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I Love the LORD, For He Heard My Voice

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I love the LORD, for he heard my voice;
he heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,
I will call on him as long as I live.

The cords of death entangled me,
the anguish of the grave [a] came upon me;
I was overcome by trouble and sorrow.

Then I called on the name of the LORD :
“O LORD, save me!”

The LORD is gracious and righteous;
our God is full of compassion.

Psalm 116:1-5 (New International Version)

Healthcare for Illegals Part of Dems’ Plan

Monday, August 24th, 2009

An Alabama congressman warns that the government will have to ration care or reduce Medicare benefits under President Obama’s healthcare plan — and the Americans who will suffer the most from this will be patients with heart disease or cancer.

Congressman Spencer Bachus (R-Alabama) says present Medicare recipients will be hit twice by President Obama’s healthcare plan — (1) private health plans that are subsidizing Medicare will be reduced in number; and (2) more beneficiaries will be added to the entitlement program, including 10 million illegal aliens.

President Obama last week told liberal religious leaders that his government-run healthcare plan would not cover illegal aliens. However, he also said during a radio interview that he has no problem with illegal immigrants receiving emergency room care in certain situations under his plan.

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Alabama)Congressman Bachus does not buy the president’s claim that illegal aliens are not covered under the plan.

“He better inform his allies in Congress, who voted 100 percent against an amendment to restrict this new plan to American citizens,” says the Alabama congressman. “The Democrats, in lock-step, voted against an amendment which would say that you’ve got to have proof of citizenship to participate.

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Obama Opposed Healthcare Reform Before He Was For It

Monday, August 24th, 2009

“I want Americans to be clear that I have introduced major healthcare reform every year I’ve been in the Senate. Barack Obama did not introduce any that I’m aware of. He voted against Republican reforms that would have made it less expensive and more accessible for individuals to have their own insurance if they didn’t get it at work. He’s done everything he can to maintain the status quo so that he could call for government intervention — and we need to expose that to the American people.”

-Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina)

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“HATE SPEECH ON CAMPUS” A Film by “Stand With Us” Reviewed by: FERN SIDMAN

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Hate Speech on Campus

It is that time of the year once again. The new school term will begin in a matter of weeks. As the excitement and anticipation escalates for some, entering college or university for the first time can be a daunting and intimidating experience for the Jewish student. Always a minority, the secular Jewish student faces the foreboding prospect of living on a campus that has morphed into a raging hotbed of anti-Israel fanaticism.

Stand With Us, the pro-Israel advocacy organization that focuses its energies on countering disinformation and slander against Israel and Jews on college campuses, has produced a powerful and must-see documentary on the proliferation of rabid Jew hatred that has permeated today’s college campuses.

The introduction to “Hate Speech on Campus” unequivocally states that the objective of this film is not to thwart the rights of free speech on campuses or to initiate a campaign against academic freedom but rather to spotlight the rampant plague of Islamic demonization of Israel that has become a ubiquitous phenomenon.
Focusing on such campuses as the University of California at Irvine, Long Beach and Santa Cruz as well as San Diego State University and Concordia University in Canada, this film utilizes realtime footage of Muslim agitators whose political and religious ideology is clearly tethered to such radical movements as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qeada. Brought to these campuses by the Muslim Students Association as well organizations such as the International Solidarity Movement, Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace and Women in Black, these treacherous propagandists use arguments predicated upon half truths, distortions and overt canards as they attempt to re-write history, as it pertains to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

It is clear that what is presented in this film is nothing short of classical anti-Semitism in its most banal form. Armed with the notion that the Jews are responsible for all of the world’s ills, Amir Abdel Malik Ali blatantly referring to Israel as an apartheid state, as he takes the podium at UC Irvine and advocates bloody terrorism by telling his audience that Palestinians who blow up civilian buses in Israel are indeed “freedom fighters” who are simply responding to Israeli aggression. Moreover, Malik Ali labels Zionism as “the American disease” that needs to be stamped out, adding that it is the “Zionist Jews” who control the media and have set an agenda for global domination. Calling on all Muslims to unite against what he perceives as a nefarious plot, he insists that Muslims must rule the world and utilize all means at their disposal to do so. He is joined in this cacophony of hate by such Islamic luminaries as Amir Abdel who has defined Zionism as a mixture of “white supremacy and the concept of the chosen people” and Imam Mohammed Al Asi who asserts that Israel is a “war like regime that has assumed a racist and expansionist posture”.

Not to be outdone, these Muslim speakers are joined by their American counterparts in excoriating Israel. Alison Weir, a former San Francisco journalist who now heads up an organization called, “If Americans Knew” speaks of Jews stealing Palestinian land and claims that prior to the creation of the State of Israel, “Zionists used an array of misleading strategies, including secret collaboration with the Nazis, to push immigration.” Former political science professor Norman Finkelstein who was denied tenure at DePaul University because of fraudulent scholarship is also seen in this film alleging that Israel engaged in “ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948”. Finkelstein, a self hating Jew, is known for his role in denying the veracity of the Holocaust and portraying Holocaust survivors as crafty business people who are attempting to use their Holocaust experiences to build a money making industry.

According to Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, a lecturer in Hebrew at UC Santa Cruz, many of these speakers are sponsored by the Women’s Studies and Middle Eastern Studies departments which are rife with academics who possess a clear bias towards Israel and America. Because of the monopoly of power that they wield on today’s campuses, it is these very departments that refuse to allow speakers who wish to present a more objective position on the Israeli-Palestinian issue to address the student body. Apparently, the influence of Saudi Arabian dollars is visible as it has been revealed that their far reaching tentacles have a firm grasp on North American universities. Evidence has surfaced that is they who are the architects of the curriculum of numerous Middle Eastern Studies departments as well as their chief benefactors.

What is most frightening about the hate speech presented in this film, is the fact that these words facilitate an incitement to violence as was evidenced in the footage taken at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada when anti-Israel protestors publicly harassed and physically attacked Jewish students when then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled to speak on there. As the Muslim students literally blocked the escalator leading to the room where the speech was to be held, we witness clashes between police and demonstrators which ultimately led to the cancellation of the address.

Angered by the ever increasing bellicosity on campus, Jewish students as well as Hillel directors, rabbis and community leaders are now beginning to galvanize against such Jew hatred and are organizing their own activist agendas. Judea Pearl, the father of Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl who was kidnapped and beheaded by Taliban and Al Qeada operatives Pakistan in 2002 said that, “for too long Jews have allowed this kind of racism on campuses to flourish; all under the cloak of political debate”.

This film illustrates quite cogently that the use of such chilling epidemiological metaphors by the plethora of Jew haters on America’s college campuses is indeed reminiscent of Nazi incitement and thus represents a prologue to, and justification for a Mid-East genocide. If we choose to ignore this kind of hate as mere blather, we do so at our own peril. History has proven that the Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers; but rather it began with words.


Fern Sidman holds a B.A, in political science from Brooklyn College. She was the educational coordinator for the Betar Youth Movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was national director of the Jewish Defense League from 1983-1985. She was a researcher for several books written by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZTK”L. She was the managing editor of the publication entitled, The Voice of Judea, and is a regular contributor to its web site. She is currently a writer and journalist living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Advocate, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and numerous Jewish and general web sites including, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Pipes and Michael Freund.
We are delighted to have Ms. Sidman as a regular contributor to the Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian’s Blog.

Updated: Judge Decides Fate of Honor Student, Cheerleader Who Fears “Honor Killing” After Converting to Christianity

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Fathima Bary

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The fears this beautiful young girl is feeling are very real. We have chronicled Muslim “honor killings” here. We have had the honor of featuring comments from Gail Gartrel, great-aunt to Sarah and Amina Said, two teen girls who were “honor killed” by their Muslim father. Take a moment to read her accounts of Sara and Amina as they to were abused by their father and brother (allegedly) before being killed by their father for bring “dishonor” to the family.

Sara and Amina Said

A young Christian runaway in foster care awaits her hearing tomorrow when Florida authorities will decide whether she will be forced to return to her Muslim parents – whom she says will kill her for converting to Christianity.

Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, an honor student and cheerleader, was raised in a Muslim family in Columbus, Ohio. She became a Christian four years ago as a result of her interactions with children at school.

Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller has followed Bary’s case closely, reporting that the girl’s friends accompanied her to the school counselor after they noticed bruises covering her arms and legs that allegedly resulted from beatings by her father and brother.

“The middle school, in a serious dereliction of duty, did not report these beatings to child welfare services,” Geller reported. “Beatings were random, violent, unprovoked. Take, for example, when Rifqa and her father Mohamed were driving in the car. He would force her to wear the hijab (head covering), which she hated. In her discomfort she would slouch down, embarrassed, and her father would haul off and sock her in the face so that she never forgot to sit up straight in her costume. The beatings were regular and so much a part of the landscape of Rifqa’s life, she became inured to them …”

Bary, a native of Sri Lanka, hitchhiked to a bus station and ran away from home on July 19 because she says her family will murder her in what is known as an honor killing. In Islamic tradition, an honor killing is the customary slaughter of a person who is believed to have brought dishonor upon his or her family.

The Christian teen turned to pastors Blake and Beverly Lorenz of Global Revolution Church in Orlando, Fla., whom she met through Facebook. She has been placed in foster care by the Florida Department of Children and Families, or DCF, awaiting a decision tomorrow on whether her case will be heard in Florida or in Ohio. Her jurisdiction hearing is now scheduled for 3:15 p.m. EST in Orlando’s juvenile court.

Fox News reported that legal experts have said she will almost certainly be forced to return to her parents’ home in Ohio where she will be required to live with her parents since Ohio does not have an emancipation statute. According to the report, Florida has such a statute, but it requires parental consent.

The teen’s attorney, John Stemberger, filed a petition for adjudication of dependency on Aug 18.

“I’m a Christian, and my parents are Muslim. They are extremely devout,” she said. “They threatened to kill me. … You guys wouldn’t understand. Islam is very different than you guys think. They have to kill me. My blood is now halal, which means that because I am now a Christian, I’m from a Muslim background, it’s an honor. If they love God more than me, they have to do this. I’m fighting for my life. …”

Asked what her father, Mohamed Bary, told her, she replied, “He said he would kill me. Or he’d have me sent back to Sri Lanka where they’d put me in the asylum.”

She said she left a note for her parents before she ran away: “I said, ‘I refuse to deny Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior. I pray you find his forgiveness and mercy, and I love you both dearly.’ I wrote that, but they never showed it to the police officers.”

Bary warned that if she is forced to return to her family in Ohio, she will die “within a week.”

Asked why she ran away, she said, “I was threatened by my dad. When my dad found out – I had a Facebook, that’s how he found out – and phone calls from the Muslim community started coming in with e-mails that confronted me. And I had a laptop and he took that laptop and waved it in the air, and he was about to beat me with it, and he said, ‘If you have this Jesus in your heart, you’re dead to me. You’re not my daughter.’ And I refused to speak but he said, ‘I will kill you. Tell me the truth.’ In these words, bad words, cuss words. So I knew that I had to get away.”

Atlas Shrugs reported that those members of the Muslim community, from Noor Islamic Cultural Center, warned Bary’s father that his daughter was an apostate, so the teenager sought to escape with her life.

Bary said she would sneak out to Christian prayer meetings and hide her Bible from her parents. After her father confronted her, he forced her to attend several classes, hoping she would return to Islam. However, several weeks later, her mother discovered a Christian book that belonged to her.

“I knew right then that it was over for me,” she said. “I had to leave.”

Fox News reported that the father discovered she had been baptized earlier this year.

The teenager said that in the 150 generations of her family, no one has ever known Jesus.

“I am the first one,” she said. “Imagine the honor in killing me.”

Bary said she wants to remain in Florida so she can be free to worship Jesus, go to church and read her Bible.

“You talk about religious freedom?” she asked. “No! I don’t have that. I want to be here. I want to worship Jesus freely. I don’t want to die.”

Bary’s father, a jeweler, called the church a “cult” and claimed it has brainwashed Fatima.

“This is a cult group who kidnapped my daughter and took her away,” Mohamed Bary told WESH 2 News.

He also denied the charges she is making and claims he does not intend to hurt her. He and his lawyer are in Florida, fighting to take his daughter back to Ohio.

Dr. Phyllis Chesler, author of “Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?” told Fox News Bary’s life will be in danger if she is forced to return to her parents.

“Anyone who converts from Islam is considered an apostate, and apostasy is a capital crime,” she said. “If she is returned to her family, if she is lucky, they will isolate her, beat her, threaten her, and if she is not ‘presuaded’ to return to Islam, they will kill her. They have no choice.”

Chesler continued, “She escaped from her family’s brutal tyranny and shamed her family further through public exposure. Muslim girls and women are killed for far less.”

Meanwhile, International Christian Concern is urging Florida officials to retain custody of Bary.

In a statement, ICC said it is concerned about Rifqa because the Columbus police officer who investigated the case told the press that Rifqa’s father “comes across to me as a loving, caring, worried father about the whereabouts and the health of his daughter.”

However, ICC reveals that a source who spoke with the same investigating officer said the officer indicated earlier that he has spoken with 20 different people who warned him that the girl’s life was in danger.

“We are extremely concerned about Rifqa,” ICC President Jeff King wrote. “… Based on our extensive international experience with fundamentalist Islam, we strongly believe that Rifqa’s life will be in danger if DCF decides to send her back to Ohio. We call upon authorities in Florida to retain custody of Rifqa.”

Fathima Rifqa Bary now has more than 2,000 Facebook fans expressing their support for the young girl. However, one Facebook group titled, “Rifqa Bary’s father 100% correct” was created by a man in Sri Lanka named Hashan Dilshan. The group has only 14 members – each with Islamic names.

One member named Mohammed Rizwan writes, “Rifqa, it’s not your fault. Rifqa, please be cool and think about what you are going to and what you will get from this religion. Rifqa, nothing to worry. Allah with you always if you not close to him, but Allah always close to you [sic].”

In yet another message likely intended for the girl’s father, Rizwan wrote, “Bary, you are correct. No one can do without Allah order! [sic] Go ahead … We are all together …”

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Update 8/24/09:

Fox News is reporting that Rifqa Bary, a Christian convert whose parents are Muslim immigrants from Sri Lanka, will remain in foster care in Florida until another hearing is held Sept. 3.

A 17-year-old runaway who claims she fled her Muslim family’s home in Ohio because she feared becoming the victim of an “honor killing” will stay in Florida — temporarily — a judge ruled Friday.

Rifqa Bary, a Christian convert whose parents are Muslim immigrants from Sri Lanka, will remain in foster care in Florida until another hearing is held Sept. 3.

Rifqa fled to Florida after her parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary, learned that she was baptized earlier this year without their knowledge. The parents reported her missing to Columbus, Ohio, Police on July 19. Weeks later, using cell phone and computer records, police tracked the girl to the Rev. Blake Lorenz, pastor of the Orlando-based Global Revolution Church.

Florida’s Gov. Charlie Crist weighed in on the mater Friday with the following statement: “I am grateful to Circuit Judge Daniel Dawson for his decision to grant Fathima Rifqa Bary the right to remain in Florida. … We will continue to fight to protect Rifqa’s safety and wellbeing as we move forward.”

In an emotional six-minute interview with WFTV in Florida, Rifqa, who met Lorenz through an online Facebook group, said she expects to be killed if she is forced to return to Ohio.

“If I had stayed in Ohio, I wouldn’t be alive,” she said. “In 150 generations in family, no one has known Jesus. I am the first — imagine the honor in killing me.”

“There is great honor in that, because if they love Allah more than me, they have to do it. It’s in the Koran,” said in the interview, which has been posted on YouTube.

Rifqa, who is seen wearing a large diamond cross during the interview, said she had to hide her Bible “for years,” and she repeatedly “snuck out” to attend Christian prayer meetings. She referred to previous victims of so-called honor killings, in which young Muslim women were murdered for bringing dishonor to their families.

“They love God more than me, they have to do this,” Bary told WFTV. “I’m fighting for my life. You guys don’t understand. … I want to worship Jesus freely, that’s what I want. I don’t want to die.”

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