”

Mark McClellan, a doctor and economist at the Brookings Institution, told USA Today he believes Congress gets a great deal when it comes to health care options.

“It’s significantly more generous than most Americans are getting,” said McClellan. According to the report, members of Congress also receive medical care from a Capitol doctor for a small charge and my get treatment at military hospitals – the same medical care offered to presidents and visiting dignitaries.

“They get what bureaucrats get – plus,” said Steve Ellis with Taxpayers for Common Sense.

In a June 24 ABC News health care forum anchored from the White House by Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a neurologist and researcher at the New York University Langone Medical Center, pointed out that members of Congress may propose government health care solutions for the American public that limit medical care options.

Meanwhile, he explained that lawmakers know that if their own family gets sick, they will be able to afford the best care available, even if it’s not provided by insurance.

He asked President Obama if he wouldn’t seek outside care for his wife or daughters if they became ill and his public plan limited treatment and tests.

Devinsky asked:

If your wife or your daughter became seriously ill, and things were not going well, and the plan physicians told you they were doing everything that could reasonably be done, and you sought out opinions from some medical leaders in major centers and they said there’s another option you should pursue, but it was not covered in the plan, would you potentially sacrifice the health of your family for the greater good of insuring millions or would you do everything you possibly could as a father and husband to get the best health care and outcome for your family?

The president would not pledge not to seek outside care, though he said, “I think families all across America are going through decisions like that all the time. And, you’re absolutely right that if it’s my family member, if it’s my wife, if it’s my children, if it’s my grandmother, I always want them to get the very best care.

“There’s a whole bunch of care that’s being provided that every study, that every bit of evidence that we have indicates may not be making us healthier,” he said.

But Rep. John Fleming, R-La., a physician, asks if public health care is such a great idea, why don’t members of Congress who vote for it actually sign up their own families?

He has offered H. Res. 615 with 53 Republican co-sponsors, which states:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that members who vote in favor of the establishment of a public, federal government run health insurance option are urged to forgo their right to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and agree to enroll under that public option.

Fleming said that under both the House and Senate proposals, members of Congress won’t have to participate in the government plan for at least five years – and even after five years, enrollment will still be considered optional. Meanwhile, every other American will be forced to comply with government rules by obtaining “qualifying” plans.

Fleming told Fox News, “All these health care bills that are coming out on the Democrats’ side – the ‘reform’ bills – basically say that Congress is exempt for at least the first five years, and perhaps longer,” he said. “I’ve issued H. Res. 615 that simply says, look, if you vote for this, then you should choose it.”

He continued, “We’ve reached out to every Democrat in the House, and we have yet to have a taker. They want it for every American – except for members of Congress.”

Fleming’s bill has been referred to the House Committee on House Administration.

On July 16, Rep. Dean Heller, R.-Nev., offered a similar amendment to H.R. 3200 during the House Ways and Means Committee markup that would require members of Congress to enroll in its own government-run health care program. Democrats defeated the amendment by a vote of 21 to 18.

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“A Health Quiz for Barry” by Mike Adams

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama (

I’m sick right now with a bad case of poison ivy. I’m not telling you this because I want the government’s help. I’m telling you I’m sick because it explains why I have been sitting at home for days and, therefore, have had time to read the first 500 pages of the new health care bill.

I had no intention of reading the health care bill until a friend of mine – in his second year of medical school – sent me a list of statements about the bill. These statements have been floating around the internet so you may have seen them. After I read the bill, I concluded that the majority of the statements seemed correct. I’ve rephrased many of these statements and put them in the form of several dozen true/false statements.

I would like for you to take the time to answer these questions for two reasons. First, I’ve spent a lot of time reading the health care bill. Second, and more importantly, the U.S. Congress has not spent much time reading the bill.

On Page 22, I saw some language, which suggested that the bill mandates audits of all employers that choose to self-insure. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 29, I saw what appeared to be an admission that health care will be rationed under this new plan. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 30, I discovered that a government committee will be established to decide what treatments and benefits I get. However, unlike an insurer, I see no evidence that there will be a process to appeal their decisions. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 50, I read some non-discrimination language, which seems to suggest that all non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free health care services. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 59, I saw some language suggesting that the federal government will have access to all individual bank accounts for health-related electronic funds transfers. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 124, I learned that no private company can sue the government for price-fixing. Furthermore, no “judicial review” is permitted against a complete government monopoly. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 127, I read that the government will now set wages for physicians. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 149, couched in esoteric “contribution” language, it looks like any employer with a payroll of $400,000 or more, who does not offer the public option, pays an 8% tax on payroll as a penalty. This penalty would go a long way towards destroying the private system. It would also seem to violate your campaign promises – specifically those you made during debates I watched. If I read this correctly, it appears you looked me – via the camera – in the eye and lied. So, Barry, can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

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“Tea Party-Bashers Gone Wild” by Michelle Malkin

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The activist Left can’t stand competition. Last week in Long Island, N.Y., opponents of the Democrats’ government health care takeover legislation outnumbered Obama supporters 10 to one. The Tea Party activists toted American flags and signs that read “WE CAN’T AFFORD FREE HEALTH CARE” — prompting one foe to stalk into the peaceful crowd, gesticulate wildly and shout unintelligible threats at the top of his lungs.

The same Democrat Masters of Astroturf who encouraged their followers to use “in-your-face” tactics during the campaign season now balk at vocal opposition from their fiscally conservative neighbors and co-workers. Obama’s architects of Kabuki town halls have packed public forums with partisan plants. Now they accuse opponents gathering at impromptu rallies against the massive health care takeover legislation (which no one has read) of orchestrating “manufactured anger.”

Unaccustomed to pushback, the wealthy, astroturfed ground troops for Obamacare — underwritten by unions, liberal philanthropists, the AARP, ACORN and your tax dollars — have resorted to projection. As I’ve reported previously, the single-payer lobby boasts a $40 million budget and a stable of seasoned political operatives based at 1825 K Street in Washington, D.C. Now that cabal is accusing the broad coalition of taxpayer activists, libertarians, independents, talk radio loyalists, bloggers and first-time protesters against socialized medicine of being, yes, wealthy and astroturfed.

In a comical missive issued Tuesday afternoon, Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse complained: “The Republicans and their allied groups — desperate after losing two consecutive elections and every major policy fight on Capitol Hill — are inciting angry mobs of a small number of rabid right-wing extremists funded by K Street Lobbyists to disrupt thoughtful discussions about the future of health care in America taking place in Congressional Districts across the country.”

The DNC definition of “thoughtful:” Sitting silent about the lack of transparency, deliberation, truth in numbers and reciprocity on the Obamacare plan. The DNC definition of incitement: Asking out loud, “How can you manage health care when you can’t manage Cash for Clunkers?”

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, apparently oblivious to the dozens of well-dressed and well-heeled former lobbyists and influence peddlers employed by his own boss, derided health care town hall protesters as the “Brooks Brothers brigade.” Brooks Brothers was also the president’s clothes designer of choice on Inauguration Day. He taunted: “I hope people will take a jaundiced eye to what is clearly the AstroTurf nature of so-called grass-roots lobbying.” Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dispatched a memo obtained by D.C.-based newspaper Human Events assuring Democrats of “close coordination” with faux grass-roots groups “including but not limited to HCAN, Families USA, AFSCME, SEIU, AARP, etc.”

But never mind all that.

Some panicked congressional targets of the Tea Party movement have responded by shutting their offices, closing their blinds and shooing pesky constituents off public property. The White House health czar’s office is mustering up Internet snitches to report “inaccurate” blog posts and “casual conversations” from health care opponents. And liberal bloggers and cable yakkers are waging their own war on the Tea Party movement by redefining participatory democracy as “thuggery” and “hooliganism.”

Talking Points Memo blogger Josh Marshall bemoaned a fiscal conservative activist’s memo offering advice on how to “pack the hall … spread out” and challenge a politician early “to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda.” Horrors! “This amounts to a sort of civic vigilanteism,” Marshall fretted.

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Hezbollah Stockpiles 40,000 Rockets Capable of Hitting Israel

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

It looks like things might be heating up in the Holy Land again soon. The toothless and complacent U.N force refuses to enforce it’s own mandates, so it will be Israel to destroy Hezbollah, for good this time, I hope.

Three years after Israel fought a bloody war in Lebanon against Hezbollah, there are growing fears that hostilities could erupt again this time with the militant group better armed than ever.

According to Israeli, United Nations and Hezbollah officials, the Shia Muslim militia is today stronger than it was in 2006 when it took on the might of the Israeli army in a war that cost the lives of 1,191 Lebanese and 43 Israeli civilians.

Hezbollah has stockpiled up to 40,000 rockets and is training its forces to use ground-to-ground missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv and anti-aircraft missiles that could challenge Israel’s dominance of the skies over Lebanon.

Brigadier-General Alon Friedman, the deputy head of Israel’s Northern Command, told The Times from his headquarters overlooking the Israeli-Lebanese border that the current stability was “in danger.”

He added that the peace, which has reigned over the rolling Biblical landscape for the past three years, could “explode at any minute.”

His concerns were partly due to threats from Hezbollah’s leadership. Last month, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, warned that if the southern suburbs of Beirut were bombed as they were in the last war, he would strike back against Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city.

“We have changed the equation that had existed previously,” he said. “Now the southern suburbs versus Tel Aviv, and not Beirut versus Tel Aviv.”

All sides agree that the threat is not a bluff. Last month, the scale of the Hezbollah build-up was revealed after an explosion at a huge Hezbollah ammunition bunker in the village of Khirbet Slim, 12 miles from the Israeli border.

Surveillance footage, obtained by The Times, reveals that Hezbollah fighters desperately tried to salvage rockets and other munitions from the site, while obstructions were placed in the way of Unifil peacekeepers coming to investigate.

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