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The LORD is Our Judge

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Gavel and Bible

For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
it is he who will save us.

Isaiah 33:22 (New International Version)

“Grass-Roots Anger, Not Crowd Control” by Rich Tucker

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Washington, D.C. insiders love to follow the minutiae. Who’s ahead in the latest tracking poll. Which congressional committee is marking up a bill. How many amendments there are.

But most Americans don’t care about this stuff. They don’t have time to be glued to C-Span all day. Many don’t even know who their congressman or senator is. They’re busy living life, raising families, building a career.

This is what makes the recent protests over Congress’ proposed health care “reform” bills so striking. In New York, Rep. Tim Bishop tells a crowd that “no one is talking about the government taking over health care.” And the crowd boos, because they know that’s not true.

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Bishop says he won’t bother with any more public hearings. “I had felt they would be pointless,” he said. “There is no point in meeting with my constituents and [to] listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation.” Good luck with that strategy.

The question is: is this a movement, or are the protests being organized by crazed insurance company-financed zealots and Rush Limbaugh listeners? Bishop clearly thinks he knows the answer. So do some liberal activists.

“The entire rightwing juggernaut — from the vastly powerful insurance industry trade group AHIP to the rightwing message machines of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. to the entire Republican ‘leadership’ — is now lined up, heavily financed and organized and ready to pull the plug on health care reform,” wrote commenter “dirndl” at That’s a near parody of liberal talking points. “We, the people, never even had a chance.”

Would that be the same “juggernaut” that elected President Obama with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress?

Still, let’s take this argument at face value. Is it easy to scare up a crowd (or mob, as the newspapers would surely refer to it)? Consider, for a moment, the F-22 fighter jet.

“Parts and subsystems for the F-22 are produced by about 1,000 suppliers in 42 states,” Lockheed-Martin notes on its Web site. Smart move. That means virtually every senator and most representatives will have a reason to preserve the program. Yet Congress recently voted to shut down production of the plane.

This isn’t a comment on whether that decision was right or wrong; that’s another column for another day. But it does raise the question: If putting together protests was easy, why hasn’t the savvy defense contractor arranged for “Save the F-22” protests? Thousands of jobs are at stake. Certainly a few hundred people in each congressional could be talked into crashing a town hall meeting and stumping for the F-22.

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Obama Snitch Mail Link Added for Your Convenience

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Obama Snitch Mail
Obama Snitch Mail

In order to better serve our detractors, I have added a convenient link, in the sidebar, to automatically fill in the Obama Snitch Mail information, in case you haven’t turned our site in yet.
Please feel free to use it often.
God Bless!!

“Sebelius: Don’t Sweat the Details” by Cal Thomas

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote an op-ed column for The Washington Post on Tuesday in defense of the Obama administration’s efforts to “reform” health care. She wrote: “President Obama and I are working closely with Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate and health care experts to make sure we get the details of health reform right. But we can’t let the details distract us from the huge benefits that reform will bring.”

So, the objective is all that matters, not the process by which we get there? The most important words on a contract may be in the small print. Secretary Sebelius tells us not to worry about such things, but trust your government leaders and anonymous “experts” and leave the rest to us. A growing number of Americans are saying “no thanks.”

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The details matter because they are about government deciding who gets treatment when they are sick and who does not, who lives and who dies. Are there any details more important than that? Why would anyone trust government with their health and life when there are so many things government already does poorly and inefficiently?

Sebelius and members of Congress are fanning out across the country, trying to defend a health care reform plan that is only partially written, unexplainable and still unread by many representatives and senators. In a joint appearance with Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, Sebelius responded to shouts and catcalls from a skeptical audience at the Constitution Center in heavily Democratic Philadelphia. She said Specter shouldn’t be criticized because the Senate’s version of the bill has not yet been written. This takes hubris to a new level. It is one thing for a member of Congress to vote on legislation he hasn’t read; it is quite another for government officials to ask for support of a bill that has not been written, at least in the Senate.

The attitude of the administration and supporters of its health care plan seems to be: “Take your medicine, and if you don’t like it, or question its effectiveness, you will be sent to your room as punishment because we know better than you, even though 86 percent of you are perfectly happy with the health care you have now. Who are you to question us and our ‘experts’?”

The more the public learns what is in the House bill, the less they like it. That’s why the administration wants to rush this through Congress. The public mostly understands the need to reform the increasingly expensive current system. It just doesn’t like the administration’s plan.

There are other proposals that would achieve the end of reform while preserving the high-quality treatment that is the envy of the world and simultaneously affirming deeply held American values. It is no mystery what needs to be done to reduce costs and improve health delivery services.

As Rick Scott, chairman of Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, has noted, “Americans want lower health care costs, not a government-run system. And there are several reforms we can do immediately to lower costs that won’t cost a dime, (such as) allowing insurers to compete across state lines, requiring doctors and hospitals to post their rates and results to allow consumers to shop around, and creating one standardized reimbursement form for all insurers.” Allowing employees to choose among several insurance policies (a choice available to federal workers, including Congress) would let individuals tailor policies to their needs, instead of forcing them to accept a one-size-fits-all policy. That, too, would reduce costs.

A grassroots uprising defeated the Bush administration’s ill-conceived attempts at “comprehensive immigration reform.” The groundswell against nationalized health care may have a similar end. If the liberal Democratic congressional leadership forces a bill through anyway, Republicans may have the issue they have been looking for to help them take back at least the House of Representatives in the 2010 election and to stop this “risky scheme” and other “out of the mainstream” programs.

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“Welcome to Gestapo-Care” by Kevin McCullough

Friday, August 7th, 2009

So what has the White House told supporters to do when you run across those who spread “disinformation” about the new attempt by the Obama administration to install the anti-competitive practices of a “public option” into a federalized universal health care initiative?

Report them.

Whether its communicated through e-mail, websites, blogs, or even casual conversation the executive branch of the federal government is asking you to make them aware of this “disinformation” because they can’t keep track of all of the dissenters themselves.

From Tuesday’s White House blog entry: There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Pardon me for asking such an obvious question, but what concern is it to the President or his administration if private citizens have disagreements, discussions, and dissections of his proposed take over of the health care industry?

Last I checked I had the constitutional right to do so.

But now he wishes to turn one citizen against another?

At dozens of the townhall meetings taking place back in individual districts this month, numbers of reports have surfaced that ACCORN members have taken to publicly berating normal citizens who are simply there to ask the questions they have about the viability of a plan that requires the Government to spend an additional $1,000,000,000 dollars. They wonder this especially when 85% of people in America are satisfied and content with the health insurance system they’ve already chosen to engage.

So what’s the answer to good old fashioned grass roots voters actually being engaged with their Congressional Reps and U.S. Senators while they’re home during the August break?

The White House believes it’s best to intimidate and silence, or at the bare minimum–report.

The mistake this White House continues to make, seemingly on a daily basis, is that they reveal very much what they truly think of freedoms of the American political process.

Being generous we can conclude–it’s not a very high opinion.

When President George W. Bush was being stalked by Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink on a daily basis, over a genuine issue of national security–the war on terror–he met with Sheehan, acknowledged her pain, and wished her well, all while respectfully disagreeing with her over the policy.

President Obama, by contrast, on April 15th when more than 2800 TEA Parties occurred and an excess of 1.5 million people turned out, showed them the back of his hand and insisted on marginalizing those who sought his attention on a fundamental issue of his job performance.

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Health Care Town Hall Turns Violent in Tampa

Friday, August 7th, 2009

OK folks, this type of behavior is unacceptable. We are not liberals and shouldn’t show our displeasure the same way they do.
Enough of this behavior. There is nothing wrong with arguing with an elected official and holding them accountable to us, but violent behavior is not acceptable.

A town hall meeting to discuss President Obama’s health care reform descended into shouting and violence in a Tampa, Fla., suburb Thursday as angry opponents clashed with event organizers.

Close to 1,500 people came to Ybor City to attend the town hall-style meeting on health care and insurance reform featuring Democratic State Rep. Bette Reed and U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor before the event exploded into a near riot.

According to local media reports, the larger-than-expected crowd gathered outside the Hillsborough County Children’s Board building where several hundred people, mostly in opposition to government health care, began to loudly chant and scuffle with organizers posted at doorways after the auditorium filled to capacity.

A freelance videographer was roughed up in an altercation, which damaged his camera equipment and glasses, and at least one man was treated for minor injuries after a scuffle left his shirt partially torn from his body.

“That’s the most violent anyone has been towards me,” Mark Bishop told WTSP-TV. “It was surprising to say the least.”

Video shot outside the auditorium showed several people holding signs and posters while banging on doors and windows, while others argued face-to-face and were seen screaming at one another in the parking lot as police looked on.

Inside, democratic lawmakers had a difficult time delivering their opening remarks as they were met with shouts of “You work for us!” “Tyranny! tyranny! tyranny!” and “Read the bill!” the Tampa Tribune reported.

As tensions rose further, Rep. Castor was escorted out of the town hall by police after Reed encouraged her to leave.

“They’re hiding from their constituents. She works for us and needs to listen,” Karen Jaroch, a homemaker and organizer for the 9-12 Project told the Tribune.

“We said all along our role was to come and give an update on the bill in Congress. That’s what Betty Reed asked us to do … and that’s what we did,” Castor spokeswoman Ellen Gedalius was quoted as saying.

Opponents said liberal organizers had attempted to allow early admission to those who were seen as favorable to health care plans making their way through Congress, but Reed denied the accusations, saying those brought in were organizers helping to set up the town hall.

“I represent a number of people who ask questions about what’s going on with health care, so I thought it would be good to put on a meeting and have the congresswoman come in and give an update,” Reed told the Tribune. “When you get to the point of possible violence, you’ve gone over the edge.”

Top White House officials counseled Democratic senators Thursday on coping with disruptions at public events on health care this summer, officials said, and promised the party and allies would respond with twice the force if any individual lawmaker is criticized in television advertising.

In the week since the House began its break, several town hall-style meetings have been disrupted by noisy demonstrators. These episodes have drawn widespread media attention, and Republicans have seized on them as well as polls showing a decline in support for President Obama and his agenda as evidence that public support is lacking for his signature legislation.

About 20 protesters gathered in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Thursday to let Democratic Rep. Scott Murphy know they oppose the health care plans in Washington. They carried signs saying: “Obamacare Seniors beware! Rationing is here,” and “If socialized medicine is best … why didn’t Ted Kennedy go to Canada?” Motorists honked as they drove by.

So far, three House committees have approved health care legislation, and a measure is expected on the floor this fall. One committee has acted, and a bipartisan group of senators on the Finance Committee has been at work for weeks trying to draft a compromise plan.

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Townhall Meeting Behavior – Accumulated Anger

Friday, August 7th, 2009

I believe that a lot of behavior we are seeing at the townhall meetings is anger that has been accumulating over the years. It’s years of people believing that no one, on either side, is listening to them.
The health care issue is just the flash point.
Just my thought on it.