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Who is the Liar?

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Who is the Liar?

Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist—he denies the Father and the Son.

1 John 2:22 (New International Version)

High Court Will Decide Whether Strict Gun Laws Violate Second Amendment Rights

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
-Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court says it is now prepared to resolve an issue about gun ownership it left unanswered when it made its historic 2008 ruling striking down the District of Columbia’s strict handgun law.

The justices announced Wednesday they will hear an Illinois case asking if their ruling last year in District of Columbia v. Heller extends to the states.

The lawsuit the justices agreed to hear was originally filed within hours after the high court’s ruling that overturned a ban on possessing handguns in the nation’s capital. Chicago and Oak Park, Ill. have similar bans that are now being challenged.

The case is led by the lawyer who successfully argued Heller before the high court last year and is sure to become the focus of all interests in the gun debate but the legal question that is now before the Court is a bit more mundane.

Incorporation is the technical word for making a Constitutional Amendment applicable to the states. When the Bill of Rights was passed, the Founders specifically rejected a proposal to incorporate the Amendments. Instead, the laws were only applicable to the federal government.

But starting in 1897, the high court has undergone a piecemeal process of incorporating various parts of the Bill of Rights. Today’s cases are asking the justices to extend the federally protected Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to the states. Something has yet to do.

Last year, in a 5-4 decision, the high court ruled that individuals do have a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. But Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion specifically avoided the question of whether or not that ruling extends to the states. Since then, lower courts have divided on the matter.

In the Illinois case, the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against the gun advocates saying that there was no high court precedent allowing it to apply the Second Amendment to the states.

The Court isn’t expected to hear arguments in the case until next year.

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‘Origin of Species’ Campaign Enrages Atheists

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Enraging an atheist usually takes little to no effort, although I have engaged several decent atheist here, in very stimulating conversations. But as a whole, most of them are snobbish, condescending and rude.

An angry backlash from atheists has prompted best-selling author Ray Comfort to stop answering questions about a special edition of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” he plans to give away on university
campuses this fall.

“From now on I will refuse to answer questions about the book or its contents,” Comfort said, “because there is such a deep-rooted anger in the atheist world about this publication.

“They desperately want to stop us,” he said, “and I don’t want to give away any further details regarding the campaign.”

Comfort – host of “The Way of the Master” television show with actor Kirk Cameron and head of Bellflower, Calif.-based Living Waters ministry – is preparing a campaign Nov. 19 with Cameron to mark the 150th anniversary of “Origin of Species.” They plan to distribute 120,000 copies of a special edition of Darwin’s seminal book on 100 of the top university campuses across the nation.

They will be assisted by a few thousand volunteers, said Comfort, who wrote a 50-page introduction in which he says he provided evidence for intelligent design, the theory that the universe and life is the result of an intelligent creator.

Comfort, author of the newly released book “Nothing Created Everything,” says atheists have discussed their strategy to combat his “Origin of Species” edition on, the website of popular atheism advocate Richard Dawkins. Comfort dedicated “Nothing Created Everything” to the British biologist.

One post on a forum on Dawkins’ website says of the “Origin” campaign: “If this outrages you, then you’re not alone. There’s something we can do though. We can amass as many of these books as possible, remove the 50 page intro, and then donate perfectly good copies of Origin of Species to schools, libraries, and Goodwill. We can actually make this into something positive.”

The atheists are encouraging college students on campuses where the distributions are taking place to get as many copies of the book as they can.

“This is a shameful thing that Kirk Cameron and [Ray Comfort] are doing by altering another person’s book in order to push their agenda,” the post says. “But we can help to restore the book to how it was intended and keep young minds from being brainwashed by misinformation.”

Comfort argues the book has not been altered at all.

“The 304-page publication will be Charles Darwin’s every word – not one jot nor tittle will be removed,” he said.

Comfort asks, “Besides, if they think my arguments have no merit, why are they so upset? They should actually enjoy the fact that I’m spreading more of my idiotic claims that intelligent students will see right through – that way my stupidity will be that much more apparent.”

Comfort pointed out there have here been more than 140 individual publications of “Origin of Species,” and many had introductions.

Comfort’s introduction contains information from “Everything Created Nothing,” which asserts “many scientists actually believe the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything.”

He quotes a numbers of scientists making that assertion, including Dawkins.

“That is making them fume, because it shows that their theory is not at all intelligent,” Comfort said.

Other atheist forums are calling for book burnings.

“I’m not into burning books, but this one deserves to be,” wrote one contributor. “Anyone up for a large bonfire?”

Another warned “efforts at UC Berkeley will be met with unilateral resistance.”

The comments sections at Comfort’s pages, which are getting hundreds of thousands of views, are filled with hatred, Comfort says.

One atheist wrote, “Seriously, I hate Ray Comfort now. I mean really hate him. He might try and sound polite, and sound like he’s just trying to reason with you and that he really cares about you. In reality, he’s just trying to make himself feel that he’s right. He’s also very disrespectful (in a respectful manner) … I hate Ray Comfort.”

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Forest Service Forbids “Jesus'” Name on 5,000 Decorations for Capitol Hill Chirstmas Tree

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Update at Bottom.

The discrimination against Christians and attack on OUR holiday has already started; this time in the government. Speak out against this!!

The U.S. Forest Service has banned the name of Jesus from decorations being assembled by children in Arizona for a blue spruce from the state that will become the Capitol Christmas Tree this year, and a legal firm is challenging the censorship.

“Banning Christmas from the Capitol Christmas tree is just absurd. Christian students shouldn’t be discriminated against for expressing their religious beliefs,” said Jonathan Scruggs, litigation staff counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund.

“The First Amendment does not allow government officials to exclude schoolchildren’s ornaments for the capitol’s Christmas tree merely because they communicate a religious viewpoint,” he said yesterday.

The organization has sent a letter to state and federal officials, including Arizona Gov. Janie Brewer, who are supervising the program, calling on them to stop enforcement of the prohibition.

The legal organization said one criterion states: “Ornaments cannot reflect a religious or political theme. Instead, share your interpretation of our theme ‘Arizona’s gift, from the Grand Canyon State.”

But a mother whose child wanted to submit ornaments with holiday themes such as “Happy Birthday, Jesus,” “Merry Christmas” and a manger scene raised her concern with ADF.

“[The child] desires to convey a message about Arizona from his religious perspective via Christmas ornaments. It is well established that expression of religious beliefs is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution,” the ADF letter said. “Religious expression is speech and is entitled to the same level of protection as other kinds of speech.

“The Supreme Court
has consistently condemned viewpoint discrimination regardless where it occurs,” the letter continued. “Viewpoint discrimination is an ‘egregious’ form of discrimination that occurs ‘[w]hen the government targets not subject matter, but particular views taken by speakers on a subject.’

“When the government excludes speech from a forum on an otherwise includible subject because of its perspective, it engages in viewpoint discrimination,” the letter said. “Here, there is little question that government officials have opened up a forum for speech on a particular topic – the topic of Arizona – yet have singled out and forbidden religious viewpoints about this topic. … thus, while children may submit ornaments about Arizona from all different viewpoints – whether from different historical or cultural or geographical or economic
perspectives – these children may not submit an ornament about Arizona from a religious perspective.”

The ADF demands that the restriction be rescinded or the family “will be forced to take legal action to protect her child’s First Amendment rights.”

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Update 10/2/09:
Seems like the pressure you folks put on them did the trick, in just one day too!!

Just one day after WND reported that rules for the 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree program prevented children from submitting decorations with themes such as “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and “Merry Christmas,” state and federal officials are confirming the policy has been rescinded.

WND’s report came after a letter was sent by the Alliance Defense Fund to officials in Arizona who are assembling thousands of ornaments from children for the annual holiday tree that is erected in front of the White House.

The change was confirmed both by officials in Arizona who have a steering committee to run the program and from officials in the office of the Architect of the Capitol, who administer the program in Washington.

Jonathan Scruggs, litigation staff counsel for the ADF, had written a letter to officials questioning the propriety of limiting religious speech and a specific viewpoint in the decoration program.

“The First Amendment does not allow government officials to exclude schoolchildren’s ornaments for the capitol’s Christmas tree merely because they communicate a religious viewpoint,” he said.

Today, Eva Malecki of the office of the Architect of the Capitol told WND the ban on “religious speech” on the ornaments was an old rule that had been discontinued some years ago.

“There was some old information that was somehow distributed,” she said. “It is not the position of our agency. There are no restrictions [on the ornaments].”

She was unable to say how such “old information” had been resurrected and distributed to the steering committee in Arizona working on the program, but she confirmed it was “outdated.”

“That was old information, improperly distributed. We have rescinded those guidelines,” she said. “We apologize for any misunderstanding.”

Jim Payne, a spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service in the southwest region, said the local organizing committee simply took the restrictions provided by the federal office regarding size and requirements for the decorations, including the limit on religious speech, and re-posted them.

“Now the Architect of the Capitol has rescinded those. We already have removed the references to religious themes from the website. We will take all items that are sent in,” he told WND.

He said all of the decorations submitted will be forwarded to Washington and used on the tree this year.

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Indonesia Quake Toll Soars; Thousands Trapped

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Pray for the people affected by this terrible disaster and for the rescuers fighting against time to save the survivors.

PADANG, Indonesia — Rescue workers used excavators Thursday to pull out victims, some screaming in pain, from the heavy rubble of buildings felled by a powerful earthquake that killed at least 529 people. The death toll was expected to rise.

The brunt of Wednesday’s 7.6-magnitude earthquake, which originated in the sea off Sumatra island, appeared to have been borne by Padang town where 376 people were killed. Four other districts accounted for the remaining deaths.

The region was jolted by another powerful earthquake Thursday morning, causing damage but no reported fatalities.

More than 500 buildings including hotels, schools, hospitals and a mall were destroyed or damaged in Padang. Thousands of people were believed to be trapped in the rubble.

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